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News Briefs

Kayhi PEAKS schedule testing this week

Staff Writer/Sara Cummings

Kayhi freshmen and sophomores will be taking the PEAKS State testing this week. 
 Freshmen will be testing Tuesday and Thursday, Sophomores will be testing Wednesday. Juniors and seniors will be in their advisory classes while they are testing.

Tues/ Thurs                        
Testing          8:00-10:50
1st         11:00- 11:35
A Lunch     11:40-12:10
B Lunch    12:15-12:45
2nd         12:50-1:25
3rd         1:30-2:05
4th         2:10- 3:45

Testing         8:00- 9:50
1st         10:00- 10:50
2nd         10:55- 11:45
A Lunch    11:50- 12:20
B Lunch    12:25- 12:55
3rd         1:00- 1:50
4th         1:55- 2:45

Changes for Science Classes for the 2022/2023 Kayhi Class Schedules

Kayhi will not be offering Chemistry 2 or Biology 2 next year. Mr. Powell said that the schedule change is due to the administration’s decision to get more kids into AP classes.

“By having both of us teach that course he, Mr. House, is taking us out of the schedule and he also feels that if we offer chemistry or biology as a single class entry then we’ll have more kids in the AP level course,” said Mr. Powell. 

By consolidating the classes, it will also make Mr. Powell and O’Brien available to teach other sections. Powell said many schools do not have two separate courses before an AP level course.

“As a matter of fact, according to the administration, Mr. House could not find a single school that met that criteria to have two different courses before taking an AP class in this state but in the lower 48 I know that there is many high schools to back up that criteria,” said Mr. Powell. 

Mr. Powell said there are still some question marks regarding potential requirements and enrollments which will only be answered once the new schedule starts.

“The AP courses could see a higher enrollment because kids will be given the opportunity to take it because the entry level to AP is now only a single course,” said Mr. Powell. “But it may become a requirement that in order to take AP Chem or Bio you would also have to take GenBio along with GenChem.”

Kayhi Band Spring Concert This Week

Kayhi’s band will be performing Thursday April 1st for their annual Spring concert from 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm. For viewers at home, the performance will be live streaming here. 

The Region V Music Festival Next Week

Music Fest this year will be virtual. Music Fest starts Thursday April 6. Honor band and choir students will each submit a video of themselves performing a piece of music chosen by their directors, the directors will put all the recordings together to make one video, and then submit the video to Petersburg High school’s Matt Hennard. Hennard will then submit the performances to the judges. Click here for the band performance. Click here for the choir performance.


The Saber-Toothed Salmons placed 5th in oral presentation, 6th in research project, 7th in Prelim Quiz Bowl, and 6th place overall. In the final elimination, Ketchikan placed 7th overall in the Alaska Tsunami Bowl, 5th in oral presentation, and 6th in the research project. Juneau-Douglas won overall in the Tsunami Bowl.

Coaches Wrestle with Two Sport Athletes

Staff Writer/Makena Johansen 

How are coaches adapting to athletes participating in two sports?

In a regular year coaches would only have to worry about athletes moving from the court to the field, now they have to add the mat.

Due to covid restrictions and determining if wrestling was even having a season, their start date was pushed back to March 15th. A normal year wrestling would have started September 28th.

Head Softball coach Kalea Allen said they’re used to athletes crossing over into softball while they’re still in their winter sports. Allen encourages her athletes to be involved in several sports, it keeps a good routine, physically and mentally. 

“Most normal years we have a solid month from when teams are picked to when our first conference games begin. This year we only have 9 practices together before our first games as a team and only 6 from when the basketball state tournament ends” said Allen.

Allen said off season/ preseason is crucial this year. Putting in your time, developing and improving their independent game.

“Building team chemistry and comradery is a must in team sports like softball.  We will be ready for when our winter sport athletes conclude their season and can join our softball program” said Allen.  

