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Debate does well in Sitka

Four Kayhi debaters place in the top three in three events this past weekend in Sitka. Arick Mattson took first in HumorousInterpreation, Frances Barry placed second in Extemporaneous Speaking, and Piper Cooper and Chris Brown (5-1) placed third in the Public Forum Debate.
Coach David Mitchell was very pleased with the Kayhi’s performance. Kayhi debaters took 12 of the top 20 speaker points spots.
“There was nothing in the preparation or performance that was at fault,” said Mitchell. “Sometimes it is just the luck of the draw regarding the match-ups and the judging. By the third meet everyone knows what they are doing and there is less separation between the top spots.”
The next meet will be hosted by Kayhi on Jan. 19.

Public Forum Debate
3rd: Chris Brown & Piper Cooper (Won 5, lost 1)
9th: Meriel English & Brendan Roof
10th: Frances Barry & Madyson Traudt

PFD Speaker Points
3rd Piper Cooper
4th Madyson Traudt
7th Henry Clark
9th Chris Brown
10th Thomas Brooks
10th Raevyn Goodson

Humorous Interpretation
Arick Mattson 1st

Extemporaneous Speaking
Frances Barry 2nd
Thomas Brooks 4th
Seth Chernick 5th

Expository Speaking
Chris Brown 4th

Gustafson, Tavares set State Records

Hannah Maxwell
Staff Writer

Freshmen Shania Gustafson and Natalie Tavares both set state records over the weekend in their first powerlifting meet, hosted by Body Mechanics. Gustafson benched 120 and Tavares benched 85 and squatted 165. Gustafson said she works out everyday in Kayhi’s girls conditioning class and started her powerlifting campaign only 3 months ago.
“I wanted to show that I could be more than just a small chubby girl,” Gustafson said. ”Next spring I’m going to try to beat the deadlift of 320.”
Girl’s conditioning teacher Allegra Machado said she was very proud of the girls.
“Shania comes in everyday wanting to lift and get stronger.” Machado said. “As a class we watched some videos and had Kevin Manabat came in from Ketchikan Crossfit and go over proper from with the girls. Come the spring meet they’re going to be even stronger.”

Fall Ball

Kayhi’s formal Fall Ball will be held tomorrow in the commons. The dance will be from 8-11p.m. Junior Jenna Miller said she is excited for her first formal dance.
“I’ve never been to a formal dance in high school. As a freshman, I was intimidated by all the upperclassmen and now that I am an upperclassman I have no reason to feel that way anymore,” said Miller. “I’m excited to get ready with my friends, going to dinner, and taking a lot pictures.”

Freshmen, Take Control

Staff Writer
Hannah Maxwell

Last year in AP Bio, I planted 12 pea seeds. Only six of them grew. The half that did were awesome, the half that didn’t, we had no idea why.
Freshman are like pea seeds. You water them and hope that they all grow up big and strong, but there’s more to it than environment. The factors that will decide if your seed grows are out of your hands. Why does that one seed seem to accidentally grow when another with everything it needed, didn’t.
Freshmen are just starting to bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood. They still have this cocoon around them. There’s a couple of them that seem destined to be prom kings and queens and others who you hope life is kinder to. In the end, a freshman has to take control of his or her own growth. Part of me wishes I could go back and tell freshman Hannah that she turns out alright. Tell her to keep going, that doing your homework actually does help. I don’t think she’d listen, but at least I could say I tried.
Looking back on it being a freshman was scary, but I found people who were like me in that they weren’t necessarily concerned with high school being the best four years of their lives. They wanted to have fun, while creating a productivity standard and a standard of conduct that I liked, could follow and as a result, I never felt alone. Seniors who gave me the slightest bit of attention, like the star softball player who was in my art class and said hi to me once in awhile, she made a difference. I wouldn’t say we were friends, but she helped me pick my group. She was the type of person I was looking for. Surround yourself with people who have the qualities you’re striving for, set yourself up for success.
People become their friends. If you hang out with a crowd who doesn’t care about school and can’t see the bigger picture, then you are going to become that kind of person. In relationships and friendships you should never settle. Everyone loves attention, but sometimes you have to recognize who is giving you that attention and distance yourself from them.
When you’re always around positive people it makes it easier to be positive. My coach always says, “attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?” Sometimes you need to flip the phrase, do you want to have the same attitude as the people around you? High school is a stepping stone, a foundation, not the peak of your life. All this being said, you don’t have to be the same as your friends. You don’t have to be clones. It’s not about having all the same interests, it’s about having the common denominators, productivity and kindness.
Once you get to high school your daily choices really start to affect your reality. Your grades determine your future options. You don’t need to be a 4.0 student, but you do need to challenge yourself and work hard in your classes. When I was a freshman I wish someone would’ve told me that being a good and hard-working person means more than anything else. Who you are is more important than what you’ve done.



Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Kayhi placed first in two events, and made it to the final debate this past weekend in Skagway. Co-captain Piper Cooper and senior debater Arick Mattson placed first in Original Oration and Humorous Interpretation respectively.
Frances Barry and Chris Brown (5-1) took second in the final debate losing to Sitka. Co-captain Frances Barry believes she and her partner did well given the circumstances
“Chris and I had to argue the negative for the final debate, and we had never done at the meet,” said Barry. “Given that, I think we did a lot better than I expected at first.”
The next meet will be held in Sitka in December.

Speaker Points
3rd – Piper Cooper
6th – Madyson Traudt
7th – Thomas Brooks
9th – Frances Barry
10th – Chris Brown

Public Forum Debate
2nd – Frances Barry/Chris Brown (5-1)
3rd – Piper Cooper/Sam Winburn (5-1)
5th – Madyson Traudt/Thomas Brooks (4-2)
7th – Dametre Williams-Martin/Seth Chernick (4-2)
8th – Arick Mattson/Henry Clark (4-2)

Expository Speaking
3rd – Sam Winburn
4th – Dametre Williams-Martin
5th – Brendan Roof

Original Oration
1st- Piper Cooper

Humorous Interpretation
1st – Arick Mattson


The National Honor Society inductions will be held tomorrow in the Kayhi Auditorium. Every year there are 21 students that are accepted into NHS. Second year member Max Collins said he is ready to welcome new members.
“I’m super excited for the induction. After two years of being in NHS I have done a lot of community service which has been really good. I am excited to welcome new members to NHS.”  

Swim and Dive Qualify 5 for State

The Kayhi swim and dive team placed 4th overall in the Region V Swim and Dive Tournament. One point behind Petersburg, the Kayhi men’s team placed 5th with 67 points. With the women’s team, Kayhi placed 4th with 66 points, 38 points behind Thunder Mountain. Four swimmers and one diver from Kayhi qualified for the state tournament this weekend in Anchorage.

State Qualifiers:

  1. Laura Sherrill 100 yard butterfly
  2. Emma Campbell 500 yard freestyle
  3. Maury Meiresonne 50 yard freestyle
  4. Zoe Spencer 100 yard breaststroke
  5. Jessilyn Sivertsen diving

Team Standings

  1. Thunder Mountain High School
  2. Sitka High School
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School
  4. Petersburg High School
  5. Ketchikan High School
  6. Craig Panthers


  1. Sitka High School
  2. Juneau-Douglas High School
  3. Thunder Mountain High School
  4. Ketchikan High School
  5. Petersburg High School