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Weekend Sports

Football @ Homer
Football will take on Homer Saturday at 2 p.m. Kayhi (3-1) fell to Houston last weekend 22-20.

Volleyball @ TM
The Lady Kings (1-5) will face the Thunder Mountain Flacons tonight at 8 p.m. JV will play at 6:15 p.m. and C team at 4:30 p.m. Saturday night Kayhi will play at 6 p.m. JV at 4:15 p.m. and C team at 2:30 p.m. 

CC @ home
Kayhi cross country will host fifteen teams from south east this weekend. The girls will race at 12 p.m. and the boys at 12:45 p.m. 

Swim and dive @ Sitka
This weekend the Kayhi swim team travels to Sitka. The meet starts at 5:30 p.m. today and 1 p.m. Saturday. 

Fitness Last Week

Seth Chernick
Staff Writer

The Student Body Association participated in three, thirty-minute events last week. This is part of an effort to join #MoveInMay otherwise known as the ‘’ National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Some of the activities at the school include Yoga, Dodgeball, Mega Musical Chairs, Hip-Hop, Zumba, Outdoor Frisbee, and Art.
Students and Staff had varying reactions to the event, but the response was mostly positive. Mrs. Woodward was among those in favor of fitness week, and she offered her own advice on how to improve upon the idea.
“I think that the health and fitness week is a great idea,” said Woodward. “I would like to see us expand it outdoors, during this nice weather.”
Principal Bob Marshall suggested that fitness week should be implemented earlier next year.
“In the future, we will start sooner in the planning,” said Marshall. “So we can make sure everything is on board and ready to go.”
For students, the event comes as both a break during the busy school day and a time to be active. This had both positive and negative reactions within the student body. Some students appreciate the short breaks in the days as finals week approaches, but others would rather be spending the time working. Senior Max Varela criticized the event for the time it took out of class but said he supports fitness activities.
“I kinda think its a waste of time, and there are better things we can be doing,” said Varela. “I think fitness is important, but I don’t think to cut into class time for it fits its purpose.”
Senior Luke Reynolds has a different perspective, seeing the event as a better idea than just sitting around.
“I think it’s a fantastic idea and the alternative would’ve been sitting around,” said Reynolds. “I appreciate it; its a healthy alternative.”

Weekend Sports Recap

Baseball sweeps TM
The baseball team finished their home series 3-0 against the Falcons. The Kings defeated Thunder Mountain 13-10 Friday. Kayhi dominated 10-0 over the Falcons Saturday afternoon. Finishing up the weekend, Kayhi came back in the 8th inning winning 5-4. Senior Michael Starr said he’s happy with how the team played.
“I’m very happy with the way we played this weekend,” said Starr. “The first night was rough because of the weather conditions, but we didn’t give up because the other team had to play in the same stuff. I’m also proud that we were able to come out with a sweep. If we are planning to go to state this is the fire and intensity we need to bring to the ball field.”
Track and Field Boys Take 2nd in Juneau
Kayhi Track and Field boys finished second at the Juneau Invitational last weekend with an overall score of 108– two points behind Thunder Mountain. The boys won the 4×100 relay and combined to place in 11 of the 17 events including all four relays.
On the girls’ side, the Lady Kings placed in one event, one less than their previous meet. Carlee Zartman, Rachel Knight, Keri Thomas, and Elizabeth Knight finished second in the 4×400 relay 19 seconds behind last year’s state champion team.
The last home meet for the Kings will be this weekend, May 11-12 at Esther Shea Field.

4×100 relay- Lester Credito, Adrian Ronquillo, Grant Alphege Dulay, Kadin Hodges- 1st
Brendan Wong shot put- 2nd
Joey Rhoads discus- 2nd
Grant Alphege Dulay long jump- 2nd
4×400 relay- Ivers Credito, Paul Allmendinger, Jon Barron, Adrian Ronquillo- 2nd
Nolan Meyer triple jump- 3rd
Lester Credito 100- 3rd
Christopher Carlson 110 hurdles- 3rd
Ivers Credito 300 hurdles- 3rd
4×200 relay- Ivers Credito, Gabe Cruz, Riley Deal, Lester Credito- 3rd
4×800 relay- Nate Ellis, Jeffrey Lambert, Paul Allmendinger, Jon Barron- 3rd

4×400 relay- Carlee Zartman, Rachel Knight, Keri Thomas, Elizabeth Knight- 2nd
Girls, Boys soccer go 1-3
Girls soccer (1-7, 0-4) finished their Anchorage road trip 1-3 with a win over Homer (2-1) and losses to Dimond, Kenai-Central, and Soldotna. They not only scored their first goals of the season, they also picked up their first win. The team as a whole ended up scoring five goals on the trip with three of them coming from junior captain Olivia Kinunen.
Kinunen said she is very happy and proud of the team for getting their first victory of the year.
“We have worked so hard this season,” said Kinunen. “So it is nice to have all of our hard work pay off and to get a win.”