With times being more virtual Allen posts team workouts for those who cannot attend. The crossover athletes are putting in the work they can with their conflicting schedules and maintaining a strong time management and work ethic.

“We like to keep our players feeling like a team year round and encourage the diversity of interests to help build our athletes and get them ready for the next level in whatever it is they may want to achieve” said Allen.     

Head Wrestling coach Rick Collins said they are going to be as flexible as they can  with athletes doing multiple sports. 

“I would like for students to be able to do as much as they can, especially since our season is the one that’s kinda landed on the spring sports season” said Collins.

A big concern Collins had was mixing cohorts with the other teams.

“Because technically doing two sports would be mixing cohorts so i think it’s a discussion our whole athletic department should have” said Collins.

Lady Kings Get a Win at State

Staff Writer/Dyllan Borer

The Lady Kings beat East Anchorage last night 65-44. The win was Kayhi’s first since 2016, when the Lady Kings beat West Valley for third place. That West Valley team featured University of Oregon All-American Ruthy Hebard who was the No. 8 pick in the WNBA draft in 2020. 

The Lady Kings maintained a lead the whole duration of the game. Sophomore Captain Shae Mendoza said they felt confident that they were going to win the game. 

“I wasn’t really worried about losing that game at all if I’m being honest. Winning the game felt good and got me excited to play Bartlett,” said Mendoza.  

The Lady Kings went on to play Bartlett(14-0) on Friday. Bartlett’s star player Amelia Uhila is committed to go to Portland State to continue her basketball career. Uhilia scored 15 points and had 12 rebounds for Bartlett.

The Lady Kings never gave up the entire 32 minutes, they tied the game twice 37-37 then 39-39. Mendoza scored 20 points with four assists, four rebounds, and three steals. 

Junior teammate Paige Boehlert enjoys playing along side Mendoza and said that she brings great energy to the team. 

“Shae is always picking us up and making sure we stay focused, even if she isn’t playing her best she continues to encourage the team,” said Boehlert.

Bartlett went on to win the state championship against Lathrop. Bartlett recorded their first state championship in 43 years.

News Briefs

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

Girls JV Basketball 

The Lady Kings JV will play Klawock Varsity tonight Wednesday at 7 p.m and tomorrow at 7 again. This will be their first set of home games for the season. 

The Lady Kings usually face Klawock every year. It’s a change of pace to the Lady Kings playing a varsity team that moves at a faster pace.

Gilson is excited to play them because it is a competitive level from the regular JV teams.

“We always need to get better competition so I’m glad we get this opportunity. It is hard to get better when we don’t have great competition so this is a great step for us as a team,” said Gilson. 


ACDC will compete in the state tournament this weekend virtually starting tomorrow Thursday after school.

Kings Basketball 

The basketball games this weekend are still scheduled to happen as of Wednesday at noon. The Kings will host Juneau Douglas this Friday  and Saturday after having the last three weeks canceled due to the covid cases rising in Ketchikan. 

Juneau Douglas is undefeated so far with their record consisting of 12-0. Juneau has two star seniors the Kings will have to shut down.

Senior Captain Tyler Slick said defense will play a key role in the outcome of the game. 

“We know what we need to do on defense to stop their scorers and just need to all be on the same page,” said Slick.

Senior Captain Joshua Gentry will get his first minutes of the season this weekend, due to a foot injury before meeting the kings he was not able to play the first two weeks. He was finally healed up two weeks ago but never got to play due to cancelations.

Gentry is excited and can’t wait to get out on the court with his teammates, he said.

“I know we are all ready and looking forward to the tough competition against JD,” said Gentry. 

Lady Kings Basketball 

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings (5-1) will play at home against the Lady Bears (0-2).

Two weeks ago the Lady Kings handed the Lady Bears both of their losses with close games by a combined 11 points.

Junior Captain Shaelyn Mendoza said she is nervous about losing at home but is confident the team will pull through for more wins.

