DDF Takes 2nd at State

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

DDF competed in the state tournament over the weekend and came in second place. Kayhi had both of the teams in the final debate for the Public Forum tournament. 

Senior Captain Henry Clark and Junior Captain Bella Kershaw faced Seniors Evelynn Nutt and Francis Sherman in the final debate. They ended up being co-champions.

Kershaw is a new member to the DDF team, she recently moved to Ketchikan this summer. She participated in debate in Spokane for her High School. Her team did a different style of debate known as Lincoln Douglas. 

Kershaw liked the change, it was relieving having a partner for her and getting to learn about more topics. 

“The team here is a lot closer, more fun, more competitive,” said Kershaw. “I’m learning a lot more about the topics, it’s less competitive, and not as stressful.”

Clark was awarded the Alaska State DDF Student of the year. He also came in 1st for overall speaker points and 6th for Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking. 

Other coaches told me to nominate him, said Coach David Mitchel. He is very well respected around the Southeast, no one has gotten that much respect in a while. 

“He doesn’t attack, always afterwards being very encouraging and supportive,” said Mitchell about Clark. “Certainly always watching other peoples throughout the southeast and being so nice.”

South won the overall tournament for Large Schools. They have a big program usually made up of 30 to 40 kids and compete in all the categories.

Mitchel said South is a strong team and usually has to cut their team down for state and is made up of only juniors and seniors most of the time. It was a big accomplishment to do so well with not competing in all the categories.

“For us to only have debate and some speaking activities and being able to take second against a school like South is great,” said Mitchel.

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