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Campbell wins National Award


Sarah Campbell receives her award. Photo by Verona Kamberi.

Sarah Campbell was awarded the 35th Peace Education Elgin Heinz Award yesterday at Kayhi. She received the award at the first annual Kings for Peace assembly which was held to commemorate International Peace Day. Campbell was recognized for promoting peace and education in addition to her leadership on a national and local level. Campbell said she believes that students are a key factor in obtaining peace.
“Through friendship and connection students can serve as a powerful catalyst for change.”

Advisory Period Kicks Off

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of the new advisory period at Kayhi. The advisory class was created for the purpose of preparing and helping students set and achieve goals throughout high school and after. Kayhi senior Carlos Orta initially believed the class was going to be pointless. After the class, Orta’s perception changed. He sees the potential of the class.
“I thought it was going to be a waste of time, but once we got into it, it wasn’t that bad,” Orta said. “It will be helpful in planning our future, especially since the careers class was removed. This seems like a replacement for that type of class and should be useful for seniors.”
Advisory classes are split by grade, and each grade has a specific lesson plan. For the seniors, the lessons are going to be focused on teaching them skills to succeed after high schoolーeven if they don’t choose to go to college. While for freshman, sophomores, and juniors, the immediate goal is to teach them skills to succeed in high school. Kayhi senior Nolan Meyer believes the seniors who plan to attend college, have the most to benefit from advisory.
“The studious student who actually wants to go to college and further their education will reap the most rewards,” Meyer said. “They will realize the timeline they have and get going on scholarships, applications, and that type of stuff.”
While Orta and Meyer see the value of the class, Orta also sees a couple of factors that might limit the success of advisory: lack of student engagement and the short class duration.
“I think advisory is a good idea, but I think the students will come in with a negative mindset,” Orta said. “That combined with the short duration of the class might make it hard for it to succeed.”
Principal Bob Marshall had those concerns at first, but laid them to rest after the first class. He chose to make the class 30 minutes because the lesson plans don’t need more time than that. Marshall enjoys dropping in on classes and seeing what they are up to, and what he saw during the advisory hour pleased him. He saw students actively engaged in their lessons.
“The first advisory class went really well,” Marshall said. “I visited the classes and was pleasantly surprised with the level of engagement from the students, especially the upperclassmen.”
Marshall is confident in the advisory class. He has seen the success of the program at his previous school district in Washington, and hopes to see those same results at Kayhi.


Volleyball Season Sets Off

Kaitlyn Smith
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings will be playing the Thunder Mountain Falcons in their first home games of the season this weekend. C team will play at 4:45 p.m., JV at 6 p.m., and varsity right after on Friday and Saturday.
Beth Sandefur is the new head coach and is assisted by Kelly Smith. Coach Sandefur is looking forward to this upcoming season, and has high hopes for this weekends games.
“I’m really excited for our first home games, the team has been working really hard in the last month,” said Sandefur. “They’ve shown a bunch of improvement, and I’m really excited for them to be able to play on our home court and in front of their friends and their families. I’m nervous because it’s my first home game too, but I have trust in my team. We’re going to stick together, and we’re going to be competitive.”
Junior Aedel-France Magno said she is excited for the start of the season.
“She [coach Sandefur] really does care about us as a team, and as individual athletes,” said Magno. “We’re definitely confident about this weekend and what we’ve become in this short period of time.”

Back to School

Payton Simmons
Staff Writer

Ketchikan High School started this Wednesday and principal Bob Marshall said he is excited about this upcoming school year.
“There’s just something special about fresh starts, and every year is an opportunity to do just that, and it’s my hope all of our students are ready to make it happen this year.”
His goal is to be more engaged with students and their overall success.
“I am going to get out into the classrooms more. I had a lot of distractions last year which kept me from seeing what’s happening in our classes,” said Marshall. “I love seeing what all the students are up to.”
Marshall will try to find ways to get students at Kayhi more involved. Ketchikan is hosting four regional tournaments (cross-country, volleyball, wrestling, and basketball) this year, and it’s a way to show how great of a community the school has.
“I am very excited for the new school year. I have a lot of things planned for this year and ways we can positively engage all of our students at Kayhi,” said Marshall.


Kayhi Soccer Will Compete Up North

   The Kings (2-0) will play Kenai (3-0) tonight, then Soldotna (4-1) on Thursday, and will face off against Homer on Friday.Last season Kenai faced South Anchorage in the state finals, but lost 3-1. Junior Dawson Daniels is looking forward to this weekend’s matchup against the former state finalist.
“We are playing a state finalist team this weekend,” said Daniels. “Our most important way to win the game is to keep possession of the ball and stay aggressive.”


Next Week’s Testing Schedule

Kayhi freshmen will be doing PEAKS testing next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will follow this schedule for testing days.

Tuesday: (Classes 1, 3, 5 will meet)
1st hour = normal
2nd – 4th hours = 9th testing or “alternative activities” for 10-12
Lunch = normal time
5th hour = actually 3rd
6th hour = actually 5th

Wednesday: (Classes 2, 4, 6 will meet)
1st hour = actually 2nd
2nd – 4th hours = 9th testing or “alternative activities” for 10-12
Lunch = normal time
5th hour = actually 4th
6th hour = normal