AC/DC Competes at State

Grace Parrott/Staff Writer 

The state Academic Decathlon meet started Thursday. Although some of the team is unfortunately having to compete virtually, co-captain August Cooper, said that his expectations are high for this week’s competition.

“In the current environment with Covid and everything,” Cooper said. “I think that doing a virtual meet will aid our team. There’s something comfortable about being able to be at Kayhi for this meet.”

Peter Stanton, history teacher and Academic Decathlon coach, had similar feelings about the virtual meet. 

“It’s certainly easier for us this year, to have the meet virtually, and safer too.” said Stanton. “It’s also definitely cheaper to stay in Ketchikan instead of flying all the way to Anchorage and paying for hotels and restaurants and all the other expenses of travel.”

In order to prepare for this tournament, the team has been taking on many different modes of study, from flashcards to speeches, to reviewing page after page of material on this year’s subject.

Sarah Short, another member of the team, is relishing her last year at Kayhi, as she is graduating early.

“It’s very emotional for me,” Short explained. “As my last year in ACDC. But I’m excited to crush it.”

Short has been working very hard this year, and especially over the past few weeks to be as prepared as possible for the competition. 

“ Every night I try to work through my flashcards,” Short said. “We have flashcards in sets of six hundred for each topic, so I try to work through those.” 

Cooper said that he is very proud of his team, and how hard everyone has worked to overcome obstacles such as Covid absences and the difficulties of the past year.

“Everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses, and I am proud of my team for all the progress they have made.”

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