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Thor: Ragnarok, A Mediocre Marvel

Dante Troina
Staff Writer

Film: Thor: Ragnarok
Director: Taika Waititi
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Tessa Thompson, Mark Ruffalo

Highlight of the Movie: The film starts out on the right foot, with a hilarious bit of dialogue and a great action scene which results in Thor (Chris Hemsworth) slaying a powerful demon, and setting up a triumphant return to Asgard with a return of Tom Hiddleston as fan-favorite Loki to boot.
This is easily the best part of the whole movie, starting everything off perfectly and getting the audience excited for the two hours yet to come. The dialogue in the first fifteen minutes of the film are easily the most clever and polished bits throughout the two hour and ten minute runtime.
The re-introduction to Asgard is also wonderful in these scenes, the floating sky fortress has never looked better, showing a natural evolution from the first two films, and showcasing how much better Marvel has gotten at utilizing their settings over the last six years.
Worst Part: Twenty minutes in, the film makes its first clear mistake in killing-off Odin without having much emotional weight or payoff, the death feels brushed over and doesn’t have as much effect on Thor as a father dying should have. Shortly after, Cate Blanchett makes her first appearance as Hela, as much as she nails her role, Blanchett’s introduction is rushed. Hela quickly says her cliche villain introduction lines, and defeats Thor and Loki in an instant; the scene where she destroys Thor’s hammer is in the film, but because of it being shown in the trailer, the destruction isn’t a wow moment, it’s expected.
The biggest problem with Hela’s quick defeat of Thor is that even though it’s a handily defeat, there is no lowpoint or feeling of absolute hopelessness from Thor, but instead the plot just keeps moving, which is one of the most critical flaws in this movie, director Taika Waititi doesn’t take his time and ever look at all that has just happened, but instead just keeps moving in full gear into the worst section of the movie.
Sakaar may have beat Ego for worst planet to base a Marvel movie on, whereas Ego was unpopulated and boring, Sakaar is just bland. Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster was just a complete miss, plain as that. The sci-fi tone that the movie shifts to isn’t warranted, and takes away from the very interesting side plot of Hela retelling Asgard’s history.
Best Character: With Tom Hiddleston (a guaranteed hit) as Loki, Chris Hemsworth returning as Thor, and six time oscar nominee Cate Blanchett, this film has a stacked cast. As much as those three nail their roles, Tessa Thompson steals every scene she’s in. Valkyrie is easily the most interesting new character in this film, and her backstory is a great segway to get out of Sakaar and back into the rich history of Asgard.
Worst Character: Jeff Goldblum. There isn’t a right place to start when analyzing his performance. The jokes written for him are awful, and the ‘ooo I’m crazy’ villain stereotype doesn’t fit his character at all.
Biggest Takeaways: Loki is the ultimate plot device for Marvel. His double-crossing nature can come into play for whichever side the plot requires it to in order to create a better story.
Valkyrie is much better and more interesting than Jane Foster was as Thor’s love interest. She isn’t going to be a damsel in distress all the time, and feels so much closer to Thor already; instead of being a painful reminder of how inhuman he is, she’s a great connecting bridge to the Asgard side of Thor that is much more interesting.
Marvel needs to abandon the sci fi tone that it had for the middle of this film, it doesn’t fit. This world is outlandish and just plain fun. Exploring Asgard’s mythology has always been the strong point of the Thor films, and the more that appears in the future, the better.
Rating: 82/100


