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Kayhi fall sports postponed

Kelleigh Nickich

Staff writer

All State Championships scheduled before Jan.1 were cancelled by ASAA Tuesday Oct.13. Ketchikan Volleyball and Swim and Dive teams may only play within their ASAA regions but must complete any competitions by Nov.21. Due to this cancellation Kayhi Winter sport and Spring sports have been impacted. These seasonal sports have been postponed until after Christmas and part of summer. ASAA will meet Nov.9 for further changes.

Pep Club preps for sports season

Kelleigh Nickich

Staff writer

Kayhi Pep Club sign ups are in the auditorium tomorrow Oct.15 for the first 15 minutes of first and second lunch. There will be a sign up fee of $10 for the 2020 Pep Club shirts. Due to covid this year’s Pep Club expectations will be different; social distancing, noise makers and possibly limited number of members per event.

Pep Club president Max Malouf said he expects there to be 30-40 students to sign up. 

“With our limit we have a processing system that’s going to consist of students signing up, but

during large events we will have to pick the top 32 members to be in our Pep Club section.” said Malouf.

Pep club secretary Dyllan Borer said ASAA is allowing noise makers this year. 

“ASAA has never allowed noise makers but since Covid-19 they have said we can use them to try and control the amount of shouting and cheering being done,” said Borer.

The Kayhi Cheer and stunt team started Fan of the Game awards last year. To win Fan of the Game you must be in a Pep Club or Pep Band. Students must be most spirited, cheering louder than everyone else and starting cheers.

Fan of the Game winner Terik Brown said he believes Fan of the Game will become a new tradition amongst kayhi cheer, band and Pep Club.

“I think the Fan of the Game are a great way to get students participating. It made it so much more fun to find out who was gonna win, it was almost like a competition between Pep Club and Pep Band to see what member would win,” said Brown. 

Junior Maggie Boehlert said she is excited to see how this season goes with all the new restrictions.

“I think it is a good idea to have the noise makers so we can be louder since we have to wear masks and social distance. Last year they tried using a cowbell and I remember Mrs. Johnson yelling at us for using it so this year will be a lot of fun,” said Boehlert. 

Overall this year will be super new for Kayhi pep club members. In previous years Pep Club cheered loud and proud on Kayhi’s bleachers, members would link arms and jump back and forth. With the regulations that ASAA has provided there will be a mix of students who will complain about the rules and those who will just appreciate we are able to even have events. For any students with questions you can contact Pep Club President Max Malouf, Vice President Eddie Gomez, Secretary Dyllan Borer.

Weekend sports recap

Swim results to be released later this week

Jocelyn Cannon

Staff writer

Kayhi swim and dive competed from home this weeked in a virtual meet hosted by Petursburg. The scores will be released later this week. Juneau-Douglas, Thunder Mountain and Sitka also participated in the meet. Junior Lauren Olson said she likes swimming with competitors better but she got the best time swimming alone because she was focused on herself. 

“I had to race my 100 backstroke alone in the water and that was the best time I did the whole meet, because it really is just you against the clock,” said Olson.

Olson said that she thinks the team did well and is finally starting to get used to things.

“I think we’re finally starting to realize what the meets should look like because our next meet will have people in it,” she said. “Everyones getting better and more comfortable.”

Volleyball goes 0-2 in sitka

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

Kayhi volleyball went 0-2 this weekend in Sitka. They lost 3-0 to Sitka and 3-1 Mt. Edgecumbe 3-1. Senior Savannah Yeisley said the team learned and got better from losing.

“Overall the whole time we were there we improved each game, when we were there we showed growth and improvement even from just a week ago,” said Yeisley.

P.E takes a break

Jocelyn Cannon

Staff writer

Rick Collins taught two periods of PE last year. This year thanks to Covid, he’s only in the classroom.
“The thing I’m doing better with this year is my wrist is healing up because it gets chipped and swollen from dunking too much,” he joked.
Kayhi is not offering physical education this year. The close contact of the class and not wearing your mask while exercising was a factor in the decision but it was not the main concern. The new block schedule has reduced class periods to four  instead of six because the P.E teachers at Kayhi also teach other subjects there was not enough staff to teach P.E.

Kayhi principal Mr. House said it was a very difficult decision because the situation at our school with teachers being double certified to teach P.E along with their main subject. 

    “We kind of have a unique situation at Kayhi where our P.E classes were all taught by teachers who were certified in other areas,” said House. “By removing P.E I was able to create multiple additional sections in those apartments so that we could get those core classes down to smaller class sizes.” 

The principal said it was a hard decision for the facility to make but in the end they thought it was more important to prioritize core classes.

