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Rotary Interact and SBA receive peace proclamation

Photo courtesy Henry Clark

Kayhi’s Rotary Interact and SBA received the Peace Proclamation today from the School Board. They also received two other peace proclamation copies from the City and Borough. A proclamation is a public or official announcement of great importance in this case the peace proclamation announces the peace kayhi students give to Ketchiakn. SBA President Henry Clark said he feels excited to receive the peace proclamation. 

“It’s A big deal because we have never received anything from the city or borough while I’ve been in SBA,” said Clark.

Kayhi uses tech for temperature check

Photo By Kelleigh Nickich

The temperature Kiosks are used to screen body temperatures with infrared technology to confirm students are not over the standard body temp of 98.6. The school has 4 of these kiosks, they were provided by government funding we received due to covid.
Kayhi senior Savannah Yeisley said it is a good idea to save time in lines, but has its problems.
“I feel like they are useful as we don’t need as many staff, but it does have flaws while scanning temperatures it occasionally stops taking temperatures.”Said Yeisley.

Kayhi celebrates Peace Week

Students made posters for Peace week today in advisory. The posters prompted them to express how they shape Peace.
Kayhi junior Jashlyn Abigania said she is thrilled to be apart of our school Peace week.
“I shape Peace by being respectful to all and staying positive.” said Abigania. -Photo By Kelleigh Nickich