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The unbeatable burrito


IMG_0765Alex Malouf
Staff Writer

Once you go gravy, you never go back.
I am an American, so I eat American food. A delicious burrito named, “The All American Burrito” is unbeatable.
The All American Burrito is a breakfast burrito stuffed with the good stuff. Eggs, sausage, hash browns, and bunch of cheese. Hands down, it is the best breakfast burrito in Ketchikan. Especially for the price: $4.99/lb.
The marketing scheme behind the All American Burrito is genius. You can support local buisness, display your patiotic beliefs, and eat a delicious burrito, all while you drive to work in the morning. Not to mention the educational benfit of a solid breakfast for students.
Is it possible to improve this burrito in any way? Simple, add gravy. Yes, a breakfast burrito filled with gravy. If that doesn’t make you think of bald eagles and the star spangled banner, then you must not be from around here. Simply go to the deli and politely ask, “Can you make me an All American Burrito, but with like gravy and more meat?” Ask and you shall receive. The perfect custom burrito has bacon, ham, sausage breakfast potatoes, hashbrowns, cheese and gravy. The best part of building your own burrito is the price. Still the same: $4.99/lb.
If you are looking to grab a burrito on the run, the hot case is your best friend. The first batch of freshly made burritos is put out around 6:00 a.m. By 6:25 a.m. the majority of burritos are taken by vigor employees who work just across the street. The hot case is then restocked sometime in the following hours. If you show up anytime after 10:00 a.m., you will have little to no chance at scoring one of these American creations.
However you like your burrito, A&P will build it. But seriously, add gravy. It puts the America in All American Burrito.


Culinary gets $5K Grant

First year culinary teacher Cameo McRoberts was awarded the Safeway grant for education. McRoberts won $5000 for the culinary kitchen.
“This is just awesome” said Kayhi Principal Bob Marshall. “Budget is tight everywhere, so getting a grant like this allows her to purchase something for the kitchen that we normally wouldn’t have. It’s cool knowing teachers can get fundings from other places.”
The Safeway grant is for improving classrooms. McRoberts applied with intent to put a hydroponic garden into the culinary kitchen.
“I saw a hydroponic garden here in town and I knew how great that would be in our kitchen,” said McRoberts. “We live in an area where all fruits and vegetables are imported on a barge and I think it would be great to grow them in our own in class.”
McRoberts presented this idea for the Safeway grant. Now that the grant has been awarded to her she plans to purchase one for her classroom.


Quake hits Anchorage area

A 7.0 earthquake shook the Anchorage area Friday causing severe damage to roads in and around town.

Mr. Maxwell said that Kayhi has a plan in place should Ketchikan experience one during school hours.
“During the earthquake we would be in a drop, cover and hold on situation just to ride it out,” said Maxwell, “The building is made of steel so hopefully the building would hold so the walls don’t crack.”
Maxwell continued to say that, thanks to the quality of construction and backup generators, the school has been designated as an evacuation site in the event the community was greatly impacted by a quake.

Maxwell said that a tsunami would be unlikely because of the amount of islands between Ketchikan and open ocean.

The largest quake in Alaska history was March 27, 1964 which registered a 9.2. On Jan. 23, there was a 7.9 off the coast of Kodiak which caused very little damage. A tsunami warning was cancelled shortly after the quake.

