Late Covid spike forces changes

Olivia Berg 
Staff Writer

Senior year is supposed to be the most memorable year of high school. For the class of 2021 this is true, but for the wrong reasons. 

Both softball and baseball teams had to cancel Senior Night games, as did soccer teams and have instead planned scrimmages. The wrestling team was unable to host the Region V tournament and defend its streak of 12-straight titles, but was able to send wrestlers to state. However, one was sent immediately home after being listed as a close contact.

While graduation will happen, there will be no spectators. Senior Delaney Neilson said that many traditions were cancelled or postponed because of the latest Covid spike.

“Don’t get me wrong there are people out there and communities that have it so much worse than ours,” said Neilson. “I just wish we were able to have the special events we’ve been hoping to take part in all these years.” 

Kayhi had gone 36-straight days at 100% capacity, and 101 days total at full-capacity. That changed in late April. Kayhi went Remote for the last three days of April, returned to 100% on Monday, May 3, but was back to Remote the rest of the week. Ketchikan went into the high risk level and Kayhi has been at the 50% capacity level since then.

Kayhi senior Morgan Elerding said that she has mixed feelings about 50% capacity learning.

“On one hand it will be nice to take a breather and have some time to relax before graduation,” said Elerding. “But I will also have zero motivation to do my work these last couple of weeks. I want school to be over, but not like this.” 

Neilson has been looking forward to graduation for quite some time. Her class has worked so hard to receive their diplomas and it will be disappointing if their families cannot attend.

“Graduation is a moment some students dream about years,” said Neilson. “A lot of people don’t see it as a big deal but in reality it is. Most of us worked 12 years for this moment, and I think it would be really sad if we don’t get to experience the full ceremony.”

Neilson hopes that the community can come together as a whole and work to get our community level back down for the senior class.

“Our community did so good for so long and I’m hoping we can do good again,” said Neilson. “Graduation is not just a huge deal, but a privilege and I hope people can stay home and think about all the seniors who want to have their special day be as normal and possible after such a hard year.”

Elerding said that even though her class has missed out on almost every senior tradition, she is happy to have gotten a senior prom and have parents that are trying hard to make things happen for her classmates. 

“I know it is already gone but I missed having the senior carnival and 4th of July float. I am so happy we had Prom, but it wasn’t supposed to jeopardize everything else we had planned too,” said Elerding. “At least we have a ton of amazing parents who are willing to put on a promenade graduation walk and after party for us.”

Instead of making some of the best memories, Neilson is at home without her classmates and friends by her side to cherish what time they have left.

“This is our last few weeks of high school ever and we won’t get to relive these moments that we’re supposed to be experiencing right now,” said Neilson. “Yes, we were more lucky than most seniors in other parts of the world, but that doesn’t make this situation any better.”

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