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Kings Head to Juneau Douglas

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

The Kings (4-2) are headed to Juneau to play the Bears (0-4) this upcoming weekend for their last conference games before Regions. The Kings swept the Bears at home and are headed to Juneau looking for two wins to claim the number one seed at the Region V tournament. 

Senior Kristian Pihl said this weekend is a win win situation for the Kings whether they win or lose in JD this weekend.

“I feel good about this weekend, this is almost a perfect scenario for us,” said Pihl. “We’ll be able to get a good feel in the gym where Regions is held and we’re either hungry from a loss or we’re the number 1 seed and we’re feeling good about ourselves.”

Ortiz Talks About Being NO. 2

Sterling Nagy
Staff Writer

Chris Lee recently set a new Kayhi basketball record for the most points scored while wearing a Kayhi uniform. That record was previously held for 46 years by Steve Ortiz.   

When asked on how he felt after Lee broke his record Ortiz said, “Oh, I thought it was fantastic, I was really happy that he could do that.”

Ortiz thought that his record would be broken a lot sooner.

“Forty-six years is, half a century and there’s so many great players that have come through Kayhi,” said Ortiz.

Unlike Chris Lee who knew where he was on the all-time points scored list last year, Ortiz says that he didn’t know until ten years ago.

“I really didn’t know until about ten years ago because they didn’t keep track of it,” Ortiz said.  “They wrote a book called fifty years of Kayhi basketball. That was really the first time that we knew that there was a hierarchy of scorers,” said Ortiz.

After Kayhi, Ortiz says that he played junior college basketball then went on to a four-year college where he got his business degree then started working, 

“I always wanted to work,” said Ortiz. Ortiz started his career in sales and he currently sells software to companies like Boeing and T-mobile.

Ortiz believes that his work ethic in basketball benefited him well in the working world, “My father who was a basketball coach here at Kayhi always instilled the fact that you had to pay a price for success. So anything that you do in life you have to prepare and practice you have to pay a price and work at it, ” said Ortiz.

Student Course FAir

During the Advisory period today, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will attend the Student Course Fair in the commons.

This is an opportunity for students to explore and decide which classes they will be selecting for next school year. Both previously existing and newly added courses will be on display during the course fair. 

Students in the first group are to report directly to the commons. Students in the second group must report to their advisory prior to attending the fair. 

Fair Schedule

10:35 – 10:50
All Freshman

10:50 – 11:05 
All Juniors
Stockhausen (S)

Course Catalog

Lady Kings Split with Lady Falcons

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer 

The Lady Kings (3-3) went 1-1 against the Falcons (1-5) this weekend in Juneau. The Lady Kings beat them twice when they played in Ketchikan earlier in the season. 

The Lady Kings lost on Friday night 48-44, ending their 25 game winning streak against the Falcons. They haven’t lost a game against them since 2015. They ended up winning Saturday night 45-38, with sophomore Shaelyn Mendoza leading the Lady King’s with 17 points. 

Senior Captain Nadire Zhuta said they had to make adjustments after Friday nights game, being more patient with the ball on the offensive side and more aggressive on the defensive side. 

“On Saturday night I felt that we communicated better and that we were more patient with the ball,” said Zhuta.“On the defensive side we were working and flying around for rebounds and loose balls.”

The Lady Kings will face Juneau Douglas this weekend for their last home games of the season. 

Love from the Kings

Noel Tillson
Staff Writer

Susan Stone, a Kayhi graduate, has been teaching here for 23 years. (Her mom used to be a counselor at Kayhi) She is a kind soul and a friendly face around Kayhi, known for teaching government and history but also life. 

“She has the students best interest at heart… starting late in life as a teacher she was able to experience life and what the world expected of you guys,” said Mrs. Loreli Richards.

Anyone who knows her knows she’s one of the friendliest, most kind teachers. While Stone is full of wisdom and strength, she has her own battles. 

School counselor Kelli Carlin-Auger said Stone is strong and cares about her students even when things are difficult for her. 

“She has this legacy here at Kayhi that’s unique and special. She puts so much into teaching she cares about her kids and here she is battling and this is exactly where she wants to be.”

You wouldn’t find many teachers as dedicated as she is. She’s a genuine teacher everyone knows she’s not in it for the paycheck. Creating a simple question of what she means to Kayhi has endless answers. She’s so important to Kayhi and all the lives shes touched.

