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Staff Picks

Which Wild Card team is most likely to win the World Series?

Kody Malouf:
The Yankees are going to win the World Series. They have a severely underrated staff of starting pitchers with their young ace Luis Severino leading the charge. Behind Severino are C.C. Sabathia (who is enjoying a renaissance season), Masahiro Tanaka (who has been admittedly streaky since his 2014 debut but has come into his own as of late this year), Jordan Montgomery (AL strikeout leader for rookies), and Sonny Gray (the former A’s stud who the Yankees acquired via trade right before the deadline). If they can get 5-6 solid innings out of each of those guys and get to the 6th with a lead, the Yankees have a very good chance win the game thanks to the best bullpen in baseball. Speaking of leads, it’s very likely that the Yankees will have one, thanks to some of the premier sluggers in the game. We all know Aaron Judge (AL home run leader, 52 homers most by a rookie, absolute beast), not to mention Gary Sanchez (33 dingers), and Didi Gregorius (.287 BA with 25 homers most by a Yankee shortstop). Plus important role players like Matt Holliday, Aaron Hicks, Todd Frazier, and Brett Gardner. The Yankees have been counted out all year. They said this was a rebuilding year, that they weren’t going to do anything this season… yet here they are, a few series’ away from their 28th World Series title.

Dante Troina:
The wild card game is a cute event for teams that aren’t good enough to win their divisions, and a kickstarter to generate hype before the real games begin. All of the wild card teams this year are pretty good, but sorry Yankees, there’s no way you’re going to get past the red hot, 102 win Cleveland Indians; and *News Flash* your pitching staff is mediocre at best, Aaron Judge is cool, but he can’t save your dismal pitching. Have fun against the Indians and Astros lineups. On the other side, the Diamondbacks-Rockies game will probably be the most entertaining in the postseason, but once the dust clears, the winner will have used their best starting pitcher already, and have to try and matchup with the Dodgers, who have been the best team in baseball this whole year, and have rested most of their starters for this playoff game for more than a month. This is one of the deepest postseasons ever, with three 100+ win teams without mentioning the defending champion Chicago Cubs, or the ultra-balanced Red Sox and dangerous Washington Nationals. So congrats Twins, Yankees, D-Backs, and Rockies! You made the playoffs; grab your t-shirts and participation hats and enjoy it while it lasts.


Liam Kiffer:
I think the Rockies are the best bet to win the World Series out of all the other Wild Card teams. They don’t have a lot of depth in their starting rotation, but I think there hitting is strong enough without it. Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon are both MVP candidates, who can carry a team throughout an entire season. Along with others like DJ LeMahieu, Trevor Story and Carlos Gonzalez, the Rockies have 6 veteran hitters who know how to handle the pressure that the postseason brings. Though the Rockies don’t necessarily have deep starting pitching like the Dodgers or the Cubs, they do have arguably one of the best bullpens in the National League.  A good bullpen is always a good weapon to have. As we saw in the first Twins-Yankees Wildcard game, neither starting pitcher had last past the second inning. The Rockies have a roster this year mixed with All-Stars, seasoned veterans, and solid rookies. If all these pieces can all come together, the Colorado Rockies are set to win their first World Series in Franchise History.

Wyatt Barajas:
There are some good wild card matchups this year. The Yankees ran over the Twins last night, beating them 8-4. I feel if anyone is to win it, it would be out of the other side of the bracket. The Diamondbacks and the Rockies. Both teams have high intensity offenses. With Goldschmidt and Greinke on the bump tonight the Diamondbacks will definitely top the Rockies. They are coming off a solid end to their season having a 14 game win streak last month and adding J.D. Martinez to the roster. The Diamondbacks have the best chance of winning. Also, nothing Gavin says matters, because he is very uneducated in everything to do with the sport of baseball.

