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Photo By: Gilbert Varela

Kyle Smith
Staff Writer

The Kayhi ACDC team won the USAD National tournament in Frisco, Texas this past weekend. No Kayhi team has ever taken state, let alone win the National Championship.
“It was about time we won,” said Largim Zhuta, senior ACDC member of three years.  “Last year we got second place and lost to Lathrop by nine points, which is less than a question.”
Zhuta and his senior teammates were hungry for revenge in their last year in the ACDC program at Kayhi.
“This year was Kayhi’s year.  For many of the students on the team, this was our last go at it. It feels amazing that we were able to make history twice in one year and leave our mark on Kayhi,” said Zhuta. ”In my opinion, this year’s team is like the 1992 Dream Team compared to all previous Kayhi teams. We’re just a bunch of highly motivated students who strived to do well and win. Probably the best team there is, was, or ever will be.” Many of the ACDC members didn’t think they would make it as far as they did. They were just students being students and doing what they loved which led them to overachieve. “When I first joined the team, I never even thought about getting to this point,” said Max Varela, senior ACDC member of three years. Getting here has taken years and the payoff was worth every hour of studying. Every day at practice was a joy. We spent hours discussing the materials and studying, but also growing as a team.”
With the season ending, decathletes look forward to being able to relieve their studying stress and celebrate their victory by burning all their materials.
“The burning of study guides will be really therapeutic,’’ said Zhuta. “I’ll be honest. The thing that will feel more satisfying than winning State, as well as Nationals, will be burning all the guides and notes we have. It has been cool winning, but this has been stressful especially since I’m involved in a lot of other activities.”
Being the first team from Alaska to win nationals is a huge deal. It’s not just a big deal to Kayhi but to all schools in Alaska as well.

See personal scores below
Largim Zhuta: won bronze medal in Science.
Emme Andersen: won bronze in Literature and bronze in Music.
Adrian Ronquillo: won silver in Science, bronze in Economics and also Music.
Megan Cornwall: won gold in Speech, and in Interview, as well as a bronze in Science.
Charisma Manalo: earned 4th in Music, 4th in Science, and had the 3rd highest score on the team, with an individual score of 6,769.1.
Mackenzie Fousel: won gold in Music and Mathematics, a silver in Art and literature, bronze in Economics, and Science. She earned a $500 scholarship with the 3rd-highest varsity total score.
Lydia Sumrall: won gold in Art, a silver in Economics,  Music, and Science, bronze in Essay and Social Science. She earned a $750 scholarship with the 2nd-highest overall score.
Max Varela: won gold in Art, Economics and Social Science, bronze in Science, and won $500 for receiving the MVP title and having the team’s highest individual score of 7,595.4. 



ACDC Heads to Nationals

Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

After knocking out a state championship title, the Academic Decathlon team is headed off to nationals in Frisco, Texas today. The team will put their knowledge and skills to the ultimate test April 19-21. They are competing against 55 winning teams from all over the United States alongside teams from China and the United Kingdom that are competing in the international portion of the competition.
The team, consisting of senior members Emme Andersen, Charisma Manalo, Megan Cornwall, Lydia Sumrall, Mackenzie Fousel, Max Varela, Adrian Ronquillo, and Largim Zhuta, is the first team from Southeast Alaska to make it to nationals.
Since this is the first time a small school has won a state title, the team believes this win is a breakthrough for all small schools.
“I feel really great about it,” said Emme Andersen. “It’s the first time any team has done this and it feels like we broke the glass ceiling of small schools never winning.”
Even though Kayhi triumphed over the other southeast schools, Region V still shows support for the Kings’ success.
“The southeast teams are very supportive of each other,” said Max Varela. “So when Kayhi won, it was like all of southeast won.”
With the ACDC team being a part of Kayhi’s history since the 80’s, they felt a victory was overdue and they are honored to have been a part of this team.
“Every year that we’ve gone to state, we have been eager to do better,” said Lydia Sumrall. “We’ve worked really hard to continuously break our own personal records and do our best.”
Many of the members of this team were shocked to win the state title and are looking forward to the nationals competition. They are all excited to be participating and representing their state.
While all the other teams are focused on competing, Largim Zhuta is looking forward to cracking some jokes with the other teams.
“The thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing how many Texans I can ask, ‘How does it feel being the second biggest state?’”

