100 Days at 100% Capacity

Staff Writer/Sara Cummings

Monday April 26 is Kayhi’s 100th day at 100% capacity. Had staff and students been asked in August if that would be a possibility, most wouldn’t have bet on it. English teacher Sally Stockhausen said that the work that went into getting Kayhi to this point was huge and the administration and superintendent put many hours into making things work so students can have equal opportunities to learn. 

“The willingness to have to wear a mask plus with the flexibility we have gained through this year with Covid is miraculous and most kids are just like ‘ok whatever it takes so we can be at school’,” said Mrs. Stockhausen. “ Back in August it seemed like such a ‘Omg how do we do this?’ or the ‘How do we do the 50/50?’ I really got in the mindset of, just get through one day at a time.”

Mrs. Stockhausen also said teachers have started to become more tech savvy. With the use of Canvas and online submission in almost every class has made grading and turning homework in easier. 

“I feel funny to say that there could be a benefit out of something as horrible as Covid but there is,” she said. “The idea of sport travel in the future is going to be easier now because if teachers keep up with keeping their Canvas present and their planbook present will be quite savvy.”

With a contagious virus on the loose it was a skeptical beginning for Kayhi. School Counselor Natasha O’brien said it was impressive to see the community and kids come together during the rough time at the beginning of the school year. Especially during the spikes of Covid. 

“I am pleasantly surprised that Kayhi has been operating at 100% and watching our community come together and keep the virus under control has been special,” said Mrs. O’brien. “People have responded to isolating or hunkering down really well and I think that shows how much we care about each other as a community.” 

With unknown odds and a ‘anything can happen’ type of year it is quite obvious that no one thought the school would make it this far without shutting down. Mrs. O’brien said the majority of the students deserve the most credit for being flexible with wearing a mask and following the safety protocols so that the school can stay open. 

“This wouldn’t have worked if the students hadn’t followed along with what needed to happen,” said Mrs.O’brien. “I like to think it’s because they would rather learn here than at home with Zoom.” 

According to the Los Angeles Times, only around 20% of students even had the option to return to school in person. As of April 26, only 39% of California’s high school students had the option to return to in-person learning.  Mrs. O’Brien said Kayhi students are extremely lucky to have come back at all and be able to stay open even though other states have not been able too. “My niece is down south and is just now being able back in school and they have been out of school for over a year,” said Mrs. O’Brien. “The fact that teachers and students have been dedicated to trying to keep the school open with all these new changes has been exceptional . the odds in the beginning  were undetermined but as the year went on the new schedule has surely helped because of less classes which meant fewer exposures.”Former Chair Dance Committee, now SBA Communications Olivia Berg said there were some moments that were nerve-racking because of community risk levels and senior events at the same time. Especially when Kayhi got put onto 50/50 there was an idea that students would be put 100% online. 

“My mom is also a teacher, so from her perspective not all the Covid precautions are being followed. They have just recently had a few cases and surprisingly it took them a while to shut down,” said Berg. “I wasn’t expecting us to be in person this long but I’m glad that we have been.”

This year for seniors is obviously different than before. Berg said that seniors get to have the opportunity to do some senior traditions but it is not the same.

“This past week we went into moderate level for community risk and prom was this weekend so we weren’t confident we would have prom,” said Berg. “I was not confident at all that we would make it this many days without shutting down. Being in school there is a lot of people and with events going on within the school like basketball games, it was very fortunate we were able to have that.”

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