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UAS spring enrollment deadline Saturday

Alex Malouf 
Staff Writer

The deadline to apply for spring courses at University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan is Saturday.

UAS offers a diverse field of classes from Accounting to Diesel Technology, as well as personal enrichment classes in which official college enrollment is not required.

“For a personal enrichment class, a student can take anything they want,” said Student Services Manager Gail Klein. “As long as they meet prerequisite for that class.”

Personal enrichment is different for each individual.

“One person may be interested in Alaska History as personal enrichment, while another is interested in a welding or art class,” Klein specified.

The fall unduplicated student headcount at UAS is 715. Unduplicated headcount accounts for every student involved with the university. This includes students taking online classes.

“It’s complex in the UAS system,” said Klein. “Those 715 students may be degree seeking with us, or anchorage students taking an online class through our college.”

A large number of online classes are offered through the university as well.

“About 60 percent of classes we offer are distance delivered.” Klein said. “This basically means the class is online, but students also have the chance to interact with other students and faculty members while taking these classes.”

UAS offers a variety of degree opportunities. Degree options vary for each field of study.

“Generally speaking, we offer certificates to masters degrees,” she said. “Courses are often finished on other campuses such as UAA or UAS Juneau.”

Basic classes offered at the college include college level math and science. Career specific classes such as Maritime industry are also available.

“We offer maritime industry classes in which students can get certifications to go straight into the workforce,” Klein said. “There is a fair mix of classes for the small size campus we have.”

Klein added that students often use UAS as a building block.

“We have a lot of students whose intent is never to graduate from us,” she said. “They stay with us for a year or a semester, and get that solid foundation to move on to the next level.”

Klein explained the unique experience students encounter at UAS Ketchikan compared to larger colleges.

“We have an amazing mix of people all at different stages in their life, including former Kayhi students” she said. “Everyone brings with them different ideas and perspectives that broaden your experience.”

According to Klein, the university has advantages over other colleges by maintaining a very “student based” atmosphere.

“Whether students are looking for a full degree or just one year CNA class, we offer programs for what they need.”

For more information and a complete list of available courses and degree opportunities visit

To apply online visit


Logan’s tech tip: SMart home devices

“Smart devices offer convenience and safety, and can even help you save money on your energy bills.” said Best Buy, just one of the many stores that offer these devices, but what exactly is a smart device?

Seven years ago, Apple released its smart assistant, Siri, with the launch of the iPhone 4S, and it started a tech revolution. Thousands of companies wanted to get in on Apple’s success, and thus created their own smart services.

Amazon, with its groundbreaking Alexa client and the variety of compatible products, and Google, with its assistant that helps you find anything in their database,are just some of the modern smart device marvels of the tech industry.

Smart Devices are not limited to only voice assistants either. Smart plugs are a big success, and are used in homes all over the United States. Imagine not having to get up to turn off the lights, or to snooze the alarm clock. With smart devices, your lazy fantasy can become a reality.  – Logan Ohmer

ACDC Recap

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team arrived home sunday night from their first meet in Craig. For the Super Quiz, team 1 for Kayhi’s took 2nd overall while Kayhi’s second team took third.

Individual placements:

Daniel Neufeldt: 10th in Art, 8th in Music, 4th in Interview, and 2nd in Science
August Cooper: 2nd in Speech
Sarah Short: 8th in Music and 6th in Speech
Alphege Dulay: 9th in Economics, 8th in Social Studies
Robert Cope-Powell: 10th in Art, 8th in Interview, and 5th in Literature
John Luke Calderon: 10th in Social Science, 7th in Essay, 6th in Literature, and 5th in Speech.
Matthew Nutt: 8th in Literature, 6th in Music, 4th in Science, and 4th in Economics
Campbell Sande: 9th in Literature, 5th in Social Studies, 5th in Art, 3rd in Economics, and 2nd in Music
Franklyn Correa: 10th in Science, 10th in Music, 9th in Social Studies, 9th in Art, 7th in Interview, 3rd in Economics, and 5th in Literature
Evelyn Nutt: 10th in Art, 9th in Math, 7th in Speech, 7th in Science, 7th in Economics, 5th in Essay, 3rd in Literature, and took 10th place overall
Mackenzie Fousel: 8th in Science, 6th in Literature, 4th in Art, 3rd in Music, 3rd in Social Studies, 2nd in Economics, and placed 9th overall
Andrea Short: 10th in Economics, 9th in Literature, 7th in Math, 4th in Speech, 2nd in Music, 1st in Interview, and placed 8th overall
Acacia Sexton: 9th in Music, 8th in Literature, 6th in Economics, 4th in Social Science, 2nd in Essay, 1st in Speech, and placed 7th overall


Wrestling to Regions

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.45.12 PM
Patrick Rauwolf looks to close his career with a region championship

