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The Fantasy of Black Friday

Verona Kamberi

Alert! Alert! Guess what’s coming up y’all… BLACK FRIDAY, or should I say Black FriYAY. Now, you all know that I love to shop. It has gotten to the point where I am seriously considering adding Shopaholic to my name. You know how they say Christmas comes once a year well, I believe that it comes twice.
Black Friday is unbelievable. Everything is on sale and if you look close, that Versace Robe might be yours for just a couple of Benjis. Black Friday is somewhat a dangerous event. Relationships are broken, and I guarantee you that that isn’t the only thing broken. People get trampled over and some, well, they see it as a competitive sport.
No one, and I repeat NO ONE is your ally when it comes to Black Friday. Everyone wants the same items so you have to keep all the sales to yourself. I never thought I’d say this but, I would honestly sleep in a tent outside of a store if I knew they had an amazing sale on brand items. Trust me I’m not a fan of tents.
Even though I live in a small city, as soon as it’s Nov. 24, this girl is going online and is plugging in the numbers. Lord, I could go on and on about Black Friday. Who knows maybe I’ll name my future grandchildren after this holiday, after all aren’t names supposed to have a meaning. I have two tips on how to survive Black Friday.
One, don’t ever leave the house without your parents’ credit cards. Two, shop till you drop.
But sadly… we live in Ketchikan Alaska. There is no Versace. There is Salmon Landing, but is it even open?
I will likely just be at home in bed watching all the Black Friday commercials when the chaos starts and be depressed when it ends, knowing Black Friday is not for me. Yet…
There will be a day, who knows when that day will be, when college is over, college is paid off, I have a job, all that stuff, then I can officially become an adult when I can live this glorious holiday to the fullest.

Staff Picks – Holiday Edition

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

Lezille Sagrado:
My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be flying over to Juneau to be with all my family. Everyone cooks, and I mean everyone. There’s so much food made that there’s leftovers for a week, it’s amazing. Another tradition that I enjoy is when the whole family plays games together and you could just see how much fun all the kids and adults are having. My cousins and I plan to wear the same pajamas just because it’s always been our tradition since we were little. Another obvious favorite tradition is opening gifts, but since I’m getting older I usually just receive money, and I’m totally okay with that. You also can’t forget about the hot chocolate and watching classic Christmas movies on Netflix.

Nate Eisenhower:
My favorite Christmas tradition is all the desserts and egg nog that I can eat after the months of eating healthy for wrestling season. It’s special because my mom bakes all these desserts for my brothers and me. The desserts that we help make are the gingerbread cookies, donuts, and buckeye balls. Whoever helps my mom the most when we make desserts gets to have preference on what cookies they want. Some of my favorite desserts are double decker fudge, buckeye balls, sugar cookies, pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies, frosted pumpkin cookies, brownie mint pie, and homemade donuts. I don’t want to drink anything except egg nog in this season. All of these delicious foods and egg nog go great with classic Christmas movies, my favorite being Polar Express.  

Kody Malouf:
My favorite Christmas tradition was not being in town for Christmas. For 14 years in a row, my family and I had been on vacation with my dad’s family. We went all over the place, Mexico multiple times, the Bahamas twice, Belize, and Puerto Rico. Those were some of my favorites. Those trips were always so much fun, but last year my brothers and I convinced my mom to let the family stay home for Christmas, since we always missed the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic and couldn’t remember what Christmas at home was like. Last year we broke the streak and this will be our second year in a row, due mostly to the Clarke Cochrane, my obligation to the pep club and my dank sign duties. My mom is constantly trying to convince me to go on Christmas vacations again, because she refuses to go without me. I keep telling her I’ll go if she’ll work the vacation around the Clarke. I missed out on it for 14 years, I refuse to miss any more.  

