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Q & A With Matt Hamilton


Isabella Schreckhise
Staff Writer

Matt Hamilton is a 1999 graduate of Revilla High School and a two-time Alaska state champion wrestler. He is now a local artist that makes designs for different events. His art can be found at Creative Hustler.

Interested in how he got his start, I asked him a few questions, hoping I can follow a similar path.

Current: How old were you when you started drawing? And what originally inspired you to draw?

Hamilton: I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I took the first skill that was offered in preschool, and made a career out of it.

Current: Is there a message you hope to send with your art? If so, what is the message?

Hamilton: I have a recipe when I am creating a design. I make something odd relatable, or I take something relatable and make it odd. That formula brings out a reaction that builds strong bonds with the people viewing my art.

Current: At what point did you feel your art was good enough to sell?

Hamilton: I have imposter syndrome, I still can’t believe people want to give me their hard earned money for the art I produce.
When I first got paying gigs, I was offered money from family and friends. They saw my skills as an investment into a person they cared about.  I would eventually branch out to their friends. My first real art sale was when I was offered an art show in a gallery,  and I sold all my pieces that opening night. I never looked back after that.

Current: What program do you use for digital drawing? And what would you recommend for beginners?

Hamilton: Sketchbook Autodesk is a free app on the iPad. I built my whole company around it. I am a caveman when it comes to digital art, I don’t use a stylus to do any of my art. I use my finger to draw everything.

Current: Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration or influence?

Hamilton: My biggest influence starting out was my grandmother Opal Amundson.  I then moved into street art in my teens, and became a big fan of artist Shepard Fairey that created the brand Obey. Right now I really enjoy the content Aaron Draplin puts out.

Current: What advice would you give for kids in high school who want to make a career out of their drawings or ideas?

Hamilton: I am addicted to failure. I try new things all the time. I love the process of learning new skills and displaying them in new art pieces. It’s all a gamble until you get good enough you can rig the system for you to win pretty regularly.


Tonight is the annual rent-a-wrestler auction, it will be at 5:30 in the Kayhi commons. Tickets are $10 for a a pulled pork sandwich and a side of coleslaw. Made from the Kayhi culinary students.

Junior Sullivan Schulz (170)  and senior Brandon Wieber (189) are members of the team.

Wieber: Sully are you ready for tonight? Your third ever Rent-A-Wrestler auction.

Schulz: Yeah I’m excited, I’m getting auctioned off with a Misty Fjords Tour for two. How much you think you’re going to be sold for this year?  

Wieber: Bro, I’m going to be sold for at least $250. I have $225 worth of donations from O’Reilly’s. A 67-piece tool set, light bar, emergency kit, and a hand truck, pretty good deal. It’s pretty sweet that these companies donate so much to us and they don’t get much back besides some appreciation.

Schulz: Dude! No way you go for more than me, I’m saying I go for at least $350. Last year I only went for $200, but this year I think that my Misty Fjord tour should be a huge hit.

Wieber: Debatable….
I’m thinking whoever loses has to buy the other person 3 pieces of pizza from Gold Pan or a skookie. Actually, if you go for $425 i’ll take you to lunch for the rest of the week.

Schulz: You’re on bro… I’m going to embarrass you when I go for at least $150 more than you. Same goes for you, you beat me or go for 425$ I’ll buy all your food at regions.  

Wieber: Dude, you just typed the dollar sign after the number! Lund’s going to be mad.

Schulz: Bro chill out, he told us not to worry about editing while we were typing.

Wieber: Well to be good on and off the mat you have to make sure you don’t make sucky mistakes. So, since you made a mistake on this debate you will not go for anywhere near $300.

Schulz: Yeah okay, think what you want Wieber. I wonder what we’re gonna do this year, sometimes the jobs the people have us do sucks sometimes.

Wieber: Yeah true, one time though I went to a cabin and power washed their dock. I stayed out there one night and they fed me a really good dinner.

Schulz: Last year, I helped my uncle move a fridge and a freezer, and he’s still talking about me owing him more work.

