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Alumni Update: Joey Karlik

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Karlik enjoys watching college football. No.15 Texas (7-3) was ranked as high as No.6. He  was 1 of 103,507 in attendance for Texas’s 37- 14 win over No. 22 USC on 9/15/18.

Micah Britt
Staff Writer

Alumni Joey Karlik (2018) is closing in on the end of his first semester at the University of Texas. Karlik is majoring in Radio-Film Television and Journalism.
Karlik participates in Longhorn Late Nights, which are live skits and shows done by students at UT. This show is completely run by students. The skits are written, acted, and practiced all by members. The workload is much larger than high school and the difficulty increases drastically.
“The workload is bigger but you have more time to do it,” Karlik said. “The difficulty is amped up a ton. In high school, you memorize and apply your knowledge. College is not only that, but also creating and explaining as well.”
Overall the jump for Karlik has been very different from high school. The surroundings, classes and work is all new. Karlik thinks college is very different from high school, and it may even be better than high school.
“College is definitely a new experience. Personally I think everyone should have it,” Karlik said. “You do have all the adult experiences but with some help and guidance. I’ve only been here for half a semester and I can already tell that it’s gonna be something better than anything I have experienced.”

Watch Long Horn Late Night 8:00pm Alaska time on Tuesdays:

National Honor Society Induction

The National Honor Society inducted 20 new members the Kayhi Auditorium on Tuesday night.  The new inductees were chosen by a committee of anonymous staff and teachers, based on a series of questions they answered and their involvement in the school as well as in the community.
Senior Maya Parker is a 2nd year member and is excited about inducting new people.
“It’s awesome to get a new group of students in,” said Parker. “The new inductees are great and I know they’ll be a great addition to the society.”

2018 Inductees:
Donald Rayner
Acacia Sexton
Ezrie Anderson
John Luke Calderon
RJ Danao
Olivia Kinunen
Gavin Salazar
Angela May Rodriguez
Grant Dulay
Joshua Nutt
Nadire Zhuta
Dearly Villaflor
Caity Pearson
Bailey Fousel
Laura Sherrill
Ruvelen Correa
Kaelyn Cadiente
Emma Campbell
Bryce Mattson
Preston McLaren



Swim and dive state recap

Olivia Kinnunen
Staff Writer

Kayhi swim and dive members Jessilynn Sivertsen, Emma Campbell, and Laura Sherrill participated in the Swim & Dive State Meet this past weekend. While Sivertsen and Campbell did not qualify for the finals, Sherrill finalized for both of her races, the 200 yard IM and the 200 yard Butterfly.
“I did better than I thought I would,” said Sherrill. “I dropped 3 seconds from my lifetime best during the prelims on the 200 IM, I was super happy about that.”
Sherrill ended up placing 7th in the 200 yard IM (2:15.63), and 6th in the 100 yard Butterfly (1:00.47). She said that both of those times were a second away from her personal records.
Even though high level of competition at state affected the girls’ performances, they were good at keeping each other composed.
“The pressure definitely affected my performance. Jessilynn was good at getting me to calm down, but it’s really scary,” said Sherrill. “It’s your one shot to swim against people from up north.”


Ortiz, Dunleavy, Young win; Prop 1. doesn’t.

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

Alaska’s midterm election was held yesterday on Nov 6. Mike Dunleavy (R) won the governor race against Mark Begich (D). Dunleavy received 52.5% of the vote while Begich received 43.7%.
Incumbent Don Young (R) prevailed in the House Election, winning his 24th term. Young defeated political newcomer Alyse Galvin (U) bringing in 54.2% of the vote compared to Galvin’s 45.8%.
Vice Principal Cole Maxwell admires Don Young but thinks his age might cause some problems.
“I like that he has experience and power to get our state what it needs,” Cole Maxwell said. “But at the same time, it’s hard to say the people my grandparents age are the best to serve”
Kayhi History teacher Leigh Woodward said that she wasn’t surprised that Don Young won again.
“Young will have to die before he loses an election,” Woodward said.
Incumbent Dan Ortiz (I) was reelected for House District 36 Representative. Ortiz defeated former Ketchikan School Board President, Trevor Shaw (R) . Ortiz received  57.6% of the vote while Shaw brought in 41.2%.
“I figured that Ortiz would win,” Woodward said. “I was surprised that Shaw got as many votes as he did.”
Prop. 1 was voted down by 63.7% to 36.3%.
“It’s surprising to see that it was so lopsided,” Maxwell said. “I figured that it’d be a little more in the middle.”

