Cheer Adjudication Tonight

Olivia Berg/Staff Writer

The Kayhi cheer and stunt team is going into this competition as reigning Region champions. The pressure is on as they need to figure out how to show their genuine school spirit and Kayhi pride through a video screen to judges who have never stepped foot into our gym.

The Kayhi cheer and stunt team will be performing their Region V halftime routine on Friday March 12th. The Region V tournament looks very different this year compared to previous years. Instead of bringing judges to the location of the tournament, the cheer team is bringing the tournament to the judges by virtual video submission. 

The Cheer team will submit one video to the UCA (Universal Cheer Association) to be judged. The video will consist of 4 sections: sideline cheer, timeout cheer, a situational cheer, and the half time routine. In this video, 25 cheerleaders and stuntmen will be a part of the halftime routine and 12 cheerleaders will take part in the sideline cheers. 

Both the Thunder Mountain and Juneau Douglas cheer teams will be competing against our very own Kayhi Kings. Noel Tilson, a senior and captain on the cheer team, says she is not too worried about their competition. 

“Thunder Mountain has always been our biggest competitor,” said Tilson. “But this year TM only has two stunt groups, whereas we have six.” 

Cheer Coach Jaylyn Merrill said in a normal year, the cheer team is judged at a game of their choosing during the tournament. They will be evaluated on their overall performance, technique, material, skills (stunting, dance, tumbling), showmanship and ability to lead and engage the crowd. 

“This year, our competition and score sheet will mimic the State Cheer Competition,” said Merrill. “It will also be held and judged virtually. Judges will still be looking for the same things, but will be expected to examine that through video.”

Merrill said that even though this year has been uncertain, her team has pushed through. 

“They are ROCK STARS, that’s all I can say,” said Merrill. “They have learned the same amount of material and tried to progress and gain new skills with a season that started 6 weeks later than normal.”

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