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Track Hosts First Meet of the Season

Kayhi Track’s first home meet is this weekend. The meet will start today at 3 p.m. The teams that are attending are Juneau Douglas, Thunder Mountain, Sitka, Thorne Bay and Petersburg. Tonight, the meet will kick off with the field events following with the 3200-meter run and many more events. All the relays and finals will take place on Saturday starting at 9 a.m.
Sophomore Gregory Merle said he feels nervous for his first meet.
“This is my first year jumping,” said Merle. “As a team, we are looking pretty good going into the events.”

Volunteers are needed please contact Lynn Wadley (907)-225-9815 if you can help!

Baseball Heads to Petersburg

The Kayhi baseball team will be taking on the Petersburg Vikings tonight at 4 p.m.
Senior captain Michael Starr said he is confident in his team.
“We are heading off to Petersburg this weekend for our first conference games of the season,” said Starr. “I am confident that if we play clean, and as a team like I know we can, we will come out on the other side with a winning record. We’ve worked out the kinks in the offseason and we are ready for the real season to start.”

ACDC Heads to Nationals

Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

After knocking out a state championship title, the Academic Decathlon team is headed off to nationals in Frisco, Texas today. The team will put their knowledge and skills to the ultimate test April 19-21. They are competing against 55 winning teams from all over the United States alongside teams from China and the United Kingdom that are competing in the international portion of the competition.
The team, consisting of senior members Emme Andersen, Charisma Manalo, Megan Cornwall, Lydia Sumrall, Mackenzie Fousel, Max Varela, Adrian Ronquillo, and Largim Zhuta, is the first team from Southeast Alaska to make it to nationals.
Since this is the first time a small school has won a state title, the team believes this win is a breakthrough for all small schools.
“I feel really great about it,” said Emme Andersen. “It’s the first time any team has done this and it feels like we broke the glass ceiling of small schools never winning.”
Even though Kayhi triumphed over the other southeast schools, Region V still shows support for the Kings’ success.
“The southeast teams are very supportive of each other,” said Max Varela. “So when Kayhi won, it was like all of southeast won.”
With the ACDC team being a part of Kayhi’s history since the 80’s, they felt a victory was overdue and they are honored to have been a part of this team.
“Every year that we’ve gone to state, we have been eager to do better,” said Lydia Sumrall. “We’ve worked really hard to continuously break our own personal records and do our best.”
Many of the members of this team were shocked to win the state title and are looking forward to the nationals competition. They are all excited to be participating and representing their state.
While all the other teams are focused on competing, Largim Zhuta is looking forward to cracking some jokes with the other teams.
“The thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing how many Texans I can ask, ‘How does it feel being the second biggest state?’”

Track Heads to Washington

Kayhi Track and Field will be traveling to Washington this week to compete in their first two meets of the season. They will be the only out-of-state team attending both the C2BL Meet in Toutle Lake, WA and the Al McKee Invitational in Stevenson, WA. Head coach Alex Pennino has purposely kept the Washington trip in the season schedule for seven consecutive years because of the exposure it gives the team.
“The best part about Washington is getting to check out some different tracks, meets, and athletes,” said Pennino.
Although the trip is beneficial to the new team, there is also a huge setback due to poor scheduling for the 2018 season.
“The worst part about the trip is that it coincides with Music Fest this year, so we had to leave behind some of our more competitive athletes, including seniors,” said Pennino.
Competing against teams that aren’t in the same conference–let alone the same state– is one of the best ways to start Kayhi’s season: having no pressure or expectations and just getting some experience in. But, because the competition in Washington is at a naturally higher level, any less-experienced team would prefer to bring it’s better, more experienced members. With the absence of those stronger members, the new athletes on the Kayhi roster have been expected to step up.
“We have a lot of new and unproven athletes this year on the trip,” said Pennino. “Hopefully it will be a good learning experience for the kids and get them prepared for the season with some races under their belts.”
With the members that are traveling, Pennino believes the team has a lot of potentials that Kayhi fans can look forward to. He has confidence is some strong upperclassmen on the boys’ side that have been proving their place at practices.
“I’m expecting some strong work out of Seniors Luke Reynolds and Paul Allmendinger,” said Pennino. “Junior John Barron has been a beast at practice and I’m looking forward to seeing him in competition.”
This season, the presence of first-year members on the girls’ side overpowers that of the boys’. From what Pennino’s seen, he predicts there will be a pair of underclassmen runners who will shine at the upcoming meets.
“I’m not positive who will stand out but if I had to bet, I would wager on Ashley Cyr and Rachel Knight,” said Pennino. “We also have a few girls who will be in their first meet ever and it’s exciting to see how they will do.”
Kayhi’s Track and Field has grown significantly over the years, with more and more people wanting to join in. Pennino and the rest of the coaches have taken notice of the newfound interest in the sport.
“We have 60 members on the team this year and I think kids at Kayhi are starting to figure out that track is a pretty dope sport that isn’t just running around in a circle,” said Pennino.
With a large number of members comes a large amount of potential. Pennino makes sure to emphasize the teams’ main focus when asked how the season should play out.
“Our main goal of the season is to see improvement from race to race and meet to meet,” said Pennino. “It’s pretty hard to learn the events and it’s a definite strain on your joints and muscles–but it’s pretty rewarding and I’m really stoked to see what this group can achieve.”
The Kings’ first meet will kick off at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday at Toutle Lake High School, followed by a 12 p.m. meet on Saturday at Stevenson High School.

