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Volleyball Falls to JD

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings varsity volleyball team came back winless. Both Friday and Saturday night the Lady Kings lost 0-3. Sophomore Jenae Rhoads saw improvement in the team but said the team just couldn’t focus at critical times. 

“I think we played better than when we first played [Juneau] we got close the first few matches but fell apart when we needed to focus on the game,” said Rhoads. 

The Lady Kings will have their last home games and their senior night this upcoming Friday and Saturday. 

(W) Kayhi JV2 vs Juneau JV2 (25-17, 25-21, 25-19) 

(W) Kayhi JV vs JDHS JV (25-17 (JD), 25-19 (JD), 25-21 (KHS), 25-23 (KHS),  26-24 (KHS)) 

(L) Kayhi V vs JDHS V (25-19, 25-12, 28-25)

(W) Kayhi JV2 vs JDHS JV2 (25-19 (KHS), 25-17 (KHS), 25-21 (JD), 25-19 (JD), 15-13 (KHS) 

(L) Kayhi JV vs JDHS JV (25-17 (JD), 25-19 (JD), 25-20 (KHS), 25-21 (KHS), 15-13 (JD)

(L) Kayhi V vs JDHS V (25-19, 25-15, 25-15)

Cross Country Recap

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

Cross country is the one sport where not only you’re racing against opponents but also the clock. 
The boys finished second at regions this year, 32 points behind Juneau Douglas. The girls were third, 49 points behind the first place Crimson Bears.
The boys were led by sophomore Brent Capps, who consistently kept breaking his PR and improving throughout the season. 
“What makes Brent so special is he just can’t stop running,” said Coach Woodward. 
As the season went on Brent kept on getting closer to getting first but didn’t quite accomplish that; however, he did place higher. Brent dropped a whole 2 minutes over the course of the season to finish off with a PR of 17:02 in the 5K.  Brent puts in the extra work that most people don’t and it pays off. 
“Brent runs any chance he has. He even runs home from school,” said Lapinski. 
Freshman Anneliese Hiatt (9th at regions) led the girls squad this season with her top time at 20.29, the first girl to break 21 minutes since 2015. 
“Just like Brent, Anneliese loves to run. That girl will always be running, I see her all the time when I’m around town,” said Woodward. 
Owen Woodward finished 8th in our home meet Sep 21. Owen was in the middle and never really stood out until regions. 
“I was worried that weekend because Owen was palling around with Brent and he had put on so many miles heading into regions and he had to be tired but he had his best race ever and dropped a whole minute,” said Woodward. “He kept up with Brent for as long as he possibly could. He was top three for our team for the first 2 miles. He went in as the 8th alternate.”.
Kayhi will be losing five seniors this season. Junior Morgan Elerding said next year will be different next year without the seniors.
“Ashley Cyr is the one I’m going to miss the most, I’ll miss just being on a team with her cause she is one of my closest friends. I always have a lot of fun with her on trips,” said Morgan Elerding. 
The team traveled to Craig, Petersburg, Juneau twice, Sitka for Regions, and Anchorage for state. They also hosted one home meet this season.
Kayhi brought 7 boys and 7 girls up to race in Sitka for regions. In the past years it has always been the top team and the top 10 individuals who attend state. At the coaches meeting Coach Woodward was informed of something new to Region V. 
“The morning of regions I found out about the change they implemented last year- switching us from  1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, to Division 1. They made some further changes on how many individuals we were aloud to take to state. We can now take 12 instead of 10,” said Woodward.


Tyler Slick
Staff Writer

Parent teacher conferences are Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 

Parents will be able to ask the teachers any questions they want to know about their child and teachers will be able to give feedback to the parents on their child’s academic success. 

Last October, 297 students (49%) were represented at parent teacher conferences.

“I think parents should go it is very important,” said administrative assistant Phaedra Painter.     “You should show your child that you care about them and their grades, so go talk to all of their teachers.” 

Kayhi principal Jason House says the setup for the conferences is going to be the same as it has been in previous years and that he hopes to bring more enjoyment to it. 

“I think parents teacher conferences are important because it helps my parents get to know the teacher and that gives them a more personal outlook on my education, “ said junior Cade McAllister. “Every teacher has a unique style of grading and it helps me out when my parent understand each teacher’s method.”

Due to parent teacher conferences there will be no school this Friday.  

Honor band and choir results

Mady Purcell
Staff Writer

Almost two dozen students from Kayhi made it into honor band and choir and will travel to perform in Juneau on Oct. 22.

All of these kids practiced their three part auditions, recorded, submitted and waited for the results, and most were successful. 

Senior Campbell Sande, who is third chair trombone this year, has been in honor band for 2 years now and loves the traveling experience.

“The trips are really fun,” Sande said. “You get to hang out with your friends who made it, as well as meeting new ones.”

Seniors know how long they can play music with a group without going crazy. Campbell Sande said that it gets tiring, but it has been fun traveling with the band director. 

“You spend all day playing your instrument,” Sande said. “You get very tired by the end of the day, but one of the best parts for me is getting to know the Deidra side of Ms. Nuss.” 

Honor Band

Evelyn Nutt – Second chair flute/piccolo
Jalina Williams – Fifth chair flute
Julia Spigai – Third chair clarinet
Meta Mulder – Seventh chair clarinet
Matthew Nutt – First chair bass clarinet
Madison Purcell – First chair bassoon
Josh Nutt – Second chair alto sax
Ella Stockhausen – Ninth chair trumpet
Anna Hout – Fourth chair horn
Campbell Sande – Third chair trombone
Sarah Short – First chair percussion
Phillip Smith – Sixth chair percussion

Honor Choir 
Jenna Alkhabi – Soprano I
Victoria Graham – Soprano II
Madisen Lundamo – Soprano II
Shay Ohmer – Soprano II
Lauren Olsen – Soprano II
Josh Ryan tenor I
Allen Pattison tenor II
Aurora Phelps alto I
Robert Cope-Powell bass I
Lukas Chernick  bass II
Connor Wodehouse bass II
Devyn Sader alternate alto II