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Kayhi Debate goes to Sitka

The Kayhi Debate team will travel to Sitka today to compete in their third regional meet of the season. Ketchikan will be competing against six other teams including Haines and Skagway.
The resolve that will be debated is whether or not NCAA student-athletes should be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Competing Schools
-Mt. Edgecumbe
-Thunder Mtn.

Kayhi Wrestling Hosts the Region 5 Tournament

The Kayhi wrestling team is hosting the Region V tournament today Friday Dec. 8th, and tomorrow Saturday Dec. 9th. Every southeast team is participating, including the combined Juneau teams. The 3A and girls tournament will start Friday at 4 p.m., the 4A tournament will start Saturday at 10:30 a.m., and the finals will kick off at 7 Saturday night.
Coach Rick Collins said that although the team isn’t what it used to be, they hope to have enough remaining wrestlers to take the Region title for the tenth year in a row.
“We’ve got a lot of injuries still, and a lot of people dealing with disciplinary issues as well as people who quit,” said Collins. “Basically we’re just a shell of what we were supposed to be this year, but I’m really proud of the kids who’ve done the right thing and worked hard through the season. We’ve still got a good product and we still feel that we’ve got a shot at another region title.”
Kayhi seniors Justin Albecker and Nate Eisenhower are both very excited for this year’s region tournament. Albecker said he hopes to see some wrestlers take first place.
“I’ve been waiting for this moment all year. Post season is always my favorite time of year,” said Albecker. “I believe we will still have a great impact at regions, but we are a skeleton of the team we used to have. We’ll still have some state placers for sure though.”
Eisenhower said he is excited that his last regions tournament is at home.
“I have looked forward to my senior year of wrestling for a long time now, it is really exciting to have my last region tournament at home,” said Eisenhower. “I expect if the team performs up to their best capability, we’ll take home another title.”

Kayhi Debate travels to Skagway

The Kayhi Drama Debate and Forensics team is travelling to Skagway where they will compete in their second meet of the season.
Coach David Mitchell sees this as the first true meet for students to see how they compare to the competition
“The first meet is just training for the experienced and inexperienced debaters,” said Mitchell. “The second meet is our first competitive meet. They [the Kayhi debaters] know the mechanics and rules, now we see how they’ll compare against other people in the class and in southeast.”
Co-captain Frances Barry said she wants students to become more comfortable with DDF, all while expecting the team to improve.
“I’m hoping that everyone on the team gets out of their shell more,” said Barry. “I’m sure speaker points will grow and I think our team average will go up. They have gained experience and will feel more confident in what they are doing.”

Explore Night Returns to Kayhi

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Kayhi students and parents will have an opportunity to learn how to apply and prepare for college tonight at Kayhi’s annual Explore Night from 5:00 – 8:15 p.m. Explore Night consists of workshops that specify in teaching students about a certain area of the college application process.
There are 10 workshops that will be available: Applications, Admissions, and the Selection Process, How to Survive College without Going Broke, Quality Educational Opportunities in Alaska, Preparing a Winning Scholarship Application, Application Essays, Finding the Right College, Making the Most of Your School Visit, Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), Organizing your Senior Portfolio, and Are you Ready for Tomorrow’s (Today’s) World?.
Admissions representatives are leading the workshops. Explore Night will take place in Kayhi’s science wing.

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Kayhi Football Goes to Juneau

Ketchikan (0-6) will be traveling to Thunder Mountain (4-1) tomorrow, at 6 p.m. Last year at Thunder Mountain, the game never got completed due to Kayhi forfeiting. This time they are looking to change that. Junior Offensive Linemen Rhett Crowder, is excited about the upcoming game and believes that they have a chance of getting the win with some new ideas the team has.
“A lot of people are excited about it because they beat us recently, and I feel like we could win if we put in the effort,” said Crowder. “We have been working on defensive and offensive lines. Last game the offensive line wasn’t holding up good enough for the quarterback to have time to make a pass, and that is where we lost yardage.”

Kayhi Football Hosts JD

Kayhi Kings (0-5) will face Juneau-Douglas (2-2) tonight at 6:00 p.m. at Esther Shea Field. After Kayhi lost against Thunder Mountain 42-9 last weekend, they are looking to redeem themselves. This will be Kayhi’s second chance to  defeat Juneau.
Tight end Brandon Weiber believes this is their biggest chance for a W. They’re going to do all they can to get a win.
“It’s definitely a big game. Probably the best chance and last to be able to beat them so we’re praying and hoping for the best,” said Weiber. “We’re gonna use some new plays. Move the ball around more. Give it to the people open and switch it up from pass to run to pass to run.”

Kayhi Cross Country Travels to Sitka

The Kayhi Kings cross country team continues their season in Sitka this weekend. Both boys and girls will compete in their last race before regions on Saturday morning. Last weekend the boys took 3rd and the girls placed 4th. Senior Max Collins is looking forward to competing this weekend.
“We as a team are super excited for this race,” said Collins.“This is our last weekend before regions, so it’s super important to be focused to qualify. Our team has been dropping time like crazy, and hopefully we compete with Juneau this meet.”