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New Sign on Schoenbar Road

First radar sign in Ketchikan on Schoenbar Road. AMBER JUNKER
First radar sign in Ketchikan on Schoenbar Road.    AMBER JUNKER

By Cheyenne Mathews
Editor In Chief

Ketchikan installed its first radar speed limit sign at the end of August on Schoenbar Road. The sign flashes a white light when drivers are over the 25 mph speed limit. KPD Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett said the sign was placed in that specific location because of the nearby school zones and the library.
“[There was] a lot of concern about the speed of cars, a couple of suggestions were thrown out, about, instead of having an officer there 24 hours,” said Dossett.
The white light is not the flash from a camera but purely a warning according to Dossett.
“It’s a warning, we don’t mind people thinking that though,” said Dossett on the flashing radar sign.
The flashing white light of from the sign is not an epilepsy concern said Dossett.
“These are used all over the country. [They are] not designed to cause [epilepsy], not sure they are on that frequency,” said Dossett.

Only 272 days until summer

Principal Marshall welcomes students back to school on the first day.
Principal Marshall welcomes students back to school on the first day. MARK WOODWARD

Haley Hanna
Managing Editor

The countdown has begun and there are only 272 days left before the last day of school on June 2nd. The Kayhi student body and staff expect good things this year.
Student Body Association President Cheyenne Mathews said she is excited for what’s to come and welcomes our new staff members.
“We can expect great things this year,” said Mathews, “we have great new talent on our staff with our new principal and several new teachers. I have high hopes for the year.”

127 Kayhi grads: hello world

Graduation 4

By Cheyenne Mathews
Editor in Chief

This weekend 127 students graduated from Ketchikan High School. An additional nine students from Revilla High School and Fast Track also graduated on Sunday. Kayhi counselor Robert McClory said the 2015 class was one of the brightest in years.
“One of the nicest, sharpest classes we’ve had in years,” said McClory. “We didn’t have one senior fail to graduate on time. A lot of smart kids in there.”
The 2015 graduating class was offered $6.8 million in college granted and local scholarships – $3.6 million was accepted. Of that sum $200,000 were local scholarships.
Senior advisor and English teacher Rebecca Bowlen said the senior officers and the class of 2015 were an easy going and helpful class.
“The senior officers were extremely organized and easy to work with,” said Bowlen. “Senior carnival was a breeze. Prom was a breeze. Overall, they were an easy and cooperative class.”
Kayhi’s  Valedictorian was J.D Langert and the Salutatorian was Gwen Ranniger. Both have a 4.0 GPA.

News briefs

A traveling carnival came to Ketchikan this weekend.
A traveling carnival came to Ketchikan this weekend.                                             DAVID WILLSON

Tuesday was supposed to be the last day to catch the Golden Wheel Amusements traveling carnival, but thanks to mechanical issues with the ferry, the show will go on until Sunday. Gates open at noon and close at 9 p.m.

Scythian came to Ketchikan as part of their Old Tin Can Tour last Friday night. They played in the lumberjack arena. Around 30 songs were played that were a mix of folk and rock music.


Track team hosts Zombie run

Staff Reports

The 4th annual Track and Field Zombie Run scared all ages from children to the elderly last night. The Track and Field team awoke from the dead and turned into zombies that tried to take the lives (flags) of runners as they tried to survive a 5k race.
Kayhi junior Leif Svenson won with a time of 18:41. The 130 participants was the most ever for the fundraiser.