Washington Trip Roster
Keri Thomas- Hurdles, Distance, Sprints
Kaiden Hodges- Sprints
Victoria Adams- Throwing
Luke Reynolds- Distance
Nolan Meyers- All the difficult stuff
Nate Ellis- Distance
Dawson Entwit- Throws
Chris Salita- Throws
German Passion- Jumps
Paul Allmendinger- Distance
Rosie Kacenas- Sprints

Elizabeth Knight- Distance
Kaileigh Edenshaw- Sprints, Jumps
Crist Carlson- Hurdles
Brendon Wong- Throwing
Franklyn Correa- Sprints
ER Caparas- Jumps, Sprints
John Barron- Distance

Madi Rose- Sprints, Distance
Ashley Cyr- Distance
Hunter Matthews- Distance, Jumps

Rachel Knight- Sprints, Distance
Carlee Zartman- Sprints



Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

One hundred fifteen students of the Kayhi music department set sail to Juneau for Music Fest last night. The three-day festival will commence Thursday morning and will be hosted by Juneau-Douglas High School.
The regions tournament for Southeast Alaska high school music departments — minus the competition — was canceled for Kayhi due to the unavailability of a ferry. But through the efforts of the community, they managed to make it possible.
“The community went crazy. Lots of people came up with lots of solutions and called their legislators,” said Trina Purcell, head of the Choral Department at Kayhi. “Then they [the ferry system management] took the LeConte offline in Haines and brought it down here just for us.”
The ferry system was able to iron out the problems of what one would assume to be a logistics nightmare to transport the Kayhi Music Fest kids.
For seniors like McKenzie Thomas and Sarah Kuharich, this will be their last Music Fest.
“It was pretty rough almost having Music Fest not happen. You get super excited about the last one. You try to do everything you possibly can to make it the best,” said Thomas. “Having it get canceled kind of put a damper on it — I took it pretty hard, but that’s not a problem anymore.”
At the festival, clinics are offered where students attend a music class to learn something they wouldn’t necessarily learn at school. Some of the ones offered this year will be polka class, swing dancing, and acapella workshop.
Kuharich has always looked forward to the clinics, and this year is no exception.
“My absolute favorites clinics are the dance ones,” said Kuharich. “They’ve had swing dancing clinics the past few years. Everyone is excited for those.”
While it may be the region’s tournament for music, it certainly is different, competition wise. The rivalries don’t exist as much.
“No one is going to call someone out for being from JD or Kayhi,” said Thomas. “It’s a healthier version of regions. Everyone supports everyone.”
There is a certain bittersweetness to be had with the finale of any high school activity.
“It’s been such amazing part of my high school experience, and to have it come to an end is a little heartbreaking,” said Kuharich. “But we have an amazing group of kids this year, and I’m excited to perform with them at my last Music Fest.”