Life is a Soundtrack

Brittany Slick
Online Editor

Every time I hear “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol I’m eight years old again, dancing around the kitchen on a Sunday morning while my mom cooks pancakes.
I’m not actually there. But the song just places me right back in that moment.
Everyone recalls memories by different things — sights, smells, sounds, even circumstances like deja vu.
I grew up listening and accidentally memorizing everything from Paul Simon to Kenny Chesney, all of which became a soundtrack to some of the more memorable moments of my childhood.
Uncle Kracker sang “Follow Me” as my friends and I went to lunch last week and we all found ourselves joining in because we knew the lyrics by heart. This song is definitely not on Pandora’s Today’s Top Hits, as it was released in the year we were born (2000). So how did we learn every word when we had no clue what, “swimming through our veins like fish in the sea” meant, especially as terrible twos?
Anyway, listening to that song took me back to driving out to Settler’s, stopping at Ward Cove Deli for bean and cheese burritos– the smell lingering in the hot car the whole drive out. Who knows if I would have remembered that day at the beach with my cousins had that song not attached itself?
I knew I would remember special moments in my life like my 16th birthday party or getting my first dog, but now, the only reason something sticks is because of a song. I have no other reason to file such insignificant moments in my life other than having music that goes with them.
Psychologists say your memories aren’t your memories unless they are from your point of view, otherwise you’re just remembering something someone else told you.
I think that’s why I enjoy music so much. It lets me be in the memory rather than recalling it; like one does when looking at pictures.
Adults always say that since I’m only 17, I don’t even have a fraction of the memories I will have in my life. And that’s true. But right now, I feel like I have a lifetime of them — and the playlists to prove it.
Ask me what I was doing three months ago, I would have no idea. Play my summer music, and I could tell you exactly what I was doing, who I was with, and my mood with each song that comes on.
If I want to throw it back to middle school, I’ll shuffle my 2013 playlist, blasting Ke$ha and Katy Perry on repeat. If I want to relive prom night, I’ll listen to Heartache on the Dancefloor by Jon Pardi. If I’m reminiscing the Watershed Festival, I’ll get in my car and listen to the entire Traveller album by Chris Stapleton.
If organized playlists aren’t enough, I also have a VSCO (basically an unpopular Instagram) that I post pictures on, captioning each one with a song. I have a song for every picture, a picture for every memory.
Pictures are great, diaries are great — but they don’t satisfy the feeling that music gives me. Now that my high school playlist is coming to an end, I can’t wait to see what my college soundtrack will be.


Netflix: A successor to movie theaters?

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 12.11.14 PM
A poll from the Kayhi Journalism Twitter account

Liam Kiffer
Staff Writer

This week, Netflix is releasing the long anticipated season two of the hit show Stranger Things. On the big screen, Thor: Ragnarok will be hitting theaters all around the world on November 2nd. There was probably a time when the box office wouldn’t have paid much attention to the release of a show, but now streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are proving to be a threat to movie theaters everywhere. It’s no secret how popular streaming shows and movies have been in the last few years. Netflix has recorded $178 million in revenue in 2017 alone. Streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix have made huge profits in the last year, while movie theaters across the country have steadily declined in attendance and revenue.
Junior Maya Parker said she doesn’t attend as many movies as she used too.
“I only go the movies about once every two months,” said Parker. “I used to go to the movies just about every week with my family, but now I watch everything at home on Netflix or Amazon Prime.”
Netflix started as a service that sent videos to customers in the mail in 1997. In 2007, It expanded to streaming movies and television shows online.
Kenny Gross, who is the corporate manager for Gross Alaska Theaters, believes Netflix has an impact on his annual revenue.
“Netflix obviously affects our income. It’s no secret that if someone could choose between paying to watch a movie in public, or watching one in the privacy of your own home, people are going to stay home,” said Gross. “I won’t disclose our total income to the public, but clearly we’re still around, so we can’t be doing too badly.”
Gross Alaska Theaters has three locations in total. One in Ketchikan and two in Juneau.
Candice Jenkins, who is the manager of the Ketchikan Gross Alaska Theater said that she has noticed a steady decline in the attendance in the last few years.
“I’ve worked for Gross Alaska for about five years now and I’ve certainly noticed a minor decrease in the attendance in the past few years,” said Jenkins. “No one’s done a survey or anything to really be sure if Netflix is really the cause, but I’m not sure what else would be.”

November Culture

Dante Troina
Staff Writer

The last two months, in terms of music and film, have been some of the driest times in culture in my high school career. No event warranted a build up in hype, and many promising projects fell flat. November is the month where the culture is supposed to get back on track, with a handful of album releases, sports seasons in full swing, and blockbuster movies hitting theaters, there are many things planned that should keep the culture moving into December. Here are a list of things I expect to happen before ABC Family starts having their Christmas marathons.

