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Lady Kings fell to Lady Bears in Juneau

Korbin Stack/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings (0-4) played the Lady Bears in Juneau last weekend, April 22nd-23rd.

The Lady Bears won both games by a combined 30. Thursday’s score was 17-0, then Friday’s score was 13-0.

Junior Ellie Pickrell, of the Lady Kings thinks they could have played better, although she thinks they have improved over the last week.

“We definitely could have played better this weekend,” said Pickrell. “But there were definitely improvements from last weekend.”

Even though there were some improvements, junior Ruby Lee says with more practice and time the team will blend better. Their whole team will gain skill rather than relying on just a couple players.

“I feel through time our team will develop their own skills so we’re able to rely on each other rather than just a handful of players,” said Lee. “Our team still struggles on working together for the most part, that’s probably our biggest downfall.”

Senior Sky Raymond, Junior Alyssa Caldwell, and Sophomore Aurora Phelps were unable to attend the games in Juneau.

“We were missing three key players this weekend which was kind of rough on us,” said Pickrell.

The Lady Kings start the season off hot

Dylan Nedzwecky/Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings (2-0) completed the sweep against The Thunder Mountain Lady Falcons (0-2) this past weekend at Dudley Field.  

The Lady Kings started off their season with a 12-4 win in only five innings due to the 8 run rule.  The second game off the doubleheader ended 12-9 with the Lady Kings on top. The non-conference game ended 7-0 giving Kayhi another win.

Senior Dyllan Borer said she was a little nervous coming into her first games of the year.

“I had a lot of pressure riding on me from the previous years,” said Borer. 

Last time Dyllan Borer was up to bat was 2019 when she flew out to the Sitka center fielder to lose the state championship.  Her first at bat of the 2021 season resulted in a triple.

“It was my best friend from my travel ball team pitching,” said Borer. “I’ve caught for her and I know everything about her and what pitches she threw, so I wasn’t too worried.”

Borer said she had a good feeling off the bat that she got a hold of one.

“As soon as I saw the ball coming in I was like ‘I’m gonna smoke this ball’, and then I did,” said Borer. “And it felt great.”

The Lady Kings are set to play a three game series against the Sitka Lady Wolves this weekend at Dudley Field on April 30th and May 1st.

Lady Kings soccer travel to Juneau

Korbin Stack/Staff Writter

The Lady Kings (0-3) will play the Lady Bears on Thursday and Friday at 5pm.

This is their first travel games this year after playing the Lady Falcons the week before in Juneau. After getting last year’s season cancelled, the Lady Kings intend to come out on top in their first away games.

Ellie Prickrell said they will practice in masks due to different Covid-19 regulations.

“Our preparation is mostly the same,” said Pickell. “But for away games we have to wear masks when we travel so we will be practicing in masks prior to leaving for away games.”

Running in masks that long is hard but Covid-19 safety precautions will always take priority.

Ruby Lee says she thinks the outcome of the games will end poorly due to their young team.

“I think our games will end poorly,” said Lee.” Due to the fact that our team is very young and it doesn’t have the same strength and experience as our team two years prior.”

“We are a young team,” said Pickrell. “And will have to put up a pretty good fight against the Lady Bears.”

Kings baseball return from pre-season tournament at Sitka

Staff Writer/Dyllan Borer

The Kings return home from their first games since 2019. They went 2-2 with a tie against Juneau Douglas due to a 2 hour time limit on Saturday night. 

Junior catcher Dylan Nedzwecky said he expected them to do a lot better. 

“Our feilding wasn’t too good but our pitching was good but we need to work on our batting,” said Nedzwecky. 

For the freshman and sophomore class this was the first game of their highschool career. 

Nedzwecky said he was very impressed with how the younger boys played. 

“The underclassmen definitely held their own against varsity pitching,” said Nedzwecky.

Kings Soccer at Juneau

Makena Johansen/Staff Writer

The Kayhi soccer team lost to TM 7-0, and 3-1 over the weekend. 

Sophomore Tosh Ratzat scored the goal against TM.

Senior Cade McAllister said one of the team’s biggest obstacles was 50% of the team had never played varsity soccer.

“It showed in the second game, we did way better than the first game,we developed some trust and confidence,” said McAllister

Lady Kings kick of the season at Home against Thunder Mountain

Dylan Nedzwecky/Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings start off their regular season at home for a three game series this weekend against Thunder Mountain.

The Lady Kings are coming into this weekend after their last trip was cancelled due to heavy snow in Sitka.

Junior Shaelyn Mendoza is optimistic coming into this weekend after not being able to see any other team in two years.

“It is honestly a toss up because we don’t know how they play,” said Mendoza. “We do know they are usually scrappy so it just depends on how we go through it mentally.”`

Junior Maggie Boehlert can’t wait to finally get real in game reps.

“It is going to feel weird at first because we haven’t had actual game time experience under our belt yet as a team,” said Boehlert. 

With the cancellation of Sitka, the Lady Kings are going into their conference games without any in game play in almost two years.

