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Fitness Last Week

Seth Chernick
Staff Writer

The Student Body Association participated in three, thirty-minute events last week. This is part of an effort to join #MoveInMay otherwise known as the ‘’ National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Some of the activities at the school include Yoga, Dodgeball, Mega Musical Chairs, Hip-Hop, Zumba, Outdoor Frisbee, and Art.
Students and Staff had varying reactions to the event, but the response was mostly positive. Mrs. Woodward was among those in favor of fitness week, and she offered her own advice on how to improve upon the idea.
“I think that the health and fitness week is a great idea,” said Woodward. “I would like to see us expand it outdoors, during this nice weather.”
Principal Bob Marshall suggested that fitness week should be implemented earlier next year.
“In the future, we will start sooner in the planning,” said Marshall. “So we can make sure everything is on board and ready to go.”
For students, the event comes as both a break during the busy school day and a time to be active. This had both positive and negative reactions within the student body. Some students appreciate the short breaks in the days as finals week approaches, but others would rather be spending the time working. Senior Max Varela criticized the event for the time it took out of class but said he supports fitness activities.
“I kinda think its a waste of time, and there are better things we can be doing,” said Varela. “I think fitness is important, but I don’t think to cut into class time for it fits its purpose.”
Senior Luke Reynolds has a different perspective, seeing the event as a better idea than just sitting around.
“I think it’s a fantastic idea and the alternative would’ve been sitting around,” said Reynolds. “I appreciate it; its a healthy alternative.”

Kings Beat TM

Kayhi boys soccer (7-9,5-3) won their last two games of the season last weekend. Beating Thunder Mountain 4-1 Friday and 4-0 Saturday. Senior Vince Tenebro is happy with how the team played in their last games.
“We definitely ended it how we wanted to,” said Tenebro. “It was a plan of improving game after game and we saw that towards the end. Playing as a team, just having fun out there and playing together.”

Google Pixel 2 Review

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The smartphone market is dominated by Apple and Samsung, and rightfully so. These two tech giants have been duking it out for over a decade — always trying to one-up the other by creating the better phone to attract another consumer. And a decade is a long enough time to build an army of followers *cough* *cough* Apple. But every once in awhile, an underdog will build the courage to enter the market.
This year’s underdog, the Pixel 2 by Google. Mind you, the most these underdogs do is scalp the undecided buyer or the one bored with the usual selection of phones. They are never a threat to the two powerhouses’ customer base. To put it into perspective, Google sold a total of 3.9 million smartphones (Pixel and Pixel 2) in 2017. On average, it took Apple a week to sell the same amount of smartphones according to The Verge. Let that sink in. Regardless, here’s why I think the Pixel 2 is the best smartphone on the market.

Camera and Storage
One of the biggest promises Google made was that the Pixel 2 was going to have the best camera out of its competitors. Boy, did they deliver on its promise. The pictures you can take with Google’s flagship are breathtaking. It delivers a clear, crisp, vibrant, and high-quality image that may be better than actually seeing it with your own eyes. All new smartphones take amazing photos, but the Pixel goes above and beyond.
Google has also generously given Pixel 2 owners unlimited Google Drive storage for pictures and videos — but there’s a catch. Users can store full resolution photos on Drive until 2020, after which all future files stored will be compressed to Google’s “High Quality” size (16-megapixel photos & 1080p videos). It will only compress the files if one were to go over the free 15GB of Drive data all Google-users receive. Don’t forget that phone also has 64 or 128GB (depending on what you choose) of internal storage. So to all the moms out there who love taking photos, Google has answered your prayers. Go on and click that camera button without feeling guilty, they have your back.

The Pixel 2 redefines the term “bang for your buck”. Taking on the biggest names in the smartphone realm, creating an amazing product, and doing it for — wait for it — $650. That is a steal. It keeps up with some of the most daunting competitors such as the iPhone X & Samsung Galaxy S9, in terms of performance and storage, for a fraction of the price. Did I mention that you can buy it factory unlocked and use it with any carrier? Well, you can.

Charging and Battery Life
The battery life on the phone isn’t impressive compared to the competition. It won’t outlive an iPhone or a Samsung. But if you use it moderately, a full charge on the Pixel 2 will get you through a majority of the day. I have yet to have the phone die on me before dinner time, but then again I’m a below-average phone user.

Hey, do you have a charger I can borrow for my phon—-forget it.