“It makes me kind of nervous because it really sucks if you lose to your rivals on your home court, but I think we will pull through,” said Mendoza.

Last weekend against Sitka was very different with the Lady Wolves playing a zone defence, but with the Lady Bears playing a man defence Mendoza is confident in getting easy buckets with new set plays.

“We have some new plays that we will probably run that we could not against Sitka’s zone that should help us run up the score,” said Mendoza.


2:00 p.m. –  Boys JV

3:45 p.m.- Girls JV

5:30 p.m.-  Boys Varsity 

7:15 p.m.-  Girls Varsity 


2:00 p.m. –  Girls JV

3:45 p.m.- Boys JV

5:30 p.m.-  Girls Varsity 

7:15 p.m.- Boys Varsity

From Getting Laughed at, to 10th in Speaker points

Eduardo Gomez/Staff Writer

”Don’t worry Eddie, they might be laughing because they won right now, but everyone does bad in their first debate, use this as a learning experience and at the end of the season, we’ll be the ones laughing at them.”

Yes, literally laughing, while I was giving a speech.

After the humiliating three losses in my first meet, I realized that I’ll always be bad when I start something new, and that’s fine. But instead of quitting, I looked forward to the next meet so I could do better.

 For the next meet, unfortunately I got COVID-19, so I was locked in my room, and with nothing else to do, I researched for hours to prepare for the debate. Finally when the meet came, my partner was Henry again and this time he forced me to try different things so I could really grow as a debater. Henry and I won five of our six debates that meet.

 At this point, I wasn’t doing debate for my speaking skills, I fell in love with the process of being able to deconstruct other people’s arguments with my own words. The next upcoming meet was regions. The resolve was “On balance, the benefits of urbanization in West Africa outweigh the harms”. When I initially heard this, I had zero clue about what I would build my arguments on.

 With the newly acquired competitive drive I had, I wanted to do very well in regions. Unfortunately, my partner Braxton Zink and I didn’t do as well as we wanted. We only won three of our six debates, which on paper, sounds like a good record, but we wanted to be the best.

 Luckily, in debate, everyone is allowed to compete in the state tournament. At state, we had the same partners and same resolve. With the mental beating we took at regions, we persevered to become one of the best teams in the state tournament. After countless hours of research and preparation, I was ready. Braxton and I started off very strong with a 4-0 record going into the 5th round.

 That is when we encountered one of the best teams in the state coming from South Anchorage, we lost in the 5th round but still qualified for the quarter finals where we lost to the same team again. 

In the end, we finished 8th in the tournament. Personally, I placed 10th for speaker points, being the only first year debater in the top 10 throughout the state. I did get the last laugh after Henry and Bella decimated the duo that laughed at me in the beginning of the season.

The Changes in Nursing Due to Covid-19

Olivia Berg/Staff Writer 

Heroes don’t wear capes, they wear scrubs. Nurses have faced many challenges and changes this year due to the widespread pandemic of Covid-19.

Kurstin Svoboda, the Director of Emergency Services at Matsu Regional Medical Center in Palmer, Alaska has been a nurse for 32 years. Svoboda said she has seen many changes in her job throughout the last year. 

One of the changes that Svoboda has faced is the change in how many hours her and her team have had to work. 

“For the first two thirds of 2020 I probably worked an extra 15-20 hours a week and felt like there was no downtime,” said Svoboda. “My department staff also has had to adjust schedules, take on/call shifts etc in order to meet the potential surges.”

Sarah Martin, a registered nurse of three and a half years, currently works for Capstone Clinic doing Covid-19 tests at the Ketchikan International Airport.  

Martin said that she has had to adapt to many different changes within this past year that she believes will not be going away anytime in the near future. 

“We are constantly having to rethink new safety protocols depending on our work environment,” said Martin. “At times, there have been shortages in PPE and other supplies, bringing increased need for resourcefulness while still adhering to evidence-based care guidelines.” 

