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Region V Art Festival

Kinani Halvorsen
Staff Writer

           The Region V Art Festival starts today in Petersburg. At this festival, students from all over Southeast Alaska will be showcasing their art from home, participating in class sessions, and creating even more art.
           Art Fest occurs over the course of four days, each of these days starting at 8 AM with class session A, then going into lunch, coming back for class session B, then going to dinner, and ending the day with a second class session A. The second day is the same schedule with sessions A and B flipped. The final day consists of an ending art show followed with awards for each media category. Students attending will get a total of 30 hours of art during this festival, which would take weeks to get taking the standard school classes at home.
          “It would take weeks for the students to get the same amount of time with their art,” said advisor Louise Kern. “The festival has been going on for a long time. It’s really important and beneficial for the kids.”


Session A Workshop options include:
Special Effects Makeup
Parallel Pen Wizardry
Jewelry with A Twist
Alder Spoon Carving
Copper Etching
Underwater Sea Creature: Acrylic Painting
Paper Relief Sculpture
Quilting Arts
Poetry Collage


Session B Workshop options include:
Formline on Longboards
Reduction Block Printmaking
Paper Sculpture Light Box
Leather Mask Making
Halibut Hook Carving
Digital Photography
Paper Mask Making
Watercolor Exploration
Visual Journal

Staff Picks

Is prom overrated?

Thomas Brooks:
I’ve never been to prom, but I feel like it’s overrated yet not in a bad way. I think it’s great that we put so much hype into prom because it’s one of the seniors’ most memorable nights. The fundraising that goes into prom is crazy, but at the same time it goes to such a great experience for the seniors. This is the classiest thing that some of the seniors will ever experience in their life. Personally, I’m very excited for this year’s prom and even though a lot of money is put into prom, I feel like it’s worth it.  

Lezille Sagrado:
I don’t think prom is overrated. I wasn’t able to go to prom the past two years, but I still think of prom as a seemingly interesting and classy event. I think that prom could be a great experience for juniors and especially seniors since we spend a lot of time trying to fundraise so we can make prom fun for everyone and make it the best it can be. Prom can be expensive, but with all the food, picture-taking, and being able to spend time with your friends before college, I think it’s worth it.

Kinani Halvorsen:
I think that prom is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as excited as anyone else, but I think in some cases it gets too much “hype”. It’s not the magical night that everyone says it is. Is it fun? Yes, it is a very genuinely enjoyable night but I don’t think that it is everything it is made out to be. Prom is a night that people anticipate to be the “best night of their life!” And it can be, and in most cases it is a wonderful night, but prom is still overrated to me.

Dante Troina:
Prom is extremely overrated. It’s supposed to be a magical night of dreams, right? Well, sorry to say, but it’s not. My dream prom would be to take Yanet Garcia in my Lamborghini while dressed in my White Goodman shiny shoes. If only, right? Nope. Maybe my prom could be as thrilling as the one in 21 Jump Street; in fact, that would be awesome, making a drug bust in a whited-out suit. But none of those dreams can come true at Kayhi’s prom, which is why it’s overrated.

Next Week’s Testing Schedule

Kayhi freshmen will be doing PEAKS testing next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will follow this schedule for testing days.

Tuesday: (Classes 1, 3, 5 will meet)
1st hour = normal
2nd – 4th hours = 9th testing or “alternative activities” for 10-12
Lunch = normal time
5th hour = actually 3rd
6th hour = actually 5th

Wednesday: (Classes 2, 4, 6 will meet)
1st hour = actually 2nd
2nd – 4th hours = 9th testing or “alternative activities” for 10-12
Lunch = normal time
5th hour = actually 4th
6th hour = normal

Kayhi attends Region V Music Fest in Sitka

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Ketchikan High School will be participating in the Region V Music Festival hosted in Sitka on April 6-8. Over 600 music students from across Southeast, Alaska will be attending to perform concerts, solos and ensembles, and engage in music clinics. Kayhi’s Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Vocal Jazz, Concert Choir, and Women’s Choir will all be performing.
Junior Thomas Brooks is feeling stressed, but thrilled about performing in Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, and Choir.
“I’m definitely stressed because of all the music that I have to learn,” said Brooks. “But I’m also very excited to be performing all the music because it shows the hardwork and dedication. All the bands and choirs put a lot of time and effort into making the pieces their own. I’m mostly excited to perform my ensembles because I’ve put a lot of time into them.”
Senior Kinani Halvorsen is excited to perform in her last Music Fest.
“I’m really looking forward to being able to perform for the Wind Ensemble for the last time,” said Halvorsen. “I feel really good about performing in Jazz Band because I really like the set of music we have and I think everyone has a piece that they really enjoy.”

