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Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team will be competing in its last meet of the season at state in Anchorage from Feb. 13-25.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto believes that her and her teammates will do well.
“As a senior in Academic Decathlon, I look forward to seeing the hard work pay off not only to me but also for my team,” said Anzueto. “I also look forward to having a good time in my last state meet of ACDC. We’ve worked so hard and I have a ton of confidence we will do amazing at state. I’m really hoping we’re able to take home a trophy as well as many medals.”

ACDC Metlakatla meet results

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team competed in its second regional meet this weekend in Metlakatla. Kayhi dominated in multiple events taking first place in five out of ten events. Junior Largim Zhuta feels that Kayhi overall did really good.
“I think that we did way better than the last meet,” said Zhuta. “I could’ve done better if I studied, but it’s tough when you have to do both school work and studying for the meet, but I’m definitely going to study more for state.”
Meet Results
Zhuta 2nd in economics, 3rd in science, social science and math, 4th in speech, 8th in literature, 9th in essay and placed 3rd overall.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto 1st in literature, 2nd in economics, 3rd in speech and social science, 4th in interview, 7th in music, 8th in math and placed 4th overall.
Junior Emme Anderson 1st in music, 2nd in economics, 4th in literature and science, 9th in math and placed 6th overall.
Junior Max Varela 1st in social science, 2nd in art, 4th in literature and science, 9th in math and placed 7th overall.
Junior Mackenzie Fousel 4th in social science, 5th in science and music, 6th in essay, 8th in literature and economics and 10th in art.
Junior Charisma Manalo 5th in art, 7th in literature and math, and 9th in science and social science.
Senior Gabrial Canfield 7th in economics, 8th in math, and 9th in music and literature.
Freshman Evelyn Anderson 4th in music, 5th in economics and essay, and 10th in art and math.
Junior Lydia Sumrall 3rd in science, 8th in essay, 9th in economics, and 10th in literature and math.
Sophomore Franklyn Correa 5th in literature, 6th in music and economics, 7th in social science, 9th in science and 9th in art.
Sophomore Daniel Neufeldt 1st in science, 6th in speech, and 8th in math.
Freshman Sarah Palaruan 5th in social science, 6th in literature, 9th in music and interview, and 10th in math.
Freshman Campbell Sande 7th in music, 9th in literature, and 10th in speech.
Junior Tre’ann Deny 8th in music.
Sophomore RJ Danao 9th in music.

Kayhi ACDC performs well in Juneau

Kayhi decathletes placed first in four out of ten events at the first regional meet of the year in Juneau this weekend.
“I was really happy with the results. We have a lot of new recruits this year who are very serious and are committed to the team,” said coach Peter Stanton. “For example, I was impressed with freshman Campbell Sande because she placed first in music out of everyone in the meet. The returning decathletes Max Varela, Largim Zhuta, Ingrid Anzueto, and others also did really well.”

Meet Results
Junior Max Varela 1st in economics, 1st in social science, 2nd in essay, and highest overall score in the meet.
Junior Largim Zhuta 1st in economics, 1st in mathematics, 5th in social science, and 6th place overall.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto 2nd in interview, 3rd in social science, 4th in economics, and 5th in music.
Campbell Sande 1st in music and 4th in literature.
Sophomore Daniel Neufeldt 3rd in science.
Junior Charisma Manalo 4th in mathematics.
Junior Mackenzie Fousel 4th in music.
Junior Lydia Sumrall 4th in science.
Senior Gabrielle Canfield 5th in economics.
Sophomore Franklyn Correa 5th in science.
Junior Emme Anderson 5th in music.

AcDc takes fourth at State

By Cheyenne Mathews
Editor in Chief

This past weekend the Academic Decathlon team won 20 different individual medals at the GCI State Academic Decathlon tournament in Anchorage. Kayhi’s team won medals in nine out of the ten events and was fourth place overall, losing the third place trophy to last year’s state champions by nine points.
Senior Liz Vossen won gold in Literature, gold in Art, gold in Social Science, silver in Science, silver in Music, bronze in Interview, and was the highest-scoring varsity student at the tournament.
Senior Lora Starr won gold in Art, silver in Literature, bronze in Social Science and had the 4th highest individual total score of anyone at the tournament. This was Starr’s first year in AcDc. Another first year AcDc member and senior Sage Acteson won gold in Science, gold in Essay, silver in Math, and bronze in Economics. Senior Jesalyn Cachero won gold in the music category.
Several underclassman also walked away with individual medals. Sophomore Emme Andersen won gold in Art and gold in Interview as an alternate. Sophomore Max Varela won gold in Economics as an alternate. Sophomore Largim Zhuta won bronze in Economics. Sophomore Lydia Sumrall won bronze in Math and silver in Music.
In the team SuperQuiz category, Kayhi won a silver medal and tied with the state champions. Kayhi also won the most improved award for increasing their scores from last year by 20%. Kayhi’s total score was the highest in team history.

ACDC heads to State

By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Academic Decathlon team will be traveling to Anchorage to compete in the GCI Alaska Academic Decathlon Meet Feb. 24 – 27. After two successful meets in Southeast, the ACDC team will look to battle with some of the state’s best up north. Historically Lathrop and West Valley, both from Fairbanks, have won the state meet more than any other school. The team will bring 11 members including two alternates.
Senior team member Sage Acteson is excited for the meet.
“Our team is doing pretty well right now and we have a possibility to get to nationals,” Acteson said. “I look forward to getting to work together as a team.”
No Kayhi ACDC team has ever been to nationals.

Vossen takes 2nd at AcDc meet

The Ketchikan AcDc team improved in its final tune-up before the state meet in February.
Craig hosted Ketchikan, Juneau Douglas, and Metlakatla. In total 14 students participated from Kayhi and four students placed in the top ten overall finishers.
Senior Liz Vossen finished second by a mere 12 points. Vossen placed third in Math, third in Music, second in Literature, second in Interview, first in Speech, first in Art, first in Social Science.
Adrian Antonio placed second in Music, Piper Cooper placed first in Speech, Jesalyn Cachero placed first in Music and Lydia Sumrall placed second in Science. Chasina Klein placed third and Ingrid Anzueto placed first in Interview. Gabrial Canfield took ninth place overall. Sage Acteson placed third in Science, second in Speech, second in Math, and seventh overall. Lora Starr placed third in Science, third in Art, second in Social Science, second in Music, first in Literature, and took third overall.
All four Southeast teams will be headed to the GCI Alaska Academic Decathlon Tournament in Anchorage, February 24th-27th.