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Sports Briefs

Four Kings sign to play college

Four Kayhi seniors signed their Letters of Intent yesterday to play college football next year.
“It was the goal since freshman year to all sign on the same day,” Crist Carlson said. “I’m really happy we actually got to sign together, we all lift together, and work together, so it’s great to see that all our hard work has paid off.”

Stevie Byron- Western Colorado University, NCAA D2
Crist Carlson- Finlandia University, NCAA D3
Brandon Wieber- Lewis-Clark State, NCAA D3
Brendan Wong- Peru State University, NAIA

Lady Kings Lose to Soldotna

The Lady Kings (7-8) fell to Soldotna (13-0) last night 58-35 in Anchorage. Kayhi struggled to get things going throughout the game, especially inside. “They were so much bigger,” Coach Kelly Smith said. “We struggled getting much inside.”
Kayhi started off down 19-4 at the end of the first quarter, and couldn’t find a way back. Ashley Huffine lead the Lady Kings with 20 points, 12 coming on four three-pointers.

Dealing With Basketball Injuries

Kyle Smith
Staff Writer

Jammed Fingers

Everybody knows the sound. A simple pass caught just wrong enough. Thens theres the pop. Everyone knows what happened. A finger has been jammed.  Sprained or “jammed’ fingers might be one of the most common basketball injuries out there. Again, not a gruesome or devastating injury, but one of the most annoying.
“I hate jamming my fingers,” said senior basketball player Jake Taylor. “It always happens when I’m catching the ball, usually on a pass.”
When catching the ball, players whose hands aren’t quite ready, get the ball slammed into their fingers and jammed back towards their palm.
Not all fingers impact a player the same. A sprained pinky won’t affect someone as much as a sprained pointer or middle finger.  For a point guard or shooting guard those fingers are crucial, shooting, dribbling and passing are all tough things to do with those fingers sprained or buddy taped.
Icing immediately after the injury happens usually helps out. When ready to play with the sprained finger again tape is your best friend.
“Buddy taping your sprained finger to the one next to it is a good way to do it,” said Taylor.
“In between the first and second knuckle, and another piece around the second and third should do the trick.”

Ankle Sprains

A common injury in nearly all sports that involve running. These are a pain for all athletes.
“I have had 2 sprained ankles while playing basketball,” said senior Robert Seludo.
Among basketball injuries, sprained ankles seem to be one of the most prevalent and one of the most frustrating for players.  
“They suck. A sprained ankle isn’t a devastating injury, but it’s just enough pain to keep someone from playing,” said Seludo.
The healing process of a sprained ankle can vary depending on the seriousness of the sprain. Some ankle sprains require as little as a day or two off from practice, or heavy tape.
Seludo sprained his ankle in practice last week and is currently rehabbing.
“The way I deal with a sprained ankle is too write the ABC’s with my toes. I take off my shoes and socks and sit down, then I pretend to write the ABC’s. Uppercase and lowercase. It helps me get my range of motion back and even though it hurts, it helps a lot and allows it to get better quicker.’’
The ABC’s allow blood to reach all areas of the ankle. By writing all the different letters it puts the ankle at every angle and helps increase range of motion.
Icing is a crucial part in nearly all injuries. Ice prevents swelling. It decreases blood flow and relieves pain as well.
“I iced my ankle as much as I could when I was hurt,” said senior Wyatt Barajas.
“My ankle was pretty bad, but ice always made it feel better. In the end I definitely feel like it sped up the healing process.”

Wrestling to State

Eighteen Kayhi Wrestlers will travel to Anchorage to compete in the state tournament. After a successful regional tournament in Juneau, the Kings are ready to take on the rest of Alaska’s best wrestlers. Senior Patrick Rauwolf feels that he and the rest of the team will do well at the state tournament.

“I think I will at least top three in the state tournament,” Rauwolf said. “The team is at the peak of the season, and I feel like I am the best I have ever been.”

Some of the younger squad, including Andy Collins, will get a taste of state. 3rd seeded Andy Collins is excited at the opportunity to place in the tournament.

“I’m feeling good going into the state tournament,” Collins said. “I think I can make great things happen. I’m going to wrestle my hardest and hope to place high.”

Senior Brayden Linne (ranked 2nd in state before the injury), who is dealing with a torn ligament in his ankle, will not be able to participate this weekend.

“It sucks. I’ve wrestled my whole life without ever getting an injury, so to get injured my senior year is pretty upsetting,” said Linne. “I hope that my team does well and we can hopefully get a couple state placers.”

Coach Rick Collins and the rest of the team will miss Linne at the tournament.

“I’ve been coaching Brayden since he was in kindergarten,” Collins said. “Brayden is one of the best wrestlers in our schools history. From a competitive standpoint, we will definitely miss his points. But beyond that, it is very sad to have his journey end with an injury. In my opinion, he would have been a state champion.”