Senior Dyllan Borer said she is assured her team will be able to keep up with opposition despite all the bumps in the road they have been through.

“We haven’t played each other in two years, but I have confidence that we will win or at least compete with them,” said Borer.  “I have no idea what to expect out of them but I know that we can fight and give it our best.”

April 23/24


Jv 11:00

*V 2:00

Jv 4:30

*V 7:00


Jv 9:00

V 12:00

Jv 3:00

*conference game

Kings head to Sitka to start the season

Staff Writer/Dyllan Borer

The Kayhi Kings baseball team will kick off their season this weekend in Sitka in their annual southeast pre-season tournament. This will be the first games for the Kings since 2019.

The Kings are down four pitchers going into a five game weekend.

Coach Andy Bernston said they are using this tournament to see where we are at as a team and figure out the best lineup for our conference games.

“We haven’t seen live pitching in almost two years,” said Coach Bernston. “We just need game reps.” 

Senior Tyler Slick can’t wait to get out there and play after missing last season. 

“I’m excited that I get to play with this group of guys again in a kayhi uniform after having to take almost two years off,” said Slick.

Five of Kayhi’s players played on Gamers baseball based in Anchorage over their high school career. While baseball is only a spring sport in Ketchikan, they got to travel to Florida and play a couple times a year. 

Junior Dylan Nedzwecky said he’s grateful to have had the opportunity to get better and play competitive ball in the off season with some of his high school teammates. 

“I expect us to be really good,” said Nedzwecky. “We have a good team full of upperclassmen that have been here and played together for a long time and a lot of talent.”


2:45 p.m.- Juneau Douglas

5:00 p.m. – Thunder Mountain


12:15p.m. – Sitka

2:30 p.m. – Juneau Douglas

7:00 p.m. – Thunder Mountain

Lady Kings softball head to Sitka

Dylan Nedzwecky/Staff Writer

Kayhi Lady Kings Softball start their season off this weekend in Sitka.  

They are scheduled to play Thunder Mountain, Juneau Douglas, and Sitka. This will be their first time playing as a team since 2019.

Senior Dyllan Borer said there will be a lot of safety precautions being used during play.

“Our hitters, runners, first basemen, and catchers will all be required to wear masks along with all the umps,” Borer said.

A lot of teams in the state will require their players to wear masks.  Besides the positions with close contact, Kayhi will not be mandating their players to wear them.

“Our team isn’t required to wear masks on the field, but if the other team does we will too,” said Borer.

With the outbreak suspending their 2020 season, there are a lot of new faces in the program. 

Borer can’t wait to lace up her cleats and play with a new group of girls.

“I am super excited to get on the field, it is going to be a little different with not playing with a lot of these girls yet but I am excited,” said Borer.

With the team they have, Borer is liking their chances this year.

“We have an opportunity to be great,” said Borer.

Game times for Lady Kings at Sitka Preseason Tournament-


12:20 – JDHS

3:00 – Sitka

4:20 – TMHS


11:00 – JDHS

3:00 – TMHS

5:40 – Sitka

Kings at State Tournament

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

The Kings arrive in Anchorage to defend their state title winning two years prior in 2019.

The Kings first game in the state did not go as they planned in Palmer High School as they lost to Chugiak 60-52.

The Kings were not playing to their expectations being down 21 points going into half time. Coming out on fire to begin the 3rd quarter the Kings went on a run to be within 3 points with three minutes left in the 4th.

With all the fight to make a comeback the Kings could not get the job done to continue the journey to the state championship.

Leading scorer and player of the game was Tyler Slick scoring 17 points in the 8 point loss.

The next day the Kings went to Wasilla High School to play West Anchorage.

After their loss to Chugiak the Kings wanted to end their season on a positive note and show their community that they can be successful at the state tournament.

With a close game going into halftime the Kings pulled off the win with a 7 victory.

The 65-58 win was the last game played this season for the Kings, and the last dance in a Kayhi jersey for the three seniors (Kylar Charles, Tyler Slick, and Joshua Gentry).

The player of the game against West was Josh Rhoads scoring a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

To end the state tournament for the Kings senior Tyler Slick won a place on the All-Tournament team.

Losing only three seniors this year the Kings have high hopes to compete and win at the state level next year for the 2021-2022 season.

Lady Kings take back the Crown

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings start a new reign. Winning the 20-21 season to bring home another region title.

Starting in 2014 the Lady Kings proceed to win 6 straight regional titles up tell 2020. In 2020 the Lady Crimson Bears defeated the Lady Kings to change the narrative on the win streak.

On Saturday, March 20th, the Lady Kings win the region title defeating the Lady Falcons 51-29.

The Lady Kings have played the Lady Falcons 5 times in all (adding a region game) and won all but one game which was their 4th game this season. 

Junior Gabby Mas said she the feeling of winning the region title was a feeling she would never forget. 

“It was a crazy and unforgettable day,” said Mas. “It was a great moment to see what we have been working toward pay off.”

The Lady Kings head to state and play East Anchorage first round