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Kayhi’s (mostly) smooth start

One of the new safety protocols is a check in/check out form that will allow for contract tracing if need be. Students can scan in and out quickly using their cell phones. PHOTO – Kelleigh Nickich

By Noelani Tillson-Diorec

Kayhi students have completed their first week of school at full capacity. SBA president Henry Clark said that the first week of school went way better than it could have gone.

“It’s pretty impressive that the staff made it go so smoothly with still following protocols,” said Clark. “I personally think the longer class periods are nice, I’m able to focus and spend more time on work. It does get tiring being in a class for so long but I’m able to get a lot done.” 

Students enter the school in one of four lines based on their first hour class. Each student is asked if he or she has any symptoms and their temperatures are taken. First hour started 17 minutes late Monday as lines were long, but by Thursday the issue had been fixed and students were on time.

In addition to screening, the school district has decided to cut down the amount of time in the hallways by decreasing the classes during the day from six periods to four but increasing class time to 80 minutes. Lunch is divided into two sessions and there is a two student per table limit.

Teacher Allegra Machado said it helps meet the need to reduce contacts and puts kids on a fast track toward graduation.

“It’s nice essentially because people are able to get more credits in less time. On the down side kids are done with high school at a younger age. What are they supposed to do after that?”

News Briefs

Staff Reports

Parent turnout low, but not bad for conferences
Over 127 students were represented at Monday’s parent teacher conferences.
“It was a pretty great turnout looking at how bad the weather was, and all the travelling that was going on,” Ms. Laura said. “There was 25% less people than normal.”

Students show art at “Art Walk”
Kayhi students taking French made pieces of art based on styles or paintings by French artists of old. These pieces of art were displayed in the library at snack break yesterday.
This just gave the students had a chance to display their talent in art said Kayhi French teacher Nancy Nish.
“I just wanted to give the students and teachers a chance to see the talent that we have and the pieces were too good not to show,” said Nish.


Super Bowl Staff Picks

Dyllan Borer
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Kathy Slick’s recipe for Bean Dip

Tyler Slick
Super Bowl Pick: Patrick Mahomes
Best food: Mom’s Bean Dip

Bella Roberts
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Pretzel and cheese

Devin Dalin
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Little smokies

Mady Purcell
Super Bowl Pick: Chiefs
Best food: Artichoke Dip with Pita Chips 

Leah Call
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Salt and vinegar wings w/ extra salt

Patrick Garcia
Super Bowl Pick: Chiefs
Best food: Nacho Cheese Doritos/hummus 

Ryan Santos
Super Bowl Pick: Chiefs
Best food: 50 Spicy Wings 

Noelani Tillson
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Hummus and Pita chips 

Michael Thacker
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Fried Chicken 

Kendall Kamm
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer and Vanilla Haagen-Daz

Alex Malouf
Super Bowl Pick: Chiefs
Best food: Pulled pork in Hawaiian buns 

Nadire Zhuta
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Barbeque wings with a nice cold Sprite 

Francis Sherman
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: Any hot wings

Erin Shea
Super Bowl Pick: 49ers
Best food: 7 layer dip


Lady Kings battle 10-1 JD

By Tyler Slick
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings (8-2) are in Juneau to play the Juneau Douglas (10-1) this weekend.
Last year Kayhi was just 1-3 in the regular season against the Lady Bears but won both Region contests to claim their sixth straight Region Championship. Since 2017 the Lady Kings are 4-9 in the regular season but 6-1 in the Region Tournament and have beaten JD the last six Region tournament games.
Senior captain Nadire Zhuta feels that she and the team are ready to play this weekend especially with many practice days without games.
“I’m excited, we haven’t had games in two weeks and we are craving to play games after two straight weeks of practice,” said Zhuta.
Senior Kendyl Carson is back in Juneau after two seasons playing south. Carson is starting off the season hot with averaging 23 points per game with a total of 92 points in a four-game stretch.
The Lady Bears are starting their season 10-1 with the only loss to No.1 Colony Lady Knights.
Lady Bears have wins over West Valley, East Anchorage, and two wins over Bartlett.
Both Kayhi and JD have beat Eagle River this season. Lady Bears won by 24 (55-31) and the Lady Kings by 13 (47-34).