Boys soccer (4-8, 2-2) had a similar luck up north and went 1-3 beating Homer 1-0, and losing to Dimond, Kenai-Central, and Soldotna.
Senior captain Henning Pankow said he was disappointed in the outcome of their trip but believes it is what the team needed.
“We learned to play as a team and really focused on getting our endurance up,” said Pankow. “It would be nice to have an extra week to recover for Juneau, but I think we will be ready for them on Friday.”
Softball goes 1-1 against TM
The Lady Kings split in the conference games this weekend to Thunder Mountain. Winning on Friday 11-4 and losing their only conference game on Saturday 8-3.
Senior Alex Boegler said that the weather had an impact on their ability to play at their best over the weekend.
“I’m not making excuses, but in the rain and wind, It’s a lot harder to throw balls compared to when it’s sunny and dry,” said Boegler. “We definitely didn’t play up to our skill level this week, but I’d really like to see what happens when we face those girls again in more suitable weather.”
The Lady Kings now have a conference record of 2-4. This upcoming weekend, Kayhi will travel to Sitka and face the Sitka High Softball Team. Ketchikan’s first varsity game is scheduled for Friday at 6pm


Track Does Well At Home Meet

Brittany Slick
Staff Writer

Kayhi Boys Track dominated their home meet this weekend with 145 points–44 points ahead of the next best team. Though 12 of the 17 events were races on the red, the boys showed their domination in the five strength and jumping events. Upperclassmen Brendan Wong, Justice Yoder, and Joey Rhoads took the top three places in shot put, contributing huge points in the Kings’ win. The girls took fourth place overall with relays as their highest placing events. Freshman Rachel Knight was the only Kayhi girl to place in any individual event, taking second in the 400m.

Brendan Wong shotput- 1st
Justice Yoder shotput- 2nd
Nolan Meyer triple jump- 2nd
Joey Rhoads discus- 2nd
Trevor Holt triple jump- 3rd
Brendan Wong discus- 3rd
Joey Rhoads shotput- 3rd
Kadin Hodges 200- 2nd
4×200 relay- Trevor Holt, Gabe Cruz, Lester Credito, Cole Caparas- 2nd
4×400 relay- Paul Almendinger, John Barron, Jeffrey Lambert, Ivers Credito- 2nd
4×100 relay- Germin Pasion, Christopher Carlson, Riley Deal, John Rodriguez-Bernardo- 3rd
4×800- Paul Almendinger Jon Barron, Jeffery Lambert, Nate Eisenhower- 3rd

Rachel Knight 400m- 2nd
4×100 relay- Rachel Knight, Rosie Kascenas, Madison Rose, Carlee Zartman- 3rd
4×800 relay- Ashley Cyr, Morgan Elerding, Keri Thomas, Kendall Kamm- 3rd


Boys Soccer Goes 1-1

The Kayhi boys soccer team (1-5, 0-2) went 1-1 this weekend at home. Thursday night Kayhi came back from a 0-2 deficit against West Anchorage High School to win 3-2. Saturday the Kings lost to 2017 state finalists Kenai Central High School (5-1) 4-0. Senior Max Collins said he was happy to play new quality teams over the weekend.
“It was a good weekend to get quality games in,” said Collins. “It’s super nice to have teams from up north come down and play us. I was super excited about our team effort Friday. Juneau was just swept by (West Anchorage) 3-1 each game, so it’s pretty uplifting to hear that they’ve lost to a team we beat.”