Staff Writer
Carter Thomas

The Kayhi Wrestling team will compete in the regional tournament in Juneau this weekend. The Kings have won 10 region V tournaments in a row, and hope to continue the streak. The Kings will compete against Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain for the title. Senior Patrick Rauwolf (ranked 3rd in state) believes that he will be able to take first in his weight class, despite his loss in the finals last year.
“I did lose last year, but I am much more confident,” Rauwolf said. “I really only have a few easy matches to win my weight class.”
Senior Brayden Linne (ranked 1st in state) was named the most outstanding wrestler last year for the second time in a row.
“I think Ketchikan is going to dominate,” Linne said. “I think I will win my weight class, and our team will win the tournament. The regions tournament is pretty easy for us to win, and you can see that in the last 10 years.”
Coach Rick Collins has high hopes for Brayden Linne.
“He is definitely outstanding. In my mind he should win the region tournament, and will be a state champ this year”
Coach Collins said that Brayden has been dealing with an injury since the Lancer Smith.
“He’s been going some light wrestling, but hasn’t been going 100% due to the injury. He is not getting full reps, so I am worried about that. I expect him to win a state title reasonably easy this year. The ankle injury will make it a little bit harder.”
Collins believes that the team will win the regional tournament.
“I certainly expect us to win regions,” Coach Collins said. “JD and Thunder Mountain are combined, and they definitely could be better. We’ve got 6 guys that are expected to be seeded and placers at the state tournament. I would expect all 6 of those guys to do extremely well in the region tournament.”
Senior Brandon Weiber (ranked 3rd at state), a 2x regional champ,  believes he can win this tournament easily.
“I think I will win my 3rd straight regional title this weekend,” Wieber said. “Although the competition in my weight class is decent, I believe I can take it easily.”
Junior Sullivan Schultz, who took 2nd in regions last year, has a tough road to first place.
“I believe I will go to the finals. Taking first will be difficult, because of how hard my opponent is, but I believe if I work hard I can win”


Meet the kings

The 2018-2019 Kayhi Kings basketball season will begin with the annual Meet the Kings. There will be a Taco Dinner for $10 that begins at 5:30 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door and the boys basketball team members are also selling them. “Meet the Kings is a great way for the community to see who’s on the team and get a good first look at the team,” senior Marcus Lee said.
The K-Highlights, Kayhi Cheer, SMS Knights, and StudioMax dancers will all perform throughout the night, and the Pep Band will be introduced.
“I can’t wait to get out on the court with the team,” Lee said. “It’ll be great to be in front of the community.”

Lady Kings JV    6:00-6:30 p.m.
Kings JV              6:30-7:00 p.m.
Lady Kings V      7:00-7:45 p.m.
Kings V                7:45-8:30 p.m.

Logan’s Tech Tip: Amazon Dash Button  rolled out a new product, but it may not be what you expect.
“Amazon Dash Buttons make ordering easy,” said an Amazon representative, in a recent article. “With a simple click, Prime Members can order their favorite products.”

The Dash Button is simple: put the button in a convenient place, link your Amazon account, and press the button whenever you need that specific product. After that, it’s up to the Amazon warehouse to send what you need in as little time as possible. Ranging everywhere from Doritos to Downy, popularity is rising for the Dash Button.

Are these buttons truly a practical convenience? or just another novelty item? For smaller items, like toothbrush heads, there is no hassle, and ordering them is an easy fix, but when it comes to heavier items like toilet paper, you would be better off going to the store and physically buying them yourself.

Staff Pick

I will do my Christmas shopping…

Olivia Kinunen: I will do my Christmas shopping a week before Christmas. I hate to say it but I am terrible at Christmas shopping. I am super forgetful and never know what to get anyone. I end up throwing something together for my family and friends a few days before Christmas and hope for the best. It’s not like I want to be this way, I try to be good and put stuff in my shopping carts online…but I forget to order it until it’s too late. Hopefully by the time I’m an adult with my own family I’ll be better at Christmas shopping, but that’s not anytime soon.

Carter Thomas: I will do my Christmas shopping online and in town. I usually try and order two weeks before Christmas, because of how long the shipping takes. Usually I order through amazon, because my family has a prime membership and gets free shipping.  But, it is hard to remember to get everyone something, and often I end up going to Walmart and Tongass to get the last few presents in the days leading up to Christmas. I have ordered the majority of my gifts online, but I usually procrastinate on a few family members or friends.

Abbigail Gaugler: I tend to do my Christmas shopping at randomly spaced out times. For my family, it’s mostly online shopping because I don’t want to risk them seeing it in the car or at all. If it’s friends then I don’t really care when I get them gifts. It’d be before Christmas of course, but whether it be from Walmart or a fancy gift shop across the world depends on the person. Occasionally I’ll buy something on a summer vacation and save it for a Christmas gift, but that’s only if it’s special.

Jared Valentine: Christmas shopping? For what? Isn’t Santa responsible for all of the presents?