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AC/DC Takes 3rd at State

Grace Parrott/Staff Writer 

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team took third place at the state meet last week.

Peter Stanton, Kayhi AC/DC coach, said he was happy with the performance of his team this weekend. 

“Placing third in the state was the best performance I could have possibly hoped for this year, given that the Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) homeschool program (which took second) and Lathrop High School in Fairbanks (which took first) have much larger student bodies to recruit from,” Stanton explained. “ Our Kayhi decathletes persevered in staying together, attending practices, and studying hard throughout this difficult year, and I think they all have a lot to be proud of.”

As the competition drew to a close on Saturday, Kayhi walked away with a total of 26 medals; 6 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze, and 11 alternative medals, as well as a $1,000  scholarship.

“I am incredibly impressed by our team’s performance.” Stanton said. “ The decathletes won many medals that they worked extremely hard to earn, and they also won a few others that were more of a surprise.”

August Cooper, the team’s Co-captain, said he was also pleased with the performance of his team. 

“We all worked really hard to prepare for the competition, and I am very happy with the way things turned out.”

Paul Whaley won the top alternate medal in Economics. 

Sandra Johnston won the top alternate medals in Art, Interview, Music and Speech. 

Austin Ronquillo won the top alternate medals in Economics, Essay, Literature, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. 

Elliot Yoder won silver in Interview and gold in Speech.

Phillip Smith won bronze in Music and gold in Interview. 

August Cooper won gold in Social Science. Franchezca Correa won gold in Interview. Matthew Nutt won bronze in Mathematics and 

gold in Essay. 

Evelyn Nutt won bronze in Interview, bronze in Literature, silver in Essay, and earned the highest total score on the team.

Sarah Short won silver in Art, silver in Interview, silver in Speech, gold in Essay, and won a $1,000 scholarship with the third-highest scholastic total score in the state.

AC/DC Competes at State

Grace Parrott/Staff Writer 

The state Academic Decathlon meet started Thursday. Although some of the team is unfortunately having to compete virtually, co-captain August Cooper, said that his expectations are high for this week’s competition.

“In the current environment with Covid and everything,” Cooper said. “I think that doing a virtual meet will aid our team. There’s something comfortable about being able to be at Kayhi for this meet.”

Peter Stanton, history teacher and Academic Decathlon coach, had similar feelings about the virtual meet. 

“It’s certainly easier for us this year, to have the meet virtually, and safer too.” said Stanton. “It’s also definitely cheaper to stay in Ketchikan instead of flying all the way to Anchorage and paying for hotels and restaurants and all the other expenses of travel.”

In order to prepare for this tournament, the team has been taking on many different modes of study, from flashcards to speeches, to reviewing page after page of material on this year’s subject.

Sarah Short, another member of the team, is relishing her last year at Kayhi, as she is graduating early.

“It’s very emotional for me,” Short explained. “As my last year in ACDC. But I’m excited to crush it.”

Short has been working very hard this year, and especially over the past few weeks to be as prepared as possible for the competition. 

“ Every night I try to work through my flashcards,” Short said. “We have flashcards in sets of six hundred for each topic, so I try to work through those.” 

Cooper said that he is very proud of his team, and how hard everyone has worked to overcome obstacles such as Covid absences and the difficulties of the past year.

“Everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses, and I am proud of my team for all the progress they have made.”

AcDc back from State

Francis Sherman
Staff Writer

ACDC just came back from their state tournament last weekend in Anchorage coming in 7th overall against 15 other teams. The 10 decathletes, 5 veterans and 5 new members, went against 200 other people with Matthew Nutt getting gold in the interview topic, and bronze in super quiz.

“We were at a GPA disadvantage,” Mr. Staton said. “We were also up against some really strong teams. Lathrop almost set a new record.”  

This entire season’s topic has been about sickness and health and next year’s topic is all about the Cold War. 

The Results:
Highest Scoring Team Member – Franchezca Correa

Interview – Matthew Nutt, 1st

Essay – August Copper, 3rd

Super Quiz- Team, 3rd

AcDc competes in home meet

Francis Sherman
Staff Writer

Over the weekend ACDC finished their home meet, competing against Juneau and Metlakatla. Campbell Sande came in first overall against the 40 other students. 