Kings Look to Repeat at CCCC


Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The annual Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic basketball tournament runs Friday, Dec 27 through Sunday, Dec 29.

It will be the first game for the Kings. Kayhi is the defending champions after beating Lewis and Clarke (60-52) in the championship game last year. 

Senior Kristian Pihl said he is excited for this upcoming tournament.

“It’s always exciting, it’s by far the best tournament in Alaska,” said Pihl. “With it being my last year there’s more pressure to win it, I have two Clarke championships under my belt, but my mindset is to never be satisfied, I want to go get three.”

Team to watch: Cascade (OR)
Cascade is 5-0, ranked No. 2 in the 4A coaches poll, No. 8 by the Oregon School Activities Association and No. 14 in RPI. Cascade is not just winning games, it’s winning big, sporting a 28.8 margin of victory and is averaging 82 points per game in their last two contests. 

The Lady Kings defeated Thunder Mountain (43-33) last year to claim third place in the tournament. 

Senior Lianne Guevarra isn’t looking forward to it being her last Clarke Cochrane tournament but is determined to work hard and hopes the team gets better at communicating with each other.

“Excitement and nervousness is what I’m feeling, If anything, the one emotion I’m mostly feeling is determination,” said Guevarra. “I’m not ready for this to be my last Clarke, but I am ready to give it my all and hopefully we work together as a team and gain teamwork.” 

Team to watch: Esperanza (CA)
The Aztecs are back for the first time since they cruised to the 2016 CCCC Championship with a win over West Anchorage. They are led by Alyssa Kubo who is averaging 16.3 points per game and is shooting 46% from 3-point. She tied the school record with seven 3-pointers in a win earlier this season. Esperanza is 9-2 with a 14-point win over the defending California Division 3-AA state champion.

The first game to kick off the tournament is Thunder Mountain girls vs Franklin (Washington) at 9:00 a.m on Friday, December 27th.

Previous Kayhi results:
W 78-45 vs. Metlakatla 
W 55-51 vs. Philomath (OR)
W 60-52 vs. Lewis and Clarke (Championship)

W 37-36 vs. Metlakatla
L 58-21 vs. Lathrop
W 43-33 vs. Thunder Mountain (Third Place)

W 77-65 vs. Metlakatla
L 65-56 vs. West Valley
L 73-68 vs. West Anchorage (Fifth Place)

W 55-36 vs. Kenai
W 50-47 vs. West Valley
L 51-49 vs. Jefferson (Second Place)

W 61-34 vs. Lathrop
W 73-46 vs. North Pole
W 74-63 vs. Thunder Mountain (Championship)

W 54-29 vs. North Pole
L 49-35 vs. West Anchorage
W 45-33 vs. South Eugene (Third Place)

CCCC – 2019 Boys Bracket 12_12
CCCC Girls Bracket 12_12

Wrestling makes it 12 straight

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

Kayhi Kings returned home from regions with its twelfth consecutive region title. Senior Sully Schulz and Sophomore Kollin Houthoofd came in clutch and saved the title for the boys. However the Lady Kings came up short to Edgecumbe.

“I’m really proud of the boys, but at the same time I feel like we could have gotten a few more matches,” said Coach Rick Collins. “The the girls had an epic run, in the finals they had a couple bad matches that were hard to digest, but we will just get to work this week and that will fuel us for the state tournament.”

Kings scored a total of 201 points, only 18 points more Juneau. This years regions tournament was a lot closer than previous years, in 2018 the Kings beat Juneau by 80 points. The boys had a total of 6 region champions, and will have 17 wrestlers compete in the state tournament next weekend in Anchorage. 