The Hydro Flask Effect

Photo By: Chanell Browne

Chanell Browne
Staff Writer

Hydro flasks are everywhere. No matter where you go, the odds are you’ll see that at least 1 out of every 2 people has a Hydro Flask with them.
The question is, what makes these water bottles so popular? Is it the shape? The colors? Junior, Morgan Tiffany loves the fact that Hydro Flasks have the ability to keep cold drinks cold, while also having the ability keep hot drinks hot.
“They come in plenty of colors and sizes so you have a lot to choose from,” said Tiffany. “They are really convenient for keeping cold drinks cold for 24 hours AND hot drinks hot for 12 hours. I also like how they come plain and simple that way you can decorate them with whatever stickers you’d like.”
One of the most common things you’ll notice on Hydro Flasks are the stickers. By looking at someone’s Hydro Flasks stickers, you can really get an idea of what they are like and what types of things they enjoy. Some people have certain reasonings behind their stickers, and others just don’t really know why they chose them or how they even got them. Junior, Olivia Kinunen got her Hydro Flask stickers from places she’s been and as gifts.
“Lots of my family members have given me stickers that I have saved up,” said Kinunen. “I like to get stickers from the different places I’ve traveled as reminders and souvenirs.”
Everyone has their own style. For example, lots of Hydro Flasks have an organized decor of stickers on them. But others are randomized and don’t have a specific pattern to them. Sophomore, Shaye Skillings prefers her stickers to be organized and visible for others to see clearly.
“I prefer my stickers to be organized so they can all be seen,” said Skillings. “I think the purpose of water bottle stickers is to show personality and certain interests so that is why it is important to make sure they are visible.”
Not all Hydro Flasks have stickers though, Some people are different and don’t like to put stickers on a brand new water bottle. Junior, Jenna Miller doesn’t like the cluttered look of stickers on water bottles.
“I don’t like stickers on my Hydro Flask because it seems very disorganized,” said Miller. “I like the clean and fresh look of having a plain and simple Hydro Flask opposed to one that is cluttered with stickers.”
Hydro flasks have really made their way into our day to day lives. They’re useful, convenient, and fun. They can be used for multiple purposes, and have a wide variety of common colors that most people enjoy. They keep your beverage cold, or hot. And overall are really sturdy water bottles.

Staff Pick

The winner of the NCAA Tournament will be…

Joey Karlik:
Villanova. They are the highest scoring team in the NCAA and top 25 in assists. They will hammer down any opponent that steps in their way. With experience on their side and an excellent coaching staff, they will win another title this year. They will go against Loyola-Chicago in the title game and that’s where the Cinderella story will end. Chicago has been too lucky and has not dominated a game except for a nine seed Kansas State. The number one seed Villanova will obtain yet another NCAA title.

Dante Troina:
Kansas vs. Duke will be recognized as the National Championship by me this year. The meeting of two of the most successful college basketball programs did not disappoint at all. Malik Newman ran baseline to baseline, drilling every corner three he took and blossomed into a star in front of the world. Controversial calls tore the world in half, fighting the difference between a block and charge. Grayson Allen, the most polarizing Duke villain since Christian Laettner, played his final game of College Basketball. His shot at the end of regulation will remain infamous forever. Kansas finally got over its Elite Eight demons and won 85-81 in a game that Coach Bill Self couldn’t help but say it was the best one he’s ever been a part of. Who won? Basketball fans. We witnessed one of the best college games of all time.

Kyle Smith:
Michigan. They are good, but they’re not flashy. Sort of, in a way, they are sneaky about how good they are. They will have to beat Loyola. Loyola has an amazing story and everyone loves an underdog, but they simply do not have the experience needed to succeed past the final four. Michigan is a team that people only know they’re good because they’ve made it this far, but I feel like they will be underestimated once they beat Loyola and make it to the Championship. Villanova will end up beating Kansas and will meet Michigan in the championship. The grit and fire that Michigan plays with will be able to lead them to an NCAA title. They are tough. Wagner will have a big game against Loyola and will hopefully be able to be consistent and carry that over to the ship.

Marcus Lee:
Loyola-Chicago. Not only are they proving to be a very good defensive/offensive team, they play with a passion that not every team has “the ultimate underdog.” Led by point guard Clayton Custer and shooting guard Ben Richardson- who has scored at least 20 points only two other times in four seasons at Loyola, has been great and will continue to play with energy and fire with this being his last year as a Wolf. Loyola has hit the hearts of the nation in the perfect underdog story and I personally believe that this story has a happy ending. Loyola-Chicago as your NCAA 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPS.

Damiyen Porter:
Michigan. With a defense first, offense second mentality, Michigan is one of the top defensive teams in the tournament. What has put the Wolverines on top this year is their intensity on defense, no. 6 in the nation in points allowed per game and no. 14 in defensive efficiency, so far Michigan has held their opponents to 59 per contest this tournament. With head coach John Beilein one of the best coaches in the country and his quick in-game adjustments and game planning Coach John Beilein has been perfect this season. The Wolverines will face no. 11 seed Loyola-Chicago who is also a very good defensive team and have really come out of nowhere and set the tournament on fire. No one thought Loyola would make it this far not even Sister Jean who picked them to fall in the Sweet Sixteen, so I think what it will all come down to is the experience. Coach Beilein’s experience and Michigan’s defense will put the Wolverines over Loyola and this momentum will push them to win the NCAA championship.