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Weekend Sports Previews

The first regular season games start off against Thunder Mountain High School. Tonight
JV plays at 3 p.m and varsity plays at 6 p.m. (conference). Lady Kings varsity also plays Saturday at 3 p.m. (conference) and 6 p.m. (non-conference).
Sophomore Dyllan Borer believes they have enough confidence to take the win, but they just need to mentally prepare.
“Im looking forward to see how we play at home and as a team. The hardest thing for us is going to be our mental game,” said Borer. “We have to have confidence in ourselves that we can hit off strong pitchers. We can do it, we just have to wrap our head around it sometimes.”


Track and Field will host their first home meet this weekend. Coming off a strong performance in two Washington meets, the Kings are eager to get after it again. Senior Cristopher Carlson expects the boys to win again after winning the Stevenson meet in Washington. “I think we are going to win,” said Carlson. “The boys are just really strong again this year.”
Carlson also gives high praise to rookie Ivan Credito who competed well in his first two meets.  “He is destroying his events in his first year,” said Carlson. “You can ask him to run any race and he will get top 3 easily.”

Last year stats
Thunder Mountain (145.5)
Ketchikan (101)
Sitka (100)

Thunder Mountain (186)
Petersburg (140)
Juneau Douglas (86)
Ketchikan (37)

Boys soccer tied 1-1 against Homer last night and will play Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain over the weekend. After the Kings rough start (0-3), they are hopeful to turn their season around. Junior Sullivan Schulz said they are making adjustments to become more competitive.
“We have changed our lineup a little bit, and will continue to move things to make the team better,” said Schulz. ““We have started to realize that we need to take more opportunities when we have them, so our offense has started to take more shots.”

Kayhi varsity baseball will face Petersburg varsity and JV will face Sitka JV Friday and Saturday. Games will be held at Norman Walker Field.
Game Times
Friday- JV @4:00 p.m., Varsity @7:00 p.m.
Saturday- JV @9:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m., Varsity @4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Staff Pick

Seniors! One quarter left, how do you feel?

Olivia Kinunen:My emotions are all over the place at this point in the school year. Fourth quarter is going to be so busy and us seniors have a lot to look forward to, but I have zero motivation to get anything done schoolwise. High school went by way faster than I expected, but I am more than ready to be done. I’m just trying to get through these last two months so I can move on to new things and meet new people at college.

Tarrant Sasser:I’m in shock. I cannot believe that graduation day is getting so close. It feels like it was yesterday I got my first start in high school football. I would do anything to go back in time and do so much over again. I’m still waiting for someone to wake me up and tell me that this is all a dream. On the other hand, I am ready to turn the page and begin the next chapter in my life, and start fresh again.

Cristopher Carlson: Honestly I’m doing the least amount of work as possible and barely scraping by these last two months of school. I have no motivation left at all, I can barely get myself dressed and ready for school in the morning. I was sitting pretty high on a 4.0 the first semester then just put her right in cruise control and took 3rd quarter off. I’m pretty much the perfect representation of senioritis and i’m just ready for high school to be over.

Brandon Wieber: The time thing has not really hit me yet, but I can definitely feel the anticipation of being done for good coming. Freshman year I did not think high school was going to go by this fast, but one more quarter and it’s crazy. I am very excited to move on to the next chapter in my life and go to college, especially being able to play ball again. It feels good though, learning new things everyday, experiencing new things in life, and being able to go to the next step and be on my own.

Cody Kemble:It’s pretty weird. I remember freshman year first quarter and how I thought that high school was going to drag on forever, but it has been the complete opposite. I don’t really have a ton of motivation in my classes right now so that’s nice. I’m excited to move on to college and have new experiences, but I’ll miss Kayhi, I think that when we graduate it’s going to be something that just sort of happened and then we don’t really look back on it until we’re like in our 30s. It’s pretty hard to put time in perspective right now.


Tarrant Sasser
Staff Writer

Kayhi will be on an alternate testing schedule due to testing. Freshmen and Sophomores will be taking Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools test.
“The purpose of these tests are for the state of Alaska to assess how schools are doing,” said Kayhi assistant principal Cole Maxwell. “The state has a list of standards for each subject and we are testing the students on that.”
Monday and Tuesday freshmen will be taking English & language arts and math tests for three hours each day. Wednesday, sophomores will take a science assessment for two hours.

Boys Soccer Preview

The Kayhi boys soccer team have their first home games this weekend against Thunder Mountain. Last year the Kings went 4-0 against the Falcons, going 7-10 overall.
Because of the regional tournament and spring break, many of the varsity players have not gotten quality practice time. Junior Sullivan Schulz thinks that the friday game might be more difficult, but that the team will win both games.
“We might be a little rusty because of the little practice we’ve had together,” said Schulz. ”But I think we are definitely going to win these first games.”
Senior Jake Taylor has used basketball as his way to prepare for the upcoming season.
“Basketball is always helpful for me because it prepares me to be physically conditioned for soccer.” said Taylor.
Taylor and the rest of the team are ready to face Thunder Mountain this weekend. Even though they have had very little practice time together, they are confident in their skills.
“I think we are ready for a battle,” said Taylor. “TM always plays physical, and we will have to be ready for that. But our team is ready.”  
Senior Mark Jasper said that the team needs to pass and communicate if they want to pull of a win against TM. He expects the team to start the season 2-0.
“I think this weekend the game will be tougher than previous years because we lost our entire varsity line up last year,” said Jasper. “ Still, I think we should be able to pull of two wins.”