Kayhi Lady Kings had 6 of their 8 wrestlers compete in the finals but however none of them ended up winning but they did qualify for state. The girls fell short to Edgecumbe by 49 points. 

Collins said that the girls team had a good run this year and has been growing the past couple years and he believes they will win next year. 

“I believe we were the better team but Edgecumbe just had more people there, they had about 13 girls entered and they just filled all the weight classes and some we did not have girls in so they automatically won those.” 

Senior Sully Schulz had only one match in the tournament since he was seeded first and had an automatic bye to the finals. Schulz had three people in his weight class and one of them being one of his own teammates. 

Schulz was not expecting to wrestle a kid from Juneau and when he found out it threw him off. He had never beaten a wrestler from Juneau before in his high school career.

“I was nervous,” said Sully. “I didn’t want to lose, I always choke against Juneau.”

Sophomore Hayley Gilson had a perfect record in her weight class until the finals match at regions. Gilson was expected to win but came up short.

“I didn’t wrestle to my potential at all,” said Gilson. “That was probably my worst match I’ve ever wrestled but that just pushes me more to win the state title.”

Kayhi 1st place wrestlers:
119-Degan Linne
130-Kollin Houthoofd
135-Brock Thomas
140-Charlie Blair
142-Andy Collins

 Kayhi 2nd place wrestlers:
103-Louissee Bueno (Girls)
103-Kristian Kellogg
112-Autumn Elsner (Girls)
112-Luke Rauwolf
119-Ruby McCue (Girls)
119-Nathan Mowery
125-Ada Odden (Girls)
125-Kai Biagi
130-Hayley Gilson (Girls)
135-John Call
152-Tyler Manypenny
160-Makena Johansen (Girls)
160-Seth Webb
189-Chris Harris
215-Francis Sherman
285-Liam Moseng

Ketchikan 201
Juneau 183

Mt. Edgecumbe 130
Ketchikan 81
Petersburg 54

Kalea Allen Takes Over Softball Head Coach Position

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

Kayhi Lady Kings Softball just announced their new head Coach Kalea Allen along with Alyesha Greenfield, Brooke Simmons,  and Denis Parker. Allen said she is excited to coach a good group of girls this season and is ready to get after it and start the season.

“I’m most excited to have the same bulk of girls returning, we have a core group of girls that are determined to be the best they can be not only on the field but off the field,” said Allen. 

Allen is also a personal trainer and has been training a group of girls since this summer.

“The girls have really taken initiative this year and have personally come to me asking about off season workouts and times for cages,” said Allen.
“It’s a big difference from last year where no one started practicing until after they had made the 

Allen was the Lady Kings head JV coach last year along with her assistant Denis Parker. Allen had an almost perfect season last year with only one loss. Sophomore Hannah Moody played for Allen as a freshmen and said she really enjoyed having her as a coach because she knew how to have fun but also work us hard.

“She keeps our head in the game but also keeps it fun,”  said Moody.

Allen is holding hut times for anyone who is interested in trying out this year. She said she is ready to get to work this season.

“I think we’re going to have a great season, everybody’s ready to go and excited to play this year,” said Allen.

Hut times
Monday: 6:30-7:30 (Hitting)
Thursday: 7:30-9 (Pitching/Catching)
Friday: 6:30-7:30 (Hitting)
Saturday: 1:30-2:30 (Hitting) 

Wrestling competes for 12th straight title

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Wrestling team will compete in the Region V Tournament in Craig this weekend. The girls tournament will begin Friday and the boys will begin Saturday.

The Kayhi boys have won 11 straight region tournamentsand hope to keep the streak alive.

“We’re hoping to win again and get out twelfth consecutive title,”said Collins.

Every team in Southeast will be competing in the girls tournament. For the boys they will be divided into their divisions. Kayhi boys are Division 1 and will compete against the new combined Juneau team.

Five of Kayhi’s 11 Region Champs graduated and Coach Collins said that Regions will be a tough tournament for the boys and that Juneau has a club team and gets way more matches than Kayhi does.

