News Briefs

Kayhi PEAKS schedule testing this week

Staff Writer/Sara Cummings

Kayhi freshmen and sophomores will be taking the PEAKS State testing this week. 
 Freshmen will be testing Tuesday and Thursday, Sophomores will be testing Wednesday. Juniors and seniors will be in their advisory classes while they are testing.

Tues/ Thurs                        
Testing          8:00-10:50
1st         11:00- 11:35
A Lunch     11:40-12:10
B Lunch    12:15-12:45
2nd         12:50-1:25
3rd         1:30-2:05
4th         2:10- 3:45

Testing         8:00- 9:50
1st         10:00- 10:50
2nd         10:55- 11:45
A Lunch    11:50- 12:20
B Lunch    12:25- 12:55
3rd         1:00- 1:50
4th         1:55- 2:45

Changes for Science Classes for the 2022/2023 Kayhi Class Schedules

Kayhi will not be offering Chemistry 2 or Biology 2 next year. Mr. Powell said that the schedule change is due to the administration’s decision to get more kids into AP classes.

“By having both of us teach that course he, Mr. House, is taking us out of the schedule and he also feels that if we offer chemistry or biology as a single class entry then we’ll have more kids in the AP level course,” said Mr. Powell. 

By consolidating the classes, it will also make Mr. Powell and O’Brien available to teach other sections. Powell said many schools do not have two separate courses before an AP level course.

“As a matter of fact, according to the administration, Mr. House could not find a single school that met that criteria to have two different courses before taking an AP class in this state but in the lower 48 I know that there is many high schools to back up that criteria,” said Mr. Powell. 

Mr. Powell said there are still some question marks regarding potential requirements and enrollments which will only be answered once the new schedule starts.

“The AP courses could see a higher enrollment because kids will be given the opportunity to take it because the entry level to AP is now only a single course,” said Mr. Powell. “But it may become a requirement that in order to take AP Chem or Bio you would also have to take GenBio along with GenChem.”

Kayhi Band Spring Concert This Week

Kayhi’s band will be performing Thursday April 1st for their annual Spring concert from 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm. For viewers at home, the performance will be live streaming here. 

The Region V Music Festival Next Week

Music Fest this year will be virtual. Music Fest starts Thursday April 6. Honor band and choir students will each submit a video of themselves performing a piece of music chosen by their directors, the directors will put all the recordings together to make one video, and then submit the video to Petersburg High school’s Matt Hennard. Hennard will then submit the performances to the judges. Click here for the band performance. Click here for the choir performance.


The Saber-Toothed Salmons placed 5th in oral presentation, 6th in research project, 7th in Prelim Quiz Bowl, and 6th place overall. In the final elimination, Ketchikan placed 7th overall in the Alaska Tsunami Bowl, 5th in oral presentation, and 6th in the research project. Juneau-Douglas won overall in the Tsunami Bowl.

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