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Cops and Clowns

By Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

Two weekends ago, the sinister clown epidemic hit Ketchikan. Two kids were spotted running away from the Recreation Center, and told their parents that two scary looking clowns were behind the rec-center. The clowns did not do anything to them they said, but just the sight of them sent the little kids away in fright. Is there more clowns to come? Kayhi’s school cop, Officer McGarrigan, certainly doesn’t believe so.
“I think it’s a stupid trend and someone’s going to get hurt, most likely a clown. The reason why is that kids are going to get scared when they see the clowns and the parents are going to do anything to protect our kids,” said the officer. “Even if that means going to drastic measures”.
With Halloween on Monday, parents are nervous about their kids encountering these “threats” while out trick-or-treating.
“We don’t expect anything to happen this weekend but we are keeping a very tiny eye out for it,” said McGarrigan. “I know it looks like a perfect time for people to strike and get away with it but I don’t believe people in this town are that stupid.”
The events are labeled as high schoolers’ shenanigans by some community members. Police officers are suggested to take an assembly and discuss the matter with the kids.
“We believe that you guys won’t be stupid and won’t need that talk,” Officer McGarrigan added. “You guys are around 16-17 year olds and are educated and understand that we won’t need to do cautionary things about this so called ‘epidemic’.”
With speculation all around the U.S, the next big question is where will the clowns strike next, but McGarrigan doesn’t think that next place is here.
“We don’t think it will truly come up in Ketchikan just because we are in such a small town,” said McGarrigan. “I can understand this kind of thing happening in big cities or areas, but not in a small town like Ketchikan.”
When and if the time comes, The Ketchikan Police Department will be ready.
“We can’t really do anything unless something happens, it’s like you can’t have a drug awareness program when drugs aren’t being abused in a certain area,” said McGarrigan. “It’s a reactionary thing and we will have to wait and see what happens next.”

7 Kings named to All-Southeast Team

Sophomore Brendon Wong was named 2nd Team All Southeast Conference. Photo by Lily Vaughn

Seven Kings were named to the All-Southeast Team. Junior Kody Malouf (wide receiver) and sophomore Stevie Byron (defensive end) were named to First Team, sophomores Brendon Wong (quarterback) and Chris Brown (center) and seniors Trevor Ortiz (running back), Michael Greer (linebacker), and Nico DeGuzman (safety) were named to Second Team.

Kayhi Hosts College Fair

                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Tug Olson

Kayhi is hosting the College Fair today from 10:20 a.m. to 2:49 p.m. There will be over 40 schools represented.

Explore Night and the College and Vocational Fair

By Henning Pankow
Staff Writer

This week is the week to discover and learn more about your college aspirations. Kayhi is hosting two college programs that help kids get information on certain schools and understand college related topics.
Explore Night will be in the Kayhi Auditorium and Science Wing Tuesday, October 11th, from 5:00 p.m.-8:15 p.m. All students and parents are welcome. Explore Night will cover a variety of topics related to getting into and finding success in college.

A list of the sessions provided include:
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
How to make out-of-state colleges affordable.

Finding the right college
Finding the college that fits you and makes you happy is just as important as what the college wants from you.

Applications, admissions, and the selection process
Figure out how to apply and the admission process. Learn what school like to see in students and what students should like of colleges.

Making the most of your school visit
Travelling to the campus of a college is important. Find out why, what to expect, and how to prepare.

Application essays
What do colleges look for in applications.

Quality educational opportunities in AK
Discover the quality and diversity of alaskan schools and programs.

How to survive college without going broke
Realistic look about spending before during and after college. Also impulse control and budgeting.

Preparing a winning Scholarship Application
Scholarships are a great way to reduce your college debt. Learn how to prepare an application that will stand out against the competition.

Organization your senior portfolio
Learn how to get and stay organized for college and scholarship applications. (Bring a binder and sheet protectors and build your scholarship/application binder).

Are you ready for tomorrow’s (today’s) world?
Learn more about how today’s labor market expectations are intertwined with academic preparation.

Bring your financial information- recent tax returns and pay stubs – and begin filling out the FAFSA with expert help.

The second program is the College and Vocational Fair in Kayhi’s Main Gym on Wednesday, October 12th, from 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.-2:00p.m. The college fair provides information on more than 40 visiting colleges and programs  from all over the nation.
“Don’t ever be afraid to know more than you know now,” said Mrs. Stone, Kayhi’s Senior advisor.
For the students who aren’t planning to attend, Mrs. Stone highly encourages them to change their minds because there are so many factors that go into picking a college and these programs can help to clear up those uncertainties.

Senior Carnival

By Carlos Orta
Staff Writer

The annual senior carnival will be held at Ketchikan High School on Friday, October 7th from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. There will be numerous activities located in the Clarke Cochrane gymnasium and games for younger kids in the Craig family gymnasium along with food, beverages and bingo in the commons. A ticket will cost fifty cents and all food and beverages will be charged separately with cash. Events in the main gym will cost two tickets and games in the auxiliary gym will cost one ticket. All the proceeds will go towards funding all the senior activities such as senior skip day, senior prom, graduation and other expenses.

Marshall looks forward to his second year

Students walking to class during passing period.


By Henning Pankow
Staff Writer

Class is now in session at Ketchikan High School and Principal Bob Marshall has plans for a strict on time schedule and open environment with staff and students.
This is Marshall’s second year being principal at Kayhi and he feels a lot more comfortable and confident. Last year he hardly knew any of the staff or students. He couldn’t even answer questions to where things were in the school. Marshall is now set for what the year has in store for him.
“I know the staff and I know a lot of the students by name now which makes a big difference,” said Marshall. “I definitely noticed it the first day because last year, no one talked to me.”
Marshall and the staff will be putting extra attention on attendance this year keeping students in school. He wants students in class learning and in a safe environment. Last year there was a major problem of students leaving school during classes to go get food. Marshall’s hope to keep kids safe can only be achieved if students are in school, and if kids are not in school he has no ability to do so.
“One of the things I have been talking to our staff about is just helping reduce some of the tardies and focus on absences,” said Marshall. “I just want to make sure kids are in class, they are on time, and they’re not leaving campus to go get coffee”.
Another focus of Marshall’s is a comfortable environment for students. He wants students to be able to talk with him if they have any problems inside or outside of school so they have a personal connection. This is already going well because students have known Marshall for a year now. On the first day of school Marshall had four students come up to him right at 7 o’clock with questions about the year. Another goal for this year is good communication. The school opened a facebook page and a twitter in hopes to get important information out to the community.
“My goal every year is to build relationships with students.”
With good relationships and connections, it’ll make for a successful year for students, parents and staff here at Kayhi.