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Kayhi Explore Night

The Kayhi Explore night will be held tonight in the Kayhi auditorium at 5:15 p.m. People in attendance will learn about FAFSA, WUE, scholarships, application essays, finding the right college for you, planning school visits to the schools you are interested in, and many other things associated with your future.
Senior Crist Carlson thinks it helps a lot with finding the right college.
“It helped me realise that while college has a large price tag, there are plenty of ways to get around that with the help of scholarships and grants,” said Carlson. “ The price should not scare off any graduating seniors from going to college”.

Kings for Peace


Peace Week will conclude on Friday (International Peace Day) with an assembly from 1:10 p.m. to 1:58 p.m. in the auditorium.  

Kayhi English teacher Mrs. Sarah Campbell spearheaded the week, organizing many activities – including Wear White for Peace Wednesday and Fold a Crane for Peace Friday. National Honor Society is also sponsoring the events.

The assembly will include a performance from the Kayhi Jazz Choir, a speech from Ketchikan Borough Assembly member, Felix Wong, and other speeches about peace.  


Summer Jobs in Ketchikan

Jon Barron
Staff Writer

With Summer now ending and school beginning, high school students are ending their summer jobs and getting back to their school routine.Ketchikan has tons of job opportunities during the Summer within tourism. These jobs include working at restaurants, gift shops, outlet stores, and many more.

Junior Josateki McGoon worked at Annabelle’s Keg & Chowder House for half of the Summer. He made $1700 and nearly $800 of that was in tips.

“It was a pretty great experience,” said McGoon. “You make a lot of money just in tips if you do a good job and you can make more than on your regular paycheck.”

Junior Conner O’Bryan worked at the outlet store in the Salmon Landing.

“It’s not necessarily a fun job at all,” said junior Conner O’Bryan. “It’s a good job for learning how to deal with people but other than that it’s not a fun job.

Conner pulled in roughly $3000 in the course of three months which met his goal.

“My favorite part of the job was stocking because I didn’t have to deal with the tourists,” said O’Bryan. “My least favorite part was just being there.”

Senior Bailey Fousel worked for port security. She was interested in the job after hearing good things about it from other people.

“I would love to work for port security next year,” said Fousel. “I love working downtown whether it’s a slow or chaotic day, rain or shine.”

Her favorite part of the job was having real conversations with tourists. Fousel said she never had a financial goal but did end up making around $4500.

Not all jobs revolve around tourism. Senior Molly Stump worked at the local movie theatre for part of the Summer.

“I honestly disliked the hours so much,” said Stump. “Sometimes I would work 11 hour days with two two hour shifts.”

Stump pulled in about $550 in her time working there.

“It’s a good part time job to have during the winter,” said Stump. “My favorite part of the job was being with my coworkers. I couldn’t stand working there without them.”

Year two of laptops

Cade McAllister
Staff Writer

Laptops have been distributed and with them comes the same question, “Are laptops really useful in the classroom?”
Sophomore Josh Gentry said the computers can be a distraction and that he prefers textbooks.
“I think kids get distracted while using them, like there’s a bunch of websites you can go off to and get off task,” said Gentry. “[textbooks] makes me visualize it more. It’s better when it’s right in front of me.”
On the other hand, Senior Chance Dyakanoff really likes having them so close and ready to use.
“I think they’re actually really good, because if you have a more computer prone class, you don’t have to go to the computer lab.”
For Kayhi, computers are a fairly new idea, with Kayhi not having them until last year. For some teachers this is a really nice addition, like Spanish teacher Ben Borgelt.
“I’m building my curriculum online on Canvas, and I would not be able to function basically at all this year if the kids did not have laptops,” said Borgelt.
He also thought that kids are in need of being taught proper ways to use these computer. “A lot of kids don’t know how to monitor their own screen time and they get pretty absorbed with being on a screen for hours at a time each day.”
These computers come with a $20 fee, and are available for upperclassmen to purchase at the end of the school year.

Housers Needed for Regions

Verona Kamberi
Editor in chief

A few dozen students are still looking for housing for next week’s regional tournament. Activities Director, Lynn Wadley, said she hopes that everyone will be housed.
“We have no choice but to have them sleep in a classroom at the school if they don’t get housed,” said Wadley. “If they stay at the school we are required to provide one meal for them under the region policy.”
Housing Director, Deidra Nuss, said the kids participating are responsible for housing.
Boys basketball, Girls basketball, Cheer, Dance, and Pep Band are all responsible for housing 2-4 kids​,” said Nuss. “We still need housing for about 30-40 more kids​. [If] the teams get group housed at the school-the problem with that is that there are only 8 showers​.”
English teacher, Linnaea Troina, said she doesn’t mind housing.
“I like housing,” said Troina. We have friends whose house is too small so we are taking two of their people. My husband thinks it’s weird that we are housing,” said Troina. “Since I am from here I am used to it.”


Marquee Man


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.18.54 PM.png

Staff Writer
Alex Boegler

Only a few brave souls dare to face the elements in order to update the marquee. Kayhi’s D Jay O’Brien is the toughest of them all. He has been giving the student body and residents of Ketchikan the latest updates on all things Kayhi for three years now.
D Jay O’Brien, the man in charge, said he first noticed the lack of new Kayhi happenings when he would see the same news up for months at a time.
“ It used to be done just sporadically, once in a great while stuff would show up here,” Said O’Brien. “ It would go up in May and would still be sitting in there in September.” Even though it’s a tough job these guys are committed. The marquee is updated weekly, whenever the weather permits. O’Brien has a simple outlook on keeping the board updated.
“Either keep it up to date, or leave it blank.”
Although the job isn’t easy, O’Brien has a fun doing it. Once in awhile he likes to throw up some propaganda for his favorite NFL team, the Patriots.
“One year I put ‘Free Brady!’ up on the board a took a picture of it and emailed it to all the teachers.”



Flu Season Strikes Back

The Ketchikan Public Health Center reported that the number of flu cases in Ketchikan has doubled from last year. Ketchikan High School Principal Bob Marshall is fully aware of the problem and wants to take care of it.
“Anytime a student misses class, there’s going to be things that they miss that could ultimately cause them to get behind and I know with the current flu, people are out for days.”
The Department of Health and Services has taken action and has spread awareness.
“The Ketchikan Public Health Center wanted to reach out to the school district about this year’s flu season, the number of confirmed flu cases have double from last year, the entire country is seeing increase cases of flu. It is so important to prevent the flu by vaccination, proper cough etiquette, hand hygiene, and stay home when ill.”