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Boys basketball eyes jan start

Kayhi boys Basketball team has a meeting tomorrow Oct.7 at B lunch in room 129. Freshmen and juniors will be excused from the first part of advisory to attend the meeting. Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Charlie King

Staff writer

ASAA announced that girls and boys basketball will start Jan. 4 and go through March 27th.

 “We currently have protocols in play for things like open gym, they are doing screening and temperature checks when athletes come in, in order to participate.” Activities Director Cole Maxwell said. 

In order to know how severe the COVID-19 cases are in each Alaskan region, the levels of safety are categorized by colors. If the region is green then there are few to no cases, yellow there is a moderate amount of cases, orange or red there is a severe amount of cases.

“We are able to play anyone who is green or yellow. And we have never been anything but green or yellow and neither has Sitka,” Said Maxwell. “Our problem really is Juneau, because they are orange, and Anchorage is red. Any community that’s in those levels we can’t host here and we can’t go there.” said Maxwell.

“We will continue to play games. If we are in green, spectators will be able to attend at half capacity. From the sideline where the players sit, we have to have twelve feet between the players and fans, according to ASAA recommendations,” said Maxwell.

Many things will look different this year due to COVID-19 regarding winter sports, including the travel. 

“The travel looks different, this will be the first year there’s no housing out by anybody in the southeast,” Said Maxwell. “As strange as it was to move here and see people go and stay in other people’s houses, it’s going to be even more strange to not do it, which then increases our cost, because now we are staying in hotels,” said Maxwell.

Although there will be less travel this year, the housing situation will make it an expensive year. Maxwell thinks Kayhi sports may have their most expensive seasons this year. 

“This year has the potential to be one of our most expensive seasons,” said Maxwell. 

Maxwell is working hard to make this season as good as possible for our athletes, as well as keeping everyone safe.

“Everyone who comes to watch will also be in a mask, our goal is to make sure we do everything we can to make sure our kids can play every game they can,” said Maxwell. “Our goal is to get in as many games as we can with who we can play, so if we end up playing the southern south east, we play Craig, Met, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Sitka then that’s all we will play.”

Jacobson wins librarian honor

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Jocelyn Cannon

Staff writer

Kayhi librarian Caitlin Jacobson won the Linda k Barret award, a state wide librarian service award, given to her by the Alaska Association of School of Librarians. Jacobsons colleague Becky Moody said she was excited for Jacobson and that she keeps all the local libraries going. 

“She fully deserves this award and honor, She’s fantastic,” said Moody. “She keeps our local libraries going to the librarians at the other buildings. She’s our ring leader for that, she pushes to keep them open and run smoothly,” said Moody. 

She was chosen for the award for outstanding service as a librarian in the Ketchikan school district and her many years of service in the AKASL. 

Jacobson said she has been serving the association for 16 years and helping her fellow librarians across the state. She said she was both surprised and excited to be awarded the award.

Lapinski claims cc title, volleyball wins senior night

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Lauren Olson

Staff writer

Junior Mickey Lapinki won the Region V Cross Country Championship with a time of 16:45, 36 seconds faster than his last PR, and 8 seconds faster than the next competitor. Lapinski said he didn’t plan on getting first.

“I didn’t expect to take first, I just wanted to get in the top 3,” Lapinski said. “I was thinking that I wanted to get a PR, and my dad really pushed me to run hard this race because he knew I could do it.”

Sophomore Aiden Miller placed 14th with a 19:01.

On the girl’s side, Kayhi’s top finishers were Ruby McCue with a 21:49 (12) and Jenna Walker with a 21:51 (13).

Volleyball wins senior night

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

The Kayhi volleyball team won 3-1 against Craig this past weekend. Senior Savannah Yeisley said the main key as a team is communication.

“The main thing that helped us out most as a team was communication,” said Yeisley.

“It’s very important especially for volleyball to know where the ball is going, who’s going to get it, and just being able to connect with your teammates.” 

The matches were followed by a senior night for seniors Lyla Seludo, Savannah Yeisley, and Jaden Taylor. Yeisley said she was glad she could still have a senior night.

“It wasn’t much different other than it was at the beginning of the season instead of the end,” said Yeisley. 

“It was good to have it just in case we don’t get the opportunity to have it later on in the season.”

Regions for volleyball is in Sitka this weekend.

Volleyball cancelled again

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

Kayhi’s volleyball team can’t catch a break. Last week Thunder Mountain canceled, then Craig postponed, and now the IFA is broken. Once again the volleyball team has no games this weekend as of now but they are working on other plans. On Thursday Anchorage Daily News reported that they canceled the tennis championship and suspended volleyball for 2 weeks. Anchorage was playing schools on the road system but recently had to suspend due to many teams having to quarantine.

