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Tourist Season Comes to an End

Chanell Browne
Staff Writer

The cruise ship season ended and Ketchikan is back to normal again.
Junior, Raevyn Goodson had a first hand experience with the tourists while working downtown at Ketchikan Souvenir and Candy Company. Goodson said she is glad that the tour season is finally over with.
“I am relieved to get a bit of time without the tourists in our town,” said Goodson. “The tourists make life in Ketchikan prosper in wealth but, they also make it hard for locals to get place to place.”
During the summer there were over a million tourists that came to Ketchikan. The 1,000,000th passenger came in on the Norwegian Pearl on Sept 30th. Sophomore Alex Malouf said that this achievement is a very good accomplishment for the town, and his family business, Ketchikan Duck Tours.
“It’s a cool milestone for the town,” said Malouf. “It directly translates to a good season for our family business, which is always the main goal.”
The summer of 2017’s tourist season was different from any other Ketchikan has seen before. Junior Cody Kemble said he noticed a wider variety of new, bigger cruise ships that came in; leading to more tourists in the town.
“I noticed that there were definitely more cruise ships that came in this summer,” said Kemble. “Last summer it didn’t seem like there were too many new ones.”
The end of tourist season is always a weird change for the town. The streets become  empty and all the stores start to close up. Kemble said that the town is quiet and boring without the tourists.
“It’s depressing going downtown in the winter and seeing that nothing is going on,” said Kemble. “It feels like a ghost town as opposed to the tourist season when downtown is booming with people.”  



Kody Malouf

The tour season is almost over and I have to get something off my chest,
…I told tourists that eagles eat cats and dogs on a daily basis…
…after the Grand Princess hit a whale, I said a dead humpback washed up on the beach at my house, and my brothers and I swam out and jumped on it like a trampoline…(they loved that one)…
…someone asked me if we had a McDonalds, I said, “yeah, and it holds the world record for the most opening day sales”…
…on our way through Bear Valley, I said bears live in people’s backyards and some even take cubs and raise them as pets…
I’ve honestly told these lies so much that I can’t even remember if they actually happened or not
…people are always amazed at the amount of fish in Ketchikan Creek, wait till they find out we run across their backs when the stream gets full…
…someone wanted to know about sharks here, so I said that salmon shark are all over the place here and attack swimmers and boaters all the time…
…fishing is always a topic of conversation, the biggest halibut I’ve caught was 800lbs, oh yeah and I had to shoot it with a shotgun…
…well this one time I was fishing and a deer swam in front of my boat, so we drove over to it and hauled it on deck by its antlers, best fishing trip ever…
…speaking of deer, my dad shoots them out of his bedroom window when they walk down my driveway…(don’t worry it’s legal)…
…no but really, in the winter I take my dogsled to school…
…also did you know that 75% of the town lives on a boat?…(if you don’t like the neighborhood, you can just move)…
…this one time my dad’s diving partner got laid on by a grey whale while he was diving…(oh wait that one actually happened)…




Senior Goodbye

Jake Smith:
Being the first kid in my house to graduate is very emotional. I have seen some of my closest friends do it, but everything they have told me has not helped, at all. I have been in denial since day one of senior year. I am going to keep my stuff very simple. I would like to thank my family, mostly my beautiful mother and strong father. I would like to thank all my teachers who got me to this point in my educational life. As far the education goes, I would like to thank the man who helped me discover my love of writing, Sir, GOAT, and King of the Journalism Wing, Lund. It will be a tough goodbye. But I think the closing of this chapter, and the beginning of the next is something I look forward to. Peace out Kayhi.

Kyra Welker:It’s not a lie when people say that high school goes by fast. It went by faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100 meter dash. Looking back on these four years I’ve learned more than my brain can contain. I mean I can’t recall what I learned in some of my classes, and yeah that sounds bad, but it’s inevitable. What is more important than all the miscellaneous knowledge you’ve gained is the routines and habits you make while you’re here.
High school is the prime place to make habits, habits that will stick with you for the rest of your life. It’s the trial and error stage before being flung into the real world. This is a place where timeliness is needed, which we all struggle with, myself included (I apologize to all my teachers for the tardiness.) Work ethic, which is important and shouldn’t even need an explanation. I mean, you get what you put into your work. Work hard and you’ll get good grades. Good communication skills are especially important (Don’t forget to tell the teacher who’s handing you your diploma at graduation, that they’re handing you your diploma). Not to get all sentimental, but I might actually just miss this place. Thank you, Kayhi for all the years of homework, learning, and fun times.

Pablo Orta:
So this is it… Walking into this school as a freshman, I never thought this moment would actually come. I didn’t believe that time went by as fast as everyone said it did, turns out it was true. High school went by faster than I could have ever imagined. I thought that by this point I would be ready to move on from high school and take the world by the horns, but now that it’s my last day here, I’m not sure I want to leave. From eating Mr. Edwards breakfast every morning to simply walking down the halls and seeing the faces of people I’ve known since elementary, I’ll miss it all. In my mind I know that this is the end but my heart still hasn’t quite accepted it, I still feel like I’ll be showing up here after summer is over. I think that the fact that I’m actually done with high school won’t really hit me until I enter that first college classroom and realize that I’m at a new point in my life. It’s a bittersweet feeling saying goodbye to the place and everyone that I’ve become accustomed to seeing each day and I know I’m not ready to go but no one goes when they’re ready, they go when they’re ready enough. Thanks for everything Kayhi.

