News briefs

Henry Clark/Staff writer

Kayhi’s ACDC team participated at their first regional meet with JDHS and Craig.

Elliot Yoder placed 2nd in Social Science. August Cooper placed 5th in Literature, and 3rd in Social Science. Logan Cope-Powell placed 5th in Social Science, and 4th in Literature. Sarah Short placed 5th in Essay, 4th in Literature, 2nd in Art, 1st in Social Science. Franchezca Correa placed 4th in Economics, Music, and Social Science, 1st in Essay, and she took 4th place overall. Matthew Nutt placed 5th in Literature, 4th in Essay, 3rd in Math and Music, 1st in Economics and Science, and he took 3rd place overall. Evelyn Nutt placed 3rd in Essay and Social Science, 2nd in Economics, Literature, Math, and Music, and she took 2nd place overall.

Kayhi’s DDF team hosted their first ever virtual meet.

Debate Team Results: 

2nd Place: Bella Kershaw & Francis Sherman

3rd Place: Henry Clark & Eddie Gomez

5th Place: Tristan Dahl and Ashley Anzueto

Debate Speaker Points:

3rd Place Henry Clark

5th Place: Evelyn Nutt

Extemporaneous Speaking results:

1st Place: Francis Sherman

Extemporaneous Commentary

1st Place: Jaden Stern

3rd Place: Nicole West

5th Place: Eddie Gomez

Informative Speaking

3rd Place: Kamryn Craig

Original Oratory

1st Place: Bella Kershaw

Eleven musicians from Kayhi made the all State band and choir. For the all State band: Tristan Dahl, Julia Spigai, Matthew Nutt, Sarah Short, Anna Hout. For the all State choir: Robert Cope-Powell, Madisen Lundamo, Alec Lundburg, Shay Ohmer, Annie Paxton, and Aurora Phelps

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