Thomas Brooks:
My favorite Christmas tradition is my family’s annual Christmas Eve party. Each year on Christmas Eve, all of my family comes to my parents’ house and we watch family videos, pig out on great food, and play our favorite games. This year there is going to be about 28 of us all under one roof. It’s great to keep up with the friends and family because we always seem too busy throughout the year. The doors are open to all of our neighbors and friends. This is also the time we give gifts to each other so we don’t have to go anywhere on Christmas day. I love the fact that we prepare so much food that we don’t have to cook for days. My family always looks forward to my homemade deep dish apple pie. My older brother Chris used to be in charge of pies, but now that he moved away it’s been my official job. With each and every winter season I definitely look forward to this party because of the joy, family, and big bellies.

‘Tis the season to be… Hungry


Max Collins
Staff Writer

Thanksgiving has troubled wrestlers for endless seasons in Alaska since the beginning of the sport. Wrestling doesn’t just involve the practicing and meets but also involves eating habits, and Thanksgiving sure does a good job of ruining your weight management.
Not only being a dedicated wrestler, but being the coach’s kid I get a lot of pressure during the holidays. In the first few years of high school my dad really focused on what I ate during dinner time. My freshman year at Thanksgiving dinner I remember finishing my small portion of food sooner than everyone else.  Watching the rest of the family feast on bottomless amounts of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more is not the easiest thing to do when you’re starving for 8 weeks of the wrestling season.
Freshly made apple pies from your grandma and thumbprint cookies from your mom are really hard to keep a fork out of, and every year it’s the hardest challenge I am put through. Freshman year I made the biggest mistake of my season and I will never forget it. As soon as it was dessert time I could not take the hunger any longer, so I ate five pieces of pie. Taking one slice at a time I hid in my grandparents garage so my Dad/Coach would not catch me. The day later our team had practice and we had to weigh ourselves. My dad definitely knew what I did to myself. Holidays are a wrestlers nightmare and I for sure learned my lesson of dieting. Looking on the bright side I received a lot of advantages to watching my weight in the future.
Wrestlers used to deal with the obstacle of trying not to overeat at Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas as well, thankfully I never had to experience that much pain. The year before I got to high school the season finally was shifted, instead of it ending in February it now ends in December. This means that I do not have to feel the pain of not eating during Christmas. I cannot thank ASAA enough for ending the season before the feasts start up. Having to avoid one feast instead of two makes the biggest difference. If only people could understand the pain of not eating the great holiday food.
With having three seasons of experience, I feel way more comfortable with not messing up my diet. I can not wait for my brother to make the same mistakes that I have done because of him taunting me with food for years. I visualize coming back from college and eating food in front of him. I deserve some revenge but most importantly I am excited to eat once again. Watching my weight will forever be my nightmare as long as I’m a wrestler.  

Turkey with a side of irony

Shirlie White
Staff Writer

I believe that Thanksgiving is a time where families sit down at a table, eat dinner together, and give thanks. A time where everyone enjoys each others presence, and eat lots of food. Junior Luke Reynolds only eats cereal in the morning until his huge Thanksgiving feast with his family.
“I wake up, I eat cereal before dinner,” said Reynolds. “Sometimes I go outside enjoy the Thanksgiving sunrise, by the time I come in my mom starts dinner. Dinner starts around 5pm I get a huge plate of turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, biscuits, cornbread, and cranberry sauce, I always have apple cider to drink this all down. I watch some football after with family, then I take a huge nap, when I wake up I throw on my Christmas sweater, best Thanksgiving ever.”
The day after Thanksgiving we stop thinking about giving thanks and buy a whole bunch of stuff, because Black Friday has come! Sophomore Deejae Yalung goes online shopping and goes to Walmart after.
“I go online shopping on Black Friday, I go to Walmart after online shopping, I check out their deals,” said Yalung. “During Black Friday I usually look for electronics, like game consoles, televisions, boomboxes, and I go online shopping on PacSun for the black Friday deals for clothes.”
The irony that Thanksgiving is before Black Friday is that we all give thanks and the day after, we spend a whole bunch of our money to buy things that are on sale. I believe that having Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving insults the point of having Thanksgiving. It’s just another event that makes every price super low so we can be selfish and buy anything we couldn’t afford before. I understand that Black Friday makes prices low so parents can get ahead on Christmas shopping but, it should not be the day after Thanksgiving. It makes it so one day we are giving thanks and then the next, we are back to being our greedy selves.