News briefs

13 selected honor band

Written by Jocelyn Cannon

Thirteen Kayhi students this year were selected for Southeast honor band. Kayhi senior Sarah Short said she is excited for honor band this year and is happy she was chosen.

“I am very excited that I got accepted to an honor band. It is a select group of students from across the region, it’s basically ythe best of each school,” said Short. 

The other students selected this year are Jasmine Cole, Lauren Foster, Faith Hehr, Mathew Nutt, Samantha Rothery, Julia Spigai, Sophie Cron, Madisen Lundamo, Anne Paxton, Ella Stockhausen, Sarah Short, Phillip Smith and Anna Hout. 

Typically Kayhi honor band would travel to different towns in the southeast to play with the other schools, this year it will be done virtually.

Baigi elected freshman class president

Written by Henry Clark

The freshmen have elected their SBA representatives this week, Julia Biagi was elected President, Lily Gosnell was elected Vice President, and Tristin Dalin was elected Secretary.

Kayhi staff profile; Mr Crowe

Courtesy of Henry Clark

By Henry Clark
Staff Writer

Bradley Crowe walks into the band room and commands the space with a gentle authority as he sets up the band while the students chatter with excitement. He laughs warmly with a student as they talk about their summer events. With the band set up he eloquently raises his arms into the air and with a flip of his wrists the band begins to play. 

Crowe moved to Ketchikan this summer to fill the role as the new Band Director at Kayhi. 

Originally from Oklahoma, Crowe moved to Ketchikan from Atsugi, Japan, and worked on a military base there as a K-6 music teacher. When it comes to differences in Japanese and Alaskan culture, Crowe said he loved Ketchikan’s scenery. “The nature here is different and really cool,” said Crowe. “The first day we (Him and his wife) woke up we went out to rotary beach at 7 a.m. and just enjoyed looking out on the water, it was something new and different.” 

Crowe said he looks forward to playing beautiful music with the Kayhi bands this year. “What I like most about teaching at the highschool level is the depth and quality of music that we can make together,” said Crowe. “Teaching at this level allows me to relate to you guys and we can all have a meaningful musical experience as we connect with music together.”  

When it comes to playing music, Crowe said he has the band using PPE while playing and that he has spread out his classes for social distancing.

 “Band with Covid is not easy, so we are wearing masks while we play instruments as a preventative measure and we’ve ordered more PPE for the safety of band students,” said Crowe. “The biggest adjustment that we’ve made is to our schedule as a band, so we broke the classes up into instrument families, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion, rather than being all together.” Some of the new band PPE includes brass bell covers that prevent direct spray from coming out of the bells and nylon bags for the woodwinds that will consolidate the spit that comes out of the keys.

Crowe said that the Bands will still have performances. 

“We will perform concerts, like normal, in the auditorium and the main difference is that we will be socially disianced,” said Crowe. “We may have to live stream our concerts rather than have a live audience in house.” 

The concerts will feature the families playing individually (Brass, Woodwind and Percussion families all playing separately) as well as full band pieces with all three of the classes combined.

With the concerts happening, Crowe said that the Pep Band will also be playing as much as possible on the court with basketball this upcoming season. 

“We will do Pep Band to the fullest extent we possibly can, that being said, we have to make sure that our band members, the audience members, the fans and the basketball players are all as safe as possible,” said Crowe. “We are still waiting word on what basketball games are going to look like and more information will be available when I can provide it.”

My hatred for running

Illustration by Lauren Olson

By Paige Boehlert
Staff Writer

I hated cross country last year but I hate it even more this year.

I hate running because I feel so dead while racing. You know when you sleep on your arm and wake up and you feel like its gone. That’s how I feel when I’m running. My whole body is numb, it’s the weirdest feeling ever. I also feel like I can’t breathe. I’m breathing so hard when I’m running it’s like I can’t catch up with my own breath. My legs feel so heavy like weights are strapped to my legs. I have cinder blocks for shoes.

 I hate it because I feel like my ribs are going to snap. I don’t always get cramps or side aches but when I do it legit feels like I just broke my rib. I’ve never broken a rib, but I looked it up. 

 I hate it because towards the end of the season our trails start to smell like rotting fish.  I want to hold my breath because the air is putrid, but I have to breathe when I’m running. When you’re running it’s already hard for me to breathe so when I get a whiff of rotting fish I want to puke.

 I hate it so much during the race that I want to fall and hurt myself on purpose. I wish I didn’t have to be running during the race so I’m thinking that if I hurt myself I won’t have to finish. But if I really did get hurt then I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than sitting around. So hurting myself just so I don’t have to finish the race might not be worth it. 

