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Should the U.S. implement stricter gun laws? Would stricter laws prevent school shootings?

Largim Zhuta:
The same question comes every time following the events of a mass shooting. Stricter laws won’t prevent school shootings, one would have to be extremely naive to believe that. The only thing implementing stricter gun laws would do is grant people a false sense of security. One thing that an overwhelming majority of citizens (both Democrats and Republicans) can agree on is having universal background checks for purchasing guns.
That being said, stopping guns won’t stop the problem, even with the universal background checks. The Las Vegas shooter was a perfectly normal, law-abiding citizen on paper, no check would have weeded him out. Guns haven’t changed considerably in the past two decades, but something regarding mentally deranged people has. Some aspect of our society is unknowingly creating more unstable individuals who believe it is ok to act out in such manners.

Chanell Browne:
The U.S has had an excessive amount of shootings, not only in schools but at concerts, live events, celebrations, and all sorts of events and places. So should the U.S implement stricter gun laws? My answer is yes, absolutely. It would reduce the amount of people who have access to guns. Which obviously, would be a smart idea. In my opinion I think that stricter laws would prevent not only school shootings, but other shootings as well. People shouldn’t just be allowed to just go and buy a gun without having a background check or any other resources to prove they aren’t a threat.
Nobody really understands why someone would be so cruel to shoot at a crowd full of people or a school. And there’s no way to prevent those sick minds from having those thoughts and ideas. But preventing the freedom of having easy access to guns can be changed. And at this point, it needs to be.

Rosie K:
Not only guns are to blame for the plethora of mass shootings the U.S. has had this year. I think that even if we implemented stricter gun laws, mentally unstable people would find another way to cause harm. That being said, guns are far more capable of causing mass-destruction than a knife. I think that background checks should be required of everyone purchasing a gun, and there should definitely be legislature passed banning bump stocks and other alterations to make guns able to hurt more people. There isn’t a way to completely get rid of people using guns to hurt people – but there are measures that can be taken to help prevent it. Any decision Congress makes will upset one group or the other, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and safety comes first. No one really knows what needs to happen, but at this point anything is better than nothing.

Richard S:
I definitely think the U.S. should implement stricter guns laws. There is no reason why any U.S. citizen would ever need to have an assault rifle such as the AR 15 that was used during the school shooting in Florida. The first step the government needs to take to prevent school shooting is to implement stricter gun laws and ban assault rifles. The government should  allow rifles for hunting only, and require background checks on anyone that wants to purchase a weapon, and no felons or people with past violent criminal records should be able to purchase a weapon.
Although there is no certain way to tell if someone is going to shoot up a school or a concert stricter gun laws would help prevent people from acquiring guns to do so.

Hannah Maxwell:
I don’t see any downsides to implementing stricter gun laws. I’m not naive enough to believe that requiring licenses and backgrounds checks for firearms will solve all of our problems but I do think it would be a step in the right direction. Honestly what civilian needs to own an AR or rounds and rounds of ammunition.
In order to stop school shootings we will have to do a lot more than ban the sale of certain guns or make them harder to obtain. It’s a systemic mental health issue that doesn’t have a black and white solution. We’ve all felt alone at one time or another and even then it’s impossible to imagine how bad you have to feel to resort to that kind of violence. Obviously they’re guilty of committing the crime but aren’t we all guilty of creating a society that causes people to feel this way.  


Staff Pick

What’s your favorite Winter Olympic sport?   

Kody Malouf:
Curling is by far the best sport, it’s so much fun to watch because it’s so intense for such a pointless and confusing sport. I was watching curling the other night and the whole thing is just one person sliding a big round thing down the ice while the other sweeps the ice in front of it like their life depends on it. All the while the person who slid the round thing screams at the sweeper, most of the time in a foreign language which just makes it that much better. Whoever came up with curling had way too much time on their hands. It was pretty great because this one Russian curler was really hot, so that made watching even better, even though I had no clue what was going on.  

Gavin Salazar:
The half-pipe snowboarding events are definitely the most fun to watch. Seeing how high they get and all of the flips and twists they do is just so crazy to watch. I mean Shaun White’s last run to win gold Tuesday was very exciting and very impressive. I cannot imagine how much training goes into preparing for these events. They have to be amazing athletes and be very skilled to do what they do. It is also something that you don’t really have to have somebody to root for. Obviously I would want for the US to win but it is just fun to watch no matter who is participating.

Liam Kiffer:
The bobsleigh is hands down, the best sport to watch on the olympics. Now I’ve never actually watched it, other than two nights ago for about 3 minutes, but I’ll give you a little run down of how it goes. Two guys push a giant sled to a starting point, hop in at the last second, and sled there way down a pipe to the finish line. I’m not sure what the riders actually do once they’re finished pushing but the sport in itself is genius. The olympics have found a way to give young boys and girls the chance to become professional sledders, I can’t think of a better way to spend my life. Now I assume they’re probably going a little faster than when I hop on my piece of cardboard and make a wicked jump out in my backyard, but how much harder could it really be?

