Returning to full capacity

Jocelyn Cannon/Staff writer

I held my breath walking up the stairs. It’s weird because I didn’t feel that way on the first days of school. I dont think a lot of us did but now that more people are getting the virus who are close to me it feels so much more realistic and I feel like it’s just a matter of time until it’s my turn. 

In French class today we went to write on the board and the teacher said don’t forget to sanitize the marker before you touch it. That’s the new normal for us now and I don’t know how I could ever go back to how I used to be before because now we are used to it as a normal. Before I never used to carry around hand sanitizer now I always do and I think I always will even after it’s over. 

Fifty percent capacity wasn’t ideal but it was a schedule I was used to and I was comfortable with it. Classes were a little sad and felt so much longer but it just made me feel safer. It’s not that I’m particularly scared of getting the virus but the fact that we have to be isolated for so long and miss out on so much especially around Christmas time. I want to be able to be around my family.

That’s what makes full capacity so much more stressful for me this time because I think it’s pretty risky if we keep getting cases at full capacity. It might spread so much only half the school will be out of quarantine anyway. That might not be possible but so many things are unknown that I tend to think alot about the what ifs.

I know that the risk level is down enough for us all to be at school and I do like getting to see all my friends but there just seems to be a lot more at risk right now. Especially when I see people across the classroom not wearing their mask right or other people talking about how they don’t care and they just want to “get it already”. 

We were looking at pictures in the yearbook of us at pep rallys and in big groups all I could think about is how did we go from that to being scared to do something as simple as walking up the stairs to get to class.

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