What to expect from Ketchikan

Jackson Pool
Staff Writer

Ketchikan. The First City of Alaska (not chronologically). There is definitely more to this small city than one might think. The key to having a good time while visiting, or living in Ketchikan, is to know the good things to do, and know how to avoid the tourist traps.
Ketchikan’s culinary scene… Sadly, it is quite abysmal. This is the one thing that Ketchikan lacks. However, there is some hidden gems. To get to those, you have to get through the bad ones.

Cape Fox is really a hit or miss restaurant. The view is great, and you get to ride the tram up, but the food is mediocre, and expensive. Service isn’t amazing either.

Bar Harbor is a very popular restaurant in Ketchikan, and widely regarded as the best. However, I have noticed that they lower the quality of their food come Spring/Summer time, it’s a tourist trap.

The Fish House is slightly expensive, but well worth the cost, they are always putting out genuinely good Alaskan seafood meals. Get the fish tacos, best in town by far.

Diaz Cafe is a small, Asian inspired restaurant, and it’s the best place to get food in town, I swear by it. It’s not “Alaskan Oriented”, but it is the best Asian food you’ll eat.

Sushi Palace has some amazing sushi and fast service, making it high on my list, they also serve salmon if you’re looking for that Alaskan vibe.

Lastly, Annabelles. Pretty good food for a good price, and close to the docks.

In short, you are really better off eating at a small shack or small restaurant than eating at our vastly overpriced restaurants.
Tours. We have a lot of tours. Tourism is the biggest part of our economy in Ketchikan. Kayaking, Ziplining, Floatplanes, multiple types of Fishing, Canoeing, the list is endless.

If you’re looking to Kayak, the only way to go is with Southeast Exposure. As a former guide, the Eagle Island Kayak Tour is one of the most informative and hands on tours in Ketchikan. At $90 a tour, you will not find a better bang for your buck. You’ll see plenty of wildlife (seals, birds, whales, starfish, salmon, etc.).

Better yet, if you’re a zipliner, Southeast Exposure has a great 9 zip course along with an obstacle course and a rock climbing wall, all for $125 a person.

Alaska Canopy Adventures specializes in ziplining, and starts at about $189 a person. They have 2 ziplining courses, where you get to both repel and go down a slide.

-Floatplanes are a great way to see our island, especially if you choose to go on a Misty Fjords tour, preferably with Taquan Air ($269 a person). Also, Allen Marine has great boating tours that head into the Misty Fjords, and it is more hands on.

If you’re about walking around by yourself, on a budget maybe, there is still plenty to do. Our downtown is historic and has a lot to offer, aside from the 1,000,000 jewelry stores we have.

Walking historic Creek Street is a good way to go, there is plenty of local shops.
If you feel like going hiking, Deer Mt. is a few hour trek, with amazing views of both the town and the Tongass National Forest.
Walk around downtown and check out all the stores, most have the same things, but all of them have different themes.

Ketchikan has a lot to offer, and is a great place to visit for a day or two. Living here isn’t so bad either. I’d like to think that Ketchikan is a different culture all its own. We aren’t like anyone else, and that’s why we can tolerate living on an island.

Staff Picks

Why is KDL so great?

Jackson Pool:
KDL is money, not only is it the most hyped up local league, but we get a large fan base. With the large amount of former Kayhi basketball players, the league is highly competitive. Six former varsity players, and 15 former Kayhi players overall make for some great games. We had six teams in the league last year, and are expecting 7-9 this year. Some people take it as a joke, but once they join the league, they feel the hype.

Nate Eisenhower:
KDL is fantastic because it’s city league basketball so you don’t have to attend practices everyday after school. Everyone in the league has fun with energy and intensity, it’s gained a lot of popularity in the past few years so there’s a lot of teams to play against. In KDL, you get more playing time and don’t have the pressure of performing your best unlike at Kayhi. It’s really relaxing to play and just have fun with your pals from Kayhi.

Kody Malouf:
KDL is the greatest sporting organization in Ketchikan history. It’s so much fun to be a part of because there is no pressure to be good. You can play much more freely than you can on the Kayhi team. You can play how you want and actually have fun. The growing hype around the league and the influx of players joining is making KDL even better. Having @KDLGotNext on twitter documenting games, keeping track of stats, and making player highlight tapes just makes the league even more fun and interactive for the players.

Alec Simmons:
The thing about KDL is that it is a sport where the community can come together and be a whole. People are more engaged in a sport where you can have fun and mess around and not take the sport as seriously as one would during a Kayhi basketball game. Your playing time will be outrageous and will advance your playing capability against the former Kayhi players who have joined KDL this season.

Jack Carson:
The thing that makes KDL so great is all the hype that is involved in it. KDL season last year had six teams in the league, this year there are supposed to be either eight or nine teams which means that’s about 30 more people added to the league. The games are always packed and everyone is always into the game and having a good time. The game gets intense once you step on that Saxman court and everyone knows, it’s about to go down.