Goals scored vs West
1- Jaret Warstler
1- Henning Pankow
1- Brayden Linne

Track Heads to Washington

Kayhi Track and Field will be traveling to Washington this week to compete in their first two meets of the season. They will be the only out-of-state team attending both the C2BL Meet in Toutle Lake, WA and the Al McKee Invitational in Stevenson, WA. Head coach Alex Pennino has purposely kept the Washington trip in the season schedule for seven consecutive years because of the exposure it gives the team.
“The best part about Washington is getting to check out some different tracks, meets, and athletes,” said Pennino.
Although the trip is beneficial to the new team, there is also a huge setback due to poor scheduling for the 2018 season.
“The worst part about the trip is that it coincides with Music Fest this year, so we had to leave behind some of our more competitive athletes, including seniors,” said Pennino.
Competing against teams that aren’t in the same conference–let alone the same state– is one of the best ways to start Kayhi’s season: having no pressure or expectations and just getting some experience in. But, because the competition in Washington is at a naturally higher level, any less-experienced team would prefer to bring it’s better, more experienced members. With the absence of those stronger members, the new athletes on the Kayhi roster have been expected to step up.
“We have a lot of new and unproven athletes this year on the trip,” said Pennino. “Hopefully it will be a good learning experience for the kids and get them prepared for the season with some races under their belts.”
With the members that are traveling, Pennino believes the team has a lot of potentials that Kayhi fans can look forward to. He has confidence is some strong upperclassmen on the boys’ side that have been proving their place at practices.
“I’m expecting some strong work out of Seniors Luke Reynolds and Paul Allmendinger,” said Pennino. “Junior John Barron has been a beast at practice and I’m looking forward to seeing him in competition.”
This season, the presence of first-year members on the girls’ side overpowers that of the boys’. From what Pennino’s seen, he predicts there will be a pair of underclassmen runners who will shine at the upcoming meets.
“I’m not positive who will stand out but if I had to bet, I would wager on Ashley Cyr and Rachel Knight,” said Pennino. “We also have a few girls who will be in their first meet ever and it’s exciting to see how they will do.”
Kayhi’s Track and Field has grown significantly over the years, with more and more people wanting to join in. Pennino and the rest of the coaches have taken notice of the newfound interest in the sport.
“We have 60 members on the team this year and I think kids at Kayhi are starting to figure out that track is a pretty dope sport that isn’t just running around in a circle,” said Pennino.
With a large number of members comes a large amount of potential. Pennino makes sure to emphasize the teams’ main focus when asked how the season should play out.
“Our main goal of the season is to see improvement from race to race and meet to meet,” said Pennino. “It’s pretty hard to learn the events and it’s a definite strain on your joints and muscles–but it’s pretty rewarding and I’m really stoked to see what this group can achieve.”
The Kings’ first meet will kick off at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday at Toutle Lake High School, followed by a 12 p.m. meet on Saturday at Stevenson High School.

Washington Trip Roster
Keri Thomas- Hurdles, Distance, Sprints
Kaiden Hodges- Sprints
Victoria Adams- Throwing
Luke Reynolds- Distance
Nolan Meyers- All the difficult stuff
Nate Ellis- Distance
Dawson Entwit- Throws
Chris Salita- Throws
German Passion- Jumps
Paul Allmendinger- Distance
Rosie Kacenas- Sprints

Elizabeth Knight- Distance
Kaileigh Edenshaw- Sprints, Jumps
Crist Carlson- Hurdles
Brendon Wong- Throwing
Franklyn Correa- Sprints
ER Caparas- Jumps, Sprints
John Barron- Distance

Madi Rose- Sprints, Distance
Ashley Cyr- Distance
Hunter Matthews- Distance, Jumps

Rachel Knight- Sprints, Distance
Carlee Zartman- Sprints


Music Fest back on for Kayhi Students

Seth Chernick
Staff Writer

The Alaska State Ferry that was supposed to transport the students to Juneau for the Southeast Regional Music Festival had broken down. Over the course of three days, students wrote letters to the State Representative, Dan Ortiz, and celebrities like Oprah and Ellen Degeneres. Social media pages started with posts that helped spread awareness about the problem. The response from the State Representative and community members alike were strongly supportive of the students. Alaska State Ferry officials later announced that the Leconte would be rerouted to pick up students from southern Southeast Alaska.
Senior Chasina Klein said she is glad to know that the trip is back on.
“Hearing that we would be able to go, is just incredible,” said Klein. “Knowing that our hard work paid off, in just three or four days.”
The Music Fest students will be traveling to Juneau on April 12.