Another Weekend off for the Lady Kings due to Covid-19

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings (5-1) have another ‘bye’ week due to Covid 19 and the high risk level community.

Junior Gabby Mas said it is difficult to have a hard week of practice without looking forward to playing real games during the weekend.

Mas also feels it makes it harder in the long run without being able to specifically prepare for one team’s playstyle.

“It different because we don’t have the motivation when we know we are not playing anyone this weekend,” said Mas. “It’s harder when we cannot prepare for the certain teams like Juneau’s press.”

Junior Hayley Gilson said it throws off the motivational rhythm not being able to take those steps every weekend with games, but they are focused on being as best as they can be for the important games at the end of the season.

“Having a hard week of practice knowing we won’t be playing is always super hard, but we look and work for our long term goal, not for the next games,” said Gilson.

Lady Kings are hopeful to make up these games and be prepared for what is to come.

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