Dodgeball Weekend

Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

The Kayhi wrestling team had its first Dodgeball tournament last weekend and racked up a lot of success, raising over $1,500 total. Teams were charged with a $50 participation fee and spectators were charged a $2 entrance fee.
           There were over 10 teams that participated including three middle school teams and one all girl team.  Blizz Inc. was the team that made it in the record books with their team taking home the inaugural trophy. Assistant coach Greg Karlik is hoping to keep this fundraiser going for as long as possible.
           “Rick, Matt, and I saw a similar version occur over in Craig when the middle school team was wrestling there this year,” said Karlik. “We hope to keep this thing going for as long as possible. We may have to tweak some things like smaller things or fine tuning the rules but it turned out to be a great fundraiser that we don’t mind doing every year.”
           Blizz Inc.’s co-captains Kody Malouf and Justin Albecker loved the idea of a dodgeball league and would love to do it again next year.
           “We loved it all, the intensity, the spotlight introductions, our team name, just all of it,” said Albecker.  “We are hoping to do it again next year.”
            “I would love to have a bigger audience next time, because this thing, I feel like, should start growing over time and love to become repeat champions with more people this time.” said Malouf.

Staff Picks

What Makes Rivalries So Great?

Lezille Sagrado:
What makes a rivalry so great is the built-up intensity of the crowd and how much hype there is for a sport. Rivalries are great because of all the cheering and support you’re giving your team to hype them up and get excited about winning. For us, whenever JDHS comes here to play basketball, it gets really crazy. Our pep club is on top of everything when it comes to all the signs they make, with all the camo everyone wears, while our pep band sets the right tone for the rivalries. With the whole town coming out to support us, it just makes it even better.

Thomas Brooks:
A good healthy rivalry never hurt anyone. Actually rivalries are a very good thing. They push players to perform to a more intense standard and increase the player’s desire to win. When two good teams are going head to head it makes everyone perform to their best. You can expect for pep club, pep band, cheer, and dance team to go hard. Rivalries also create more money. If there’s a known rivalry between two teams people are going to pay to watch them play, and we all know money is good. You can expect for the games with JDHS to be heated.

Joey Karlik:
Rivalries are the pinnacle of any season schedule in any sport. Whether it’s a division or conference rival that you hate because they beat you or your team every single time, or it’s a person or team that is just so good you want to see them or that person lose just so they can understand the pain of losing. Rivalries are pure good fun. Whether it’s the Dallas Cowboys taking on the New York Giants, or our Kayhi Kings against the Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears, rivalries are great especially for the fans.

Hannah Maxwell:
Winning a game against your rival can be seen as even more important than winning a region title. Rivalries are so great because it shows the love people have for their teams. A great rivalry game is anticipated weeks in advance and fans come ready to yell and scream for their favorite team. Sharing a common enemy, even just for a night or two, brings people together. All differences are cast aside and all energy is focused on doing your part to win the game.

Gabe Bowlen:
The key component in a good rivalry is good competition. With our school’s rivals, we get that. Against JDHS we have good games, good events, in all sports at Kayhi. When people start vandalizing, stealing, and assaulting the other schools property and people, then the rivalry is bad. Once the game starts, usually everybody in our stands is hyped, and really in the game. If people are yelling harsh, inappropriate things then it takes away from the fun of the game. During basketball games, it’s really easy to get carried away during play, especially when we’re playing JDHS.

Kody Malouf:
There are a few things that give a rivalry life. Competition is one, if both teams suck then the rivalry gets stale, bland, and boring. History is another, there has to be a rich history between the two teams, full of great games, close finishes, and outstanding performances by the best players over the years. The most important component of a rivalry though, is hatred. There has to be that almost tangible hatred between the teams. The years of bad blood that fires up everyone involved with the rivalry. The players, the coaches, and the fans all buy into that absolute loathing for one another that can only be found in a grade A-rivalry.