Largim Zhuta:
As the name implies, it’s a wild card. You don’t know what will happen. The team that is the wildest and craziest out on the diamond will win the World Series. There are a few things that set apart a winning wild card team from any other. First, they must show the technical skill. Baseball is no easy game. The ball is small and it travels really fast, which makes it hard to see, let alone hit. The team that can hit it the furthest and catch the ball the most will do well by my prediction. The second is that the team must have a winning mentality. They must go into the game knowing that they have already won. Plain and simple. The third thing is intelligence. You gotta be smart out on the field. The ball follows a parabolic path every time. There is just no way around that. The people who have had past experience with Algebra or are able to do complex math in their head will come out on top. No question about it. The wild-card team that I believe embodies these characteristics the best — and the one that will win the World Series — The Twins. It might be hard for the two brothers to beat an entire baseball team, but I believe they have it in them.

Gavin Salazar:
I honestly don’t believe that any of the wild-card teams will win the World Series this year. The Yankees beat the Twins in the first wild-card game but there isn’t a chance that they are gonna beat the Indians. The next game between the Rockies and the Diamondbacks is going to be a great game, and whoever wins that is going to get past the ice cold Dodgers (You hear that Dante) and then lose to the Cubs. All of you guys are wrong, especially Kody. It is all fake news. None of the wildcard teams are going to win the 2017 World Series.

Opinion: Time is Inevitable

Illustration by: Zoe Spencer

Brittany Slick
Online Editor

Time is inevitable.
One second, I’m eight years old eating chewy granola bars and only worrying about when the next episode of Hannah Montana is on. Then in a blink, I’m 17 about to graduate high school, filling out college applications and preparing to get thrown out into the world by myself. So this begs the question: where did time go?
Time goes the same speed for everyone. But the only thing that differentiates your time from the person next to you is how you utilize it.
And to be honest, it terrifies me to think that I might one day not use my time for anything interesting. I only have 24 hours in a day. Say I use eight of those hours for sleep and another eight for school. That leaves a whole third of my day to do what we call “life”. Now, how am I gonna spend those free eight hours? This is essentially my experiences, my memories, and my time.
As the years go by, there’s a possibility that every day can become the same basic routine: wake up, go to work, come home, sleep. This repetitiveness can become strenuous to your mind’s perception of time. You throw in a birthday party here, a vacation there, but you are always warped into the same routine that becomes your life. After doing the exact same thing for so long, years seem like months and months seem like minutes.
Your morning alarm goes off at six, so you turn it off and wake up at noon. What if adulthood is like that? What if I turn off the alarm, go back to bed, and wake up a 30-year old?
I figured that time would move slower for a 30-year old in a routine, but these people actually believe time goes by faster.
Wait, nobody prepared me for this. My 17 years have already meshed together into what feels like a speedy five. Now you’re telling me that my life will go by faster than it already has? Great.
I think what scares me the most is that I will lose this perspective of cherishing the time I have now. Yes, I know, so cliche of me. But the truth of the matter is, my entire life is going to change in a mere nine months. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, worrying too far into the future as my time ticks down. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am excited for the years to come; graduating high school and going on to college. But I’m still scratching and clawing to make the most of what I have in front of me. All I have is right now. Senior year.

Staff Picks

The reaction to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem has been…

Kody Malouf:
The reaction has been louder than the protest. You can’t protest in a way that offends the majority of your fanbase and not expect backlash. Every team that kneeled (during the anthem or not… looking at you Cowboys) was mercilessly booed and rightfully so. People don’t like it when professional athletes do controversial things, and they just opened the floodgates. NFL ratings are in the toilet, people actually agree with Trump for once, and numerous polls (Reuter 58% stand, Remington 64% stand) prove that the majority of Americans think NFL players should stand for the anthem.

Liam Kiffer:
The NFL players and teams have done a great job in drawing attention to what they’re doing, but I think the message they’re trying to convey has been lost in the protest itself. I appreciate the players protesting in a non violent way but I don’t think it’s adding a whole lot to their initial cause.