Wieber: This being my last year showed me that helping people is a nice thing to do and i’ll miss being able to do just this.

Schulz: Yeah the work sucks, but it’s so worth it. With the money we earn from the auction, we get to go on dope trips like Juneau and Wasilla.

Wieber: If you think about it, what if we go as a duo or get bought by the same person. All my stuff and all your stuff. Those people would be getting a good set of items, especially with two huge guys.

Schulz: If we went as a duo we could go for double the amount we thought. My items combined with yours would be appealing to people.

Wieber: Yeah that would be sick, class just got out, I’ll see you tonight bro.

School makes safety improvements

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 1.30.05 PM

Teachers received window covers for each classroom as part of the school-wide safety effort. A black square rectangle that rolls down to cover the window on each classroom door in the event of an active shooter.
“I like how it’s a good step towards better school safety,” said Sully Schulz. “Especially since every teacher is required to keep it on the doors.”
 Teachers also received ladders to drop out of classroom windows. The department head received radios.
All of the equipment cost about $2,500.


Short attends All State Choir

Dametre Williams-Martin
Staff Writer

Making All-State Choir is an impressive feat, and for senior Andrea Short, this will be her second time having gone. Her first being her junior year.
“Last year I was in women’s choir,” said Short “ This year I’m in mixed choir.”
Andrea being part of band and choir knows the amount of work it takes to make good music.
“Everyone is striving for perfection,” said Short. “We all  want to create music.”
All-State for both band and choir is auditioned for, because not everybody makes it in due to its competitive nature.
“You have the best from around the state,” said Short.“ They are all working together to make gorgeous music.”
According to Short, All-State Choir isn’t about looking good and proving your one of the best.
“I want to create good music,” said Short. “All-State is just another step towards that.”
All-State for both band and choir is held in Anchorage. There will be two days of prep time (Thursday and Friday) with a performance on Saturday

Alumni Update: Joey Karlik

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.47.02 PM
Karlik enjoys watching college football. No.15 Texas (7-3) was ranked as high as No.6. He  was 1 of 103,507 in attendance for Texas’s 37- 14 win over No. 22 USC on 9/15/18.

Micah Britt
Staff Writer

Alumni Joey Karlik (2018) is closing in on the end of his first semester at the University of Texas. Karlik is majoring in Radio-Film Television and Journalism.
Karlik participates in Longhorn Late Nights, which are live skits and shows done by students at UT. This show is completely run by students. The skits are written, acted, and practiced all by members. The workload is much larger than high school and the difficulty increases drastically.
“The workload is bigger but you have more time to do it,” Karlik said. “The difficulty is amped up a ton. In high school, you memorize and apply your knowledge. College is not only that, but also creating and explaining as well.”
Overall the jump for Karlik has been very different from high school. The surroundings, classes and work is all new. Karlik thinks college is very different from high school, and it may even be better than high school.
“College is definitely a new experience. Personally I think everyone should have it,” Karlik said. “You do have all the adult experiences but with some help and guidance. I’ve only been here for half a semester and I can already tell that it’s gonna be something better than anything I have experienced.”

Watch Long Horn Late Night 8:00pm Alaska time on Tuesdays:

National Honor Society Induction

The National Honor Society inducted 20 new members the Kayhi Auditorium on Tuesday night.  The new inductees were chosen by a committee of anonymous staff and teachers, based on a series of questions they answered and their involvement in the school as well as in the community.
Senior Maya Parker is a 2nd year member and is excited about inducting new people.
“It’s awesome to get a new group of students in,” said Parker. “The new inductees are great and I know they’ll be a great addition to the society.”

2018 Inductees:
Donald Rayner
Acacia Sexton
Ezrie Anderson
John Luke Calderon
RJ Danao
Olivia Kinunen
Gavin Salazar
Angela May Rodriguez
Grant Dulay
Joshua Nutt
Nadire Zhuta
Dearly Villaflor
Caity Pearson
Bailey Fousel
Laura Sherrill
Ruvelen Correa
Kaelyn Cadiente
Emma Campbell
Bryce Mattson
Preston McLaren