Because of some issues with weigh ins earlier in the season, Matthew Rodriguez’s points will not count towards the teams points. Even with Linne out, coach Collins still has high hopes for the teams final performance.

“As a result, we will be a bit back in the team standings,” said Collins. “I am thinking we will still make the top 10. Five wrestlers [Collins, Rauwolf, Degan Linne, Matthew Rodriguez, and Brandon Weiber] placed at the Lancer Smith a few weeks ago. I feel like any of those five are capable of winning state.”

Seeding for State:

Sr. Matthew Rodriguez – 3rd
Sr. Patrick Rauwolf – 3rd
So. Andy Collins- 3rd
Sr. Brayden Linne- 2nd (Before the injury)
Fr. Degan Linne – 5th
Sr.Richard Stuart- 6th
Sr.Brandon Wieber- 4th
Fr. Kollin Houthoofd- 4th

State Qualifiers:
Ruby Mccue
Brock Thomas
Charles Blair
Louisse Bueno
Andy Collins
Brayden Linne
Patrick Rauwolf
Mathew Rodriguez
Richard Stuart
Loreal Linne
Kai Biagi
Carson Cowan
Hayley Gilson
Kollin Houthoofd
Degan Linne
Ada Odden
Conner Ray
Benjamin Tabb

Kings host vikings

The Kings will start the 2018-2019 season against Petersburg tonight at 7:15 p.m.

Kayhi junior Edward Davis will start on Thursday and will have the opportunity to score the first basket against Petersburg.

Senior Cody Kemble is looking forward to watching him play,

“I think it’s awesome, it is a great way to start out the year,” said Kayhi senior Cody Kemble. “Especially since Edward is close with most of us seniors.”

Thursday’s game will be an endowment game.

Kings will then play Wasilla Friday and Saturday. Each game will start at 7:15 p.m.

UAS spring enrollment deadline Saturday

Alex Malouf 
Staff Writer

The deadline to apply for spring courses at University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan is Saturday.

UAS offers a diverse field of classes from Accounting to Diesel Technology, as well as personal enrichment classes in which official college enrollment is not required.

“For a personal enrichment class, a student can take anything they want,” said Student Services Manager Gail Klein. “As long as they meet prerequisite for that class.”

Personal enrichment is different for each individual.

“One person may be interested in Alaska History as personal enrichment, while another is interested in a welding or art class,” Klein specified.

The fall unduplicated student headcount at UAS is 715. Unduplicated headcount accounts for every student involved with the university. This includes students taking online classes.

“It’s complex in the UAS system,” said Klein. “Those 715 students may be degree seeking with us, or anchorage students taking an online class through our college.”

A large number of online classes are offered through the university as well.

“About 60 percent of classes we offer are distance delivered.” Klein said. “This basically means the class is online, but students also have the chance to interact with other students and faculty members while taking these classes.”

UAS offers a variety of degree opportunities. Degree options vary for each field of study.

“Generally speaking, we offer certificates to masters degrees,” she said. “Courses are often finished on other campuses such as UAA or UAS Juneau.”

Basic classes offered at the college include college level math and science. Career specific classes such as Maritime industry are also available.

“We offer maritime industry classes in which students can get certifications to go straight into the workforce,” Klein said. “There is a fair mix of classes for the small size campus we have.”

Klein added that students often use UAS as a building block.

“We have a lot of students whose intent is never to graduate from us,” she said. “They stay with us for a year or a semester, and get that solid foundation to move on to the next level.”

Klein explained the unique experience students encounter at UAS Ketchikan compared to larger colleges.

“We have an amazing mix of people all at different stages in their life, including former Kayhi students” she said. “Everyone brings with them different ideas and perspectives that broaden your experience.”

According to Klein, the university has advantages over other colleges by maintaining a very “student based” atmosphere.

“Whether students are looking for a full degree or just one year CNA class, we offer programs for what they need.”

For more information and a complete list of available courses and degree opportunities visit

To apply online visit


Logan’s tech tip: SMart home devices

“Smart devices offer convenience and safety, and can even help you save money on your energy bills.” said Best Buy, just one of the many stores that offer these devices, but what exactly is a smart device?

Seven years ago, Apple released its smart assistant, Siri, with the launch of the iPhone 4S, and it started a tech revolution. Thousands of companies wanted to get in on Apple’s success, and thus created their own smart services.

Amazon, with its groundbreaking Alexa client and the variety of compatible products, and Google, with its assistant that helps you find anything in their database,are just some of the modern smart device marvels of the tech industry.

Smart Devices are not limited to only voice assistants either. Smart plugs are a big success, and are used in homes all over the United States. Imagine not having to get up to turn off the lights, or to snooze the alarm clock. With smart devices, your lazy fantasy can become a reality.  – Logan Ohmer