“It was a tough call but we felt like with these special circumstances we would have one year where we really focused on our core class offerings,” said House. “Cutting P.E for this year put 7-8 additional sections back into the master schedule.” 

What are kids missing?

Coach Stockhausen, who taught P.E. Last year he now teaches only history and said he understands we have to give up things this year due to certain circumstances but he thinks exercise can benefit kids in many ways especially in the stressful time we are in. 

 “I’m a big proponent of exercise especially in school and P.E. because of the positive benefits it has towards the brain and your brain can produce all the things you need to focus better in school and to cut down on anxiety, and in a time where anxiety in kids is probably at an all time high with all the changes and differences I think exercise would be one of the most important things that could help us combat it,” said Stockhausen.

M.D John Ratey wrote on the Harvard Medical School website that simple exercise every day can help with anxiety and has a great effect on the brain.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand how physical activity affects my patients,” Ratey Wrote. “Research shows aerobic exercise is especially helpful. A simple bike ride, dance class, or even a brisk walk can be a powerful tool for those suffering from chronic anxiety. Activities like these also help people who are feeling overly nervous and anxious about an upcoming test, a big presentation, or an important meeting,” said Ratey.

Collins said how important it is to have P.E here because of the harsh weather in the winter makes it very difficult to get outside and exercise all the time.

“Exercise is really important and that’s the biggest travesty of not having P.E this year, If we think about our winters in ketchikan with decreased sunlight and then we think about Covid having to wear masks and we think about school we do the best that we can but when you take exercise out of that equation and its raining and blowing it makes it very hard to get outside and get that exercise so if a students not able to get that in our gyms it’s going to be hard for them to get that exercise and then anxiety levels go up and health declines,” said Collins.” 

Unique teaching opportunities

Collins said he misses his boys conditioning class and the relationships he built with not just his wrestlers but other athletes.

“I love coaching and I coach wrestling so it’s fun for me to have my wrestlers in my boys conditioning but I really like developing relationships with the basketball players and the baseball players and the people who are doing other sports, it’s fun to help improve them from a strength and conditioning stand point,” said Collins.

Many students planned on taking a P.E class this year and were surprised when they were told it wasn’t being offered. Kayhi junior Degan Linne planned on taking Boys conditioning class all four years of high school and was disappointed he doesn’t get to play basketball and do other activities this year. 

“I was let down that we couldn’t play basketball with the boys and Rick, our coach.” Linne who is also on the wrestling team said boys conditioning gets him into shape for the season. 

“It definitely got me in shape doing physical activities every day, it also prepared me for wrestling because I got to spend time with my coach Rick Collins,” said Linne.

Month long p/t conferences start

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

Conferences will look much different this year. Teachers will be making contact with parents through phone or on Zoom over the next month. Teachers have until Nov.1 to contact parents.

Kayhi English teacher Sarah Campbell said that the new parent-teacher conferences are going to take a lot of time and effort but hopefully the parents can be understanding and respond. 

“Safety-wise it’s important for us probably not to meet in person for parent-teacher conferences, it is going to require a lot more time and effort on the part of the teacher and the parents to connect over the phone or over zoom but we have about a month to do it so hopefully we can make contact,” said Campbell. 

Campbell said it’s sad teachers can’t meet the parents but for safety that won’t be happening.

“I always enjoy getting to meet the parents and I like it when the students would show up with their parents to conferences. I always thought it was a nice way to begin the school year,” said Campbell.

Schoenbar principal Sheri Boehlert said she likes to meet in person but since that won’t be happening she thinks they have good offerings for parent-teacher conferences.

“My preference would absolutely be meeting with teachers in person because I like to develop a relationship with teachers and find out how I can support them in their teaching, but given that is not the offering this fall at Kayhi I think that they have provided a couple of good options for parents so that they could choose something that would work inside their schedule,” said Boehlert. 

Schoenbar Middle School is having a modified version of parent-teacher conferences. They are splitting the grades into two days for four hours. Parents will meet with teachers alphabetically according to last name, with the first half of the alphabet meeting for the first two hours each day.

Volleyball to play first road match

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

Kayhi volleyball is finally getting to travel. This week they are going to Sitka to play four games against Mt. Edgcombe and Sitka High. Junior Hayley Gilson said she is excited to be traveling and thinks the team will gain good experience from this.

“I am very excited to be traveling, as a team we have been waiting to be able to travel and I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for growth,” said Gilson. Their first game is today at 7 in sitka.

