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Debate performs well at Edgecumbe

Kayhi had a successful meet last weekend in Mt. Edgecumbe in their third meet of the year. DDF teacher David Mitchel commented on how well the students did.
“This was a great meet, and some of the best student performances I’ve seen all year,” said Mitchel. “The students are doing great and will be ready for their next meet.”
Senior and DDF Captain Seth Chernick placed higher than ever this past weekend.
“I was really proud with how I did this meet,” said Chernick. “I was not expecting to do as well as I did.”
The next meet will be a home meet in Kayhi in January.

Public Forum Debate

2nd-Henry Clark & Seth Chernick: 6-1 Record
3rd– Chris Brown & Jared Valentine: 5-1 Record
4th– Jackson Kaye & Savannah Nieshe: 5-1 Record
8th– Dametre Martin & Jacob King: 3-3 Record

Also 3-3 Record: Brendan Roof & Erin Shea, and Carter Thomas & Abbigail Gaugler

Speaker Points
4th– Jared Valentine
5th– Henry Clark
6th– Chris Brown
9th– Jacob King
11- Jackson Kaye
14- Dametre Martin
19th– Brendan Roof
19th– Seth Chernick
19th– Erin Shea
Out of 48 debaters

Extemporaneous Commentary

1st-     Jared Valentine
2nd-     Savannah Nieshe
3rd-     Henry Clark
4th-     Tristan Dahl
5th-     Nicole West

Extemporaneous Speaking

4th-  Carter Thomas
5th-  Chris Brown

Expository Speaking

1st-     Abbigail Gaugler
3rd-     Chris Brown
4th-     Jared Valentine

Original Oratory

4th     Carter Thomas
5th     Jacob King


Humorous Interpretation

3rd– Seth Chernick
5th-Ethan Thomas

Reader’s Theater

2nd- Seth Chernick, Henry Clark, Jared Valentine, Brendan Roof

Debate travels to Sitka

DDF is headed to Sitka to take on Mt. Edgecumbe this Friday. This is Kayhi’s second debate trip of the year. The upcoming resolve will be about whether or not a tax would be the best way to reduce single use plastics for the state of Alaska.
DDF Co-Captain Seth Chernick says he is excited to return to Sitka.
“I love competing in Sitka against Mt. Edgecumbe,” said Chernick. “It’s one of my favorite places to visit. The people there are really nice.
Kayhi will be hosting the next DDF meet in January 2019.


Debate performs well in Juneau

Logan Ohmer
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Debate team traveled to Juneau for there 2nd meet of the year. Senior Chris Brown placed 1st in Extemporaneous Speaking.
Coach Dave Mitchel was very impressed with the students this meet.
Overall, the students performed very well and improved a great deal from the first meet,¨ Mitchel said. “They only had 3 weeks of turnaround between meet, and with a new debate topic, speech, and drama pieces recited by memory, they were very busy.¨
Many of the DDF students agree that this was the most important debate meet of the season.
“This meet was really important for two big reasons,” Junior Dametre Martin said. “It’s the first meet in which everybody had memorized pieces and was working on their performance as well as it was the first meet to actually scope out the competition in your events.”
“All the Kayhi DDF students stepped up to the challenge and have really worked hard to be prepared for this meet,¨ said Mitchel. ¨I was pleased with the effort, and our improvement overall.”
The Kayhi DDF team will travel to Sitka for their next meet in December.

Debate Scoring Guide

Public Forum Debate
Speaker Points:
2nd- Chris Brown
 5th- Henry Clark
9th- Jared Valentine

Reader’s Theater
4th- Seth Chernick, Henry Clark, Tristan Dahl, Brendan Roof

Expository Speaking
4th- Jared Valentine
6th- Abby Gaugler

Original Oration
2nd- Chris Brown
3rd- Carter Thomas

Extemporaneous Speaking
1st Chris Brown
4th- Seth Chernick

Extemporaneous Commentary
4th- Henry Clark
7th- Tristan Dahl


Weekend Preview

The Kayhi Wrestling team will compete in the Metlakatla Invitational this weekend. The Kings had a successful weekend at home, while eight of the eleven Kayhi finalists placed first.
They’ve competed in three tournaments and finished first in all three.
Senior Brandon Wieber said the team hopes to bring this momentum into their fourth tournament.
“We expect to continue to win every tournament,” said Wieber. “In every tournament so far we have won by a lot.”
Brandon Wieber has taken first place in all three of the seasons tournaments, and plans to continue the streak.
“I am going to continue to work hard every day in practice,” Wieber said. “I think I can take first place every meet in my weight class. I feel really confident going into this next meet.”