Game times:
Friday March 29th @ 5:00 for JV and 7:00 for Varsity.   
Saturday March 30th @ 11 for JV and 1:00pm for Varsity.

What it means to ketchikan

Cristopher Carlson and Sully Schulz
Staff Writers

Even the weather smiled upon the Kayhi Boys Basketball team and Cheer team during their return to Ketchikan on Sunday. Roughly 200 people showed up to the airport ferry terminal to congratulate the newly crowned Alaska state champions. Soon after, over 350 people were posted at birth 4 to celebrate victory at the end of a police escorted parade for the Kings.

It wasn’t just a great success for the teams, but it was also a success for the people of the community. People gathered together to watch and celebrate the Kings winning state. Kayhi Principal Bob Marshall received a text from parents of students asking him to stream the game and to have a parade in the team’s name.

“I received a text, the night the Kings won against Soldotna, asking if we could watch the championship game at Kayhi. So we sent out a mass text to students and parents saying that we were streaming the game in the Kayhi auditorium, so many people came to watch the Kings play,” Marshall said. “That Saturday night at least 150 Kayhi fans came to the auditorium to cheer for their home team. After we won the championship I recieved texts from Alma Parker and Matt Hamilton asking if we could have a parade, the two of them got everything coordinated and we had an amazing parade to welcome back and celebrate the Kings victory.”

It wasn’t just a great win for all the current basketball players but for Dave Mitchel, a Kayhi basketball alumni and current Kayhi teacher. Mitchel spoke on what the win means to an alumni.

“Playing basketball for four years, it was difficult to reach that last game and win, and they did just that,” Mitchel said. “When you’ve played for Kayhi for four years you hope every year that they win, and to see them do it means a whole lot to me and other Kayhi alumni throughout history.”

Not only did the basketball team win a state title the cheer squad also won their first state title in 9 years. Kayhi cheer alumni and current Kayhi teacher Jennifer Karlik was extremely proud of the team and the coaches.

“It’s fantastic, I’m very very impressed with them,” Karlik said. “It means a lot to see the progression, being from a cheer team prospective it is really hard to remember all of these routines. I coached cheer before and it is extremely hard, so I am proud of the coaches especially.”

Senior Cheer Captain Jenna Miller went into the state competition with confidence but was still surprised when she heard the announcers call them the state champions.

“Even though we all knew we had a pretty good chance at winning I was still in shock,” said Miller. “Kayhi Cheer hasn’t won state in 9 years and we’ve been through so much this year it was unbelievable, we just went out there and performed to the best of our abilities”.

It had been 45 years since the Kings basketball team had won a state title, and that championship banner hung over their heads, everyday as they practiced.

“1974. That was the last time Kayhi had ever brought a state title home. They advanced to the championship game in 1976 and never went back,” said Kayhi basketball head coach Eric Stockhausen.

Going into the tournament Kayhi was seeded surprisingly low at 8th out of 8 teams. On being the 8th seed Coach Stockhausen said “Being from the southeast conference it put us at 8th. But we knew we weren’t the 8th best team in the tournament. That was part of our motivation to go out prove to everybody ‘We’re better than you think.’’’

The Kayhi team with 8 returning seniors had put everything they could into this championship run. “I don’t know if this is the best team we’ve ever had, but it was the team that wanted it most, that knew what we had to do as a team,” said Stockhausen.  “Anything I asked them to do, they did, unselfishly, and tried to do anything they could to help win. A lot of times ego could get in the way and this group never let ego get in the way, and well, the results are history now.”

Tarrant Sasser Contributed

Q/A With superintendent

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

After Bob Boyle resigned at the end of the semester, curriculum director Beth Lougee became interim superintendent. She has signed a year and a half contract to finish out this year, and continue on next year as the superintendent. We asked her some questions about how the start of her job has gone, and a little about her and her experiences.

Current: How long have you been in the school district, and what have your roles been?
Lougee: I’m going going on my second year. I was hired as the director of curriculum assessment and professional development.

Current: Why did you apply for the superintendent job?
Lougee: For the year and a half that I had been here I had worked closely with Mr. Boyle, obviously he was my boss, my superintendent, but there was a lot of knowledge and information I gained from him. I felt because I had my superintendent’s endorsement, and that was always an avenue I was working towards. I just saw the opportunity and thought I could step in and help the transition be a little smoother with having the knowledge of being here for a year and a half.

