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Love from the Kings

Noel Tillson
Staff Writer

Susan Stone, a Kayhi graduate, has been teaching here for 23 years. (Her mom used to be a counselor at Kayhi) She is a kind soul and a friendly face around Kayhi, known for teaching government and history but also life. 

“She has the students best interest at heart… starting late in life as a teacher she was able to experience life and what the world expected of you guys,” said Mrs. Loreli Richards.

Anyone who knows her knows she’s one of the friendliest, most kind teachers. While Stone is full of wisdom and strength, she has her own battles. 

School counselor Kelli Carlin-Auger said Stone is strong and cares about her students even when things are difficult for her. 

“She has this legacy here at Kayhi that’s unique and special. She puts so much into teaching she cares about her kids and here she is battling and this is exactly where she wants to be.”

You wouldn’t find many teachers as dedicated as she is. She’s a genuine teacher everyone knows she’s not in it for the paycheck. Creating a simple question of what she means to Kayhi has endless answers. She’s so important to Kayhi and all the lives shes touched.

She is someone most aspire to be. Her kind heart and kind soul. 

“As a person she loves, loves her family and they’re a paramount in her life. Only thing higher than that is god, she’s a pretty religious woman,” said Richards

Dedicated. Most would say, never letting her class go without a sub and coming in to teach if she didn’t think there were substitute teachers available. Always knowing the right thing to say in times of need, Stone has lived up to the legacy. 

When asked the first words that come to mind, Rebecca Bowlen didn’t hesitate.

“Kind, fair, generous, loving.”

As a Kayhi legacy, Stone has more than fulfilled the role. Students at Kayhi sometimes won’t realize the knowledge she has been giving them all these years until they have graduated and grown a little bit more. 

Kayhi teachers and students alike have been touched by Stones’ legacy:

“She’s the heart of Kayhi, much like a mom is the heart to her kids. Many don’t realize all that is done for them until they’ve grown up a bit and get that “oh wow” moment.”
– English teacher Rebecca Bowlen

“She’s always there to give you some knowledge whether it be in school work or in life lessons she seems to know what to say in many different situations.”
– Office Manager Loreli Richards

“I’m humbled by her. She is what I would like to attain somehow if I had better character, and more strength and more self control. Because she is all of those things that I sometimes lack. I think of her often in that capacity that she is able to always be her best person… I see her as able to muster the energy of full effort everyday and a desire to make the world a better place through her teaching. I see her leading a godly life in that capacity. My mom has this saying, “Nobody gets through life unscathed” I think of her often when hearing that saying.” – Science teacher D Jay O’Brien

“She’s amazing who I think is grossly misunderstood. She wants the best for all of you kids. She’s trying to educate you so you are ready to face the world. As a mom, as a community member she’s someone everyone would look at and think “that’s who I need to be”. She’s a really amazing lady. She’s all of our moms but also our closest friend. She’s there to help anyway she can. She would give anyone the shirt off her back if she was asked to. Without question… she’s seen a lot of kids come through here some that would not have graduated without her guiding them through it. This is a place to let kids mess up and stumble, we’re meant to guide you guys to be ready for life. When you guys leave here the world will eat you up if you aren’t prepared. She is misunderstood by these students until they leave and learn what she’s doing is for them. She loves to see them grow.” – Math teacher Terri Whyte 

“She’s amazing.” – Registrar Kelli Carlin-Auger

“She’s had a huge impact on everyone here at Kayhi and people who were here, and just so inspirational. She’s a legacy here.”  – Senior Leah Call

“She truly likes being here with us.”  -Senior Nadire Zhuta


Lee Leads team to victory

Chris Lee shoots a guarded jump shot against Juneau Douglas

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

“I couldn’t hardly get him to talk last year and now he talks I don’t have to prompt him, he’s leading.”

Chris Lee had to because eight seniors from last year’s state championship team graduated. 

“I think he’s part of the reason we are going to have success,” said Coach Eric Stockhausen.  “We are starting to peak at the right time and a lot of that has to do with his leadership and ability.”

Lee is starting this season with only three returning players and the majority of the team being underclassmen. His role has taken a drastic change from junior to senior year.

“My role has changed by just being a leader,” said Lee. “We have a lot more young guys on the team that are going to be in the program for a long time, and just setting an example for them.”

Lee, a four-year starter, is one the best players to wear the Kings jersey and is currently No. 2 (1767) on the all-time points list at Kayhi, 21 points shy of breaking the record.

 “All the individual awards and everything is more credit to the teammates I’ve played with so far,” said Lee.

So much pressure is put on Lee, but he doesn’t feel it.