Taylor Swift’s 6th studio album, Reputation, will be her best billboard performance yet… And her worst album to date. It would be no surprise to me if Reputation beats out 1989’s 1.2 million copies sold first week. Music is easier than ever to stream and buy these days (Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL) and sales numbers for top artists have been at record highs and inflated astronomically since Taylor’s last release in 2014. There hasn’t been a solid female pop album all year, and the last big commercial release was Katy Perry’s dud in June. Swift could easily sell 1.5 million first week, especially with a starved, ever-growing fan base. While Swift may set records, Reputation will be a disappointment. For the record, I’m not a Taylor Swift hater, I could sing every word to the majority of the songs on her last two albums (and who doesn’t love Shake It Off?). I would love for this album to be successful, but none of the three singles up to this point have been groundbreaking or that enjoyable at all. Look What You Made Me Do was a mess of a song, it tried using the same formula as Shake It Off (beat switch, annoyed of ‘haters’, mad voicemails) but didn’t have anywhere near the same catchy tune, and completely abandoned the light heartedness attitude that made Shake It Off fun. The second single for the album was forgetful and doesn’t even deserve a title mention, and the recently released Gorgeous wasn’t bad, but sounds eerily similar to the far superior Blank Space. Taylor has proven to consistently make good music for years, but the experimental phase she’s going through right now doesn’t appear to be working. She seems more focused on the controversial headlines she’s been in (hence the New York Times font on her cover) and, no pun intended, is putting her reputation above making good music.

Frontrunners for championships will be established in College Football… This November is setting up to be one of the wildest months in college football history. With no clear picture of a frontrunner available yet, and only eight teams without a loss, there will be plenty of high stakes games come Thanksgiving time. Most of the races for conference titles are between three or more teams, creating an all out battle royale for the four slots in the playoff. Alabama will have to go into a dangerous Auburn team’s stadium to determine the SEC East winner, Washington and Washington State will meet in what could be their most high stakes rivalry game to date, and there are about 5 teams in each of the BIG-10 and BIG-12 that can possibly take the crown of their conferences.

Here’s my prediction for the final four teams:

  1. Penn State (13-0)
  2. Auburn (11-2 w/ win vs. Bama)
  3. Alabama (11-1)
  4. Oklahoma State / Washington (12-1)

Superhero films, both Marvel and DC, will return in glorifying fashion… Marvel will continue their ever lasting string of good movies, and DC will build off of the pulse that Wonder Woman gave it in June. Both Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok will be solid films, and both will perform very well at the box office. If I were a betting man, the safe choice for one to be a better movie would be Thor, but there is a part of me that is more than excited to finally see a Justice League on the big screen. There will be tons of converted Marvel fans that only want the Marvel Universe to have great movies, but why would anyone not want two great superhero universes? Thor is the closest thing to a guarantee to be a solid film, but Justice League has been all over the place in production. If both movies are made to the fullest potential, November will be one of the best movie months in recent memory.

Travis Scott and Quavo’s album will (finally) drop… And it will become an instant fan favorite. Collaboration mixtapes like this one aren’t meant to win Grammys, but this one will be nominated at next year’s show; maybe not for best album, as it won’t have a concept or touch on social issues, but there will be a handful of songs that are pure gold off of this tape. Every song Travis and Quavo have done together have been incredible, Oh My Dis Side will go down as one of the best songs from this decade, and the preview snippet of Re Run isn’t able to be quantified through words; it sounds like the club song of the century. There are many reasons to be excited for November, but this is definitely the best thing that could come out of this month.


Kayhi will be hosting the Senior Carnival this Saturday from 4-8p.m. There will be booths ranging from the bungee run to darts in the main gym. There will be a cake-walk and the duck pond in the aux gym for children. Senior Kody Malouf said it’s a great fundraiser, but it can be stressful.
“Senior carnival helps out a lot and it’s our main fundraiser for prom, but it’s a lot of work I’ve never done it before so I hope it goes okay.”