Martin said that Covid-19 has created many new opportunities for the nursing field including specialty roles and jobs that would normally pay $2,000/week for working 36 hours/week have gone up to $4,000/week to include crisis pay.

“There is an increased need for Infection Prevention RN’s, swabbers/vaccinators, and Covid-19 crisis unit RN’s.” said Martin “I have had many opportunities come up for travel nursing where I would be able to learn Intensive Care (ICU) skills at a faster pace than what would be typical, prior to the pandemic. Numerous recruiters have been highly motivated to bring on travel nurses, and I have seen rates increasing substantially.” 

Nurses like Svoboda and Martin are also seeing changes in patient care. 

Svoboda said that as Covid-19 cases in hospitals rise, regular patients decrease. 

“Usual patients are not coming in, either from fear that hospitals are dangerous, which they are not or because of lost jobs or insurance. This is concerning because when they do finally come in they are much more ill,” said Svoboda “For example, we have seen a rise in Cardiac and stroke patients who have delayed treatments for various reasons.”

Martin explains how the compassionate care of nursing has diminished due to Covid-19.

“When working in Covid-19 response/testing centers, there is no time to develop connections with the patients as we normally do,” said Martin “The environment becomes more fast-paced which often feels as though the element of compassionate care is lacking.”

Evelyn Nutt Wins Distinguished Young Women of Alaska

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

Evelyn Nutt won the Distinguished Young Women’s Scholarship on Jan. 31. Nutt will compete in Nationals in Mobile, Alabama in June. 

The Distinguished Young Women’s is the oldest scholarship program in the nation for college bound women and has given out over 1 billion dollars in scholarships over the past 60 years.  

All women competing are judged on five categories, they are all weighted differently, scholastics 25%, interview 25%, talent 20%, fitness 15%, self-expression 15%. Nutt won in scholastics, interview, and self-expression.   

School counselor Robert McClory had a lot of confidence she would win in how well she competed in the categories and thinks she has a good shot at winning nationals. 

“Evelyn is very well rounded,” said McClory. “She keeps her grades up and being in debate helped her to do well in the interview and self-expression.’

Nutt is the first winner for Kayhi since 2017 Cheyenne Matthews(17’).

Every category winner gets $200 and the overall winner gets another $1,000. Nutt ended up winning $1,600 to put towards tuition wherever she decides to go. She also received 5 full ride scholarships to different schools around the country. 

Things looked a little different in the competition this year compared to usual due to COVID-19. It was all done virtually through zoom, they had to pre record themselves and upload their videos prior to the competition.

Nutt said they usually would do the fitness part as a group all on a stage but this year they did it alone at home. 

“It’s awkward bowing to a camera or doing squats in front of a camera. It was very interesting,” said Nutt.

Students complete first semester

By Henry Clark/Staff Writer

As Kayhi closes out its first semester, students take this time to reflect on how the semester went with the new block schedule, Covid-19, and online learning.  Students were in school 75 days starting Sept. 14, of those days 57 were at 100-percent capacity, 18 at 50-percent and just five were remote.

Kayhi Senior Cade McAllister said that it was hard to adjust to the different schedule, but once he did he got a lot more work done.

“At first it was really hard to get used to, classes felt extremely long, and so I had a tough time being productive,” said McAllister. but then we picked up pace and I got more used to the schedule and it got easier to sit through a class and even get more work done.”

McAllister also stated that with the fluctuation of being at school, he would succumb to senioritis whenever he was trying to work at home. 

“I definitely found it a lot harder to work at home, because once I was at home I really did not want to go back to school even though I knew it was going to be a lot better for me,” said McAllister. “But as soon as I got back to school my productivity went up again.”

Kayhi Senior Tyrel Cook stated that though the new schedule took time to adjust to, he found that he was more productive until Kayhi had to go it’s fifty-fifty schedule.

“I felt like I was a lot more productive until fifty-fifty,” said Cook. “Fifty-fifty slowed it down a bit but besides that I felt more productive.”

