AC/DC Takes 3rd at State

Grace Parrott/Staff Writer 

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team took third place at the state meet last week.

Peter Stanton, Kayhi AC/DC coach, said he was happy with the performance of his team this weekend. 

“Placing third in the state was the best performance I could have possibly hoped for this year, given that the Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) homeschool program (which took second) and Lathrop High School in Fairbanks (which took first) have much larger student bodies to recruit from,” Stanton explained. “ Our Kayhi decathletes persevered in staying together, attending practices, and studying hard throughout this difficult year, and I think they all have a lot to be proud of.”

As the competition drew to a close on Saturday, Kayhi walked away with a total of 26 medals; 6 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze, and 11 alternative medals, as well as a $1,000  scholarship.

“I am incredibly impressed by our team’s performance.” Stanton said. “ The decathletes won many medals that they worked extremely hard to earn, and they also won a few others that were more of a surprise.”

August Cooper, the team’s Co-captain, said he was also pleased with the performance of his team. 

“We all worked really hard to prepare for the competition, and I am very happy with the way things turned out.”

Paul Whaley won the top alternate medal in Economics. 

Sandra Johnston won the top alternate medals in Art, Interview, Music and Speech. 

Austin Ronquillo won the top alternate medals in Economics, Essay, Literature, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. 

Elliot Yoder won silver in Interview and gold in Speech.

Phillip Smith won bronze in Music and gold in Interview. 

August Cooper won gold in Social Science. Franchezca Correa won gold in Interview. Matthew Nutt won bronze in Mathematics and 

gold in Essay. 

Evelyn Nutt won bronze in Interview, bronze in Literature, silver in Essay, and earned the highest total score on the team.

Sarah Short won silver in Art, silver in Interview, silver in Speech, gold in Essay, and won a $1,000 scholarship with the third-highest scholastic total score in the state.

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