Coaches Wrestle with Two Sport Athletes

Staff Writer/Makena Johansen 

How are coaches adapting to athletes participating in two sports?

In a regular year coaches would only have to worry about athletes moving from the court to the field, now they have to add the mat.

Due to covid restrictions and determining if wrestling was even having a season, their start date was pushed back to March 15th. A normal year wrestling would have started September 28th.

Head Softball coach Kalea Allen said they’re used to athletes crossing over into softball while they’re still in their winter sports. Allen encourages her athletes to be involved in several sports, it keeps a good routine, physically and mentally. 

“Most normal years we have a solid month from when teams are picked to when our first conference games begin. This year we only have 9 practices together before our first games as a team and only 6 from when the basketball state tournament ends” said Allen.

Allen said off season/ preseason is crucial this year. Putting in your time, developing and improving their independent game.

“Building team chemistry and comradery is a must in team sports like softball.  We will be ready for when our winter sport athletes conclude their season and can join our softball program” said Allen.  

With times being more virtual Allen posts team workouts for those who cannot attend. The crossover athletes are putting in the work they can with their conflicting schedules and maintaining a strong time management and work ethic.

“We like to keep our players feeling like a team year round and encourage the diversity of interests to help build our athletes and get them ready for the next level in whatever it is they may want to achieve” said Allen.     

Head Wrestling coach Rick Collins said they are going to be as flexible as they can  with athletes doing multiple sports. 

“I would like for students to be able to do as much as they can, especially since our season is the one that’s kinda landed on the spring sports season” said Collins.

A big concern Collins had was mixing cohorts with the other teams.

“Because technically doing two sports would be mixing cohorts so i think it’s a discussion our whole athletic department should have” said Collins.

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