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Early morning music


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.00.10 PM
From left to right:  Senior William Biss, freshman Caleb Eisenhower, and sophomores John Call and Judy Meiresonne.

Connor Wodehouse
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Jazz Band is a semi-advanced group of about 30 musicians who come together for zero hour to play and learn under the direction of Ms. Nuss.
Freshman and first-timers Julia Spigai and junior Jalina Williams spoke about early mornings and the jazz genre in general.
“I don’t mind waking up this early, I enjoy the music we play” said Spigai. “I don’t drink coffee, all I need is jazz band.”
“I’m generally not a morning person,” said Williams. “But I get up for jazz band.”
Jazz veteran seniors William Biss and Maurice Meiresonne disagree.
“At this point in school, I’m always tired,” said Biss. “I don’t think I can get any more tired.”
“I do enjoy jazz band most days,” said Meiresonne. “But I am in no way a morning person.”
The band plays several scheduled concerts throughout the year such as the Sam Pitcher Memorial Jazz Concert and a winter, fall, and spring concert.
“I love playing jazz, even when it gets tough,” said Biss. “Learning any music can be hard at first,  but what we do is on another level.”
The band also participates in some outside invitational gigs such as the Sitka Jazz Festival. “Jazz fest is in February, and I cannot wait,” said Biss. “I love going to Sitka.”
“I’m definitely excited for Sitka,” said Meiresonne. “It gets better every year.”
“Jazz fest is one of my favorite trips,” said Williams. “We get to hear the other bands from around southeast and pros from much farther away.”
Local music opportunities offer gigs to the band as well, such as the annual Boyer Company christmas party, which will feature senior Connor Wodehouse and junior Mady Purcell on vocals this Saturday.
“Boyer is awesome,” said Meiresonne. “Three hours of music with local pros for people who aren’t my parents make for some good memories.”
“Boyer is nerve wracking,” said Williams. “It’s not for a grade, it’s a gig. We call in people like Dave Kiffer and Dale Curtis to help out with 3 hours of stress, but when it’s over it feels amazing.”
Certain members of the band have been selected to participate in a new idea from Mrs. Nuss called jazz combos. These are groups of about 5-6 that practice and play together by request. This year’s three combos include The Snack Pack led by Connor Wodehouse, Tuesday Blues With Mady led by Senior Ezrie Andersen, and Swingin’ In The Rain led by Maurice Meiresonne.
“I’m in Tuesday Blues,” said Williams. “Ezrie is a great leader, sometimes it’s tough because the combos only meet once a week, but we still get good work done.”
The band plans to make waves this year with upcoming performances from the combos and the band itself. Ms. Nuss plans to gladly help them do exactly that, but they still have to be in class by 7:00 a.m.

Kings win 11th straight Regional Tournament


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Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Kings wrestling team took first for the 11th straight regional tournament. Kayhi had 10 region champions. Senior Matthew Rodriguez was selected as the most outstanding wrestler, and took first in his weight class.
“I feel that I did very well,” Rodriguez said. “I had a super close match in the finals, but it feels great to come out on top. I think I had a great weekend.”
Senior Patrick Rauwolf, defeated Kayhi’s own Kollin Houthoofd by dec. 5-2, and felt great after finally winning a region tournament.
“It feels great to take first in my weight class,” Rauwolf said. “After three years of losing in the finals, I finally pulled off a win.”
Brayden Linne was relieved that his ankle injury didn’t affect his performance.
“I was a little bit worried about how my ankle would affect my matches, but I was just fine,” Linne said. “I am really looking forward to the state tournament. I think I have a good chance of being a state champion this year.”
Senior Brandon Weiber went in to the Region V tournament with a winning mindset.
“I went into regions being very confident,” Weiber said. “Mindset is huge when you are going into a big tournament. I told myself I was going to win, and thats what happened.”
Next weekend, 17 wrestlers will travel to Anchorage to compete in the state tournament.

