Cheer and Stunt Team Senior Night

Olivia Berg/Staff Writer

The Kayhi cheer and stunt team will be recognizing the nine seniors on their team this Friday night at 7 p.m. before the girls varsity basketball game against Mt Edgecumbe. 

Noeloni Tilson, a fourth year member and captain on the team, said she is feeling sad as her time on the cheer team comes to an end this week. 

“I remember being on JV cheer looking forward to my senior year,” said Tilson. “My senior year came faster than I imagined, which is exciting but also sad.”

Charlie King, a second year member and captain of the cheer team said that cheer has led her to be a better person and has taught her valuable life lessons. 

“Through cheer you learn how to fail,” said King. “But as a result you gain strong relationships with your teammates through picking each other up and dusting each other off.” 

Amanda Dale, a third year member and captain of the team said that her time as a cheerleader has flown by too fast. 

“Honestly I am quite sad that my years of cheerleading are coming to an end,” said Dale. “It feels like just yesterday I was a sophomore, so excited that I had made the varsity cheer team.” 

First year member of the cheer team and stuntman John Call said that he is surprised how quickly his time as a Kayhi King has gone by and he wishes he would have enjoyed it more. 

“My advice for future members of the team is to try new things,” said Call. “Take chances, make memories, and make the best of your high school years…they go by quick!” 

Tilson said that all the bruises and sprains are worth the rewards of having wins and growing closer with her team. 

“I love this team.” said Tilson. “It’s been a long and hard 4 years but I’ve been shaped into a better person being a part of this wonderful team.”

The cheer and stunt team will recognize their nine seniors, Noelani Tillson, Charlie King, Amanda Dale, Lauren Scarzella, Remi Cothren, Morgan Elerding, Savannah Yeisley, Patrick Garcia and John Call

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