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Lady Kings week in Sitka

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings (7-1) will play the Lady Braves (0-9) Wednesday and Thursday night then follow up playing the Lady Wolves (8-4) Friday and Saturday.

The Lady Wolves and Lady Braves faced off March 2 with the Lady Wolves coming out on top with a 31-point victory.

The Lady Kings beat the Lady Wolves 41-37 and 47-32 last month.

Junior Hayley Gilson said she is happy they finally get to travel and play games again.

“After a long month it is so exciting to be able to get to travel one last time for regular season games,” said Gilson. 

Not playing Mt. Edgecumbe before the Lady Kings will try to pick up an early lead and control the game.

“Since we have not played Mt. Edgecumbe yet our plan is to go out and get ahead early so we can really improve at scoring on offense,” said Gilson.

Lady Kings JV beats Klawock

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The JV Lady Kings beat Klawock 35-23 on Wednesday.  

Junior Gabby Mas said they played better than they thought after having a month of no games, but still have improvements to be made.

“We need to talk more on defence, but we had a lot of good transition layups and ran our plays well,” said Mas.

Gabby Mas was happy with the defensive improvement in the second half.

“Defense was better in the second half because we started pressing and it got everyone going,” said Mas.

With unexpected snow coming down on Wednesday afternoon it was difficult for some players to make it to the game. The Lady Kings ended up only dressing 6 players.

“We did have all the players ‘due to snow’ which made it hard without subs,” said Mas.

Teams will face off again at 1 on Thursday.

Another Weekend off for the Lady Kings due to Covid-19

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings (5-1) have another ‘bye’ week due to Covid 19 and the high risk level community.

Junior Gabby Mas said it is difficult to have a hard week of practice without looking forward to playing real games during the weekend.

Mas also feels it makes it harder in the long run without being able to specifically prepare for one team’s playstyle.

“It different because we don’t have the motivation when we know we are not playing anyone this weekend,” said Mas. “It’s harder when we cannot prepare for the certain teams like Juneau’s press.”

Junior Hayley Gilson said it throws off the motivational rhythm not being able to take those steps every weekend with games, but they are focused on being as best as they can be for the important games at the end of the season.

“Having a hard week of practice knowing we won’t be playing is always super hard, but we look and work for our long term goal, not for the next games,” said Gilson.

Lady Kings are hopeful to make up these games and be prepared for what is to come.

Lady Kings host Juneau

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings (5-1) will play at home against the Lady Bears (0-2).

Two weeks ago the Lady Kings handed the Lady Bears both of their losses with close games by a combined 11 points.

Junior Captain Shaelyn Mendoza said she is nervous about losing at home but is confident the team will pull through for more wins.

“It makes me kind of nervous because it really sucks if you lose to your rivals on your home court, but I think we will pull through,” said Mendoza.

Last weekend against Sitka was very different with the Lady Wolves playing a zone defence, but with the Lady Bears playing a man defence Mendoza is confident in getting easy buckets with new set plays.

“We have some new plays that we will probably run that we could not against Sitka’s zone that should help us run up the score,” said Mendoza.

Lady Kings sweep Lady Wolves

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

Lady Kings (5-1) swept the Lady Wolves (0-2) over the weekend at home.

The Lady Kings held off Sitka 41-37 on Friday. Then took charge with a 10 point lead at halftime and pulled away with a 47-32 victory on Saturday.

For the first time this season the Lady Kings broke the 30 point barrier having two games with 40 plus.

Junior Hayley Gilson said she was very happy about the overall scoring and the feeling of having fun on the home court.

“It was a big accomplishment in the team to finally hit the 40s,” said Hayley Gilson. “It’s good to be back on our home floor having fun with teammates and playing in front of our own crowd,” Gilson.

After sweeping the weekend against Sitka at home the Lady Kings will try to add on to the home streak against Juneau Douglas next weekend. The Lady Kings have already played the Lady Bears winning both games by a combined 11 points.

Lady Kings host Sitka

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Ketchikan Lady Kings (3-1) will host the Sitka Lady Wolves this weekend.

The Lady Kings and Lady Wolves have not played each other since the 2017-2018 season when the Kings went 2-1 with each team winning on their home court. 

Junior Haley Gilson said the Lady Kings are doing everything they can to prepare for this weekend from a mental and physical aspect.

“Were trying new stuff out, and doing a lot more conditioning and personal drills to make ourselves more prepared for Sitka while not knowing what they are going to throw at us,” said Gilson.

Gilson said a major factor in their preparation is finding different ways to move the ball and get unguarded looks at the rim.

“We are trying to build our offence by using different types of ball movement to get more open shots,” said Gilson. 

Compared to Juneau Douglas, last year the Lady Wolves went 0-3 against the Lady Bears when the Lady Kings ended with 1-5.