Joey Karlik:
How can I not go with Hockey!?! Ever since I watched Miracle as a little kid, I get excited about Hockey whenever it comes on. From the passing games to the full on body checks to the amazing goals scored; hockey is so amazing. Nothing about it is boring or dull. You think one team is gonna score and BAM! Some guy gets slammed against the plexiglass and the ref doesn’t call anything and the game goes on. You can’t force a call or flop like Football or Soccer. Hockey is probably the second most manliest sport in the world besides wrestling. It is so good. Plus, it felt so good to beat the soviet union back in the day. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Hannah Maxwell:
Ski jumping is by far my favorite olympic sport. They go so high and it just amazes me that they can land and not break anything. I can’t imagine waking up one day thinking you know what I’m going to become an olympic ski jumper. I’m scared of heights so I find it very impressive that all these professionals can ski off these huge jumps like it’s nothing.

DDF Dominates in Regional Meet

The Kayhi DDF team performed well this past weekend at their annual home meet.
Piper Cooper and Chris Brown made it to the final debate, but fell to Ella Lubin and Andurs Marius of Sitka High School. Cooper also placed first in Original Oration.
Arick Mattson placed first in Humorous Interpretation, making it three consecutive placements for first in that event this year. Frances Barry and Thomas Brooks took first in the Duo Interpretation event. Brandon Roof took second in Expository Speaking.
With the state competition right around the corner, the debaters are wasting no time in preparing for it.
“We know what we have cut out for us,” said Barry. “We have seen which arguments worked, which ones didn’t, and what we can do to improve our cases. In the month to come, we’ll be refining, tweaking, and researching more.”

Public Forum Debate
Chris Brown & Piper Cooper – 2nd
Brendan Roof & Jared Valentine – 4th
Thomas Brooks & Madyson Traudt – 6th
Frances Barry & Henry Clark – 7th
Abby Gaugler & Arick Mattson – 8th

Speaker Points
Piper Cooper – 3rd (Tie)
Seth Chernick – 3rd (Tie)
Jared Valentine – 6th
Madyson Traudt – 8th
Arick Mattson – 10th

Original Oration
Piper Cooper – 1st

Extemporaneous Speaking
Piper Cooper – 2nd
Frances Barry – 3rd

Extemporaneous Commentary
Arick Mattson – 3rd
Henry Clark – 5th

Expository Speaking
Brendan Roof – 2nd
Jared Valentine – 3rd

Duo Interpretation
Frances Barry & Thomas Brooks – 1st

Humorous Interpretation
Arick Mattson – 1st

Lady King hosts JD

Gavin Salazar and Jenna Miller
Staff Writers

The Lady Kings (5-3) basketball team will be hosting Juneau-Douglas (3-4) in their first conference games of the year tonight, and tomorrow night.
Last season, the Lady Kings’ lost their first four games against the Bears, won the next three out of four, the last two being in the regional championship on the Bears’ home court.
Senior Captain Brittany Slick is hoping to continue their success against Juneau-Douglas and to set the tone in the region for the remainder of the season.
“Honestly it’s kind of nerve racking and there’s a lot of pressure not only on me and Hannah but on the whole team since we do have a reputation. All that you’re worried about is winning and it is scary but I am confident in our team and our abilities to be able to pull out another region title,” said Slick. “This weekend is important because we will learn how they play and learn how to beat them in the future.”
Junior Payton Simmons is looking forward to seeing how the team performs and is also looking to the tone for the remainder of the season.
“These are our first conference games of the season so we are very excited,” said Simmons. “This is a big rivalry game for us so it will be a very fun series to play in. We’ve been preparing all week for this.”

Friday & Saturday:
C-Team: 5:30
Varsity: 7:15

ACDC Home Meet Recap

Four Kayhi decathletes placed in the top 10 overall at their first home meet. Senior Adrian Ronquillo said the meet helped the team get familiar with the competition,
“The fact that we now have a meet established, we know the competition better,” said Ronquillo. “We have a whole month until our next meet so we can start preparing now.”

