Evelyn Nutt Wins Distinguished Young Women of Alaska

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

Evelyn Nutt won the Distinguished Young Women’s Scholarship on Jan. 31. Nutt will compete in Nationals in Mobile, Alabama in June. 

The Distinguished Young Women’s is the oldest scholarship program in the nation for college bound women and has given out over 1 billion dollars in scholarships over the past 60 years.  

All women competing are judged on five categories, they are all weighted differently, scholastics 25%, interview 25%, talent 20%, fitness 15%, self-expression 15%. Nutt won in scholastics, interview, and self-expression.   

School counselor Robert McClory had a lot of confidence she would win in how well she competed in the categories and thinks she has a good shot at winning nationals. 

“Evelyn is very well rounded,” said McClory. “She keeps her grades up and being in debate helped her to do well in the interview and self-expression.’

Nutt is the first winner for Kayhi since 2017 Cheyenne Matthews(17’).

Every category winner gets $200 and the overall winner gets another $1,000. Nutt ended up winning $1,600 to put towards tuition wherever she decides to go. She also received 5 full ride scholarships to different schools around the country. 

Things looked a little different in the competition this year compared to usual due to COVID-19. It was all done virtually through zoom, they had to pre record themselves and upload their videos prior to the competition.

Nutt said they usually would do the fitness part as a group all on a stage but this year they did it alone at home. 

“It’s awkward bowing to a camera or doing squats in front of a camera. It was very interesting,” said Nutt.

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