She is someone most aspire to be. Her kind heart and kind soul. 

“As a person she loves, loves her family and they’re a paramount in her life. Only thing higher than that is god, she’s a pretty religious woman,” said Richards

Dedicated. Most would say, never letting her class go without a sub and coming in to teach if she didn’t think there were substitute teachers available. Always knowing the right thing to say in times of need, Stone has lived up to the legacy. 

When asked the first words that come to mind, Rebecca Bowlen didn’t hesitate.

“Kind, fair, generous, loving.”

As a Kayhi legacy, Stone has more than fulfilled the role. Students at Kayhi sometimes won’t realize the knowledge she has been giving them all these years until they have graduated and grown a little bit more. 

Kayhi teachers and students alike have been touched by Stones’ legacy:

“She’s the heart of Kayhi, much like a mom is the heart to her kids. Many don’t realize all that is done for them until they’ve grown up a bit and get that “oh wow” moment.”
– English teacher Rebecca Bowlen

“She’s always there to give you some knowledge whether it be in school work or in life lessons she seems to know what to say in many different situations.”
– Office Manager Loreli Richards

“I’m humbled by her. She is what I would like to attain somehow if I had better character, and more strength and more self control. Because she is all of those things that I sometimes lack. I think of her often in that capacity that she is able to always be her best person… I see her as able to muster the energy of full effort everyday and a desire to make the world a better place through her teaching. I see her leading a godly life in that capacity. My mom has this saying, “Nobody gets through life unscathed” I think of her often when hearing that saying.” – Science teacher D Jay O’Brien

“She’s amazing who I think is grossly misunderstood. She wants the best for all of you kids. She’s trying to educate you so you are ready to face the world. As a mom, as a community member she’s someone everyone would look at and think “that’s who I need to be”. She’s a really amazing lady. She’s all of our moms but also our closest friend. She’s there to help anyway she can. She would give anyone the shirt off her back if she was asked to. Without question… she’s seen a lot of kids come through here some that would not have graduated without her guiding them through it. This is a place to let kids mess up and stumble, we’re meant to guide you guys to be ready for life. When you guys leave here the world will eat you up if you aren’t prepared. She is misunderstood by these students until they leave and learn what she’s doing is for them. She loves to see them grow.” – Math teacher Terri Whyte 

“She’s amazing.” – Registrar Kelli Carlin-Auger

“She’s had a huge impact on everyone here at Kayhi and people who were here, and just so inspirational. She’s a legacy here.”  – Senior Leah Call

“She truly likes being here with us.”  -Senior Nadire Zhuta


Financial Reality Fair

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

Tongass Federal Credit Union is hosting a Financial Reality Fair at Kayhi for seniors on Tuesday and Wednesday during the school day. Seniors will learn how to achieve financial freedom and stability through games and activities. All seniors will benefit  whether they are taking a vocational track or college track they need to know how to be financially stable.

TFCU employee who is hosting the fair, Dana White, believes in the importance of it and is excited.

“It’s just a really fun way to give as many high school seniors a needed reality check about what life after high school is going to be like relating to jobs and money,” said White. “We’ve gotten great reviews in the past and are excited to host it again and see the new batch of seniors!”

Seniors in the following advisory classes will participate on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Seniors in the following advisory classes will participate on Wednesday from 9:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
Stockhausen, E

Kings Split with Falcons, Again

Pictured is senior Chris Lee shooting a free throw against the Falcons

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

The Kings (4-2) went 1-1 this weekend with the Falcons (4-2). The Kings also split with the Falcons earlier this season at Juneau.

On Friday night, senior Chris Lee scored 22 points passing Steve Ortiz (1,788) in being the all-time leading scorer in Kayhi history but that wasn’t enough to secure the Kings a win. The Kings ended up losing by one point 47-46 but came back Saturday night and beat the Falcons 51-46.

Senior Kristian Pihl is frustrated with himself for losing the 19 home game winning streak that was started last year at the Kings’ fourth home game. 

“I feel very disappointed in myself, we had an amazing opportunity to have the seniors leave with 19 straight home wins,” said Pihl. “But I mean I rather have that bad game now than in March.”