Activity Cancellations Due to Medium Risk Level

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

The EOC moved Ketchikan up to high risk level on Thursday Feb. 4. The school board later had a meeting moving Kayhi to medium risk level which resulted in school closure Friday and 50/50 schedule for the next week. 

School activities either got cancelled or postponed. Juneau Douglas and Mt. Edgecumbe both cancelled their trips down to play Kayhi. 

The Lady Kings were supposed to play their first home games against Juneua Douglas. They will make up those games when the Kings also play Juneau Douglas Feb. 26-27. 

The Kings picked up a home series against Mt. Edgecume but then also got cancelled. They will not make up those missed games. 

The Marry Poppins premiere was postponed until Mar. 12-13 due to no spectators allowed in the school. 

CNA was going to hold their class graduation ceremony Feb. 4 then got postponed also. They have not yet determined a new date for their ceremony.

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