Researching Pikachu

Henry Clark/ Staff writer

    Thank you Mr. Mitchel for helping get better at video games! 

I’ve been playing video games since I was old enough to pick up a control, but studying at school taught me my habits for winning video games. Now, thanks to my amazing teachers showing me how to research, I can dominate video games competitively.

    When it comes to gaming, I’m not an expert. Not even close. However, I realized very quickly that if I applied all the study and research habits that I accumulated over my years of schooling, I could learn how to literally be the very best.

    For turn based games and strategy games such as the mainstream Pokemon game series and Pokemon GO, I find it crucial to approach them as research papers. The topic of the research paper is simply put: what is the easiest way to win this game? From there I research this topic with a scholarly passion, using multiple sources, and finding the common denominator between sources. Then I combine all that information and tactics into my game play.

    As for action games based games, such as Super Smash Brothers, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and Minecraft it’s much easier to approach them as a speech or a piece of music. In other words, the two best ways to get better is simply to listen to someone better than you perform it and then consistently practice. Meaning it’s best to watch other people play the game and that in these games consistent playing will help you perform better. It’s also important to remember your basics, just as a musician practices their scales and a speaker practices tongue twisters. 

The basic technique of the game is crucial, regardless of what game it is. Whether it’s rapid tapping, constant moving, or even just a push of a button. This has always been the homework of playing a video game. A part of the game that may not be very fun, but once you learn how to do it masterfully, the rest of the game play is like taking an easy class.

All of these skills they teach at school may seem boring or, completely useless even, at first but when I take them and apply them to something that makes me happy, well, then those skills are extremely crucial to have. 

Learning how to transfer these scholarly skills into the parts of my life that help me relax and that I enjoy has probably been the most important thing I’ve learned at school. That is the habits Mr. Mitchel has taught can be used for more than writing a nice research paper . With these studying habits and researching skills I suddenly have the capabilities to do whatever I, quite literally, want to do.

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