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Snow Day? Not today

School was in session for Ketchikan students Friday because the unprecedented weather conditions got a late start. Director of Human Resources Rick Rafter said the decision to have school was made before the snow started.
Rafter said decisions regarding school happen around 4 a.m. Parts of Ketchikan did not start seeing snow until two hours later.
All after school activities were canceled.

Finals Schedule

0 hour: 7-7:55
1st hour: 8-10
Break: 10-10:15
3rd hour: 10:20-12:20
Lunch: 12:20-12:50
5th hour: 12:55-2:49

0 hour: 7-7:55
2nd hour: 8-10
Break: 10-10:15
4th hour: 10:20-12:20
Lunch: 12:20-12:50
6th hour: 12:55-2:49

Kayhi NHS Inducts New Members

Tug Olson
Staff  Writer

Thirty-four students were inducted into National Honor Society Tuesday night.
Kayhi Chapter Adviser Sarah Campbell said she is very pleased with this year’s inductees.
“Overall I was really proud of the students, and proud of them for conducting themselves with confidence, poise, and kindness,” she said. “The strength of any group is the power of its members.”
NHS was founded in 1921 as an organization to recognize outstanding juniors and seniors. The four pillars that represent NHS members are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Senior Sarah McClennan claimed it an honor and something she wants to include on her resume.
“Last year, because I was rejected, it gave me something to work for and look forward to for this year,” she said. “It’s cool to finally be recognized for something that is your own doing”.

Pricey Hunting

Jack Carson
Staff Writer

For the first time in 20 years, the Alaska Fish and Game raised the prices to buy a hunting and fishing license. Fishing licenses have been raised to $29 from $24 for a resident of the state and for a non-resident, a 14 day fishing license will go up to $50, double the price of original.  Hunting licenses are now increased to $45 from the original price of $25. You might be thinking “What the heck? That’s another $20!” but just be thankful you are a resident. If you’re a non-resident, you get to pay $160, terrible price huh?
That’s what I thought when I was looking at all the prices, then I decided to do some research on prices in other states and I changed my mind. Be thankful that you don’t live in California or Oregon, if you are a big hunter. California’s price for a resident hunting license is $47.01 and $163.65 for a non-resident. On top of that, a resident has to pay $31 PER TAG and non-residents get to pay an astonishing $276.05 per tag. Yeah, no thank you. If you live in Oregon, it doesn’t get much better. Residential hunters pay $32 for a license while non-residents pay $160.50 for a license. Also, if you are a resident wanting to buy one buck tag, it’s $26.50 and for a non-resident to buy just one buck tag it is $414.
Down south they have some crazy prices compared to up here in Alaska, especially if you’re a non-resident. I couldn’t even imagine paying that much for only one tag. I was going to put Montana in here but even wanting to get a license there requires a good deal of work and is incredibly complex.