Dance Preforms Region Routine Tonight

Makena Johansen/Staff Writer

K-Highlights Senior night preview

The K-Highlights dance team will be recognizing their 5 seniors tonight before the Kayhi girls varsity game.

Senior and Co- Captain Olivia Berg said setting up senior night her last three years as an underclassman had always been fun. Making the night special for the seniors has always been her goal, hoping the underclassman will be reciprocating the same for her now as a senior.

Berg said she loves dancing and performing, and that ending is bittersweet.

“I am excited to graduate and go to college next year but I will miss having the aspect of dance in my life, especially the K-Highlites and my coaches,” said Berg.

Olivia has been dancing for 15 years and 12 years with her Coach Alma Parker.

“It’s crazy how fast 4 years have gone by. My whole life has revolved around dance and it’s a little weird that it won’t matter anymore if I have good kicks or not,” said Berg.

Senior and Captain Nena Jones has faced many obstacles this year, on top of the challenges of covid Nena was diagnosed with EIB (Exercise Induced Bronchospasm). This makes it hard to breath when doing a lot of exerting physical activity without medication.

“Although it gets hard when performing a routine I know I need to execute, I don’t let it stop me,” said Jones.

Jones said one of the biggest struggles from a captain point of view would be making the most out of nothing. 

“I overcame that by keeping up the positivity when we did get to be together. Our leadership team discussed that we needed to keep up the energy when we were together to replace the sadness of not being able to perform,” said Jones.

Jones says with her last region performance coming up she feels content, like she’s achieved a lot even though they hadn’t had the year they wanted. She is happy she got to spend her last year with her bestfriends on the team.

“I know that these years dancing together have been the happiest years of my life and I couldn’t imagine dancing without them by my side. Although I’m not ready to leave this team, I know that in the end I not only made new friends, I have a new and forever dance family,” said Jones.

Senior Jhenna Day has been dancing for 13 years, she says to  leave it all on the dance floor.

“My advice is to laugh off your mistakes and not be too hard on yourself, we all mess up at some point and it doesn’t do any good to dwell on the mistake,” said Day.

Senior Jhasen Seludo says his favorite dance experience is performing during regions. Showing everyone their routines and everything they’ve been working on is rewarding. 

“The whole experience of performing in the gym, the hype of the crowd, the high energy from everyone in the gym, and just the love and support was amazing,” said Seludo.

Senior Maegan Chua says her favorite dance experience is also regions. Having meetings in their hotel hallways, crying is costco, and making tiktok videos are what made Maegan feel more connected and loved by her team.

“It was a week full of tears, laughter, anxiety, and so much more feelings that words can’t describe,” said Chua. It was a chaos behind the scenes but we all managed to look put together and unshakeable; the feelings I felt that week is what made me feel like a true K-Highlites member. The ones that made Khighlites less of a sports team, and more of a family”

The K-Highlights dance team will be recognizing their 5 seniors, Nena Jones, Olivia Berg, Jhenna Day, Maegan Chua, and Jhasen Seludo.

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