“I don’t feel the pressure,” said Lee. “I just go out there and play for my team and play together, play for the name on the front of the jersey is what I always try to do.”

Lee is averaging 29 points a game and has scored 30 or more points in 9 games this season, with 11 wins and 6 losses on the season. 

Junior Tyler Slick said he enjoys playing along side with Lee and has improved a lot this season already.  

“Fun to watch a teammate succeed,” said Slick. “It’s great to play with a player like him to learn and expand my basketball IQ.”

Kings Host Last Home Games Against Falcons

Pictured is junior Tyler Slick shooting a pull up jump shot against the Craig Panthers during the CCCC tournament

Nadire Zhuta 
Staff Editor 

The Kings (3-1) are hosting the Falcons (3-1) on Friday and Saturday night. The Kings are 1-1 against the Falcons this season.  On the offensive side the Falcons are led by senior Bryson Echiverri averaging 17 points while the Kings are led by senior Chris Lee averaging 29.  

On Saturday night the Kings will host their senior night, where they will be recognizing three senior players Kristian Pihl, James Nordlund, Chris Lee and their senior manager, Besjan Kamberi. 

For senior Kristian Pihl this upcoming weekend is something he never expected to come as fast as it did. 

“It’s literally crazy. I’m a little sad just cause I never felt that I would run out of time and that I would ever stop playing for Kayhi,” said PIhl. “Nothing has ever felt so real before.”

Senator Murkowski comes to Ketchikan

Leah Call
Staff Writer

Tomorrow Senator Lisa Murkowski is coming to Ketchikan and will be at Kayhi at 10:15 to address the students. The presentation is an optional opportunity to hear from one of our senators. Although all students are welcome, only seniors will be permitted to ask questions. History/government teachers Susan Stone and David Mitchel, organized the assembly.

Murkowski was last on campus to give the commencement speech at graduation in 2016. 

Q&A w/ Mad-Dog and KP

Pictured are Madison Rose and Kristian Pihl at their first high school basketball tournament in Klawock their freshman year

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

Kristian Pihl and Madison Rose have been four year members of the varsity basketball teams. It is their last year playing basketball and their season is slowly coming to an end. 

Current: You have two more home games left, how does that make you feel?
Madison Rose: “It makes me realize how short life is and how fast this season has gone. Perhaps I have taken it for granted and now that it’s coming to an end I’m realizing it more and am trying to embrace it.”
Kristian Pihl: “It feels unreal. I just have never really thought that this would ever come to an end, it’s hitting me really hard.”

Current: What has been your favorite part of your basketball experience?
Madison Rose: “Without a doubt it’s been the experience with the team, both on and off the court. It’s more of the behind the scenes stuff and the bonding.”
Kristian Pihl: “My favorite is for sure the process. From me learning where success comes from to me learning the recipe of success.” 

Current: What has been the hardest part of basketball that you have been “wowed” and “proud” that you accomplished? 
Kristian PIhl: “The unrealistic goals that I set for myself that I have now reached. I think if I was to tell my sixth grade self where I am and how far I have made it and pushed myself I would have never believed myself.” 
Madison Rose: “I would say the transition of taking on something that was a lot harder than I’m used to. The transition from middle school to high school was big, it was a lot more expectations and being in a position that I wasn’t really necessarily prepared for was tough.” 

Current: What advice do you have for the young ones on the team and the upcoming athletes?
Madison Rose: ”Enjoy being a part of a team and something greater than yourself, and giving it your all at all times.” 
Kristian PIhl: “Don’t take anything for granted, enjoy what you have while you have it. In a blink of an eye it will be your senior night. Just go and do everything at 110%.”

Kings Take On Glennallen

Pictured is senior Chris Lee running a play that Coach Stockhausen is calling out

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

The Kings will play Glennallen this upcoming Friday and Saturday at 7:15 p.m. 

Varsity head coach Erik Stockhausen invited Glennallen for many reasons, such as he used to coach for Glennallen for six years before  coming to Ketchikan and is good friends with the current Glennallen head coach. 

“We get home games and they get a good experience,” said Stockhausen. “Most 2A teams in the state of Alaska don’t really get that.” 

Senior Chris Lee (2019-2020) is at 1,715 points only 73 away from all time Kayhi leading scorer Steve Ortiz (1703-1704) who scored 1,788 points by the end of his senior year. Lee is projected to pass Ortiz by the end of his high school basketball season.

Stockhausen isn’t too worried about Lee passing Ortiz and possibly hitting the 2000 mark as much as he is about getting the entire team ready for regions and possibly state. 

“Getting ready for March is much more important than any individual thing,” said Stockhausen. 

Senior Kristian Pihl is excited to have a couple more home games. 