“The team has improved so much,” Stanton (ACDC Coach) said. “We even had a three way tie for first place in music.” 

Kayhi’s team has improved by more than 60 points since their last meet.

Logan Cope-Powell 3rd
Evelyn Nutt- 2nd
Matthew Nutt- 1st
Franchezca Correa- 1st
Campbell Sande- 1st

Social Science
Franchezca Correa- 1st

Campbell Sande- 2nd
Franchezca Correa- 1st

Campbell Sande- 3rd
Franchezca Correa- 2nd

Evelyn Nutt- 2nd

Evelyn Nutt- 2nd

Matthew Nutt- 3rd

Campbell Sande- 2nd

Evelyn Nutt- 1st

Campbell Sande- 3rd

Sande 2nd at ACDC Meet

Campbell Sande took 2nd place overall and Matthew Nutt placed 3rd in the Academic Decathlon meet in Juneau last weekend.

“The team did really great,” Mr. Stanton said. “They actually exceeded my expectations, not that I have low expectations for them, but there were some students I was a little bit worried about how well they were going to do but ended up really impressing me and doing extremely well so I was very happy with the results.”

Kayhi ACDC competed against 2 other schools. With each team members making in the top ten.

“Every time we have a meet I remember why I love ACDC.” said Sande. “It’s extremely competitive, I can name at least 4 people that my only goal is to beat.”

Matthew Nutt 5th
Jacob Pattison 4th
Evelyn Nutt 2nd

Franchezca Correa 5th
Campbell Sande 4th  

Franchezca Correa 4th
Sarah Short 3rd
Campbell Sande 2nd  

Matthew Nutt 5th
Franchezca Correa 3rd
Sarah Short 3rd
Campbell Sande 1st  

Sarah Short 5th
Campbell Sande 4th
Matthew Nutt 3rd  

Sarah Short 4th
Matthew Nutt 1st

Matthew Nutt 5th  

Matthew Nutt 3rd  

Social Studies
Campbell Sande 2nd

Sarah Short 5th
Evelyn Nutt 4th
Matthew Nutt 3rd
Campbell Sande 2nd

DDF 2nd, ACDC 4th at State

Kayhi’s Debate, Drama, and Forensics team finished 2nd in the state tournament in Anchorage this weekend.
DDF’s highest finisher was the team of Jackson Kaye and Henry Clark, who placed 2nd overall out of 40 teams in Public Forum Debate.
“We lost in the final debate by a 3-4 decision,” said Kaye. “Despite being so close, it was a really successful weekend and I’m happy where we finished considering all the hard work we’ve done this season.”

ASAA State DDF Results
Team Debate Sweepstakes- Large School: 2nd Place
Public Forum Debate:
2nd Place- Henry Clark & Jackson Kaye (Lost final on a 4-3 judge vote)
Quarter Finalists (tied 5th place): Abbigail Gaugler and Jacob King, Seth Chernick and Nicole West
3-2 Record: Brendan Roof and Carter Thomas
3-2 Record: Jared Valentine and Chris Brown

Speaker Points:
1st Brendan Roof,
3rd Chris Brown,
5th Henry Clark

Original Oratory:
9th Place- Carter Thomas
11th Place- Dametre Martin

Informative Speaking:
12th Place- Abbigail Gaugler

Domestic Extemporaneous:
11th- Brendan Roof

Foreign Extemporaneous:
10th- Chris Brown

Extemporaneous Commentary:
4th- Henry Clark
8th- Nicole West

Reader’s Theater
7th- Seth Chernick, Brendan Roof, Jared Valentine, Henry Clark


Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon (ACDC) team finished 4th overall out of 14 schools in Anchorage over the weekend. They also finished 2nd in the super quiz.
“It was a good weekend for us,” said Senior John Luke Calderon “We were happy with how we performed and it was a good feeling ending my last year on a positive note.”
The subject over the state meet was “The 1960s: A Transformational Decade.”
The competition was over two days, made up of 10 tests covering literature, art, science, music, social science, mathematics, and economics.