Boys basketball eyes jan start

Kayhi boys Basketball team has a meeting tomorrow Oct.7 at B lunch in room 129. Freshmen and juniors will be excused from the first part of advisory to attend the meeting. Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Charlie King

Staff writer

ASAA announced that girls and boys basketball will start Jan. 4 and go through March 27th.

 “We currently have protocols in play for things like open gym, they are doing screening and temperature checks when athletes come in, in order to participate.” Activities Director Cole Maxwell said. 

In order to know how severe the COVID-19 cases are in each Alaskan region, the levels of safety are categorized by colors. If the region is green then there are few to no cases, yellow there is a moderate amount of cases, orange or red there is a severe amount of cases.

“We are able to play anyone who is green or yellow. And we have never been anything but green or yellow and neither has Sitka,” Said Maxwell. “Our problem really is Juneau, because they are orange, and Anchorage is red. Any community that’s in those levels we can’t host here and we can’t go there.” said Maxwell.

“We will continue to play games. If we are in green, spectators will be able to attend at half capacity. From the sideline where the players sit, we have to have twelve feet between the players and fans, according to ASAA recommendations,” said Maxwell.

Many things will look different this year due to COVID-19 regarding winter sports, including the travel. 

“The travel looks different, this will be the first year there’s no housing out by anybody in the southeast,” Said Maxwell. “As strange as it was to move here and see people go and stay in other people’s houses, it’s going to be even more strange to not do it, which then increases our cost, because now we are staying in hotels,” said Maxwell.

Although there will be less travel this year, the housing situation will make it an expensive year. Maxwell thinks Kayhi sports may have their most expensive seasons this year. 

“This year has the potential to be one of our most expensive seasons,” said Maxwell. 

Maxwell is working hard to make this season as good as possible for our athletes, as well as keeping everyone safe.

“Everyone who comes to watch will also be in a mask, our goal is to make sure we do everything we can to make sure our kids can play every game they can,” said Maxwell. “Our goal is to get in as many games as we can with who we can play, so if we end up playing the southern south east, we play Craig, Met, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Sitka then that’s all we will play.”

Jacobson wins librarian honor

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Jocelyn Cannon

Staff writer

Kayhi librarian Caitlin Jacobson won the Linda k Barret award, a state wide librarian service award, given to her by the Alaska Association of School of Librarians. Jacobsons colleague Becky Moody said she was excited for Jacobson and that she keeps all the local libraries going. 

“She fully deserves this award and honor, She’s fantastic,” said Moody. “She keeps our local libraries going to the librarians at the other buildings. She’s our ring leader for that, she pushes to keep them open and run smoothly,” said Moody. 

She was chosen for the award for outstanding service as a librarian in the Ketchikan school district and her many years of service in the AKASL. 

Jacobson said she has been serving the association for 16 years and helping her fellow librarians across the state. She said she was both surprised and excited to be awarded the award.

Lapinski claims cc title, volleyball wins senior night

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Lauren Olson

Staff writer

Junior Mickey Lapinki won the Region V Cross Country Championship with a time of 16:45, 36 seconds faster than his last PR, and 8 seconds faster than the next competitor. Lapinski said he didn’t plan on getting first.

“I didn’t expect to take first, I just wanted to get in the top 3,” Lapinski said. “I was thinking that I wanted to get a PR, and my dad really pushed me to run hard this race because he knew I could do it.”

Sophomore Aiden Miller placed 14th with a 19:01.

On the girl’s side, Kayhi’s top finishers were Ruby McCue with a 21:49 (12) and Jenna Walker with a 21:51 (13).

Volleyball wins senior night

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

The Kayhi volleyball team won 3-1 against Craig this past weekend. Senior Savannah Yeisley said the main key as a team is communication.

“The main thing that helped us out most as a team was communication,” said Yeisley.

“It’s very important especially for volleyball to know where the ball is going, who’s going to get it, and just being able to connect with your teammates.” 

The matches were followed by a senior night for seniors Lyla Seludo, Savannah Yeisley, and Jaden Taylor. Yeisley said she was glad she could still have a senior night.

“It wasn’t much different other than it was at the beginning of the season instead of the end,” said Yeisley. 

“It was good to have it just in case we don’t get the opportunity to have it later on in the season.”

Regions for volleyball is in Sitka this weekend.

Volleyball cancelled again

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

Kayhi’s volleyball team can’t catch a break. Last week Thunder Mountain canceled, then Craig postponed, and now the IFA is broken. Once again the volleyball team has no games this weekend as of now but they are working on other plans. On Thursday Anchorage Daily News reported that they canceled the tennis championship and suspended volleyball for 2 weeks. Anchorage was playing schools on the road system but recently had to suspend due to many teams having to quarantine.