This year I hate that we can’t travel because even though I hate running, I did like to see my friends, get out of Ketchikan and earn Alaska Airline miles. Traveling is usually the best part of the season so the fact that we couldn’t do that really sucks. We got to go to Sitka over the weekend. It was nice to finally travel and run with people. It was boring because we couldn’t do anything and no one came.

 I hate running because it gets boring really fast, but in practice, I talk with Morgan which makes my side hurt which makes me think about my ribs. 

But, I hate the thought of not challenging myself and I especially hate the thought of quitting. I could never quit something that has taught me so much. Like my strength, my endurance, my boundaries, and my mind. I don’t want to be seen as the quitter. I want to be the kind of person who pushes people to be and do their best. I don’t want to be the person that quits everything. I cannot become this person by quitting things. Even if I hate them.

News briefs

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Written by Kelleigh Nickich

Kayhi Dance team has tryouts tomorrow (wednesday) from 6:30-8:30p.m. at the rec center.

The past seven years the K-highlites have earned superior during the annual Region Championships and aim to go for an eighth. Kayhi junior Avery Thomas said she is looking forward to trying out for the team.

“I am excited to watch us grow as dancers together and individually.” said Thomas.

Written by Terik Brown

National Honor Society applications are due Sept. 30th at 3:15. The National Honor Society is more than just an honor roll, it gives students a chance to be honored those who have demonstrated excellence in areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. They will be selected will be by a majority vote of the 5 faculty members selected by Principal Mr. House.

Weekend sports recap

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

By Jocelyn Cannon

The Kayhi Swim and Dive team had their first meet over the weekend. Swimming Coach Gary Crowe said they don’t have the overall scores because they are waiting for the other teams to enter their scores.

“We don’t know right now they have to wait for the results that come from the other teams then they put it in the computer and score it out” said Crowe. The boys team did well and had personal bests in multiple events. 

John Bullock had a lifetime best time in the 50 freestyle 23.94 and the 100 freestyle in 53.0, said Crowe. Owen cambell had the best time in the 50 freestyle and 100 breast. 

Kayhi dive coach Eryn Brooks said there were some nerves with the divers but it’s only the first meet and there is room for improvement. 

“They did much better today overall, but there were some nerves,” said Brooks. “ It’s the first meet of the season and I always say this is your bar setting, every meet from here on out we’re going to improve and increase our scores.”

Kayhi cross country sweeps first in person meet

By Lauren Olson

The Kayhi cross country team ran its first in-person meet on Saturday against Sitka and Mt. Edgecumbe.

Kayhi girls won overall as a team with a score of 25. Junior Paige Boehlert said that the team did well running against competitors in person.

“Running against people in person benefitted us as a team,” Boehlert said. “We won, and the girls haven’t won in a while.”

Kayhi’s top finishers were juniors Mickey Lapinski, with a time of 17:21 and Jenna Walker, with a time of 22:07.

Sitka and Mt. Edgecumbe will travel here for Regions this weekend. 


1 Mickey Lapinski 17:21

5 Aiden Miller 19:04

8 Brayden Gentry 19:20

10 Owen Woodward 19:46

19 Phillip Smith 23:51


3 Jenna Walker 22:07j

4 Paige Boehlert 22:49

5 Maggie Boehlert 22:54

6 Ruby McCue 23:31

7 Anneliese Hiatt 23:35

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Counselors available for students

By Noelani Tillson Staff writer

New mental health counselors, Samantha Funk and Tami Hert are available to all students here at Kayhi and are free in the counseling center starting Wednesday Sept. 16. A grant funded program started for the high schools and possibly Schoenbar. Another grant was just approved to supply the same services for the elementary schools. Funk said this program was made to provide easier access to counseling for all students.

“I think what primarily piqued the interest for the grant is the lack of services in town and the lack of accessible services,” said Funk. “There are so many barriers to services at Gateway and even at KIC.” 

From a medical model, in take packets and scheduling all of which are not easily accessible. Funk said for underserved populations, homeless youth it’s not a realistic system. 

“The services are free regardless of insurance, they’re 100% accessible in the sense that any kid can come walk-in for any reason,” said Funk. “I think what really started it all and what made KIC and WISH so interested in the grant is the accessibility of it all.” 

Mrs. O’Brien said that the program was made because it was decided that it was as needed in the community that teens have a hard time accessing. 

“This was actually planned for last fall but with the pandemic and working to get people in here we are just now able to get this all started,” said O’Brien. “It’s targeted at the high school that’s why they’re actually here in the counselors’ office.”