Evelyn Nutt:  Bronze – Essay
John Luke Calderon: Bronze – Interview
Phillip Smith: Gold – Interview
Dan Neufeldt: Gold – Science, Gold – Interview
Mackenzie Fousel: Bronze – Economics, Bronze – Science, Silver – Art, Silver – Social Science, Gold – Music

Academic Athletes Head To State

The Kayhi Debate team will be traveling to Anchorage this Friday for the state meet.
The resolve is the same topic the students had in January at the home meet, “Should the United States end its arm sales to Saudi Arabia?”
Junior Dametre Martin is feeling excited for state.
“It’s a combination of excitement and stress,” said Martin. “The excitement comes from being able to perform at a higher level, along with the stress that comes with all of the preparation.”

The AcDc team will be traveling to Anchorage this Friday to represent Kayhi in the state tournament.
Senior Dan Neufeldt spoke aboout his confidence in the upcoming tournament.
“I’m very confident that I can place high in my respective categories.” said Neufeldt, “I am a little stressed, but am prepared for whatever they throw at me.
Kayhi especially wants to place high at state so they can repeat last year’s national victory.
“I’m hoping that we pick this victory up at state, so we can advance to the national tournament,”said Senior Grant Dulay. “Winning the national tournament last year really showed the school that AcDc is something to care about.

Kayhi’s National Ocean Science Bowl team (NOSB) will compete in the state level quiz and the Tsunami Bowl this weekend in Seward.
Kayhi’s NOSB team, The Saber-Toothed Salmon, are seeded 5th for the jeopardy style quiz.
The quiz is in two parts. Half is multiple choice, and the other are short answer questions.
Along with the questions, the team will present their 15 page research paper which will be tacked on to the teams final score.
Team co-captain Laura Sherrill said the questions are all related to the ocean.
“They have to do with policy, biology, chemistry, marine life, anything that pertains to the ocean,” said Sherrill.
The Tsunami Bowl will be held on Friday and Saturday

NOSB Members:
Laura Sherrill (Co-Captain)
Caity Pearson (Co-Captain)
Anne Coss
Remi Howe
Talisa McKinley

ACDC Recap

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team arrived home sunday night from their first meet in Craig. For the Super Quiz, team 1 for Kayhi’s took 2nd overall while Kayhi’s second team took third.

Individual placements:

Daniel Neufeldt: 10th in Art, 8th in Music, 4th in Interview, and 2nd in Science
August Cooper: 2nd in Speech
Sarah Short: 8th in Music and 6th in Speech
Alphege Dulay: 9th in Economics, 8th in Social Studies
Robert Cope-Powell: 10th in Art, 8th in Interview, and 5th in Literature
John Luke Calderon: 10th in Social Science, 7th in Essay, 6th in Literature, and 5th in Speech.
Matthew Nutt: 8th in Literature, 6th in Music, 4th in Science, and 4th in Economics
Campbell Sande: 9th in Literature, 5th in Social Studies, 5th in Art, 3rd in Economics, and 2nd in Music
Franklyn Correa: 10th in Science, 10th in Music, 9th in Social Studies, 9th in Art, 7th in Interview, 3rd in Economics, and 5th in Literature
Evelyn Nutt: 10th in Art, 9th in Math, 7th in Speech, 7th in Science, 7th in Economics, 5th in Essay, 3rd in Literature, and took 10th place overall
Mackenzie Fousel: 8th in Science, 6th in Literature, 4th in Art, 3rd in Music, 3rd in Social Studies, 2nd in Economics, and placed 9th overall
Andrea Short: 10th in Economics, 9th in Literature, 7th in Math, 4th in Speech, 2nd in Music, 1st in Interview, and placed 8th overall
Acacia Sexton: 9th in Music, 8th in Literature, 6th in Economics, 4th in Social Science, 2nd in Essay, 1st in Speech, and placed 7th overall