Prop. 1 Voting Breakdown/Anchorage Daily News


Debate performs well in Juneau

Logan Ohmer
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Debate team traveled to Juneau for there 2nd meet of the year. Senior Chris Brown placed 1st in Extemporaneous Speaking.
Coach Dave Mitchel was very impressed with the students this meet.
Overall, the students performed very well and improved a great deal from the first meet,¨ Mitchel said. “They only had 3 weeks of turnaround between meet, and with a new debate topic, speech, and drama pieces recited by memory, they were very busy.¨
Many of the DDF students agree that this was the most important debate meet of the season.
“This meet was really important for two big reasons,” Junior Dametre Martin said. “It’s the first meet in which everybody had memorized pieces and was working on their performance as well as it was the first meet to actually scope out the competition in your events.”
“All the Kayhi DDF students stepped up to the challenge and have really worked hard to be prepared for this meet,¨ said Mitchel. ¨I was pleased with the effort, and our improvement overall.”
The Kayhi DDF team will travel to Sitka for their next meet in December.

Debate Scoring Guide

Public Forum Debate
Speaker Points:
2nd- Chris Brown
 5th- Henry Clark
9th- Jared Valentine

Reader’s Theater
4th- Seth Chernick, Henry Clark, Tristan Dahl, Brendan Roof

Expository Speaking
4th- Jared Valentine
6th- Abby Gaugler

Original Oration
2nd- Chris Brown
3rd- Carter Thomas

Extemporaneous Speaking
1st Chris Brown
4th- Seth Chernick

Extemporaneous Commentary
4th- Henry Clark
7th- Tristan Dahl


Volleyball Season Recap

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings volleyball team finished 0-2 in the region tournament. Kayhi lost to Juneau (13-25, 16-25, 16-25) to start the tournament. After JD fell to Thunder Mountain, which set up a rematch between the Lady Kings and the Bears.  Juneau won the match, but Kayhi won its first set of the season against the Bears before falling 3-1  (25-23, 16-25, 9-25, 9-25). Thunder Mountain then defeated Juneau Douglas in the championship match to win the region title.
“One of our key players Sarah (Palaruan) was taking the SAT during the Juneau match”  said Kayhi head coach Beth Sandefur . “Instead of assuming we would lose, the girls picked up the slack and pulled off the win. It was so exciting for us because we haven’t beat Juneau all year.”
Coaches and players found ways to enjoy their last games, and defeating JD was definitely their highlight of the weekend.
“My favorite part of the tournament was when I got a kill with my left hand,” senior Louise Peterson said. “It also felt amazing to finally beat JD.”
Over the season, the Lady Kings went winless in their conference (0-10). They did have two wins outside of their conference, defeating Reddington and Metlakatla on the road. Although they did not perform well on paper at regions, Coach Sandefur was very pleased with the teams goals they completed.
“They all set goals before the tournament,” Sandefur said. “The amazing thing was, they all meet their goals in the first game. This entire season, our team philosophy has been to have fun, and focus on every game.”
Junior Mady Purcell was named the best server in the pass and serve skills competition.
“My skills have come along way,” Purcell said. “It’s fun to play against other people to show my individual skills, aside from the team.”
At the end of the tournament, there was a crossover game. Palaruan, Purcell, and and junior McKenzie Merrill competed for the 4a team, and defeated the 3a team. The Kings were also given the sportsmanship award for the entire 3a/4a tournament.


Don’t waste your time with horror movies

Connor O’Bryan
Staff Writer

A common Halloween tradition is to watch horror movies throughout the month. Personally though, I don’t like horror movies, and a lot of the ones coming out now tend to have the same problems. They rely really heavily on jumpscares and have a paper thin plot. Most of the time you’re watching them, it just feels like you’re watching an extended cut of the trailer. The acting is bad, the lighting is bad, and they’re not even scary most of the time. There are still good horror movies being made, but the majority of them being put out now are hot trash and almost the same movie. Another problem is that the only successful ones are all based on old, worn out franchises. Movies that are based on original ideas tend to fail because either they’re not good movies, or they didn’t do any advertising so nobody watched it. Most of the popular horror franchises now are from the 70s and 80s. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th were some of the most successful from this era and they got a ton of sequels and spin offs. Production companies don’t want to risk the tens of millions of dollars it costs to make a big movie on something that nobody knows or is already a fan of. They’d rather play it safe and make a bad movie from a popular franchise already well established because they know it’ll sell. That’s why there are 12 Friday the 13th movies, 11 Halloween movies, 9 Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, and 8 Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Most of these are terrible, but they sold, and that’s all they really care about.