You better get used to that. The Pixel 2 further separates itself from the competition by having a USB C charger. What that means is that iPhone and Android chargers (micro USB) won’t work on it. There are benefits to the change in charging design.
For starters, it charges ridiculously fast. I remember plugging it in with 10% remaining on the battery life right before I showered, when I came out, the phone was at 92%. USB-C is the next step in data transfer and charging evolution. All new devices will begin to adopt and use it–that is until they figure out the next best thing. But not only does USB-C transfer data and charge quicker than its predecessors, you can plug the head in either way. No longer will you have to flip over your USB-A head because you had it on the wrong side (which happens every time). We are indeed living in the future, my friends.
This phone doesn’t disappoint. It truly is a great smartphone for a great price; one can’t go wrong with this buy. But by setting the bar so high with the Pixel 2, Google might be setting themselves up for failure with the Pixel 3. I truly believe it will be hard to top the second generation Pixel in terms of performance and value.


Lady Kings Fall to the Bears

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings were unable to fend off the dominant Juneau-Douglas Bears. The final score for the matches were 0-8 Friday night, and 0-9 Saturday evening. The Lady Kings struggled to get the ball on the Bear’s half and keep it there.
Kayhi remained largely on the defensive against Juneau’s brutal offense — which got them three goals within the first 20 minutes Friday night. Saturday evening, the Kings were able to keep the Bear’s scoreless for the first 24 minutes before they caught fire.
The King’s finished the season with an overall record of 1-10-1 and a conference record of 0-7-1.


Lady Kings Host JD

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings Soccer team (1-8-1, 0-5-1) will face the Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears this weekend for the last games of the season.
The Lady Kings are not only going up against the dominating Bears, but they are also going up against history. Kayhi has not beaten JD in about five years – over 20 games, 1600-plus minutes of game time.
However, the Bears are not invincible. The Thunder Mountain girls tied JD 2-2 two weeks ago. Kayhi tied the Falcons three weeks ago at home.
The Bears are going to be missing two high caliber players in tonight’s game due to an injury and a red-card suspension — an uncanny resemblance of the circumstances of the Kayhi Boys soccer win over JD last weekend.
Seniors Farren Linne and Sydney Nichols can taste the bittersweetness of going out to play their last set of games dawning the maroon and white jersey.
“I was definitely a little sad after the last practice yesterday,” said Nichols. “I’m going to miss the competition and all the travel to the other towns.”
Linne expects to share Nichols’ sentiment later tonight.
“It hasn’t hit me yet, but I think after we start playing it will,” replied Linne.
“I have known and played with so many of these girls since I was little, it’s going to be sad to not be able to do that anymore.”


Staff Pick

10 days left of school I feel…..

Joey Karlik:
I have mixed feelings. I feel relieved. I feel sad already. I feel a ton of different things. All the hard work that I did during the school year has been completed. All my high school goals have been achieved. AP tests are done. My school athletics are about to be done. I finally got my Eagle Scout. I couldn’t be happier. But, I am gonna miss it though. For some people, It’s the last time I’ll ever see them. Social media doesn’t count as talking. I want to hang out and talk to all these people but I know it’s probably not going to happen. This school isn’t just a school to me either. I grew up in the school. I walked around as a toddler in my mom’s classroom playing with geometry shapes as toys and having plenty of injuries from corners of tables. It was like a second home to me. Before I start making movies for a living and hopefully becoming famous, I’m going to get the most out of this island and the people on it.

Largim Zhuta:
I have been trying to decipher my emotions about the matter for the past month. I have been fortunate enough to have been extremely busy with soccer, academic decathlon and homework so I haven’t had the time to be sad about it. I’m quite excited to set out on the next phase of my life. I’ll get to meet new people, see new places and the usual “new” things seniors spew. But for the same reason, I am excited to leave, I am sad to leave. It feels as if the years of relationship and reputation I have cultivated will go to waste. I have invested so much into them; knowing they will wither away as we go our separate ways makes it tough. I have been comfortable for so long now, I fear anything that isn’t so. Then again, the only thing sadder and scarier than leaving Kayhi would be never leaving Kayhi. Leaving it now before the memory of it gets sour or bland is the best way I could do it justice. I have nothing but awesome memories with awesome students and teachers here. I don’t think I could repay what the teachers, students, and community have done for me in my time here. Thank you.