Region Champions:
Patrick Rauwolf
Kai Biagi
Brayden Linne
Carson Cowan
Richard Stuart
Matthew Rodriguez
Degan Linne
Brandon Wieber
Andy Collins
Charlie Blair

State Qualifiers:
Patrick Rauwolf (119)
Kai Biagi (112)
Brayden Linne (145)
Carson Cowan (160)
Richard Stuart (152)
Matthew Rodriguez (125)
Degan Linne (103)
Ada Odden (125)
Brandon Wieber (189)
Charlie Blair (130)
Louisse Bueno (103)
Andy Collins (140)
Hayley Gilson (135)
Kollin Houthoofd (119)
Conor Ray (160)
Benjamin Tabb (135)
Brock Thomas (130)


Alumni Update: Gabe Bowlen

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.38.41 PM
Gabe’s first day in his dorm at CWU. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Bowlen.

Liam Kiffer
Staff Writer

Gabe Bowlen graduated from Kayhi in 2018 and is currently enrolled at Central Washington University.
Bowlen spoke on how different the college atmosphere is compared to one like Kayhi.
“College, so far, is definitely different from everyday school,” said Bowlen. “No one is around me to tell me to go to class or to force me to do anything. It’s nice to have this sense of freedom that you don’t get in high school.”
Bowlen also commented on how much easier it is to take classes he’s planning on using for the rest of his life.
“I feel more engaged in my classes because this is actually what I want to do with my life,” said Bowlen. “I think I wasn’t as engaged in high school because I knew some of my classes were meaningless to the next stage of my life.”
Bowlen was admitted into the Flight Officer Program, with plans of becoming a pilot after college.
“I’m not sure what type of pilot I want to be when I graduate,” said Bowlen. “Either a commercial pilot for an airline, or a corporate pilot for someone wealthy. I probably won’t know until I graduate.”
The Flight Officer Program is a class that counts for 18 credits, 15 which are solely for aviation.
“They start us off flying immediately. I was a little nervous at first to jump right into it, but I got used to it,” said Bowlen. “It’s a very intensive program, so it forces me to study and do the work. I’m seeing results though which makes it worthwhile.”





Debate performs well at Edgecumbe

Kayhi had a successful meet last weekend in Mt. Edgecumbe in their third meet of the year. DDF teacher David Mitchel commented on how well the students did.
“This was a great meet, and some of the best student performances I’ve seen all year,” said Mitchel. “The students are doing great and will be ready for their next meet.”
Senior and DDF Captain Seth Chernick placed higher than ever this past weekend.
“I was really proud with how I did this meet,” said Chernick. “I was not expecting to do as well as I did.”
The next meet will be a home meet in Kayhi in January.

Public Forum Debate

2nd-Henry Clark & Seth Chernick: 6-1 Record
3rd– Chris Brown & Jared Valentine: 5-1 Record
4th– Jackson Kaye & Savannah Nieshe: 5-1 Record
8th– Dametre Martin & Jacob King: 3-3 Record

Also 3-3 Record: Brendan Roof & Erin Shea, and Carter Thomas & Abbigail Gaugler

Speaker Points
4th– Jared Valentine
5th– Henry Clark
6th– Chris Brown
9th– Jacob King
11- Jackson Kaye
14- Dametre Martin
19th– Brendan Roof
19th– Seth Chernick
19th– Erin Shea
Out of 48 debaters

Extemporaneous Commentary

1st-     Jared Valentine
2nd-     Savannah Nieshe
3rd-     Henry Clark
4th-     Tristan Dahl
5th-     Nicole West

Extemporaneous Speaking

4th-  Carter Thomas
5th-  Chris Brown

Expository Speaking

1st-     Abbigail Gaugler
3rd-     Chris Brown
4th-     Jared Valentine

Original Oratory

4th     Carter Thomas
5th     Jacob King


Humorous Interpretation

3rd– Seth Chernick
5th-Ethan Thomas

Reader’s Theater

2nd- Seth Chernick, Henry Clark, Jared Valentine, Brendan Roof

Best Burger in Ketchikan

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.21.00 PM

Conner O’Bryan
Staff Writer

In the United States, where fast food is especially popular, there’s one item that’s reigned supreme. It’s not the hotdog, or even pizza, but the humble cheeseburger. Here in Ketchikan there’s a couple of good burger places. The most popular seem to be AJ’s, Burger Queen, and the Burger Shack, but which one is the best?