What Winter Means to Me

Illustration by Isabella Schreckhise

Cristopher Carlson
Staff Writer

Powdered snow sucks. Helplessly trying to pack handfuls of powder together to form a snowball while my two older brothers are rushing at me is like someone being charged by a bear while trying to load a gun. I tried to run but as I got up they were already grabbing at me ready to dump me head first into the snowbank. These are the memories I’ll never forget.
Growing up in Anchorage, winter time has always been a big part of my life. Anchorage averages 102 inches of snow per year while the US average is only 26 inches. According to CNN, the record of 132 inches of snowfall, set in 1954-55, was broken by an inch in 2011-12. I was 12 years old with a backyard filled with 133 inches of snow.
My brothers and I always came up with plenty to do in the winter. With snow towering over our heads the ideas were endless. When our parents weren’t looking we would snow-skate off the lower roof into the giant mounds of powder. The neighborhood kids and my brothers built a treefort about 10 feet or so off the ground in our backyard and by winter time we would be jumping out of it and pushing each other off the platforms carelessly because the soft snow would brace our fall.
Winter time was always our favorite growing up. Winter meant frozen ice, which meant hockey season. We all started playing hockey by age 3, it was one of our favorite things to do competitively or on our own in the cul de sac with our friends. My oldest brother Owen played all the way into the Western Hockey League and the Canadian Hockey League while Jayce and I were running around the stands and rink watching his games and playing around getting in trouble.
My older brother Jayce and I started to get into snowboarding pretty seriously around age 7 and 10. We went almost everyday after school from 3:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at Hilltop Ski Area. We would be out on the hill for so long we would get wind burn on our faces and horrible chapped lips, but that never stopped us from going out again. We would go inside the small crowded lodge, take a break for about half an hour to get a soggy piece of flavorless pizza and a hot chocolate to warm us up, and then we’d be back at it.
I’m always going to be looking forward to winter because of all the great memories it brings back of my brothers and I. Even though half of the time they were giving me a whitewash or locking me outside without a jacket or snow clothes.


Shopping for Formal School Dances

Morgan Tiffany
Staff Writer

Living in a small town in Alaska is especially hard for shopping for dresses for school dances. Not having the big stores around us forces us to shop online. With having such a wide variety of online stores it could be stressful and hectic to find the perfect dress, especially if you might only wear it once.
When I look for dresses I take into thought the theme of the dance, as an example for the Winter ball coming up this Sat. 8:00-11:00 p.m. I bought a red statian dress which took me about 4 days to look for with all of the varieties of stores and of course not wanting to spend a huge chunk of change.

Affordable dress sites:

The likelihood that you’ve heard of/have already shopped at Forever 21, but if you’re one of the few who haven’t, it’s filled with inexpensive styles, like cute rompers, flowy maxis, and plethora of cute formal dresses. Your money will definitely go a LONG way at this store because everything is so dang cheap, which makes it the perfect place to search for the perfect dress.

Boohoo has a variety of mixed clothes, whether you’re looking for a party outfit for a night with your girlfriends. You can snag yourself a $16 khaki bodycon dress and still have money left to add accessories to your cart.    

Boohoo also carries a diverse range of maternity, plus, petite, and tall styles that are super affordable.

While this site does offer some items at a higher price point, it also has affordable styles. If you sort the categories from the lowest to the highest price (who doesn’t do this, TBH?), there’s plenty of amazing steals including  $26 NAVY BLUE LACE BACKLESS SKATER DRESS .

A favorite brand of Cardi B and Kylie Jenner, Fashion Nova has the desirable bodycon dresses for, like, $20. It’s also known for the amazing fit of its jeans, which are typically under $45. Fashion Nova has plus and straight size options too.

This Swedish company is known for its insanely-low prices and trendy styles, it’s basically the clothing store version of IKEA. If you need something new to wear to a fancy dinner party, you can easily find a variety of dresses.

Kayhi Cheer Tryouts

Cheer tryouts are tonight and tomorrow night from 7:15 to 9:15 p.m. They will be held in the main gym and no prior experience is needed.
Senior Jenna Miller said there’s many things the coaches look for while trying out.
“When trying out for cheer you are tested on multiple things,” said Miller.” You need to have sharp motions, a loud voice, and know how to dance.”
The girls trying out today will be learning a dance and a new cheer in preparation for tomorrow when they perform it in front of the coaches.
Stuntmen have a separate tryout on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m., and will be expected to do group and partner stunts.