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Weekend Sports Previews

The Lady Kings softball team (4-6) are playing Sitka this weekend.
On May 5th the Lady Kings won a close game 7-6, on May 6th, Kayhi won 9-7.
Sophomore Morgan Tiffany believes that the Lady Kings have been practicing hard and are ready for the games that are up ahead.
We have been working hard in practice after our weekend in Juneau to fix the mistakes that were made,” said Tiffany. “We are confident in our team for these upcoming games against Sitka and are determined to win.”
The Lady Kings softball team will honor 2 seniors, Kassi Montero and Taylor Moody, on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.
Game Schedule
Friday 5/19
JV @ 3 p.m.
Varsity @ 6 p.m.
Saturday 5/20
JV @ 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Varsity (Senior Night starts 3:30) @ 4 p.m.
Varsity (nonconference) @ 6 p.m.

The Kayhi Kings baseball team (10-5, 8-4) will be playing against Juneau-Douglas this weekend in Juneau. Last time the Kings faced the Bears, the Kings defeated JDHS twice April 14th 6-5 and April 15th 6-5.
Senior Trevan Scott is feeling pretty positive about these upcoming games with the Juneau-Douglas Bears and hopes to bring home more than one win.
Im confident in my team for these upcoming games against JD, since we know what we are up against,” said Scott. “The only issue since we have a large team, is all coming together as one, when we should be comfortable and ready to go. I’m hoping that this won’t bring us down, and that we will be coming home with dubs.”
This is Kayhi’s last regular season games. Regions will be in Ketchikan on May 24th, 25th, 26th and the 27th.
Game Schedule
JV @ 4 p.m.
Varsity @ 7p.m.
JV @ 1 p.m.
Varsity @ 4 p.m.
Varsity @ 7 p.m.

Boys Soccer
Kayhi Boys Soccer (5-5,2-4) is having their last games of the season against TMHS at home.  The Kings are looking to shutout the falcons again after two 4-0 games back in the beginning of the season. The Kings JV will be playing at 5p.m. and Varsity at 7 p.m. tonight, and JV at 11p.m. and Varsity at 1 p.m.on Saturday. Kayhi will be honoring 6 seniors on Saturday; Jake Valentine, Logan Hammersland, Brent Taylor, Lukas Oswald, Kegan Rhein, and Brandon Corporon. Senior night will start at 12:45.
Senior Captain Kegan Rhein wants to end his career the best way he can,
“I just want to make the ending as sweet as I can. give the home crowd a show and play good soccer with my team.”

Kayhi track will be competing at the Region V 4A Track Meet against Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain. The meet will take place in Juneau starting Friday at 11:00am with field events. Running events will start at 3:00pm and run till 6:00. Saturday field events will begin at 9:30am till 11:00am. Running events will begin right after field events at 11:00am and run till 3:15pm. The awards ceremony will take place at the conclusion of the meet. 20 boys and 7 girls qualified from Kayhi. With the weather being rain, runners feel odd about the meet.
“I feel weird about the meet because of the rain and I don’t know how I do in the rain,” said senior Trevor Ortiz. “Our team looks good going into this weekend. They worked hard the past few practices they had and they have a good mindset.

Girls Soccer
The Kayhi Lady Kings (2-12, 0-8) will take on the Lady Falcons at Thunder Mountain this weekend. The last time these two teams played, the Lady Falcons beat the Lady Kings 4-0 on April 18th, and 4-0 on April 19th in Ketchikan. Senior captain Angel Spurgeon has mixed feelings going into the last games of her high school career.
“It’s a little bittersweet, like it’s all almost over, and that’s exciting because then I’m on to the next thing in life,” said Spurgeon. “But it’s also kind of sad because I’ve dedicated four seasons of my high school career to this team, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.”

Kayhi Track Hosts Last Home Meet of Season

Kayhi track and field hosted a meet last weekend taking first in mens and second in womens. The teams participating were Petersburg and Thorne Bay. Adrian Ronquillo took first in 100 meter dash with 12.22 and first in 200 meter with 25.68. John Barron took first in 400 meter with 59.19. Paul Allmendinger took first in 800 meter with 2:18.69 and first in 1600 meter with 4:53.69. Desiree DeMello took first in 400 meter with 1:05.62. Joey Rhoads took first in discus throwing 118 feet. Trevor Ortiz took first for high jump with 5-04, first in long jump with 18-03.5, and first in triple jump with 39-04.25. Senior captain Edric Tiamzon said was pleased with everyone hitting their PR’s.
“Many of my teammates had hit personal records, which I am very proud of showing,” said Tiamzon.  “We are ready for regions.”

Kayhi Softball Goes 0-4 in Weekend Series

The Lady Kings softball team played Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain over the weekend. Thursday, the Lady Kings lost to JDHS in a close game of 6-5. Friday, the Lady Kings lost 3-0 against TM. The first game Saturday, the Lady Kings fell to TM 10-3. The second game on Saturday the Lady kings lost 6-5 to JDHS.
On Thursday, the Lady Kings were tied at the bottom of the 6th inning, but JDHS took up one more run in the bottom of the 7th inning leaving Lady Kings with the lose.
Senior Taylor Moody is unhappy with the results but hopes to fight harder next weekend.
“We didn’t have any good games this weekend which set us back from our goal, but we know all the major errors we made,” said Moody. “Next week’s game is the last game before regions and we will be coming back for a win then.”