Largim Zhuta:
My reaction to the kneeling was one of disgust. I understand the message they are trying to send but they have to realize that kneeling for the anthem and the flag is extremely disrespectful and out right stupid. It’s very hypocritical as well, the teams and players are claiming that they are uniting against racist America and Donald Trump, but they have to realize that they are further splitting the country. They talk about unity, but then they go on and further divide the country through their actions. I’m not advocating for forcing them to stand. This isn’t North Korea where the government dictates those type of things, and punishing them for what they have done is ridiculous. They have expressed their First Amendment rights peacefully, nothing wrong with that. I just believe the actions they have taken are idiotic and very miscalculated, just look at the percentage of people they have alienated through their actions. I would urge them to just play football, politics isn’t their forte.

Brittany Slick:
All over every single media platform, that’s where it’s been. Everytime I’ve opened Twitter or Facebook, all I see are people’s opinions and reactions to the topic. The protest has been taken to a whole new level with anybody and everybody voicing their opinions on social media. The players had to have realized that if they displayed their rally on one of America’s biggest stages (the NFL), they would get a huge reaction from it. I think that was their intention: to get people talking about it, get people reacting to it. I just don’t think it was the best way to do so, with all the controversy it’s now brought to a sport that had little, if nothing to do with the political world before.

Marcus Lee:
NFL teams have every right to protest with the right of the First Amendment. Those who criticize when players kneel and lock arms need to face reality, fans reaction to the anthem protest is about patriotism and not about racism. I fully feel it is right to stand for the anthem. I have gotten the pleasure to meet many veterans in my life and was very fortunate to have family members serve our country. When that flag is up and the national anthem is sung, that’s who I show my respect to- it’s not about me being American but about the people who volunteered for our country. With that said, I truthfully respect the acts that players and team owners are doing. America isn’t forced to show patriotism, the national anthem is not a test for people who watch and play football need to pass. Many spectators are falling on both sides and taking action by burning jerseys and not watching football completely. Kneeling during the flag is a peaceful protest. Soldiers kneel in front of a fallen soldier’s grave, these players aren’t burning flags. They want to be heard and without words or acts of violence, they have done it.

Gavin Salazar:
Sports used to be a place where people could get away from politics. Now you can’t watch SportsCenter or any football game without hearing about the big protest that essentially started with just one quarterback in the NFL. Kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to the people who risk their lives for this country. What happened to standing tall and proud for those soldiers? I do believe that people have every right to fight for their beliefs and to speak out, but I think that they took it too far with protesting during our anthem.

Campbell wins National Award


Sarah Campbell receives her award. Photo by Verona Kamberi.

Sarah Campbell was awarded the 35th Peace Education Elgin Heinz Award yesterday at Kayhi. She received the award at the first annual Kings for Peace assembly which was held to commemorate International Peace Day. Campbell was recognized for promoting peace and education in addition to her leadership on a national and local level. Campbell said she believes that students are a key factor in obtaining peace.
“Through friendship and connection students can serve as a powerful catalyst for change.”

Staff Picks

If you got your PFD what would you do with it? 

Dante Triona:
Jeff Lund is perhaps the greatest hunter in the world. Southeast Alaska has been his backyard to slay wildlife; but what fun is it if he never gets a change? With my PFD, I would send Mr. Lund to Belarus. Ranked as one of the best hunting spots on multiple websites, the Pripyat River in Belarus is the best place to hunt elk, wild boar, and European bison. I would rent him an all terrain vehicle (Jeep Wrangler) to navigate through the cold forest, and the remaining money would go towards hunting gear and a nice tent. Lund’s expedition would last seven days, and be a life changing experience. With all of this taken into account, Lund would take me as his heir to become the next great hunter.

