News briefs

Cheer tryouts

Kayhi cheer team is hosting tryouts on Tuesday Jan.5 through the 7th for the 2021 season. Tryouts will be held at the Ketchikan gymnastics place in ward cove from 7:15 to 9:15pm all three days. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to try out.

Kayhi junior Shelbi Johansen said she’s happy the season is starting and excited to be involved in the sport. 

“I’m excited for the season to start because cheer is my favorite sport to do because it’s so positive and fun,” said Johansen. “Everyone in cheer is very focused on being part of a team and I love working together to get stunts”

Kayhi Senior Noelle Tilson said she’s excited for the new season and grateful they get to have a season this year because of covid.

“I’ve been looking forward to trying out for captain sense senior year and once covid hit i was scared that we wouldn’t have a season but now i’m hopeful for the new opportunities and the new uniforms.” said Tillson.

Basketball Tryouts

Both Kayhi basketball teams are having tryouts next week on Jan. 11th. The boys will be on Jan. 1th1 from 3-6 pm, and the girl’s tryouts will be on Jan.11th and Jan. 12 from 6-9 pm. The tryouts will be held in the main gym at Kayhi, anyone is welcome to tryout. Kayhi junior Josh Rhoads said he’s glad the team is getting to start and maybe play.

“I am excited to try out because that means we can start to play games and I was worried we would not get to play this year because of wrestling getting postponed for a long time, it made me think that was going to happen to basketball too,” said Rhoads. Captain of the girl’s basketball team Shae Mendoza said she can’t wait to be able to play.

“I’m excited but a little bit scared to be captain because of the expectations and all but I’m looking forward to playing games the most,” said Mendoza.

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