Kayhi Girls Soccer Swept by JDHS

The Lady Kings soccer (2-12, 0-8) lost to the Juneau-Douglas Bears 8-1 on Friday and 7-0 on Saturday.
On Friday the Lady Kings were outmatched and seemed to play behind the entire game. On Saturday, the Lady Kings improved on their defense and spacing, and seemed to  play a little more relaxed.
Junior Farren Linne knows her team had it rough last weekend and is hoping to get a win against Thunder Mountain this weekend.
“Last weekend was rough, we had senior night so it was hard losing to JD. They just have better control of the ball and they work well together,” said Linne. “This weekend we are playing against Thunder Mountain. TM is more laid back and less aggressive so hopefully we will do better against them, and we didn’t lose to them quite as bad last time so i’m thinking it will be a better game, hopefully, in our favor this time.”
The Lady Kings will travel to Juneau to take on Thunder Mountain over the weekend. Last time they played, the Falcons won 4-0, and 3-0 in a mid-week series on April 18-19.

Kayhi Soccer Swept By JDHS

Kayhi (5-5, 2-4) loses 1-0 on Friday and 3-2 on Saturday.
After getting swept 4-1 and 4-0 a week before, the Kings were able to have a better knowledge of the Bears’ attack, but still fell short.
The Kings lost the Friday night game in the first half by an accidental deflection off a corner kick by senior Brandon Corporon in the first 15 minutes. The final score was 1-0.
Following the night priors lost, the Kings had an even closer game. The Kings were down 3-0 in the first half, until Mark Jasper scored a penalty kick. Then five minutes later senior Kegan Rhein scored. All throughout the second half the Kings had possession of the ball, but couldn’t get the ball in the goal. Junior Max Collins felt like they went out and enjoyed the game more than the prior weekend.
“We just went out there and played the games to have fun and it showed,” said Collins. “We were the better team that weekend but just fell short with us hitting the crossbar too many times.”
The Kings host Thunder Mountain this week at Esther Shea Field. This weekend, the Kings will honor 6 seniors on their senior night.

Kayhi Track Hosts Last Home Meet

The Kayhi track team will be hosting their second home meet of the season, featuring Petersburg, Thorne Bay, and Schoenbar students. All events will start today at 3 p.m. at the Esther Shea Field. On Saturday, events will start at 9 a.m. Senior Sarah McClennan is looking forward to competing at the last home meet.
“This meet is smaller, but it is also a chance for people to earn their spot on the regions trip since everyone won’t be able to go,” said McClennan. “Home meets are always fun, just like home games. You have more of a fan section, more people cheering you on; it’s exciting.”
Kayhi Track will travel to the Region V Track Meet May 19th at Thunder Mountain.

Kayhi Girls Soccer Hosts JDHS

The Kayhi girls soccer team (2-10, 0-6) is hosting Juneau-Douglas this weekend. Kayhi is 0-2 against Juneau. It’s been a month since the two teams faced off against each other, and Kayhi junior Farren Linne thinks all the practice will pay off.
“I definitely think we’ll do better against JDHS this weekend than we did last month,” said Linne. “We’ve practiced hard, travelled up to Anchorage, and have just had more time to work together with the team.”
Game times:
JV 6:00
Varsity 8:00
JV 3:00
Varsity 5:00

Kayhi Softball plays Rivals JDHS, and TMHS

The Lady Kings softball team (4-2) are playing Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain in Juneau this weekend.
Last time the Kings faced the Falcons they split games, April 21st the Falcons won, 11-4, and April 22nd the Lady Kings won, 13-12. The Lady Kings also split conference games against Juneau-Douglas. On April 28th the Lady Kings lost to the Bears, 12-1, and April 29th the Lady Kings defeated the Bears, 17-16.
Senior Kassi Montero is positive for the games to come and knows that her team will do well.
“I feel very confident in my team, I believe all of us will execute the things we have been working on this week to get where we need to be,” said Montero. “I know what we are capable of, so it should be a good weekend.”
Game Schedule
JV @ 4pm vs JDHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs JDHS
JV @ 4pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 12pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs JDHS  

Kayhi Track Performs Well at TMHS

Last weekend Kayhi track participated in the Juneau Invitational meet hosted by Thunder Mountain taking 3rd in men’s and 5th in women’s. Participating teams were Gustavus, Haines, Juneau Douglas, Thunder Mountain, Petersburg, Sitka, Skagway, Thorne Bay and Yakutat. Sophomore Elizabeth Knight took 1st in the 800 meter with 2:43.8. Junior Joey Rhodes took 1st in discus throwing 123-02. Sophomore Aedel Magno took 3rd in shot put throwing 26-08. Senior Sarah McClennon took 3rd in discus throwing 67-02. 4×100 relay boys, senior Trevor Ortiz, senior Luke Dossett, junior Adrian Ronquillo and senior Nico DeGuzman took 2nd with 48.19. Trevor Ortiz took 1st in triple jump with 40-09.25, 2nd in high jump with 5-08, and 2nd in long jump with 19-02. Ortiz felt like the track meet went well from a team standpoint.
“I felt as though it was a very good track meet,” said Ortiz.  “A lot of our athletes ‘pr’d’(personal record) and did better each time. Our team worked hard and overall it was a good meet to participate in, lots of competition.”