Kings Senior Night

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

The Kings have their senior night tonight at 7 p.m. in the Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium.

The Kings will be recognizing three seniors; Joshua Gentry, Kylar Charles, and Tyler Slick.

Joshua Gentry said the year has been a rollercoaster but he is glad that he still gets to make memories and play basketball.

“It’s been a very interesting year,” said Gentry. “We all can attest to that. There’s been ups and downs dealing with cancellations and not knowing when we would play next. As much as we would all like a “normal” year, I am just grateful to be around my teammates, friends and coaches, having fun and making memories.”

Charles agreed with Gentry and is thankful to play games and is glad he gets the opportunity to do his best on and off the court.

“It feels good to get the opportunity to play games and do my best during this crazy time,” said Charles. “I am thankful for everyone working together to make these games happen.”

Slick, the lone member of the 2019 State Championship team, said he is very happy with the season being able to work out and is impressed with the team being able to overcome all of the obstacles Covid-19 has put in their way.

“I am beyond thankful for everyone who did everything they could to make this crazy season happen,” said Slick. “There have been many bumps in the road with games getting cancelled and traveling being an issue, but the whole team came together and did everything we could to make this season count.”

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