Kayhi says goodbye to staff members

“This year, Ketchikan High School is saying goodbye to five educators who have served the students of this district faithfully for nearly 100 years combined.  And while no brief “thank you” could ever adequately express the gratitude of this community for their service, we hope you will join us in this humble effort.  

Thank you, Tracie Halverson, for the heart you bring to serving the unique and individual needs of our students. Thank you, Julie Landwehr, for bringing your love of science to our students both in and out of the classroom.  Thank you, Bob McClory, for your commitment to guiding and supporting our students on their path to post-secondary success.  Thank you, David White, for teaching our students the value of good health and for helping to develop the practitioners who will continue to serve the health of our community.  Thank you, Suzi Williams, for the positive energy and the dedication you show to meeting the needs of each student you serve.

The five of you have left very big shoes to fill.  And you have left a mark on the lives of thousands of students and on the beating heart of Ketchikan High School.”

– Jason House, Cole Maxwell, Linnaea Troina

Other staff members saying goodbye to their colleagues:

“Mrs. Landwehr always brought an abundance of enthusiasm to anything related to science and the process of discovery.  This manifested in the success of the Ocean Science Bowl teams over the years. Mr. White single-handedly revitalized the Medical Terminology program here at Kayhi and rekindled relationships with the community’s health sciences professionals so that students could once again job shadow. Both of these teachers have left a lasting, positive impact on our school and community and will be sorely missed.” – Mr. O’Brien 

“Julie is smart, brilliant, and very logical. She is a problem solver who can take on just about any problem without getting ruffled” – Mr.Powell

“Interesting, meticulous, and sciency. Great modeling and sharing of ideas and practices.”- Mr. Sivertsen

Mr. White

“Mr. White has a huge heart for his students and works tirelessly to ensure they have quality and fun opportunities for learning. He has a great sense of humor and is a person of great humility. He has done immeasurably good because of his dedication and love for teaching.”
– Mr. O’Brien

“[He is] Friendly and positive, always had a nice smile and was friendly to everyone.” – Mrs. Campbell

“He’s probably the most jolly guy I know. It was fun working with him, having someone to always make you smile no matter what.” – Mr. Pader

Mr. McClory

“I would describe Mr. McClory as a life-long educator who is dedicated to serving students.  He has never stopped working to make sure that students have the information and the support they need to succeed.  He has a great heart for students, for school, and for his community.” 

– Mr. House

“Mr. McClory has endless energy and an uncanny ability to find scholarships for students.  He has a style all his own and always strives to get students to reach their potential.”

– Mrs. Whyte

“David is the utmost professional.  He is willing to take on new projects with full enthusiasm.  His desire to teach the students and have them engaged and enjoying his class is his #1 priority.  To take on high schoolers in his last years of teaching says something about HIS desire to keep learning.  I will miss David’s humbleness and kindness that he emulates every day to his colleagues and students.”

– Mrs. Loreli

  • Compiled by Carter Effenberger-Adams

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