Brayden Linne:
If somehow my parents let me keep my PFD I would want to spend it all at once. The first thing I would do is fly down to Seattle ($180). I would buy tickets for the Seahawks playoff game to watch them beat the Packers again ($202). After I watch the Seahawks beat the Packers, I would rent a Camaro and drive it to the Space Needle where I would get a prime rib ($206). The last thing I would buy would be a flight home in first class where I would get pampered with food and drinks ($660). I might have to take some money from my parents to pay for the flight back, but it would all be worth it.

Payton Simmons:
I am a fashion guru. I buy fashion trends low, and sell high, so I’m not going to tell you what I’d do with my PFD. I’ve learned from the Crocs. I wore Crocs because nobody else did, they were just the greatest until it was ruined. All the different colors, designs, even furry ones, but guess what, other people started wearing Crocs so I don’t wear them anymore. Yeah, I once saved my money to buy 7 pairs of Crocs, and now they are burned forever. Did anyone else bring Crocs back from Japan? No, I did, but now I can’t even wear them because you wear them. My fashion trend is ruined. I’m not going to tell what I’m going to do with my PFD now.

Verona Kamberi:
PFD… free money, it’s smart to put it away in a savings account for college, but I sure love name brand items. Out of all of the things in the world, I’d buy myself a Versace robe ($575) alongside with some Gucci slippers ($495). Of course it sounds like a waste of money, but trust me it’s all worth it. Celebrities wear these, and it makes me wonder how it would feel to own these things. There wouldn’t be a day where I wouldn’t walk around my lawn with a cup of water to check the mailbox. Heck I’d even jam out to Versace by Migos in my Versace robe, that’s how committed I’d be to my items. So, let’s pray that I get my PFD.

Keri Thomas:
First off, 1000 index cards is $10.35 so I’d start with five orders. Seventy-two pads of mini sticky notes (7200 total stickies) are $89.99. Finally the Lamy 2000 is an elegant German-made mechanical pencil for only $58. The rest would obviously go towards college so I could use all these high end supplies.

Chanell Browne:
If I got my PFD I would try and save it for potential use in the future, such as college, or just in case I would ever need it for something important. But knowing me, I would probably end up spending it on shoes, clothes, and more unnecessary items. The best idea would be to start with it in a savings account, that way I’m not tempted to use it right away. It’s nice to set aside cash and have it there as an option if I really need it or want to buy something with it. I don’t know at the moment what I’d really need to buy with the money…but I can definitely think of a few things I want that would be a total waste of the money, and heck you only live once. Now that I think about it more, I’d actually save it for the next vacation I go on, that way I’d have some of my own cash to spend on clothes that I want.


Kayhi Swim and Dive take 3rd


The Kayhi girls swim and dive team took 3rd place and the boys took 4th place in their only home meet of the season. Sophomore Emma Campbell took 3rd in the 100 free (1:00:93) and 2nd in the 50 free (27.21). Despite Campbell’s goggles coming off in the 50 yard swim she still took 2nd place.
I lost my goggles, said Campbell. “I ran to my coach after and asked if I could swim it again and he told me no. This next meet I’ll definitely get that back.”

Notable Preformances:
Laura Sherill 1st-  Womens 100 butterfly
Maury Meiresonne 1st- Mens 100 butterfly

Team Standings:

1. Sitka 176
2. Juneau Douglas 128
3. Ketchikan 92
4. Thunder Mountain 90
5. Petersburg 46
6. Craig 3

1. Thunder Mountain 119
2. Juneau Douglas 114
3. Sitka 90.5
4. Ketchikan 79

Swim and Dive Finish 4th

The Kayhi girls swim and dive team placed 4th and the boys team placed 5th in Juneau last weekend. Freshman Zoey Spencer finished 1st in 4 of her 8 events – the 500 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, 100 backstroke, and 200 I.M.

Team Standings
1. Thunder Mountain 239
2. Sitka 138
3. Juneau-Douglas 131
Petersburg 72
5. Ketchikan 50
1. Sitka 238
2. Juneau-Douglas 130
3. Thunder Mountain 123
4. Ketchikan 100
5. Petersburg 53