The Kayhi Debate team will be traveling to Juneau to compete against Thunder Mountain this Friday.
Many of the students in DDF are looking forward to this weekend, as this is their first and only meet of the season that takes place in the capital city.
Junior Dametre Martin says he’s excited to get this first trip underway.
¨I am excited to meet with old and new friends and compete against my rivals,¨ said  Martin. ¨Our resolve this meet is about how the United States federal government should impose price controls on the pharmaceutical industry, and it is a pretty hard topic, no matter what side you are on.¨

Swim and Dive
State qualifiers for the Kayhi Swim and Dive team will be traveling to Bartlett High School in Anchorage to compete this Friday and Saturday. Qualifiers include Laura Sherrill in the 100 fly and 200 fly, Jessilynn Sivertson in diving, and Emma Campbell in the 200 free.
“Our times are really close with our competition- like by a few seconds, but I think we’ll be able to pull something off, “ Laura Sherrill. “We all worked hard to get here and I think this will be our best meet this season.”

The Kayhi Lady Kings will travel to Juneau to play in the Region V tournament this weekend.
Although this year has been a struggle for the team, senior Louise Peterson said the love she has for the sport has helped her push through.
“As an individual I expect to go onto the court with energy, positivity, and overall just have fun,”  said Peterson. “As a team, we’re all very excited to make this last trip of the season fun and full of hard work.”
Senior Autumn Yeisley said she feels that she has improved tremendously over the season and the other girls have improved a lot individually as well.
“I plan on giving it my all for my last regions because I have nothing to lose,” said Yeisley.




DDF Places 3rd in State

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Debate Drama and Forensics team had a strong performance at state placing 3rd out of 21 teams in the Forensics (speech) events.
Kayhi competed against 32 public forum debate teams and had the most speakers finish in the top 10.
Arick Mattson took first place in Public Forum Debate speaker points, and second in Humorous Interpretation out 64 and 23 participants respectively.
Chris Brown and Piper Cooper went undefeated in the public forum (4-0)–one of three teams out of the 32 who finished with that record.
While none of the Kayhi teams made it past the octofinals — sudden death where previous records and scores are disregarded — they did finish with the best overall debate record at the meet; all Kayhi teams finished at or above an even record.

Piper Cooper – 4th of 18 Original Oration, 7th of 64 in Public Forum Debate (PFD) speaker points, 7th in Student Congress
Jared Valentine – 4th of 24 in Expository Speaking
Frances Barry – 5th of 24 in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, 7th in Duo Interpretation, 4th in PFD speaker points, 4th in Student Congress
Thomas Brooks – 6th of 24 in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, 7th in Duo Interpretation, 6th in PFD speaker points, 6th in Student Congress
Chris Brown – 4th of 18 in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking, 5th of 64, 5th in PFD speaker points
Arick Mattson – 2nd of 23 in Humorous Interpretation w/ a command performance, 1st in PFD speaker points
Sam Winburn – 9th in PFD speaker points

Public Forum Debate
Chris Brown & Piper Cooper (4-0)
Thomas Brooks & Madyson Traudt (3-1)
Frances Barry & Henry Clark (3-1)
Jared Valentine & Brendan Roof (2-2)
Sam Winburn & Seth Chernick (2-2)
Arick Mattson & Abbigail Gaugler (2-2)

DDF Scoring Guide

DDF Heads to Anchorage

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Drama Debate and Forensics team is headed to Anchorage tomorrow to compete at the state competition.
The team has been researching and preparing since the last meet for the state topic: abolishing the capital gains tax.
Co-captain Frances Barry  feels well-prepared for her final debate as a Kayhi King.
“I feel better prepared than the past, but it’s also the most complex resolve I have ever had to debate,” said Barry.
Coach David Mitchel said he is also aware of the difficulty of such an intricate topic.
“It’s a tough issue. There are a lot of angles to cover and it’s tough to say stuff that always makes sense, ” said Mitchel. “A lot of parents have joked about that students would ask them about capital gains tax, and they would have to look it up themselves.”
Regardless, Mitchel is confident in the team’s ability even with the difficult topic that will be debated.
“We have a really good group, and they have all deserved it,” said Mitchell. “They have been studying a lot. They are more prepared than we have been in the past.”


DDF Scoring Guide

Seth Chernick
Staff Writer

DDF is an academic sport that teaches students proper ways to engage in speaking and research. Because of the complexity of the events and the scoring, it can often be hard to determine the significance of the event placing.
DDF is composed of two parts – debate and drama.

Debate placing is the result of how well students place in six public forum debates. Their results are stated as a win/loss ratio. Results come down to the judges, therefore it is very important that each student practices good speaking skills during the debate. Students also receive a score (30 points possible) called speaker points after each round. After the debates, the speaker points are added up and tallied as that students total speaker points.
Ex: Seth went 2-4 and Piper went 5-1 but tied for 3rd in speaker points.

Drama is composed of 10 different events:
– Dramatic Interpretation
– Duet Acting
– Duo Interpretation
– Expository Speaking
– Extemporaneous Speaking
– Extemporaneous Commentary
– Humorous Interpretation
– Original Oration, Pantomime
– Readers’ Theatre
– Solo Acting.
Placing involves a student placing in a spot in their rooms. After two placement rounds in each event, the top placing students compete in the finals. Placement in the event is determined by where the students place in finals.
Ex: Arick places 5th in his first round, but places 1st in his second round, so he qualifies for Finals thanks to his strong average place. Placement in finals is not reliant on placement in beginning rounds.