ACDC Places First in State

Kayhi ACDC After Placing First. Photo By: Gilbert Varela


Rosie Kacenas
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Academic Decathlon team won the Alaska State Championship for the first time this weekend. Kayhi is the very first team from all of southeast Alaska to win state, scoring the fourth-highest amount of points in all of Alaska’s history. Kayhi’s championship team will be going to Texas in April to participate in the USAD national competition.
Kayhi senior Largim Zhuta has participated in Academic Decathlon for three years, and said he is more than thrilled to have been apart of the team’s success.
“It is totally crazy. Our team has improved every year, and we were very hungry for this title,” said Zhuta. “When the announcer said that we won, we were jumping up and down, cheering – it was definitely special, memorable for sure. We made history, and the atmosphere felt great, there was even some crying going on – but those were definitely happy tears. I can’t even think of the words to describe it.”
Coach Peter Stanton said he is very proud of his team. He explained that Fairbanks ruled the system and no other schools had ever won until two years ago, so everyone was extremely proud when Kayhi was pronounced first this weekend.
“Nationals is going to be very tough. It’s going to be teams from lots of different states, and even some other countries that do ACDC,” said Stanton. “Some kids have broken records with almost perfect scores, so there are some extremely hard-hitting decathletes elsewhere. We’ll probably be competing in the small schools competition, so I’m not sure who our competition will be, but I think we could do really well.”
Kayhi senior and ACDC captain, Max Varela, expressed his excitement for the team and their success.
“It was fun, it was really exciting to beat Lathrop and all the other southeast teams were really excited for us too,” said Varela. “It felt important, and really big. Nationals is a lot more competitive than state, but I think we have a good base and we’ll study really hard, and hopefully take home a trophy.”

ACDC Home Meet Recap

Four Kayhi decathletes placed in the top 10 overall at their first home meet. Senior Adrian Ronquillo said the meet helped the team get familiar with the competition,
“The fact that we now have a meet established, we know the competition better,” said Ronquillo. “We have a whole month until our next meet so we can start preparing now.”

Meet Results

Senior Lydia Sumrall (3rd overall): 4th in Economics, 3rd in Literature, and 1st in Science

Senior Mackenzie Fousel (5th overall): 3rd in Economics, 2nd in Social Science, 1st in Literature and Music

Senior Charisma Manalo (7th overall) 6th in Literature, 5th in Art, and 2nd in Interview

Sophomore Campbell Sande (9th overall) 4th in Essay, 4th in Music, and 3rd in Literature

Sophomore Evelyn Andersen (12th overall) 7th in Science, 5th in Essay, and 4th in Literature

Junior Daniel Neufeldt (13th overall) 7th in Literature, 3rd in Science, and 2nd in Math

Senior Emme Andersen (14th overall) 6th in Music, 5th Economics, and 2nd in Essay

Junior Franklyn Correa (19th overall) 9th in Social Science, 8th in Art, and 8th in Science

Junior Angela Rodriguez 10th in Art

Junior Ruvelen Correa 9th in Music

Freshman August Cooper 7th in Interview

Senior Adrian Ronquillo 6th in Social Science

Senior Megan Cornwall 3rd in Interview

Freshman Robert Cope-Powell 9th in Science, 4th in Literature

Junior John Luke Calderon 9th in Speech, 8th in Art, 8th in Math

Senior Max Varela 5th in Literature, 3rd in Math, 1st in Economics

ACDC Home Meet Preview

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Kayhi will be hosting Juneau-Douglas, Craig, and Metlakatla in the first Academic Decathlon regional meet of the season this weekend in the Kayhi Library.
The meet officially starts on Thursday at 3 p.m. with the Essay event. All the decathletes will write their essay online at their respective schools. They will compete in the other nine events and SuperQuiz during the following two days in the Kayhi Library. Only the SuperQuiz event and the Recognitions are open for the public to watch.

