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Weekend Sports Recap


Ketchikan volleyball finished last in the two day JIVE tournament in Juneau over the weekend, going 1-8. Ketchikan junior Mady Purcell was named to the JIVE All-Tournament Team.


Swim and Dive

Kayhi swim and dive team had their only home meet of the season on Oct 13 and 14.On Friday the girls took 4th with 86 points, and the boys took 3rd with 92 points.
“I think this was our best meet as a team,” said junior captain Caity Pearson. “Everyone was super pumped and happy to be home, and to be supported by our friends and families.”
In total, 20 different Kayhi swimmers had personal best’s this meet.
Pearson hopes that having such a successful meet will give the team a boost of confidence for regions.
“I think that since we did so well this weekend it will help us at regions by giving us a little bit of momentum” she said. “Everyone is going to put their all into it since it will be the last meet.”



How to be Fly

Jonathan Barron
Staff Writer


Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.29.57 PM.png

Regular fishing can be tedious. Performing the same movement over and over again with no focus provides a boring time. This is why fly fishing can give the proper and better experience that every fisherman deserves.

Fly fishing requires different equipment and a much more precise technique than what you’re probably used to. There are three things that are a necessity to fly fish, the correct weight fly rod, correct weight fly line, and the right flies. I will go in depth about each of these items and their significance and how you can use them to the best of your ability and ultimately catch fish.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.30.07 PM.png

Fly Rods

The significant difference between fly rods and other rods are their material and length. Most fly rods come on average about 9 feet long, which may seem overwhelming but the rod overall is light. Each rod comes in different weights ranked varying from 1 weight to 15 weight (15 weight being the heaviest). Depending on the force the fish can apply, having the correct rod is essential in landing the fish. For instance, for small lake trout weighing around 2 to 3 pounds, a good weight rod for the job is around a 3 weight. For a salmon weighing roughly 6 to 8 pounds, a 5 or 6 weight will do the job. Heavier salmon such as the chinook, would normally require an 8 or 9 weight rod. However, it is possible to catch heavier fish on a lighter rod, but this requires much better handling and skill than the normal rookie has. A good weight rod to gain experience and learn on is a 5 weight rod. It is perfect for trout and smaller salmon.

Fly Line & Reel

The fly rod can only be used with the correct weight line and reel. Weighted lines are the trick to the perfect cast and proper tensions with a fish on. Lines are weighted in accordance with the weight rods. For example, a 5 weight rod should get 5 weight line, and a 10 weight rod should get 10 weight line. When numbers are mixed, there is an imbalance in the forces exerted with casts and causes a presentation that will never catch a fish. Imagine trying to cast a blade of grass with a giant tree log, it wouldn’t work very well. The same principle applies inversely, a tiny twig couldn’t cast giant rope very well. This logic applies to fly rods, fly line  and reels. It works best to have matching weight gear.

FliesScreen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.30.19 PM.png

So we have the rod and the reel, but the most important part of fly fishing is the fly. I could go on and on about tying flies, what flies to use for each species, or the numerous varieties of flies, but to stick the basics for beginners there are two main types: wet flies and dry flies. There are other categories however for freshwater fishing these kinds are good for starters.

Wet flies are the types of flies that sink in the water. These are good for imitating nymphs and other species that are underwater. To use a wet fly productively, you need to have good knowledge of the waters you’re fishing in. Such as how deep the river is and the type of food source the sought after fish is going for. Also, Using wet flies in rivers takes more skill in casting to give the proper and natural mends.

Dry flies are the more fun type of flies, and can sometimes be more effective depending on the circumstance. Many fish such as trout and salmon who are residing in lakes often will come up to the surface to catch bugs. This is where a dry fly comes in best. The fly will imitate an insect, and the fish will be tricked into thinking it’s food. Typically you can see the fish coming to target your dry fly, which is very entertaining because sometimes you can play with the fish. No matter what though, you will feel the bite, set the hook and then fish on!


Fly Gear for Rookies:

Bang for the buck –
5-weight TFO – $170
5-weight Lamson Guru 2 – $239
Fly line – Rio Gold – $80

Total ~ $489

Premium –
5-weight – Sage X – $900

5-weight –  Galvan Torque 5 – $385

Fly line – Scientific Anglers SharkWave – $100

Total ~ $1385


Kayhi Explore Night

The Kayhi Explore night will be held tonight in the Kayhi auditorium at 5:15 p.m. People in attendance will learn about FAFSA, WUE, scholarships, application essays, finding the right college for you, planning school visits to the schools you are interested in, and many other things associated with your future.
Senior Crist Carlson thinks it helps a lot with finding the right college.
“It helped me realise that while college has a large price tag, there are plenty of ways to get around that with the help of scholarships and grants,” said Carlson. “ The price should not scare off any graduating seniors from going to college”.

