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Sam Pitcher Memorial Concert

The Sam Pitcher Memorial Concert will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the Kayhi Auditorium. There will be a series of performances by groups including the Windjammers, the Scattered Sunshine Trombone Choir, as well as the Schoenbar Jazz Band. The Kayhi Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz Choir will also be performing.
Senior, and first year Jazz Choir member, Adrian Ronquillo, said he is not worried about performing with many talented groups at this concert.
“This isn’t a competition,” Ronquillo said. “We’re just here to show the community what jazz is all about.”

KOI at Kayhi

Chanell Browne
Staff Writer

PBIS is a new education program created by KOI (Knowledge Outcomes Impact) that’s being implemented in schools across the country. The goal of the program is to help students focus more in school and to stabilize their behavior.
Principal Bob Marshall said he is excited to implement the program at Kayhi. He hopes it will improve student’s abilities to learn and process new information at school. The program is targeted towards students who lack focus and aren’t succeeding as a result.
“As you know most kids come to school from families where parents are present and have a good foundation, other kids don’t have some of those things,” said Marshall. “It’s figuring out how to help students who have a lack of behavior leading to their lack of success.”
Marshall selected the teachers he wanted to participate in the program. Those teachers received two days of training and instruction in finding effective ways to approach students who need additional guidance.
“There was a site team decided by me so I got to choose teachers that were going to be good leaders in learning what KOI is and how it works,” said Marshall. “Basically it’s a school wide positive behavior interventions and support training. It’s a program that tries to encourage more positive behaviors.”
The site team will meet again in March and the program created by the site team will be rolled out next year.

Ketchikan Theatre Ballet

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Ketchikan Theatre Ballet performed a condensed version of The Nutcracker at the Ketchikan Public Library and the Ketchikan Pioneer Home on Sunday.
Sugar Plum Fairy, Chasing Klein said she enjoys being able to put on a show for the youth in the community.
“My favorite part is always interacting with the kids after the show,” said Klein. “I remember being their age and wanting to meet the cast so badly, and with the addition of these shows it gives the kids in the community that opportunity.”
The Nutcracker director, Zach Leighton, sees the shows as a good way for KTB to get positive exposure in the community and gain new recruits who might be interested in ballet. Leighton said he was glad the shows went well and welcomed the feedback from the audiences.
“Some positive feedback I got was that the dancing and costumes were beautiful, and the dancer interaction afterwards was excellent,” said Leighton. “Some room for improvement was that the performances were too short, but I feel it’s better to have them asking for more than to bore them.”
The actual full-length showing of the Nutcracker will be held in the Kayhi Auditorium on the 1st and 2nd of December.

Clara – Paige Avila
Snow Queen – Grace Jackson
Dew Drop Fairy – Meagan Jorgensen
Sugar Plum Fairy – Chasina Klein
Spanish Princess – Gabrielle Perro
Dawn Fairy – Claire Rhein
Rat King – Collette Rhein
Marzipan – Bella Roberts
Arabian Princess – Devyn Sader
Nutcracker Prince – Largim Zhuta



Kayhi Rotary Interact Club is hosting the annual Haunted Mansion this Saturday at the Coast Guard Base from 5-10 p.m. All donations go to Community Connections. The mansion includes people volunteering to dress up, decorate, and scare others as they make their way through the mansion. Junior Rotary Interact member, Maya Parker, said she is excited to help out with the Haunted Mansion.
“The Haunted Mansion is a great fundraiser. This is my second year helping with the mansion, and I am looking forward to it,” said Parker. “It was a lot of fun last year, and I’m hoping this year will be even better.”


Kayhi will be hosting the Senior Carnival this Saturday from 4-8p.m. There will be booths ranging from the bungee run to darts in the main gym. There will be a cake-walk and the duck pond in the aux gym for children. Senior Kody Malouf said it’s a great fundraiser, but it can be stressful.
“Senior carnival helps out a lot and it’s our main fundraiser for prom, but it’s a lot of work I’ve never done it before so I hope it goes okay.”

Tourist Season Comes to an End

Chanell Browne
Staff Writer

The cruise ship season ended and Ketchikan is back to normal again.
Junior, Raevyn Goodson had a first hand experience with the tourists while working downtown at Ketchikan Souvenir and Candy Company. Goodson said she is glad that the tour season is finally over with.
“I am relieved to get a bit of time without the tourists in our town,” said Goodson. “The tourists make life in Ketchikan prosper in wealth but, they also make it hard for locals to get place to place.”
During the summer there were over a million tourists that came to Ketchikan. The 1,000,000th passenger came in on the Norwegian Pearl on Sept 30th. Sophomore Alex Malouf said that this achievement is a very good accomplishment for the town, and his family business, Ketchikan Duck Tours.
“It’s a cool milestone for the town,” said Malouf. “It directly translates to a good season for our family business, which is always the main goal.”
The summer of 2017’s tourist season was different from any other Ketchikan has seen before. Junior Cody Kemble said he noticed a wider variety of new, bigger cruise ships that came in; leading to more tourists in the town.
“I noticed that there were definitely more cruise ships that came in this summer,” said Kemble. “Last summer it didn’t seem like there were too many new ones.”
The end of tourist season is always a weird change for the town. The streets become  empty and all the stores start to close up. Kemble said that the town is quiet and boring without the tourists.
“It’s depressing going downtown in the winter and seeing that nothing is going on,” said Kemble. “It feels like a ghost town as opposed to the tourist season when downtown is booming with people.”  



Kody Malouf

The tour season is almost over and I have to get something off my chest,
…I told tourists that eagles eat cats and dogs on a daily basis…
…after the Grand Princess hit a whale, I said a dead humpback washed up on the beach at my house, and my brothers and I swam out and jumped on it like a trampoline…(they loved that one)…
…someone asked me if we had a McDonalds, I said, “yeah, and it holds the world record for the most opening day sales”…
…on our way through Bear Valley, I said bears live in people’s backyards and some even take cubs and raise them as pets…
I’ve honestly told these lies so much that I can’t even remember if they actually happened or not
…people are always amazed at the amount of fish in Ketchikan Creek, wait till they find out we run across their backs when the stream gets full…
…someone wanted to know about sharks here, so I said that salmon shark are all over the place here and attack swimmers and boaters all the time…
…fishing is always a topic of conversation, the biggest halibut I’ve caught was 800lbs, oh yeah and I had to shoot it with a shotgun…
…well this one time I was fishing and a deer swam in front of my boat, so we drove over to it and hauled it on deck by its antlers, best fishing trip ever…
…speaking of deer, my dad shoots them out of his bedroom window when they walk down my driveway…(don’t worry it’s legal)…
…no but really, in the winter I take my dogsled to school…
…also did you know that 75% of the town lives on a boat?…(if you don’t like the neighborhood, you can just move)…
…this one time my dad’s diving partner got laid on by a grey whale while he was diving…(oh wait that one actually happened)…