This year’s theme for Academic Decathlon is “Africa”

Thursday, November 30th
3:00-4:00 p.m. – Essay Online, from each team’s school

Friday, December 1st
3:00 p.m. –  Introduction KHS Library (all Friday tests)
3:10-3:40 p.m.  – Mathematics
3:45-4:15 pm. – Social Science
4:15-4:30 p.m. – Break
4:30-5:00 p.m. – Art
5:05-5:35 p.m. – Economics
5:40-6:10 p.m. – Literature
6:10 p.m. – Onward Dinner and games! Rooms 125, 128, 130

Saturday, December 2nd

8:00-8:30 a.m. –  Judges Meeting Room 130
8:45-11:00 a.m. –  Speech Rooms 109, 110, 122, 124, 125, 127,128, 129
Interview (Arena Style) KHS Library
11:00 a.m.-12:00 – Lunch teams on their own
12:00-12:30 p.m. – Music KHS Library (all remaining events)
12:35-1:05 p.m. – Science
1:05-1:20 p.m. – Break
1:20-2:00 p.m. – SuperQuiz (open to the public)
2:00 p.m. – Recognitions (open to the public)


Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team will be competing in its last meet of the season at state in Anchorage from Feb. 13-25.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto believes that her and her teammates will do well.
“As a senior in Academic Decathlon, I look forward to seeing the hard work pay off not only to me but also for my team,” said Anzueto. “I also look forward to having a good time in my last state meet of ACDC. We’ve worked so hard and I have a ton of confidence we will do amazing at state. I’m really hoping we’re able to take home a trophy as well as many medals.”

ACDC Metlakatla meet results

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team competed in its second regional meet this weekend in Metlakatla. Kayhi dominated in multiple events taking first place in five out of ten events. Junior Largim Zhuta feels that Kayhi overall did really good.
“I think that we did way better than the last meet,” said Zhuta. “I could’ve done better if I studied, but it’s tough when you have to do both school work and studying for the meet, but I’m definitely going to study more for state.”
Meet Results
Zhuta 2nd in economics, 3rd in science, social science and math, 4th in speech, 8th in literature, 9th in essay and placed 3rd overall.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto 1st in literature, 2nd in economics, 3rd in speech and social science, 4th in interview, 7th in music, 8th in math and placed 4th overall.
Junior Emme Anderson 1st in music, 2nd in economics, 4th in literature and science, 9th in math and placed 6th overall.
Junior Max Varela 1st in social science, 2nd in art, 4th in literature and science, 9th in math and placed 7th overall.
Junior Mackenzie Fousel 4th in social science, 5th in science and music, 6th in essay, 8th in literature and economics and 10th in art.
Junior Charisma Manalo 5th in art, 7th in literature and math, and 9th in science and social science.
Senior Gabrial Canfield 7th in economics, 8th in math, and 9th in music and literature.
Freshman Evelyn Anderson 4th in music, 5th in economics and essay, and 10th in art and math.
Junior Lydia Sumrall 3rd in science, 8th in essay, 9th in economics, and 10th in literature and math.
Sophomore Franklyn Correa 5th in literature, 6th in music and economics, 7th in social science, 9th in science and 9th in art.
Sophomore Daniel Neufeldt 1st in science, 6th in speech, and 8th in math.
Freshman Sarah Palaruan 5th in social science, 6th in literature, 9th in music and interview, and 10th in math.
Freshman Campbell Sande 7th in music, 9th in literature, and 10th in speech.
Junior Tre’ann Deny 8th in music.
Sophomore RJ Danao 9th in music.