Meet Results

Senior Lydia Sumrall (3rd overall): 4th in Economics, 3rd in Literature, and 1st in Science

Senior Mackenzie Fousel (5th overall): 3rd in Economics, 2nd in Social Science, 1st in Literature and Music

Senior Charisma Manalo (7th overall) 6th in Literature, 5th in Art, and 2nd in Interview

Sophomore Campbell Sande (9th overall) 4th in Essay, 4th in Music, and 3rd in Literature

Sophomore Evelyn Andersen (12th overall) 7th in Science, 5th in Essay, and 4th in Literature

Junior Daniel Neufeldt (13th overall) 7th in Literature, 3rd in Science, and 2nd in Math

Senior Emme Andersen (14th overall) 6th in Music, 5th Economics, and 2nd in Essay

Junior Franklyn Correa (19th overall) 9th in Social Science, 8th in Art, and 8th in Science

Junior Angela Rodriguez 10th in Art

Junior Ruvelen Correa 9th in Music

Freshman August Cooper 7th in Interview

Senior Adrian Ronquillo 6th in Social Science

Senior Megan Cornwall 3rd in Interview

Freshman Robert Cope-Powell 9th in Science, 4th in Literature

Junior John Luke Calderon 9th in Speech, 8th in Art, 8th in Math

Senior Max Varela 5th in Literature, 3rd in Math, 1st in Economics

Staff Pick

Given last week’s upsets in college football, what teams are going to make the playoffs?


Dante Troina:
Clemson vs. Miami is a win if you’re in game, as is Georgia vs. Auburn. Auburn dominated Georgia just three weeks ago, so Georgia will come out with revenge on their minds, but Auburn will still pull away, as they are just a better team on a hot streak right now. Tigers 31-20. Miami and Clemson are two of the best four teams, but since they play one another, one of them won’t be able to make it. Clemson is the gold standard for consistency over the last three years, but The U has risen to the occasion and then some for every big game this year (Notre Dame). This game could really go either way, but I think on a big stage, Miami will get pressure on Kelly Bryant and force him into turnovers late. Miami 35-31, turnover chain and all. Oklahoma is the next team I think will make it. They already beat TCU with their second stringers in for the second half, so 52-28 Sooners. The Wisconsin/Ohio State game is where the committee can really get in a tough spot. Wisconsin is who I want to win, but they lose games like these every year. Urban Meyer will come up with a gameplan to beat them in a close, low scoring game. That win will give the Buckeyes a slight advantage over Alabama, Ohio State will have 4 top 25 wins to Alabama’s 2, one of which is against a team who lost to Troy at home. The Buckeyes will also have a conference title, so they’re my fourth team for the playoffs.

Kody Malouf:
The college football playoff is a madhouse this year. There is one undefeated team left (Wisconsin), everyone is good, and no matter who the CFB playoff committee selects, people are going to be pissed off. There are so many deserving teams and only four spots, the committee has an impossible job this year. With that in mind, I’m going to just put four teams in that have a chance, knowing that there are at least 10 teams that deserve to make it and I will definitely be wrong. Clemson in currently ranked #1 so they’ve got a very good chance. Oklahoma sits at #2 with the current Heisman front runner under center all while riding a seven game win streak, so I’ll give it to them. Auburn just knocked off the former #1 team in Alabama, and the last seven winners of the Iron Bowl have played for the National Championship, Auburn gets in. And last, it’s hard not to jump on the Miami bandwagon. The swagger, the poise, the confidence, I like the way they play and they could very well get a playoff berth based on those attributes alone, so I’ll sneak in Miami for my last spot.

Wyatt Barajas:
It’s hard to tell even at this point in the season because of the way it is chosen. It’s not all about what your record is. But if I had to choose a team to win it all it would be The U. They have had a strong season beside last week’s loss. They are the most all around strong team with a single mission, victory. The way it is chosen can be good, but also kind of bush league. The lack of watching college football may be why I have this opinion, but I’m still right.

Kyle Smith:
I don’t watch college football very much at all. That being said, the four teams that will make the playoffs this year will be Clemson, Oklahoma, Auburn and Alabama. I have no idea who is good and who is not, but by looking at the rankings I feel like this is a good educated guess. All of the teams I have picked are in the top five. A couple of years ago when I used to watch more college football, these teams that I’ve picked were good. History repeats itself, so I know these teams will be in the playoffs.

Liam Kiffer:
I have to agree with Kyle on this one, I watch maybe one college football game a year. Even though I’m not too familiar with who’s good and who’s not, I certainly know who the most popular teams are, and I mean if someone like me knows about them they have to be good. My four picks for the college football playoffs, in no particular order, are Alabama, Auburn, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. My boy Baker Mayfield is on track to win the Heisman and take his Oklahoma all the way. If I were old enough to bet, I’d put all my money down on Oklahoma.  

Nutcracker Preview

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Ketchikan Theatre Ballet will perform its annual, full-length showing of The Nutcracker this weekend in the Kayhi Auditorium. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. on Friday, and 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Tickets can be purchased ahead of time online at the KTB website (www.Ketchikan.Dance) or by calling (907)-225-9311. Tickets will also be sold at the door on the day of the performances.


$12 – Students/Senior Citizens/Military

$18 – Adult

$50 – Family Pack (2 Adult tickets/ 2 Student/Senior Citizens/Military tickets)