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Year in review

The 2018-2019 school year started off with an element of turmoil. However, Kayhi showed its resiliency and had one of the best school years, academically and athletically, maybe in school history.

News Of The Year:

  1. Jason House will be the new Kayhi principal next school year. House taught science in Barrow in 2001-2004, he will be currently moving up from Arkansas.
  2. Kayhi’s NOSB team won the state championship and competed at Nationals. 
  3. Former culinary teacher, Doug Edwards was sentenced to jail for 18 years with 12 suspended.

Sports Stories Of The Year:

  1.  The boys basketball team won a state championship after beating Dimond 57-53 in an overtime thriller for the first time since 1974.
  2. Kayhi cheer also won the state championship. 
  3. The Kayhi boys soccer team qualified for the state tournament for the first time ever.

Band dinner tonight at 6 p.m.

Kayhi wind ensemble, symphonic band, and selected jazz band combos are performing tonight at the annual band dinner at 6 p.m. in the commons.
Tickets for the chicken and salad feed are $25.
This year, band director Ms. Nuss is trying something different when it comes to serving.
People who plan on attending the dinner can expect a self-serving buffet table, versus ordering ahead of time and relying on the students to bring the dish to your table. This results in less stress for the student staff, as their minds will most likely be focused on the next performance.

When it comes to choosing your table, parents especially need to consider where their child will be when it’s their turn to perform their piece. It is important that parents communicate with their child, as it will assist in their ability to hear them play.
Keep in mind that the dinner is a fundraiser, and we appreciate everyone who attends due to this fact. This dinner also enables the students to experience their first performance in front of a larger crowd, as music festival is right around the corner.

Not about the net

Illustration by Isabella Schreckhise

Madison Rose
Staff Writer

It’s not about validation. It’s about each other.
We’re six time region champs, and all I can think about is my family. Not the blood related family that I left behind in order to go to this tournament, but the players on my team that got me here in the first place.
The medal around my neck is supposed to symbolize winning, but that’s not quite right. If I left it behind, It would mean nothing to me. It’s just a thing.
Being called winners will never be as important to me than the names of the people who built me up to get there.
No trophy has ran to my side to pick me back up after a hard crash to the floor, like Lianne Guevarra. Eager and quick to put me back on my feet.
It certainly doesn’t make me laugh or grow a sense of humor like Emmie Smith taught me. Or bring me comfort and understanding like Payton Simmons. It most definitely didn’t sacrifice their body for the game and give selflessly to others by constantly playing hard, which Ashley Huffine does each and every time.
It doesn’t take care of me and play the role of a mother figure like Nadire Zhuta does each trip. It didn’t make sure I was involved and encouraged when I was  feeling down like Jenae Rhoads did.
It won’t impact the game like Shaelyn Mendoza, freshmen starter, smallest on the team with a big role.
Everyone is important and has an impact not just on the score at the end of the game, but on me. Because they are the ones selflessly showing up to practice every single day to get beat up and yelled at, only to sit on the bench. Cheering on the team with real passion and joy.
These people mean more to me than a basketball region title. The connection and relationships made through the adversity and sacrifice have more significant value to me than a piece of rope cut down from a hoop, or a plastic award mantled to a block of wood to be placed inside a trophy case.

Lady Kings with 6th straight title

The Lady Kings are 4-9 against the Crimson Bears over the past three seasons. It hasn’t mattered.
Kayhi won it’s 6th-straight tournament game over Juneau-Douglas to claim its 6th straight Region V Championship Friday in a 47-43 thriller.
The Lady Kings trailed 17-11 at the end of the first, cut it to 23-20 at the half and took a 5-point lead into the 4th quarter.


ED Rising to compete at state

Kayhi’s Ed Rising team will travel to the state competition today at UAS Juneau. Educators Rising is a 13-member team of Kayhi students who are aspiring teachers led by Mrs.Shelton.

They will compete in how to express their knowledge in children’s literature, how to present lesson plans as teachers, and presenting a creative lecture on school safety. This is the first year at the state competition where students will compete individually instead of as a team.

Teacher-Leader (coach) Shelton is feeling very confident in Senior Kari Montero.

“Kari is one of our strongest members” said Shelton. “The last two years she has made it to nationals and has been talking all year about going for her 3rd year in a row, she brings a positive attitude and i’m very excited to see her results”.

Only two students have represented Kayhi in nationals, Emma Shelton (class of 2018) and senior Kari Montero.

Kayhi faces Wasilla

The Kings beat Petersburg 74-35 last night in their season opener. Senior Jake Taylor was the leading scorer with 13 points. Senior Marcus Lee and junior Chris Lee had 12 points each.

Kayhi will host the defending state champion Wasilla Warriors tonight at 7 p.m. Wasilla beat previously undefeated Dimond (47-44) in the state championship last year.


The Man

Kyle Smith
Staff Writer

Edward Davis is the greatest person I’ve ever met. He’s always happy, he’s hilarious and he’s a caring person. Ever since the beginning of junior year he has sent me me texts every morning saying, “Good morning Kyle Smith,” and every night saying “Good night Kyle Smith.” He has never missed a day. 

He’s a true fan. A fan of all things Kayhi and the Seahawks. He knows all of the Seahawks players names, the teams schedule for the whole season, and where they play for each game, which is pretty impressive.

Edward and I have daily conversations about football. I joke around with him and ask him what team the Seahawks will lose to the upcoming week. I always tell him whoever the Seahawks are playing are my favorite team. He usually laughs and tells me there’s no way the Seahawks will lose, and when they win, I don’t hear the end of it until the next game.

There’s not one Kayhi basketball game, boys or girls, that I don’t see Edward sitting in the stands, smiling and talking it up with the ladies. He loves watching the games and socializing with everyone, he’s laughing and smiling the whole time.

But Edward not only cares about football and basketball, he also cares about the people around him.

After the Senior Carnival some friends and I were in the parking lot just about to call it a night when one of my friends got in his truck and started to drive away. Another kid just getting to the school wasn’t paying attention and ran into my friends truck. All of us went to check on my friend to make sure they were alright, and we called the police to report the accident. 

Within 2 minutes of us reporting the incident we each got a call from Edward, checking in to make sure everyone was safe and no one was hurt. We all asked each other, how he knew there was an accident? So we asked him.

“I heard your name on the police scanner,” he said, “I was just calling to make sure you were alright.”

Come senior night I will have to think of my favorite basketball memory. Usually this is a hard thing for people to think of, but not for me. My teammates will most likely have the same favorite memory from last night’s game against Petersburg.

The game started, we tip the ball, Marcus receives it, passes it to Chris who then gives it to Edward. He eyes the hoop, puts it up and boom. He hits it. First try.

The crowd went absolutely insane, screaming Edward’s name. I’d be surprised if there was anyone in the gym who didn’t tear up.  

Watching Edward catch the ball and drain a jumper on his first try is by far my favorite memory of my high school career. Leading up to his shot I pictured him draining it and the crowd going wild, but nothing will ever compare to actually witnessing it. It was perfect.

During halftime, the dance team performed to Edward’s favorite song, Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

He was sitting dead center of the bleachers dancing along, singing and clapping, he was living it up.

This night was by far one of the greatest things I have ever seen, everything about it was perfect. It couldn’t have gone any better, and I have never been so proud to be a part of this community as I was last night.