“That makes it an uphill battle and makes this tournament really close,”said Collins.

Senior Sully Schulz will compete in his last ever regional tournament this weekend but is ready to compete and is confident going into this tournament.

“I’m sad it’s all coming to an end, but I need to stay focused and ready to wrestle,” said Schulz. “I already have a bye to the finals, since I am the first seed. I’m confident I’ll do well and come home with the bracket.”

Schulz said he believes Kayhi will win their twelfth Region title but it will be a tight tournament since 5 of Kayhi’s 11 Regions champs graduated last year.

“I feel confident that we will win but it will be a close one, closer than usual,” said Schulz.“The team really has to show up this weekend if we really want to win. We have to want it.”

Defending state champ Ruby Massin and  Kayhi sophomore Hayley Gilson were both in the 135 weight class at the start of the season. Gilson best Massin every match this season. Two weeks ago Massin dropped down a weight class.

Gilson said she is excited for Regions but is keeping her emotions under control and staying focused.

“I’m ready for regions but I have had a couple set backs these last couple weeks,” said Gilson.

Girls will begin wrestling tonight at 5 p.m. and boys will begin Saturday at 9 a.m.

Hard Work Always Pays Off

AJ Malouf
Staff Editor

College is not too expensive. You do not need a 4.0 GPA with honors in order to receive substantial scholarships. You can and will get into college with just an ounce of extra effort and a good work ethic.
The teacher who embarrassed me in front of the class for something stupid I said freshman year was the same teacher who edited the admissions essay that will help decide a large part of my future. With that, I earned a 90% scholarship to my first choice school, with a 3.4 cumulative GPA and sub 1300 SAT scores. If I can do it, so can anyone.
Imagine you are a high school senior looking back, for some this may be a reality. Freshman year was full of new experiences and new people. As long as you showed up to class and stayed awake 50 percent of the time, you most likely achieved good grades. I would guess that 80 percent of freshman get mostly A’s with a few B’s and maybe one C in a subject they struggle with.
You may be thinking it was easy, and that your grades freshman year really didn’t mean much. In reality, you put in the work to set your future self up for success. By laying down a solid foundation of good grades and a solid work ethic, you now have a benchmark that you must at the very least match, if not surpass. Pushing for an A- in freshman english when you had a solid B- may have indirectly earned you a scholarship 3 years later.
When you get your first C, or for a small number of people your first B, it hits different. There is much more regret in getting a new low grade then there is pride and excitement earning another A. You feel this way because when you achieve a goal or a new personal best, in anything, you subconsciously knew you could do it the whole time. When you fail, it hits harder. You didn’t make it. You could have, but you didn’t. Some decision you made along the way blocked your path to success.
As you are enjoying a brief moment of self reflection, or as you look ahead into your future high school career, think about earning $120K in scholarships versus applying for $120K in student loans. Hard work always pays off.

Bill Weiss starts Thursday

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

Kayhi will be hosting the Bill Weiss Tournament this weekend, their only home meet of the season. Bill Weiss is a three day tournament, starting with duals on Thursday, round robin on Friday, then brackets on Saturday.

The Bill Weiss is the biggest tournament in Southeast. Every team in Southeast will be here along with Glenallen traveling down from up north. Glenallen is ranked No. 1 in the state for division two.

“I’m excited, they’re really gonna test our team and help prepare us more for Lancer and state,” said junior Charlie Blair. 

Kayhi will be honoring five seniors this weekend. Captain Sully Schulz is one of those seniors and hopes to have a good send off. 

“I just really wanna make the finals,” said Schulz. “That’s like number one on my mind right now. It’s gonna be sad but I don’t think I’ll break down but I’m definitely not going to like leaving.”

Thursday- 4:30 p.m. – Final Match
Friday- 4:30 p.m. – Final Match
Saturday- 10:30 a.m. – Final Match
Finals – 6 p.m.

Sully Schulz
Chris Harris
Caden Thomas
Katlian Blankenship
Vincent Trujillo