“It’s two more home games to play, “ said Pihl. “Home games are always nice.”

NOSB preps for State

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

The defending state champion Kayhi NOSB team is preparing to defend their title this weekend in Seward. The team placed 3rd on their research paper and have been preparing for hours for the upcoming competition.

Julie Landwehr, science teacher and supervisor of NOSB for ten years is getting ready for state and hopes for a repeat.

“Throughout our team, at least one person has hit every science in the school with extra focus on marine sciences,” said Landwehr. “The questions are really broad so it’s hard to prepare, we try to see where our weaknesses are and strengthen them. We have a team of mostly all 4-year members and I hope to win state again this year so we can head to Mississippi!”

Last week the Kayhi NOSB team gave a presentation on what NOSB is all about on Feb. 5. They presented the same presentation each period of the school day to inform all students who wanted to learn about it and to help the members further study for the upcoming challenge.

Senior Caity Pearson and veteran member of the NOSB team has been preparing all year and thinks they have what it takes and is ready for the upcoming competition.

“We are super pumped for state this year,” said Pearson. “We have been preparing for a long time and we’re super happy about getting 3rd on our paper. We seem to do better every year so I’m super excited for this year and think we have a great chance!”

Jazz band travels for Jazz Fest

Robert Cope-Powell
Staff Writer

Kayhi students will attend Sitka Jazz Fest at the Fine Arts Campus. The three-day event starts today and will include workshops and performances by various artists. Similarly to Honor Choir and Honor Band, the students have been practicing an array of songs which they will perform on Friday and Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

Attending Schools
Dzantik’i Heeni (DZ) Middle School Jazz Band
JDHS Jazz Band 
Kayhi Jazz Band
Kayhi Vocal Jazz
Sitka Jazz Band
Sitka Vocal Jazz
Thunder Mountain Jazz Band
West Valley Jazz Band

Attending Artists and Groups
Gretchen Parlato
Nick Milo
Kyle Athayde from San Francisco
Kyle Athayde Dance Party 
Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Performance
Ed Littlefield
Ellie Athayde
Bob Athayde

Lady Kings swept the weekend

Tyler Slick
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings kept the streak alive against the Lady Falcons and are now 25-0 since 2015.

Both games were very close but the Kings ended both with a win, Fridays game 41-35 and Saturdays game 46-43.

Senior captain Nadire Zhuta feels that the weekend was overall good but a little stressful at times and made her and the team a little agitated.

“It was a good weekend, Thunder Mountain was hungry and they came in with a goal to beat us and end their losing streak,” said Zhuta. “It was a little nerve wracking at times during the game when it got to crunch time and they were up or close to us.”

Coach Kelly Smith feels good about the weekend but knows there needs more practice and needs to get better.

“It was a good weekend overall but we have a lot of stuff your ladys need to improve on to become more successful,” said Smith.

Beyond these four walls

Noel Tillson
Staff Writer

English teacher Rebecca Bowlen has been wanting to teach girls conditioning for 15 years. This year she finally got her chance. 

“I was told if the numbers show, you can, but it’s always been, ‘no, we need you in English.’ Last year I was told I could have one…Woohoo.” 

Fitness became a big part of Bowlen’s curriculum, but she didn’t want to stop there. Instead of standard conditioning class, Bowlen knew she had to go further. She started by becoming organized. 

 “Well I treat it like any other lesson plan. I do my homework and study up… I create the workouts that will suit each individual in the class”. 

Bowlen recognized finals time and how stressful it can be. She decided to take this three hour final opportunity and create a field trip for the girls to go around town to see healthy options for teens in Ketchikan. Rain Country Nutrition, Parnassus Books, and Fiber Arts all open their stores with welcoming arms to really emphasize that the teens were always welcomed. Since the first semester had just ended, many wondered was it Bowlens’ teaching persuading people to join the class? I asked a few students to find out the inside scoop. Sophomore Maggie Boehlert explained positively that she enjoys the class and thinks many other students think the same.

“I like the class, yeah working out is tough and we’re all pretty tired after but it’s fun,” said Boehlert. “Mrs. Bowlen always makes good snacks and has good music playing.” 

She explained positively that she enjoys the class and thinks many other students think the same. As for future girls conditioning classes, Bowlen has her “fingers crossed” for many more years to come. 

Sample schedule:
Monday – Circuit training and “floor to failure” (max) every four weeks.
Tuesday – Weight room for muscle growth and proper technique
Wednesday – Mile walk or hike  weather dependent or Ted Talks and cleaning yoga mats
Thursday – Weight room for muscle growth and proper technique
Friday – Guest speaker, “fun food fridays” or creative arts