Last Dance for Seniors

Makena Johansen/Staff Writer

Preview Region V K-Highlights

Senior Olivia Berg says the K-Highlights Dance team feeds off the crowd. That hasn’t happened much since Covid has prevented spectators at the at home basketball games. But luckily for Berg and the rest of the team, there will be fans next week at the Region V adjudication. 

The K-Highlights dance team will be performing their region’s routine at half time at the Kayhi girls basketball game against Thunder Mtn. Wednesday March 10th.

“I am thankful that we get to have fans because we feed off the crowd. I feel the team will perform better with our fans cheering us on from the stands,” said Berg.

The K-Highlights Dance team has received/accomplished the highest ranking score (Superior) the last 9 years and are aiming for the same this year. With submitting their regions routine virtually they are working their hardest to portray their theme in a spectacular way to catch the judges eyes.

“It is important to me that we end the season strong, we have had to fight for our season and this is one last thing we have to fight for,” said Berg. “Upholding our superior title and ending my senior year on a high note would make all the challenges we’ve faced this year worth it.” 

Coach Alma Parker said the scoring this year will be the same as previous years. The judges will be from UDA (Universal Dance Association). The judges will also be aware of the fact that the dancers are wearing masks, dancers were previously judged on facials.

“Facials and things pertaining to showmanship will be scored, not differently, but the judges will be acknowledging that the dancers are wearing masks and you can’t see them smiling, instead it will be chins up, or if they’re eyes are projecting more confidence,” said Parker.

Parker said at first she was nervous about the virtual adjudication, when you watch a video you have the opportunity to slow it down, rewind, and stop at any time. She is treating the virtual competition as if it was in person, the judges only have one opportunity to watch it, a one shot deal. 

“Coach Christian and I are very proactive in ensuring that we get that same treatment from last year and previous years as we face this year’s virtual adjudication,” said Parker.

Parker said every week is a different challenge, it could be 50% or 100% capacity, they face their challenges day by day and are flexible with each new change and are adapting to the new “norm”. 

“Our team has been able to be creative in solving problems that we’ve faced each time. They work harder together knowing that they’re all facing the same problem, it’s not just one person facing covid it’s the entire school and community, knowing that it is also beneficial that people are more flexible,” said Parker.

Junior Avery Thomas said regions this year are different in various ways. Judges and teams aren’t coming here and there isn’t a dedicated time for dance and cheer to be adjudication like in the past. 

“We decided to do it on a game night during the halftime of a girls basketball game, which is amazing we could find a day to do it,” said Thomas. “Although it’s different, I am so grateful for my coaches and my team who came together and pushed through to create this amazing year.”

Thomas says recording the routine can be difficult with trying to get the right angles.

 “Finding the right angles and getting everyone in the frame, it is quite frustrating at times,” said Thomas.

The dance team has not performed this whole year with masks. With the UDA enforcing a new rule of wearing masks the dance team has to learn and adjust to wearing them.

“Another stressful factor is masks. UDA (Universal Dance Association) came out with a rule saying that the only way you could be adjudicated was to wear a mask,” said Thomas.

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