Baseball off to Regions

Hayley Gilson
Staff Writer

The Kayhi baseball team will be battling for a Region V championship in Sitka this weekend.

Coach Andy Berntson is ready for the competition they will face, and knows how bad the team wants to play. 

“These guys are ready to play, so it depends on if they show up to play,” Berntson said. “We’ll never know what it would be with 3 more weeks of practice.”

The baseball team is going into the region tournament as fourth seed, with a 0-0 record for their season. That doesn’t change the mentality the boys have for the tournament, though. All of the teams in Region V have been going back and forth with each other.

“The competition is going to be very strong and balanced,” Berntson said.

Senior Hayden McGarrigan said though the team has not been able to play thanks to Ketchikan’s Covid spike in May, he is confident.

“We play Juneau Douglas in the first round,” senior Hayden McGarrigan said. “Even though we have been out of practice, I feel pretty confident we are going to do just fine as a team.”

The Kayhi Kings will be playing the 3:00 game on Thursday. The two other teams, Thunder Mountain and Sitka High, will be competing on the bottom side of the bracket at 6:00 on Thursday as well.

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