Weekend Sports Recap


The Kayhi Kings (6-2) football team suffered their second loss of the season this weekend to the Eielson Ravens (7-1). The Kings lost 55-0 to the Ravens. Eielson advances to the Division 3 state championship game against the Barrow Whalers. Senior quarterback Brendan Wong had a tough game throwing 3 picks and having only 3 completions.
“Its upsetting to lose after making it this far,” Senior Brandon Wieber said. “Everybody wasn’t on their game, and we just couldn’t compete.”
Ravens senior running back Jaden Manibusan rushed for 249 yards, and accounted for five total touchdowns. The Kings season came to an end, and will go down as one of the best seasons in program history.



The Lady Kings volleyball team hosted a small schools tournament over the weekend. The Kings placed 5th  in the Varsity bracket, with their only win against Metlakatla. Craig won the tournament, beating Petersburg in the varsity finals.  Mt. Edgecume beat Petersburg in the championship as well to win the JV tournament.  


Weekend Sports Preview

The Kayhi Kings Football team (6-1) will travel to Fairbanks to take on the Eielson Ravens (7-1) in the first round of the Division III State Tournament at 1 p.m. on Saturday. 

“You can feel the tension amongst the team,” senior Brandon Wieber said. “This is our toughest game of the season, but I believe we can come out on top if we do what we do best and play to the best of our ability.” 

Points per game: 41.9
Points allowed per game: 17.1
State Championships (5) – 1992, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Last game: Eielson beat Monroe last weekend 43-13. The team had a total of 407 rushing yards, 284 coming from senior Jayden Manibusan who had 3 rushing touchdowns.

Points per game: 45.1
Points allowed per game: 16.8
State Championships: 0
Last game:  Kayhi beat Seward last weekend 50-40.  Senior Crist Carlson had 3 touchdowns against the Seahawks. Senior tight end Brandon Wieber also caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Brendan Wong.

Common opponents:
Valdez: Kayhi won 77-0, Eielson won 59-20
Barrow: Kayhi won 8-6, Eielson won 44-6
Seward: Kayhi won 50-40, Eielson won 45-0


Volleyball Small Schools Tournament

The Lady Kings volleyball will compete in their last tournament of the year this weekend at home. The small school tournament will consist of Sitka, Craig, Mt. Edgecumbe, Metlakatla, Skagway, Petersburg, Haines, Wrangell, and Klawock.

2018 Municipal Election Recap

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

Felix Wong (1,345) and Sven Westergard (1,13) were the winners for the two Borough Assembly seats. Austin Otos (1,086), Dan Bockhorst (760), James Montgomery (312), and Dani Pratt (280) were the other candidates.  

Matt Eisenhower(1,511), Sonya Skan (1,300), and Rachel Breithaupt (1,274) came out on top  for the three open seats on the School Board. Bridget Mattson was close behind with 1,004 votes and Lana Boler finished with 689 votes.

The City Council race was not as tight as the Borough Assembly or School Board. Sam Bergeron (695) and Janalee Gage (836) won the two seats and  came out ahead of Spencer Strassburg (428) and Dragon London (355).

Election Day in Ketchikan saw a 3% increase in voter turnout. Last year’s local election saw 21% of Ketchikan residence vote, and this year 24% went to the polls.



Weekend Sports Preview


The Kayhi football team (5-1) take on Seward (2-5) tonight for Their last regular season game of the year. The game will kick off at 6 p.m at Esther Shea field on Friday . Kayhi’s coming off a victory at Barrow 8-6 and are averaging 44 points a game. The Kings will honor eleven seniors before the game.
“It’s upsetting knowing that this is my last home game,” senior Brandon Wieber said. “But that’s not gonna get in the way of me and my fellow seniors getting a W.”

Brandon Wieber
Brendan Wong
Crist Carlson
Renzie Lorenzo
Tarrant Sasser
Stevie Byron
Chris Brown
Tyler McLaren
Richard Stuart
Riley Vierra
Mark Jasper


The Lady Kings volleyball team will host Thunder Mountain this weekend. The last time Kayhi faced the Falcons they fell 0-3 in Juneau.
Junior Mackenzie Merrill said the Lady Kings are hoping to use their home court advantage to even out the score.
“I definitely think having home court advantage will help us pull together as a team and get the job done knowing our parents and peers are watching and supporting us.”
The Lady Kings will recognize 3 seniors Saturday before the game.

Autumn Yiesly
Louise Peterson
Kailey Edenshaw

Cross Country

The high school cross country state meet will take place this Saturday.
For the boys side, senior Jacob King and freshmen Brent Capps both qualified and will represent Kayhi in the meet this weekend. For the girls side, Morgan Elerding and Ruby McCue will both be representing Kayhi as well.
“I’m not expecting to get near top three but we’re just gonna be out there running our best and try to PR on all of our times,” said Elerding. “It’s really just all about leaving it out on the course.”

Swim and Dive

The Ketchikan Swim and Dive team travel to Juneau this Thursday to compete in their third meet of the year on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The Kayhi Kings placed 5th in their last meet in Sitka with a total score of 572.
Senior Jessilyn Sivertsen is expecting a fun meet this weekend.
“I think it will be a hoot,” said Sivertson. “The entire team is traveling to compete and I believe we will see a huge improvement in everyone this meet.”