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Kayhi Debate Travels to Juneau

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Drama, Debate, and Forensics team is travelling to Thunder Mountain to compete in their first regional meet of the season on Friday.
Head Coach Dave Mitchell said he is looking forward for the first meet.
“The first meet is always unique in that it’s mostly focused for training and preparing first-year debate students in getting them knowledgeable, and making them comfortable with debate,” said Mitchell. “In terms of first year debate students, we just have a lot of really sharp kids who have joined. They will learn from the seniors and returning students, make some huge strides, and hopefully be able to compete at a high level by the end of the season.”
Co-captain, Frances Barry said she is looking forward to seeing the new members of the team see what DDF is all about.
“The first meet is always exciting. You go with all these first year students who don’t really know anything about DDF, and then they go and actually see what DDF is and what all the events are,” said Barry. “They also see how exhausting it is as well.”
Barry said she sees Kayhi maintaining their good performance from past seasons.
“I think we will continue our path in being one of the best overall teams in Southeast”

Kistler and Dossett, fourth in state for DDF

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi seniors Audrey Kistler and Luke Dossett placed 4th overall at the State Debate competition this past weekend, the highest placing for Kayhi.
Dossett said he wishes to have spent more time preparing younger debaters.
“I feel pleased with my own performance,” said Dossett. “I’m also grateful for how well my partner Audrey Kistler and I did. However, I wish I got to spend more time with the younger debaters preparing them for their later years in debate.”
Junior Madyson Traudt already looks to prepare for next year’s debate season.
“I think state went pretty well,” said Traudt. “Although our team didn’t place the highest, we all had a lot of fun and reached our personal bests.”

Meet Results
Kistler and Dossett placed 4th overall in debate.
Traudt and and junior Piper Cooper placed 5th overall in debate.
Juniors John Coss and Frances Barry were 2-2.
Dossett placed 6th in extemporaneous commentary.
Coss placed 8th in original oration.

Debate heads to State

Piper Cooper
Guest Writer

Madyson Traudt walks quickly through the halls, her heels clicking with every step. Her partner and her pick up the pace, handling piles of papers in their hands, rushing to their next round of debate. After the last round, Traudt returns to the teams table, grabs her speech and begins to practice here, pacing around and speaking to the walls and chairs, perfecting her pace and pronunciation before the speech rounds, all while attempting to snack quickly before she must perform.
Debate is certainly not for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of discipline to prepare, intense courage, and willingness to go in front of strangers who will judge from speech content to posture and confidence. In this current season, there has been a wave of new debaters, all of varying backgrounds and strengths.
“Debate is something that requires a genuine interest and passion as well as a large amount of motivation and great work ethic.” said junior Madyson Traudt. “You have to be willing to do all the prep and then some to succeed at the activity and not everyone is willing to endure that rigor.”
On average, Traudt accounts for at least 1-2 hours a night of research in the upcoming week to a meet, outside of class. Along with that, she is subscribed to several news outlets, such as CNN, Washington Post, and The New York Times, receiving updates on current events as soon as she can read them. Subscribing to these journals and papers can be expensive, as some of them range from $10 a week at The New York Times, and $199 for the year with The Wall Street Journal.
Traudt in particular, has done exceptionally well her first year debating in southeast Alaska, having won her first final debate by a 3-0 decision in November with partner Audrey Kistler. She’s not unfamiliar with debate though, as she has debated before in Oregon, scoring high marks in several events as a freshman and sophomore.
Along with having a impressive debate record 18-22 for the season, only losing 4 debates throughout the entire season, she is active in SBA, Ketchikan Youth Court, which all help in one aspect or another with her debating skills. As a junior, she juggles a full class load as well, keeping up her reputation as a straight A student, along with being one of the students in charge of GSA. Her time in debate has been an extreme benefit to her and her progress in school.
“Debating in southeast has helped me to gain a lot of confidence, meet a lot of new people and overall become a better speaker as well as a better debater” said Traudt. “Going into this next meet, although carrying the usual stress and anxiety that comes a week before hand, I feel great and I’m excited to debate. It’s a rewarding activity that I love to do and I’m glad I have a portion of my high school career to do it.”
She tends to dedicate her spare time in between classes reading articles, and spending some of her lunches researching in the library, among the buzz and usual chatter that lunch brings in Kayhi. With joining debate, she has become considerably more competitive and increasingly more interested in pursuing a career path in the avenue of politics.
“I am currently split between two opposite career fields. As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a doctor, as I got into highschool I began to lean towards cardiothoracic surgery.” said Traudt. “More recently, largely due to debate, I have also began to consider law school and/or political science, ultimately my dream would be to work in the White House if I took this path.”
Her interests in politics has grown even more with participating in debate, as she is beginning to research more and more degrees and scholarships to help with her possible career choice. Traudt has shown much excitement from this activity, including her friends and her mother in with all the exciting details of her success in debate and the rewards from it.
“The best part of debate is the feeling you get when you win a debate” said Traudt. “It’s a lot of hard work, research and prep, but the feeling of winning is so worth it and rewarding. If there was one thing I wish people knew about the activity is that the skills you learn in here are skills you will use for the rest of your life. It is arguably one of the most important classes to take in high school.”
Her anticipation and eagerness is contagious, catching the attention and fascination of other students and teachers on a daily basis. Traudt’s hard work and dedication has earned her a spot on the state team, which will be competing in Anchorage February 23rd-25th. Even with the class over for the semester, she continues to demonstrate her individual perspective and represent to others the rewards and enthusiasm that debate brings.