Brittany Slick:
I feel like it’s not real. I was just a freshman yesterday, I don’t believe I have 10 more days of high school left. There are so many emotions with being a senior and graduating: excitement, sentiment, ready to leave, or wanting to stay. I honestly don’t know which emotion to feel yet. When I think about it too much, I get really reminiscent and sentimental. The idea of never again sitting in a classroom with the people I grew up with is really sad to me. Never playing another high school sport. Never sitting in pep club at the CCCC. Never being in the same place at the same time with all of these people..ever again. Everyone always talks about how there are lots of “lasts” your senior year. But no one ever talks about how those “lasts” turn into “never agains”. But of course, there is the other side of me that is really excited to graduate and close this chapter. It is time to fly from the nest and I feel as ready as I’ll ever be. I’m excited to get out and find new people and have new experiences– but I will never forget Kayhi and everyone who helped me get to where I am today.

Verona Kamberi:
I can’t even describe how I feel. Y’all I was a freshman a couple of years ago and now I am preparing to walk down the carpet. You know that fancy carpet at graduation reminds me of the red carpet that celebrities walk down on. Anywho, I am graduating in 16 days and It’s bittersweet. I won’t be able to come back to classes and talk with the freshmen or even just sit in the office to talk to the staff. Now now, I don’t cry but when I do I ball my eyes out. I’m excited for college and exploring other places, but I will miss Kayhi deeply and the people here.

Hannah Maxwell:
Terrified and excited all at the same time. Part of me wants to go home after the third period and the other part wants to spend as much in this cocoon as I can. This year has flown by! I honestly thought there was way more than 10 days left. It’s all starting to feel way too real. Kayhi has been good to me. When I first moved to Ketchikan I was pissed at my parents and now I don’t really want to leave, this community is like no other.

Kody Malouf:
I feel like there is no word to describe how I feel. I know I’m ready for summer and college but boy is it scary. Hopefully everything goes well, I’ve pretty much just been improvising and figuring it out as I go along so I hope that keeps working. Other than that, I have no idea what’s going to happen. That’s both terrifying and extremely exciting and kind of a relief. Thankfully Mr. Lund has prepared me for everything that lies ahead, so that makes me not worry as much as I would otherwise.

Soccer Hosts TM

Collette Rhein
Staff Writer

Kayhi boys soccer will end the season at home against Thunder Mountain this weekend. Friday JV will play at 3:45 and Varsity at 7:15, and on Saturday JV is at 11:00 and Varsity at 3:00. Senior recognition will take place before Saturday’s varsity game. Head coach David Mitchel is sad to see this big group of seniors, that he’s been coaching for years, go.
“We are out of the race for the conference championship so it’s kind of a combination of honoring the senior and still competing and trying to win,” said Mitchel. “It’s kinda sad at the same time because ya know you’ve been coaching this group for five years through the Schoenbar program so it’ll be sad for me to coach them for the last time. I’ll try to be nicer to them maybe this weekend.”
Junior captain Brayden Linne is looking forward to these last few games with the seniors.
“I’m excited for the seniors, gonna go do bigger and better things but it’s sad knowing that these are their last games. Playing with them for the last time, I mean I’ve played with them my whole life so, it kinda sucks knowing that I’m never gonna play with them again,” said Linne. “We definitely improved a lot, at the beginning of the year we were not scoring any goals and now we actually can pass and score but we definitely improved a lot.”

Lady Kings Head to Juneau

The Lady Kings will play the Juneau-Douglas  Bears tonight at 7. The teams split in their last meeting, yet the bears outscored the Kings 21-10 in their two games. Junior Grace Clark said that she expects to see some changes in the line up to get something rolling before regions.
“We’ve had a very up and down season this year,” said Clark. “ I feel as a team we haven’t found our groove. This weekend I hope we can change some stuff up and find it so we can play well for regions at home.”
The Lady Kings will play Thunder Mountain tomorrow and then play both teams again on Saturday.


Senior Cruise

Rosie Kacenas
Staff Writer

The senior cruise will take place directly after the graduation ceremony on June third. Students are asked to pay $20 to contribute to the event. Allen Marine Tours has donated a boat to take all participants to George Inlet Lodge for food, games, prizes, and surprises which will last until 2 or 3 a.m. Seniors are mandated to stay the night at the lodge unless a parent picks them up. The following morning, all seniors will be transported by bus to the Coast Guard base for breakfast, and vans will transport everyone to their vehicles afterward.
Cruise director Gail Klein said that the goal of the cruise is for all the seniors to have one last celebration together before parting ways.
“We want it to be inclusive, we want students to have a great time,” said Klein. “We want to make sure that they get to celebrate together and spend this last time with their friends, sometimes people say that after graduation they never saw classmates again because of work schedules or whatever, so we really want them to have this chance to celebrate together.”
Gail Klein will be in the senior hall at lunch today as well as next week to collect the $20, checks can be made to “Kayhi Graduation Party”.