Kings at State Tournament

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

The Kings arrive in Anchorage to defend their state title winning two years prior in 2019.

The Kings first game in the state did not go as they planned in Palmer High School as they lost to Chugiak 60-52.

The Kings were not playing to their expectations being down 21 points going into half time. Coming out on fire to begin the 3rd quarter the Kings went on a run to be within 3 points with three minutes left in the 4th.

With all the fight to make a comeback the Kings could not get the job done to continue the journey to the state championship.

Leading scorer and player of the game was Tyler Slick scoring 17 points in the 8 point loss.

The next day the Kings went to Wasilla High School to play West Anchorage.

After their loss to Chugiak the Kings wanted to end their season on a positive note and show their community that they can be successful at the state tournament.

With a close game going into halftime the Kings pulled off the win with a 7 victory.

The 65-58 win was the last game played this season for the Kings, and the last dance in a Kayhi jersey for the three seniors (Kylar Charles, Tyler Slick, and Joshua Gentry).

The player of the game against West was Josh Rhoads scoring a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

To end the state tournament for the Kings senior Tyler Slick won a place on the All-Tournament team.

Losing only three seniors this year the Kings have high hopes to compete and win at the state level next year for the 2021-2022 season.

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