DDF performs well, Dossett and Kistler go 5-1

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi seniors Luke Dossett and Audrey Kistler finished 5-1 and 3rd overall at the final debate meet of the season held in Juneau. Dossett felt like the team weren’t as prepared as they could’ve been.
“I believe everyone felt slightly unprepared going in with only two weeks of research,” said Dossett. “However we were still able to end with two Kayhi teams at 5-1, Audrey Kistler and myself, and Frances Barry and Maddyson Traudt. I think everyone will use the input of the judges and fellow debaters to better improve our cases for state. This meet was great practice to try out our arguments so we could know what to use and what not to use at state.”
Juniors Frances Barry and Maddyson Traudt (4th overall) also went 5-1. Juniors John Coss and Piper Cooper were 3-3.
Seniors Kistler and Dossett, and juniors Arick Mattson, Kody Malouf, Cooper, Traudt, and Coss will finish their season at state in Anchorage on Feb. 22nd – 25th.
Meet Results
Dossett and Kistler 5-1 overall
Barry and Traudt 5-1 overall
Coss and Cooper 3-3 overall
Kistler 1st, Cooper 3rd, and Barry 4th in Speaker points
Coss 2nd in Original Oration
Mattson 3rd in Humorous Interpretation

DDF seniors Kistler and Dossett go undefeated

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi debators Audrey Kistler and Luke Dossett won the final debate, going undefeated throughout the home tournament 7-0.
“I felt the meet went well and a lot of our debaters, actors, and speakers found success in different areas,” said Dossett. “We have seen a lot of improvement this year from our new members as well as our older members. I am excited and blessed to have won the final debate. I feel Audrey and I put a lot of effort into this meet and preparing for it, the results truly show how much we cared about doing our best.”
The teams of Piper Cooper and Madyson Traudt, and Seth Chernick and Shania Olsen were both 4-2.

Meet Results:
Speaker Points- Audrey 2nd place, Cooper 4th, Malouf 5th, Coss 8th, and Dossett 10th
Reader’s Theater with Command Performance- Dossett, Thomas Brooks, Frances Barry, Arick Mattson and Chernick took 1st
Humorous Interpretation- Mattson 2nd
Duo Interpretation- Cooper and Brooks 2nd
Original Oration- Rachael O’Conner 2nd and Ellowyn Wood 3rd
Extemporaneous Commentary- Mattson 2nd and Karri Montero 6th
Dramatic Interpretation- Orion Denny 5th


DDF hosts home meet

Kayhi’s DDF team will be hosting its first and only home meet of the season this Friday between 3-9 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Junior Thomas Brooks is ready to compete in all of the events this weekend.
“I feel very prepared due to the fact that I’ve done a lot of research. I have strong cases and a strong debate partner, Kody Malouf,” said Brooks. “Also, I’m hoping to continue to receive first place in duo acting with my partner Piper Cooper.”
Coach Dave Mitchell hopes for Kayhi debaters to seek success in this meet.
“There’s a lot of preparation when it comes to home meets. The community has been a big help when it comes to judging and timing, so it’s always nice to get as much help as we can get,” said Mitchell. “The students have their speeches memorized and feel confident and prepared for this home meet.”

Debate Performs Strong In Haines

Four members of the Kayhi Debate Team placed first at the Debate Drama and Forensics Meet in Haines this last weekend. Senior Audrey Kistler took first in three events, public forum debate, speaker points and original oration.
“The expectations were definitely met. Students tried their hardest and came out with a great outcome,” said coach Dave Mitchell. “We have a great debate team, very strong in many categories. We paired experienced and inexperienced debaters together and they reached their goals.”
Kayhi debate looks to prepare for their first and only home meet on Dec. 9th.
Meet Results
Senior Audrey Kistler and junior Madyson Traudt 1st in public forum.
Kistler took 1st in speaker points, junior Piper Cooper 2nd, senior Luke Dossett 8th, juniors Thomas Brooks 9th and Frances Barry 10th.
Kistler 1st in original oration and juniors John Coss 2nd and Ellowyn Wood 3rd.
Sophomore Karri Montero 3rd in solo acting.
Cooper and Brooks 1st in duo interpretation.
Sophomore Orion Denny 3rd in dramatic interpretation.
Kistler took 1st in extemporaneous speaking, Cooper 3rd and Brooks 5th.
Junior Paul Allmendinger took 3rd in expository speaking.
Dossett, Brooks, Chernick, Denny and Barry took 5th in reader’s theater.