Opinion: Time is Inevitable

Illustration by: Zoe Spencer

Brittany Slick
Online Editor

Time is inevitable.
One second, I’m eight years old eating chewy granola bars and only worrying about when the next episode of Hannah Montana is on. Then in a blink, I’m 17 about to graduate high school, filling out college applications and preparing to get thrown out into the world by myself. So this begs the question: where did time go?
Time goes the same speed for everyone. But the only thing that differentiates your time from the person next to you is how you utilize it.
And to be honest, it terrifies me to think that I might one day not use my time for anything interesting. I only have 24 hours in a day. Say I use eight of those hours for sleep and another eight for school. That leaves a whole third of my day to do what we call “life”. Now, how am I gonna spend those free eight hours? This is essentially my experiences, my memories, and my time.
As the years go by, there’s a possibility that every day can become the same basic routine: wake up, go to work, come home, sleep. This repetitiveness can become strenuous to your mind’s perception of time. You throw in a birthday party here, a vacation there, but you are always warped into the same routine that becomes your life. After doing the exact same thing for so long, years seem like months and months seem like minutes.
Your morning alarm goes off at six, so you turn it off and wake up at noon. What if adulthood is like that? What if I turn off the alarm, go back to bed, and wake up a 30-year old?
I figured that time would move slower for a 30-year old in a routine, but these people actually believe time goes by faster.
Wait, nobody prepared me for this. My 17 years have already meshed together into what feels like a speedy five. Now you’re telling me that my life will go by faster than it already has? Great.
I think what scares me the most is that I will lose this perspective of cherishing the time I have now. Yes, I know, so cliche of me. But the truth of the matter is, my entire life is going to change in a mere nine months. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, worrying too far into the future as my time ticks down. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am excited for the years to come; graduating high school and going on to college. But I’m still scratching and clawing to make the most of what I have in front of me. All I have is right now. Senior year.

Opinion: From Benchwarmer to Dodgezilla

Illustration by:  Zoe Spencer

Verona Kamberi
Editor in Chief

New Verona: Oh it’s just sweat I’ll wipe it off when I get done with PE.
Old Verona: Girl I’m allergic to sweating! That’s why I don’t do PE.
New Verona: Well gosh Verona are you just going to spend your whole life not working out?
Old Verona: I’ll only take PE when it’s a requirement and that’s it, I don’t want to waste a class period exercising, remember I’m focused on the important classes.
New Verona: Let me tell you about what I’ve experienced in PE class so far.
Old Verona: Like that’s going to make me see PE any different.. go ahead.
New Verona: When in your life do you get a chance to hit another student without getting in trouble?
Old Verona: Never… how would you feel if you got hit?
New Verona: Well my friend listen up, if somebody comes at you with a dodgeball you have to go all out like Gordon in the movie Dodgeball. Dodgeball is an intense game and sometimes I wish that I had a football hat to protect my head from all the head shots.
Old Verona: Alright alright I suppose, but aren’t you terrified of getting injured?
New Verona: Oh girl you have no idea, let me tell you, when a football player throws a ball you better run for your life unless you want a bloody nose.
Old Verona: Bloody nose… no thank you I’ve been elbowed once before not trying to relive that moment again (laughs).
New Verona: You know that feeling you get when you score higher than your classmates on a test… well you get that same feeling when you score a point for your team. Trust me sometimes I want to lowkey break into my happy dance, but you know at the same time I gotta act all tough (laughs).
Old Verona: Got to admit doing better than your friends on a test sets the bar really high for the level of excitement, but I’ll take your word about the whole game thing.
New Verona: Listen if you’re still worried about ruining your hair or having sweat overtake the smell of your $120 Coco Chanel Perfume, don’t be, just put the hairspray and perfume in your bag and you’re good to go (winks).
Old Verona: Won’t promise you anything my friend, but who knows maybe in a couple of years I’ll give PE a try.
New Verona: Marvelous, okay better go to gym class don’t want to lose my 5 points, oh btw it’s Friday dodgeball how perfect (laughs).