Photo By: Gilbert Varela

Kyle Smith
Staff Writer

The Kayhi ACDC team won the USAD National tournament in Frisco, Texas this past weekend. No Kayhi team has ever taken state, let alone win the National Championship.
“It was about time we won,” said Largim Zhuta, senior ACDC member of three years.  “Last year we got second place and lost to Lathrop by nine points, which is less than a question.”
Zhuta and his senior teammates were hungry for revenge in their last year in the ACDC program at Kayhi.
“This year was Kayhi’s year.  For many of the students on the team, this was our last go at it. It feels amazing that we were able to make history twice in one year and leave our mark on Kayhi,” said Zhuta. ”In my opinion, this year’s team is like the 1992 Dream Team compared to all previous Kayhi teams. We’re just a bunch of highly motivated students who strived to do well and win. Probably the best team there is, was, or ever will be.” Many of the ACDC members didn’t think they would make it as far as they did. They were just students being students and doing what they loved which led them to overachieve. “When I first joined the team, I never even thought about getting to this point,” said Max Varela, senior ACDC member of three years. Getting here has taken years and the payoff was worth every hour of studying. Every day at practice was a joy. We spent hours discussing the materials and studying, but also growing as a team.”
With the season ending, decathletes look forward to being able to relieve their studying stress and celebrate their victory by burning all their materials.
“The burning of study guides will be really therapeutic,’’ said Zhuta. “I’ll be honest. The thing that will feel more satisfying than winning State, as well as Nationals, will be burning all the guides and notes we have. It has been cool winning, but this has been stressful especially since I’m involved in a lot of other activities.”
Being the first team from Alaska to win nationals is a huge deal. It’s not just a big deal to Kayhi but to all schools in Alaska as well.

See personal scores below
Largim Zhuta: won bronze medal in Science.
Emme Andersen: won bronze in Literature and bronze in Music.
Adrian Ronquillo: won silver in Science, bronze in Economics and also Music.
Megan Cornwall: won gold in Speech, and in Interview, as well as a bronze in Science.
Charisma Manalo: earned 4th in Music, 4th in Science, and had the 3rd highest score on the team, with an individual score of 6,769.1.
Mackenzie Fousel: won gold in Music and Mathematics, a silver in Art and literature, bronze in Economics, and Science. She earned a $500 scholarship with the 3rd-highest varsity total score.
Lydia Sumrall: won gold in Art, a silver in Economics,  Music, and Science, bronze in Essay and Social Science. She earned a $750 scholarship with the 2nd-highest overall score.
Max Varela: won gold in Art, Economics and Social Science, bronze in Science, and won $500 for receiving the MVP title and having the team’s highest individual score of 7,595.4. 



ACDC Heads to Nationals

Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

After knocking out a state championship title, the Academic Decathlon team is headed off to nationals in Frisco, Texas today. The team will put their knowledge and skills to the ultimate test April 19-21. They are competing against 55 winning teams from all over the United States alongside teams from China and the United Kingdom that are competing in the international portion of the competition.
The team, consisting of senior members Emme Andersen, Charisma Manalo, Megan Cornwall, Lydia Sumrall, Mackenzie Fousel, Max Varela, Adrian Ronquillo, and Largim Zhuta, is the first team from Southeast Alaska to make it to nationals.
Since this is the first time a small school has won a state title, the team believes this win is a breakthrough for all small schools.
“I feel really great about it,” said Emme Andersen. “It’s the first time any team has done this and it feels like we broke the glass ceiling of small schools never winning.”
Even though Kayhi triumphed over the other southeast schools, Region V still shows support for the Kings’ success.
“The southeast teams are very supportive of each other,” said Max Varela. “So when Kayhi won, it was like all of southeast won.”
With the ACDC team being a part of Kayhi’s history since the 80’s, they felt a victory was overdue and they are honored to have been a part of this team.
“Every year that we’ve gone to state, we have been eager to do better,” said Lydia Sumrall. “We’ve worked really hard to continuously break our own personal records and do our best.”
Many of the members of this team were shocked to win the state title and are looking forward to the nationals competition. They are all excited to be participating and representing their state.
While all the other teams are focused on competing, Largim Zhuta is looking forward to cracking some jokes with the other teams.
“The thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing how many Texans I can ask, ‘How does it feel being the second biggest state?’”