Cook stated it was hard for him to work at home because of his home life getting in the way of learning.

“Having to do school at home had a big impact on how much I was able to get done,” said Cook. “I just couldn’t separate home and school very well.”

Though there is still a semester left in this school year, Cook stated that he is already curious about the future of Kayhi.

“I’m interested to see what happens next year,” said Cook. “Even though I won’t be here.”

Kayhi plays TM and JD

Lauren Olson/Staff writer

Kayhi Lady Kings basketball team will open their season against Thunder Mountain in Juneau on Wednesday. Because of the COVID situation in Juneau, all players will be required to wear masks. Junior Paige Boehlert said she is ready to start the season tomorrow in Juneau, but that playing with masks might be hard. 

“I am excited to start the season on the road but I’m also nervous because we only had a week of practices,” said Boehlert. “It’s difficult to play with masks on and I’m worried that I will pass out.”

Game Schedule

JV – 5 PM
Varsity – 7 PM

Wednesday: Lady Kings vs. TM 
Thursday: Lady Kings vs. JD
Friday: Lady Kings vs. TM
Saturday: Lady Kings vs. JD

Boys Play JD

Kayhi Kings boys basketball team will start their season against Juneau-Douglas in Juneau on Wednesday. Because of the COVID level in Juneau, Everyone will be required to wear masks during the games. Junior Josh Rhoads said that he is excited to play the first game of the season, but that he is not excited to wear masks during the game. 

“I’m very excited to play my first game as a Junior,” said Rhoads. “I don’t like playing with masks though, it’s very uncomfortable and it’s strange they are making the players wear them.”

Game Schedule
JV – 5 PM
Varsity – 7 PM

Wednesday: Kings vs. JD
Thursday: Kings vs. TM
Friday: Kings vs. JD
Saturday: Kings vs. TM

Finals Week

Kayhi students will take their 1st and 3rd-period finals on Wednesday, and 2nd and 4th-period finals on Thursday. Students will still go to all four classes on both days. 

Senior Samuel Jackson said he isn’t worried about finals this year because he has more time to study for them and there are fewer finals to take. 

“I think it’s going to be easier to study for four finals instead of six,” said Jackson. “We have longer periods which allows us to study longer for each class.”

News briefs

Cheer tryouts

Kayhi cheer team is hosting tryouts on Tuesday Jan.5 through the 7th for the 2021 season. Tryouts will be held at the Ketchikan gymnastics place in ward cove from 7:15 to 9:15pm all three days. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to try out.

Kayhi junior Shelbi Johansen said she’s happy the season is starting and excited to be involved in the sport. 

“I’m excited for the season to start because cheer is my favorite sport to do because it’s so positive and fun,” said Johansen. “Everyone in cheer is very focused on being part of a team and I love working together to get stunts”

Kayhi Senior Noelle Tilson said she’s excited for the new season and grateful they get to have a season this year because of covid.

“I’ve been looking forward to trying out for captain sense senior year and once covid hit i was scared that we wouldn’t have a season but now i’m hopeful for the new opportunities and the new uniforms.” said Tillson.

Basketball Tryouts

Both Kayhi basketball teams are having tryouts next week on Jan. 11th. The boys will be on Jan. 1th1 from 3-6 pm, and the girl’s tryouts will be on Jan.11th and Jan. 12 from 6-9 pm. The tryouts will be held in the main gym at Kayhi, anyone is welcome to tryout. Kayhi junior Josh Rhoads said he’s glad the team is getting to start and maybe play.

“I am excited to try out because that means we can start to play games and I was worried we would not get to play this year because of wrestling getting postponed for a long time, it made me think that was going to happen to basketball too,” said Rhoads. Captain of the girl’s basketball team Shae Mendoza said she can’t wait to be able to play.

“I’m excited but a little bit scared to be captain because of the expectations and all but I’m looking forward to playing games the most,” said Mendoza.