Current: Tell us about your experiences. Where have you previously worked?
Lougee: I have worked in Wyoming for the majority of my life. That’s where I was born and raised. The majority of my teaching experience, counseling (was a school counselor) and administration work was in Wyoming. My last 4 years I was in New Mexico, I was hired down there by the same superintendent I worked for in Wyoming. I was a high school principal down there. Prior to that I was a K12 principal in Wyoming. I am in the process of finishing up my doctorate in Ed-leadership. In 2004-2006 me and my husband taught in Haines high school. We always knew we wanted to come back to the southeast islands, so when the position opened I applied, and it worked out.

Current: What is your vision for Ketchikan High school and other schools in our district?
Lougee: My Vision has always been students first. Ultimately the vision is providing education for each student based on their individual needs. That’s a big prescription, but from the day I stepped into the classroom as a special eds teacher, or whether I was counseling, teaching, and now being the superintendent, I always have made the comment that we need to keep our eyes on the prize, the students.

Current: What other things do you want to address within our school?
Lougee: I feel that I am someone who can help rebuild the trust, and help put those plans in place. Throughout my whole career I have been a person who kind of likes to think outside the box, and watch it all come together.

Current: What things do you like about our high school?
Lougee: Since day one when I walked in here, what is offered on the academic side and the  vocational side I think is very impressive. The extra curricular activities that ketchikan puts together and offers students is outstanding. Even at times when there is criticism of it, if you are looking at the whole experience that a student can be offered, I think the school offers a lot.

Current: What thing do you like about Ketchikan and our community?
Lougee: I think it is outstanding. Whether it’s the town, the borough, the city, I think it’s a beautiful place to live. I think the people are nice and friendly, I think it has a lot to offer for being a community on an island. The schools offer a lot, I don’t get the feel that I am not down south like other people talk about. I haven’t had the feeling that I am stuck on an island, everything is offered. Our schools offer more than many schools down in the lower 48.

Purchasing Headphones

Demetre Williams-Martin
Staff Writer

We all use headphones. Whether it be for a plane ride, taking a bus, or just for the sake of listening to music. Eventually you will have to go out and buy a new pair and for those wondering what kind of headphone they should get, it all comes down to intent.

Key terms
These are what convert the electrical signal into what the headphone is trying to do such as producing a frequency or applying direction to the sound. Driver size does not always indicate a higher quality of sound but it is a large contributor to quality specifically around the bass range.

In-Ear Monitors (IEM) which, despite their fancy name, are probably what most of us are familiar with. IEM is a fancy term for what literally translates to you stick it in your ear. These are primarily used by people intending to wear them for extended periods of time because they’re not resting on your head when in use. In-Ear headphones use smaller drivers so the produce a smaller range of sound frequencies due to the drivers not being able to take in or convert enough energy to produce a wider range; these drivers tend to be in the 8mm-10mm range.

-Very portable
Comfortable for long duration use

-Less variency in sound waves
-Lower quality of listening
-One size fits all design

Affordable: JBL TUNE 210 $19.99
Top end: Etymotic ER3 XR $169.00

On-Ear headphones hold a larger range of frequencies due to using 30-40mm drivers for short term use are less invasive than In-Ear devices. However, the downside of on ear headphones is when you use them for extended periods of time. The casting around the speakers, the headband, and the foam cuffs stack a lot of pressure on the ear making them extremely uncomfortable or agitating when in prolonged use. Portability wise they can usually be folded into smaller shapes and can be hung from a backpack or just carried. They’re not as versatile as the In-Ear but not too imposing to cause an issue.

-Decent sound quality
-Reasonable pricing

-Uncomfortable for long use
-Banding breaks easily

Affordable: Tascam TH-O3 $25.00
Top end: Philips Noise Canceling Headphone Fidelio Series Sealed $282.00

Over-Ear headphones offer the most detailed sound and range of frequencies using 45mm and larger drivers. They tend to be the most comfortable of all 3 options due to enclosing your whole ear and resting on your head instead of on the ear itself. Most noise canceling headphones are over ear. On a plane ride these would be your best bet. The only real issue with these is that they have to be very bulky in order to fit the driver size so there not too portable.

Best sound quality
-Sound isolating
-Comfortable for long use
-Strong banding

-Not very portable

Affordable: AKG K72  $39.00
Top end:NURA NURAPHONE I00B $449.99

Wireless headphones will fall under one of the previous categories but they have one crucial trade off, the replacing the need to be concerned about wires with the concern to charge them. These tend to be the way to go if you have the extra cash because on wired headphones the plastic mold around the wires can chip and fall apart, leaving the wires exposed to getting tangled, separating and eventually breaking.

-Less cords
-Will not tangle
-harder to break

-Have to charge them
-Needs internet connection

Affordable: MEE N1 $49.99
Top End Under Armour Project Rock $249.00

Gaming Headsets
When focusing on gaming alone a good headset will be focused on two things, enhancing present audio, assigning direction to the audio. This allows players a distinct advantage through non visual imaging of what there player and overall allow for more awareness. These headphones are too focused on surround sound that you won’t get as good quality music because there just not going to be producing nearly as many frequencies.

-Surround sound
-Sound isolation
-Enhances audio

-Low frequency range
-No portability
-Low music quality

Affordable: Recon 50P $39.99

Top end” SteelSeries Arctic Pro $329.99