Students complete first semester

By Henry Clark/Staff Writer

As Kayhi closes out its first semester, students take this time to reflect on how the semester went with the new block schedule, Covid-19, and online learning.  Students were in school 75 days starting Sept. 14, of those days 57 were at 100-percent capacity, 18 at 50-percent and just five were remote.

Kayhi Senior Cade McAllister said that it was hard to adjust to the different schedule, but once he did he got a lot more work done.

“At first it was really hard to get used to, classes felt extremely long, and so I had a tough time being productive,” said McAllister. but then we picked up pace and I got more used to the schedule and it got easier to sit through a class and even get more work done.”

McAllister also stated that with the fluctuation of being at school, he would succumb to senioritis whenever he was trying to work at home. 

“I definitely found it a lot harder to work at home, because once I was at home I really did not want to go back to school even though I knew it was going to be a lot better for me,” said McAllister. “But as soon as I got back to school my productivity went up again.”

Kayhi Senior Tyrel Cook stated that though the new schedule took time to adjust to, he found that he was more productive until Kayhi had to go it’s fifty-fifty schedule.

“I felt like I was a lot more productive until fifty-fifty,” said Cook. “Fifty-fifty slowed it down a bit but besides that I felt more productive.”

Cook stated it was hard for him to work at home because of his home life getting in the way of learning.

“Having to do school at home had a big impact on how much I was able to get done,” said Cook. “I just couldn’t separate home and school very well.”

Though there is still a semester left in this school year, Cook stated that he is already curious about the future of Kayhi.

“I’m interested to see what happens next year,” said Cook. “Even though I won’t be here.”

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