Third Place – Burger Queen
Coming in third is Burger Queen, located right outside the tunnel. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but something about them just isn’t as satisfying as the others on the list. They’ve got lettuce both under and on top of the burger, along with everything else you’d expect on a burger like pickles and tomatoes. They’re also the least economical burgers on this list, at $10.75 for a cheeseburger and small fries compared to AJ’s and the Burger Shack, which are both about $10 for a burger and fries. The milkshakes there are also pretty good, but really thick, which wouldn’t be a bad thing except that the straws are really small. High 7/10.

Second Place- Burger Shack
In second place is the Burger Shack, located by the Knudson Cove Marina. This place for sure has the best milkshakes in my opinion. They’re a similar price to the others, and come in a bigger cup, and there’s lots of flavors like cookies and cream, and rootbeer. The burgers themselves are also great, but in my experiences they fall apart too easily. There’s a couple of different types of burgers other than the basic hamburger or cheeseburger, like a bacon cheeseburger, and a hickory cheddar burger, but still not as many options as the other places. Truly a very solid choice.  8/10.

First Place- AJ’s 
Finally in first place is AJ’s, located on the side of the North Tongass Highway a little bit south of Walmart. It’s very good, the base cheeseburger has everything that should be on it, and nothing that shouldn’t. The fries are for sure the best fries you can buy on this island. They can compete with some of the best fast food fries in the country, and I’m certainly proud to say that they’re exclusive to here. They too offer more than just a couple types of burgers, in fact they have far more choices than the other places I’ve already mentioned. The most interesting ones to me are the shrimp burger, and the “Mac Daddy”, a barbecue bacon cheeseburger with deep fried mac and cheese as one of the toppings. AJ’s is to cheeseburgers, what the Burger Shack is to milkshakes. All in all this is my favorite place here in Ketchikan, and it deserves a 10/10.

Debate travels to Sitka

DDF is headed to Sitka to take on Mt. Edgecumbe this Friday. This is Kayhi’s second debate trip of the year. The upcoming resolve will be about whether or not a tax would be the best way to reduce single use plastics for the state of Alaska.
DDF Co-Captain Seth Chernick says he is excited to return to Sitka.
“I love competing in Sitka against Mt. Edgecumbe,” said Chernick. “It’s one of my favorite places to visit. The people there are really nice.
Kayhi will be hosting the next DDF meet in January 2019.


Ticket prices set for 18-19 b-ball

The Kayhi boys and girls basketball teams will combine to play 21 home games this season. Slam Dunk Season passes are available for $100 (including the CCCC) which works out to $4.76 per game. If one were to watch all of the CCCC games, it would be $2.56.
Regular season passes are $60 (adult bleacher, $4 per game) and $50 (adult bleacher, $3.33 per game) and $30 (student bleacher, $2 per game)

Slam Dunk season pass

Season pass: 100
Adult bleacher 80
Student bleacher 50


Balcony reserved 60
Adult bleacher 50
Student bleacher 30

Regular season pass

Balcony $60
Adult $50
Student $30

Kayhi home schedule:
Dec. 8 Meet the Kings
Dec. 13 Boys and Girls vs. Petersburg
Dec. 14 & 15 Boys vs. Wasilla
Dec 17 Boys vs. Petersburg
Dec 27-29 Boys and Girls CCCC
Jan 11 & 12 Girls vs. Edgecumbe
Jan 18 & 19 Girls vs. JD
Feb 1 & 2 Boys vs. JD
Feb 15 & 16 Girls vs. TM
Feb 22 & 23 Boys vs. TM